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New Update: What guns are good now?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:15 pm
by Asrielite
Hello all, following the recent GC update I would like to share my opinion on what guns are now viable and try to explain each gun in detail.

Buffed: General increase in effectiveness
Beefed: Large increase in effectiveness
n/a: Not available/I don't use this gun enough to give info

Take note: I didn't do any math to calculate the actual damage of each weapon, just guessing approximately where the range is.

Lets start by assessing the headshot multipliers:

AR/SMGs: Burst or Semi-auto headshots received a 1.7% multiplier instead of 1.5%(6-7 hearts) [Buffed]
Recommended guns: G11, M16a2, Famas, M1 Garand, Svt-40, Ak-103

Auto Shotguns/Snipers: Directly buffed headshot multiplier from 1.5% - 1.7% (Usually Insta kill or 7-8 hp)[Buffed]
Recommended guns: Any

Pump Shotguns: Stayed the same [N/A]

Bolt Snipers: Buff insignificant, still gonna 1 tap [N/A]

Drum/mag-fed LMGs: Semi and Burst buffed to 1.6433%. (5-6 hearts) [Buffed]
Recommended guns: Ultimax, QBB-95

Belt fed MGs: Semi/Burst buffed 1.5867% (4-5 hearts)[Buffed]
Recommended guns: Negev

Handguns: Directly buffed to 1.7% (CZ75-auto does not apply) (6-Insta depends on what handgun)[Buffed]
Recommended guns: M9a1, Usps, 5-7, Tec-9

Beefed Rifles include:
M1 Garand
M14 Ebr
All Legendary Rifles

Beefed Smgs include:
All Leggy Smgs

No Beefed Shotguns

Beefed MGs include:
M1919A4 (Huge buff, Decreased fire+94 Armor penetration = Longer& more dangerous suppressive fire)

Beefed Snipers include:
AWM: More effective against armor while retaining 1 shot capability
M24: Less of +19xp
M40A1: Less of +19xp
Cheytach: Is better than AWM in terms of damage
Scar-20: Higher rof+Headshot buff+No change in recoil

Beefed Pistols Include:
M9a1: Untested: 1 tap headshots?
5-7: Already headshot machine + headshot multiplier
CZ75: HS damage nerfed but compensated with higher base damage

Flamer: Is somehow made more effective (Decreased rof and damage wont help with the hitstun of fire and obstruction of vision)

Overall, I think pistols, auto snipers, and ARs benefited the most from this update, as well as the flamer. I am interested on how the meta weapons will change in congruence to this update.

Re: New Update: What guns are good now?

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:55 pm
by Turbo
SCAR-20 sounds brutally terrifying. It was already good before the update.

Re: New Update: What guns are good now?

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:33 pm
by Hky
The increased headshot multipliers are Mob Arena only.
For PVP, full auto now has less multiplier than before (for head & chest), while burst/semi stays the same.