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GC Announcement Archive

Post by Rijam » 5 years ago

An archive of all of the announcements from GC. This is a Work In Progress (WIP), so expect updates in the future. I can not find all announcements. If you can find more, then please tell me (especially the NamelessMC and Florum sites).
November/1/2014 "The Server Has Been Created!" by HkyShow
This server is featuring the following features by now:
1. A Gym Mob-Arena for All players
2. A Rankup System(Currently only has 2 ranks)
3. A Nice Spawn
4. A Survival World

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Future Updates:
1. More Arenas (Hopefully one on Sunday)
2. More Ranks (Hopefully one on Sunday)
3. More Classes (Automatically earned by ranking up OR Requires a rank and requires you to buy the rank) (Hopefully three to five on Sunday and more on the following week)
4. More Shop Items in Survival & GUN SHOP in Survival (Hopefully on Monday to Wednesday)
5. World in Survival w/ TIERS of difficulties
February/3/2015 - May/23/2015 "Server will be up in March... " b...Show
After we deactivated the website, we are working on a republish of the server, and it's expected to be up again in March, or if unfortunate, April.
If the server is in maintainance the dashboard on the website would show the server is online, but however the server is actually off.
The new server would delete the Survival that used to be there and will purely become a minigames server. Sorry guys :( We'll keep plot world for both new and returning players, and if you are still joining this server you can contact me to recover your items from the old survival world to the new plots.

Many new features would be added to the server.
1. Now you choose your classes and join an arena within a GUI! It's very easy and the unlocking ranks would be shown also, so you can check if you already can choose that class/arena or not.
2. Classes unlocked with in-game cash. These classes would be avaliable for all ranks, but better classes would be significantly more expensive.
3. More classes, more weapons, more ranks. We've gone our way to the Recruit III rank the time this topic is post. Classes are rebalanced to ensure that higher rank players wouldn't be too overpowered to players 2 or 3 ranks lower than him.
4. 1.8.x players would be able to join the server.

Each "Major" rank would unlock an arena(or more). Each sub-rank would unlock a class(or more).
We're currently working on arenas for Player and Recruit rank.
The ranks would follow American army ranks.

Ranks list that we are 100% sure will add when the server reopens:
1- Newbie (for new players, need to collect $50 in arena Starter to rank up)
2- Player (Already existing)
3- Member (Already existing)
4- Recruit I, II, and III (3 sub-ranks)
7- Private E1, E2 (2 sub-ranks)
9- Private 1st Class (no sub-ranks)
10- Corporal
11- Sergeant I, II (2 sub-ranks)
13- Staff Sergeant I, II (2 sub-ranks)

The following rank would be added but we won't guarentee there's stuff immediately unlocked for them
15- Sergeant 1st Class (no sub-ranks)
16- Master Sergeant I, II (2 sub-ranks)
18- First Sergeant I, II (2 sub-ranks)
19- Sergeant Major I, II, III (3 sub-ranks) (SGM)
22- Command Sergeant Major I, II, III (3 sub-ranks) (CSM)
25- Sergeant Major of the Army (no sub-ranks) (SMA)

We'll see how to implement Officers- because Second Lieutenant is a far less worthy rank than SMA. But it would still be most probably rank 26.

{next post}

We have finished a Range arena for group Player!
In this arena, you and the monsters are at separate sides of the arena. Only skeletons spawns at first, but baby zombies would get pass the barrier between you and the monsters and try to melee you. Blazes may spawn at high rounds. Also two interesting bosses that shoots arrows at you! The final boss is very tough to kill if you don't get some teammates, but the overall arena difficulty is even easier than the starter arena.

{next post}

We have recently found that this server has been automatically removed from the server list. Therefore although we have to add it again when the server is on, it would show up in the New Servers list yet again. To keep players and make more join, we'll get Youtuber rewards including exclusive Youtuber ranks and classes! Actually if you have 100 subs and make a video for this server it would be equivalent or better than you donating $20 USD! The rank you get depends on the number of subscribers you have on Youtube and the quality of the video.

{next post}

The server has been made Premium to prevent glitches with Mojang's new renaming system. Hopefully this will not reduce the number of players that joins this server.

{next post}

Disabled weather in all arenas. Now your weapons always properly sets things on fire

{next post}

We have froze for some months as the server is still in active development. We have UPDATED TO 1.8 and are making 3D weapon models. Note that not all models will be original when we first reopen, but before we open donations we will make every model original to prevent copyright issues. Yes, you can play with every gun being 3D!

In the 3 months and a half we have finished Private I and Private II rank, and their respective classes. 3D models have not been done yet, sorry for that.

We have already migrated all 3D models to the server. Some pistols use the same model, and not all models are original. We are also having a bit errors with the Revolver model.
In addition to that we have tweaked the Starter arena. It now has 1.8 barriers to prevent hacking or recoil-jumping to reach illegal places, and also prevents escaping of mobs(ghasts, blazes, bats etc). Due to Giant losing AI in 1.8, we have changed the final boss to a Ghast and decreased the HP by a little bit. The barriers will prevent the ghast from escaping as well as players.
June/14/2015 "New gun model, and New Rank!" by TurboPhantomShow
* Theres a new 3D gun model For the lasergunner (token class) The New model looks better and Improved
* New Rank - Specialist 3 Rank
* Specialist 3 class - Blooper class with explosive fire power and is helpful to take out large groups of enemy's, also comes with flint and steel and a hand pistol.
June/14/2015 "Pets!" by logantheriaultShow
The server has added mypet to guncolony!

Do /my pet for help and /help my pet!

The shop has added a lead so you can get your pet and also /warp pets! Pets can help you in battle and you can level them up so your pet gets more health and attack damage! You can also ride your pets! So pets have a good use! At /warp pets there are chickens pigs cows and sheep(white,brown,black,gray and extremely rare pink)

I hope you guys enjoy the new pets ☺️
June/19/2015 "NEW Plug.Dj Site For Server" by TurboFox_Show
I made A plug.dj for the server so everyone can chat so click the link and make an account if you don't have one thank you!

June/19/2015 "Donation Store!" by HkyShow
Hi guys, we've opened our donation store. Currently it features buying a diamond to craft armor to show off at spawn... for $0.15. You can also buy a VIP rank for $5.00 which contains our mysterious VIPSniper and VIPSMG class! The rank also contains a plain /nick without colors or formats, and a /hat permission.

If you have money, don't forget to donate for the server. We're working hard on it everyday and we really need money to upgrade our server's RAM. The classes are balanced to the level of 800 tokens token classes, it should not be too unbalanced but yet strong enough to beat other kits to some extent.
June/23/2015 "Upgrading server, "Down" now" by HkyShow
I have upgraded my server to 2GB of RAM, but I found that the IP of the server was automatically changed. This means that players can not connect to the server using either the IP or domain.
I have sent a request to our server host to change it back. Unfortunately, our server host is currently offline and the response will be delayed. In the meantime the server will show as offline on server lists.
You can still play on the server by using the following IP:
It is recommended that you use Direct Connect to join the server as the old IP( or guncolony.com) will probably be back soon.
July/22/2015 "Removal of pets" by HkyShow
No, this is not a joke. We are removing the MyPet plugin from the server. There are a couple of reasons which made us remove it:
1. The pets are extremely laggy. Every tick the plugin checks for EVERY entity in the server for pets. This is unacceptable within a mob arena server with 2000 or more entities that it has to check 20 times a second. Simply the moving part is a 50 lines of code every tick for each pet, the plugin does not use the normal Minecraft mob mechanics for the pets unlike MythicMobs which uses a more efficient way of handling custom AI.
2. The pets are buggy. It has been known that if a pet falls to their death, the server is crashed. It is causing occasional crashes time to time and interrupting our uptime and emptying some players' inventories.
3. It creates opportunity of a lot of exploits. People have escaped the old spawn using chicken pets and they are able to "parkour" very far on their pets.
4. Other rulebreaking and annoyance. Certain weapons can kill pets, and it's often hard to tell if the person is intentionally killing the pets or not, thus hard to regulate the rules. Also pets' ranged attacks, due to a bug, damages players. It makes people able to kill other people or knock them off somewhere using their pets. Most importantly, the /warp pets afk-ers.

As a return, we have decided to give players money and tokens in return to them losing their precious pets.
Please contact Hky between July 22 and July 24 in order to receive your rewards. On the 25th the pet plugin will be removed.
For every EXP point your pet had:
0.05 Tokens
This means about $2000 and 1000 Tokens will be given to a player with a Level 100 pet.
July/31/2015 "The future of GunColony & A poll for you to choose...Show
Sorry for not clarifying things enough in this. English isn't my first language and I'm still learning it.
If you think you're too young or ignorant to understand this(no offence), just don't try to. Not forcing anyone to read this.

A brand new month for our server to grow even more. Yesterday I recruited Firepotato11 as builder, so the issue of not enough arenas available will be gone soon, hopefully.

Anyways, I'm not worried about server funds right now. I have about $50 from donations after funding the server for August. With these I can afford the server at 80 slots for September and October, assuming no further donations which has a really low probablility. It's already amazing how I can manage this new, small server to grow with a positive profit.

Let me describe the server's short past first. For those of you who don't know, the server's beta has opened on May 31th. We've started up from a small, 20 slots server for the first month, and then a 40 slot server for the second. When the beta began there were only 4 maps. It was even almost impossible for all 4 to be in-game. There were no more than 8 players online at the same time. We've used weapon models from a public resource pack, later slowly replaced with custom original models. After that and the addition of arena Swamp and a bunch of new ranks/classes, I released the server meaning it's no longer beta.

Once I realized the server's only true uniqueness was the 3D guns, I started working on some other tweaks. And then our custom plugin was born. Over the course of July I have made guns recoil like in cs:go, have lower accuracy when moving or jumping, then introduced arena end/start messages and Alpha Loadouts. I also did some modifications to Mob-Arena plugin's source. I added the ability for it to spawn 1.8 mobs such as guardians and killer-bunnies. I also added mobs with armor and giant slimes. I made it so spawnpoints too close to a player do not spawn mobs. Overall I've spent over 30 hours to code the custom features in a single month.

Now the server is unique enough to attract new players to stay on the server, I'm currently trying to work on doing it. The most effective way, of course, is advertising the server on server lists.

I can not force players to vote for the server. The problem is I do not want vote rewards to be overpowered. I also need to attract players to vote. Of course having a drop-party every 20 votes isn't a viable solution to a mini-game server, so I'm trying to keep the rewards personal to the voter. The thing is some people want to pay things like tokens to others, and this somewhat made voting too overpowered since you can sell the tokens and gain more money per vote. I do not want to shout out "Everybody vote" every day, so you players should vote yourselves

Our plan next month is first to add some more arenas, then release Beta Loadouts. You will not be able to use the classes any more, you must use loadouts. You will have 5 loadout slots which you can save to. Also a more user-friendly weapon selection interface. There'll still be "classes" you can choose in MobArena which contain only armor and potions etc. After that I'll add PvP arenas and modes and do the same thing with loadouts for PvP. When we finally release our loadouts you will be able to include items in your loadouts as well, with a limitation on how many you can get. Monsters will only drop inventory restocks, when you pick up one of them you get all the items that you pick in the loadout again.

About voting sites:
We've achieved 2700 votes on minecraftiplist.com server list this month. This amount of votes can make us onto a relatively high place to server lists. I'll list some server lists that people can find on first page in Google search and what place we can get to with our votes in the current month(2700) and the votes predicted for the following month(4000):

(Listed by place on Google Search "Minecraft Server List" with Personalized Results disabled)

minecraft-server-list.com >> Assumed: #131 Predicted: #106 (We're already on here, just added)
minecraftservers.org >> Assumed: #157 Predicted: #119 (We're on here with ~2000 votes at #189 for July)
minecraft-mp.com >> Assumed: #90-150 Predicted: #70-110 ("Premium" have better score same votes)
minecraftserverlist.eu >> Assumed: #36 Predicted: #25 (Cannot post a banner, but we get on first page)
minetrack.net >> This server list is new, so I can't tell. Potentially a very good one since few servers are on
minecraftserverlijst.nl >> Not English site, not considered
mc-serverlist.com >> Assumed: #7 Predicted: #5 (Yes I'm not joking, this is a really good one)
topg.org/Minecraft >> Assumed: #50 Predicted: #35 (No banner, but it still shows our unique icon )
minecraft-serverlist.net >> Not English site, not considered
gametracker.com >> You cannot vote on this, not considered

We'll definitely be keeping our spot on minecraftiplist.com because players can find us by googling Minecraft Gun Servers and clicking on the first result that appear which is the server list.

We're keeping minecraft-server-list.com as well.

We're trying to select 2 server lists to add on August, replacing our current minecraftservers.org and minelist.net vote sites. There'll still be 4 places to vote. Since minecraft-server-list.com is already one of our vote sites, it is not in the poll answers.

Based on the statistics provided above, please select what 2 server lists you think the server should be added to for August. Community opinions are very important to me. Thank you.
September/7/2015 "A server called InfectedRPG is stealing our mo...Show
So, I got on minecraftiplist.com to check our voting status today, and found a server called InfectedRPG. This server said in their banner they have 200+ guns. This server is 100/100 full of players and have only a bit less votes than us so they might push us off the #1 spot in the server list. As it's impossible to have more than ~30 guns without the use of 1.8 3D models I guess I'll go on and look at this server.

After choosing a few random kits I found this:

Something familiar, isn't it?
This server used our MSG90 A2 and M249 models, tweaked them a LITTLE TINY BIT, and used them on their server.
If InfectedRPG don't remove the copied models we will either seek legal ways to solve the problem, or... Add 200+ guns into our server using THEIR models. Whichever seems better.
October/12/2015 "Donation Store changes" by HkyShow
Recently I've seen a lot of buy/sell of diamonds in-game. I thought diamonds were a good way to encourage voting since you can get some more money if you sell it to others. And buying diamonds in the Donation Shop would be too unbalanced since they can get a rather large quantity of diamonds for a cheap price. In addition to that, if someone donate 1-2 diamonds, I wouldn't receive ANY money after the PayPal fee. My original intent of the Diamond donation option was a nearly-no-reward donation.

Now, I removed Diamonds from the donation store. I added an option called Donation(No Rewards) into the store for those who want to donate to the server for nothing. You'll still be added to the recent donators list and a message will be broadcasted to the server about your donation.
November/17/2015 "Recent Updates + Explanation of Crashes" by HkyShow
You've probably already noticed that the server is crashing a lot lately. It is mainly because two errors. One software error, probably related to config of the weapon Remington 870 but I cannot seem to find the problem. Another one is a memory failure that occurs really randomly and is a hardware problem we cannot solve. Again, we will probably be switching to a dedicated box from Kimsufi (server hosting brand) by the end of this month, the server will be HDD but should be a lot faster since it will have 4 times as much RAM and a better + dedicated CPU. The hosting bill per month will be increased from $24.00 to $27.99 which isn't that big of an increase so we can provide you with a better server without having to make it pay-to-win to attract donations.

We have recently updated the server for the following features:

- Decrease the random damage variation from +/- 3% to +/- 1%. Should eliminate cases where MSG90 A2 sometimes can not one shot an enemy from the head in PVP but rather leave them as half a heart.
- Made AK-47 and AK-103 recoil more controllable.
- Added pistols: P2000, P250, CZ75-Auto, Tec-9
(These are all unlocked with rankups except the P2000 which is unlocked by default)
- Removed pistols: GLOCK-17, GLOCK-19
- GLOCK-18 is now unlocked by default as a newbie pistol. No stats have been modified.
- Headshots are forced to deal 2 times as much damage now.
- Fixed bug where being headshotted as a zombie in Infected occasionally gets you teleported to the spawn
- Added 2 new MobArena boss abilities: Propel and Bombard

New boss abilities:
Pushes every player that it has a line of sight to, away from the boss. The further the player is from the boss the lesser the effect's strength. Affects all players who are at most 12 blocks from the boss and with no solid blocks obstructing view.
Throws 12 instant damage potions with 0.2 seconds between each one. The direction of the throw is completely random and potion will always land very close to the boss making it very and only dangerous if you approach it. Undead bosses may take this opportunity to heal while non-undead bosses will get damaged. (Thus, if you can survive long enough you totally can wait for the boss to kill itself)
November/23/2015 "November 21-23 Updates (Tons!!)" by HkyShow
Another weekend full of updates! Get satisfied with how many new features are added to the server!
Gun System Updates:
- Tweaked SG553 spray pattern, now goes a little more to the left
- Armor Penetration Update! Weapons with full armor penetration like SG553 and Knife can completely negate leather armor, and decrease protection values of stronger armors by 3.5 armor points.
- Fixed a bug where if you drop your gun/die in PVP when reloading you will be unable to fire your gun until you switch an item slot or pick up another weapon then reload it

Infected Updates:
- Fixed a bug where scoped rifles have a very high accuracy when scoped in
- Fixed a bug where "Human" and weapon info would flash in the actionbar when playing Infected as a human
- Fixed a bug where it would say a long chain of mostly meaningless characters in the bossbar notification when you kill a player in Infected
- Fixed a bug where it would actually damage you when you evolve to Level 4 as a zombie in Infected
- Rebalanced Infected kits, mostly buffed zombies since the armor penetration update made it too easy for humans to eliminate them
- Remade Infected kill messages, now says which weapon a human used to kill a zombie, and correctly displays a different message if a zombie is killing a human.
- Fixed a bug where it would only give you integer amounts of money at the end of a McInfected game
- Rebalanced amount of money you get in Infected
- Removed Regeneration potions for humans
- Fixed a bug where drinking potions with stack size > 1 drinks all of them at the same time
- Implemented a new menu for human and zombie class selection

MobArena Updates:
- Nerfed Infection2 wave 70 boss by increasing the delay between its Bombard abilities.
- Less overall randomness in the amount of money you obtain from killing a monster in MobArena
- Killing a Powered Creeper now gives you more money than a normal one
- Killing a Wither Skeleton now gives you more money than a normal one (if they have the same equipments)
- Killing a Baby Zombie or Pigman now gives you more money than a normal one
- Killing an Elder Guardian now gives you more money than a normal one
- For each armor point a monster has you get 5% more money for killing it
- For each additional damage a monster obtains from its held item(AKA it will get +7 attack damage with a Diamond Sword) you get 12% more money for killing it
- Killing a larger Slime or Magma Cube gives you more money than a smaller one
- Killing monsters with more health gives you more money than those with less (Nerfs swarm waves)
November/27/2015 "November 24-27 Updates" by HkyShow
Happy Thanksgiving to all! In this vacation we have updated a lot of elements in the server!
Gun System Updates:
- Most guns had their damage rebalanced
- Nerfed knife right click. It's now slower, has a (very) slightly shorter range, and deals a bit less damage if the hit is not a backstab.
- In return, fixed the bug where knife left click does not correctly penetrate armor, thus increasing its effectiveness.
- Buffed damage of Fire Launchers
- Nerfed damage of High Voltage Gloves by 5%, in turn increased its range and lowered its spread slightly
- Slightly buffed damage of Laser-451 so that it can 3 hit ghasts and 6 hit 10-heart-health mobs
- Added a new sound for headshots
- Added a new sound for zooming in and out
- Added a sound for toggling burstfire mode
- Toggling burstfire mode now requires 0.5 seconds, was instant
- The burstfire mode is now shown in the actionbar instead of the weapon name
- Ammo is no longer shown in the weapon name
- Guns no longer blob when shooting
- Guns no longer swing when left-clicking/zooming. Punching enemies still work despite the visual effect
- Double Barrel, Nova, Sawed-Off and MAG-7 now shoots 9 pellets per shot instead of 8 or 7
- XM1014 now shoots 6 pellets per shot instead of 5
- Damage dropoff is now calculated exponentially instead of linearly and that causes (especially) shotguns to have better effectivity over longer ranges
- Fixed bolt action snipers and pump shotguns reloading an extra bullet if they are reloaded before the magazine goes completely empty
- Fixed a bug that caused display of reload time of emptied slide-action guns to be shorter than usual
- Given a very slight damage reduction over distance to snipers that is enough to cause M24 to unable to one hit kill enemy players with full health over long ranges unless a headshot is scored
- Slowed the reload of snipers to be on par with CS:GO
- Rebalanced firing rate of shotguns
- Made some guns able to quick-reload. (You can switch to another weapon after the magazine is reattached to the weapon in the reloading animation. After switching back to the former weapon it is already ready to shoot instead of having to reload again) Other guns will have this feature soon
- Slight tweaks over a few guns' armor penetration values
- Made scoped movement detection a bit less sensitive so quickscoping is now easier

Infected Updates:
- Fixed a bug where damage dealt to a zombie is decreased when the zombie is low on health
- Zombie death algorithm now correctly considers armor
- Edited the InfectedTest map, fixed a few glitches, made more aesthetically pleasing, and added a new spot at the hospital. Also made the mountaintop a bit less painful to access.
- Weapon icons are now shown instead of weapon names in the kill messages.
- Nerfed a spot in TheLastOfUs, on one side of a gray-orange building near the fountain

Sorry, no MobArena or PVP updates this time! I've spent a lot of time on the other updates!
December/3/2015 "November 28 - December 5 Updates" by HkyShow
I'm having a little bit less time to update the server recently. Nevertheless there has been some new additions mainly to our custom plugin, again focused around the gun system!

Gun System Updates:

- Decreased recoil of many weapons particularly those that had high recoil like AK-47
- Changed sound of headshots, now play a different sound if yourself is being headshotted
- Particles when hit now go exactly where the bullet lands on the mob/player
- Most automatic guns now (always) only shoot 2 ammo if you tap right click once with the exception of Negev, which shoots 3
- Rebalanced fire rate and damage of many weapons
- Buffed MP9 spraying accuracy
- Reduced delay from when you hit your shoot button to when a bullet is shot
- Colt Revolver now has limited ammo
- Buffed accuracy of P2000, Colt Revolver and MP9 (P2000 is now as accurate as USP-S)
- Nerfed XM8 accuracy while spraying to compensate with its firerate buff
- Nerfed MAG-7 damage by 14% while keeping its old fire rate

MobArena Updates:

- Nerfed the amount of potions thrown by the Bombard ability slightly
- Particles when hitting a mob is now dependent on the mob type. No more skeleton spilling blood!

Infected Updates:

- Added Headshot icons in the kill messages
- When zombie die they now play a zombie die sound (almost unnoticeable most times)
- When a human gets infected a small, green firework effect is shown
- Nerfed the Protection enchantment on Armored zombie kit
- Nerfed the recently added hospital spot in InfectedTest

PVP Updates:

- Added FPS style kill messages including Headshot icons
December/13/2015 "Removal of Weapon Tiers: We made the change." ...Show
Yes, we have finally removed the weapon tiers from the weapon menu. The reason behind it is simple: The guns are too balanced to be tiered anymore. When an AK-103 only has 6% or so more damage and 6 more bullets than an AK-47 and suffers reduced recoil recovery, a higher spraying spread and lower accuracy while moving, it seems nonsense to keep the AK-103 two tiers higher than AK-47. Recently we have changed the stats of all guns to be similar to CS:GO. Yes, the Scout and Nova still has a pretty large disadvantage to other weapons of same category in the server, but this is the CS balance of the guns. Besides, no weapons now have every stats higher/equal to another anymore. (The MK14 EBR Adv is the closest to this, but it has a significantly slower reload than the regular MK14 EBR) And thus, with the new highly balanced weapon selection, we felt like weapon tiers are a useless indicator now and decided to remove them.

We have also done many updates to the server recently.

Gun System Updates:
- Added a new SMG, the UMP-45, with a high damage and good spray pattern (straight up), with relatively lower movement accuracy, slow rate of fire, small magazine and small reload as trade-offs. It is unlocked at LVL 23
- New models for MP7 and UZI
- Rebalanced MP7, UZI, MP5K A4, reducing their ammo and MP7's fire rate
- Rebalanced R8 Revolver and Colt Revolver. The latter is now a viable substitute to the former due to comparable damage and the ability to fire instantly
- Made Colt Revolver shoot Sniper particles like the R8
- Changed particles. They now have a chance of not displaying when far from the player viewing them. Maximum display range increased from 48 to 72 blocks
- R8 Revolver now has a trigger sound played as soon as you click right click
- R8 Revolver now shoots faster while right click is held down, but has a reduced accuracy while doing so (simulates fanning the hammer in CS:GO)
- R8 Revolver now has an unique kill icon
- Decreased Desert Eagle's damage dropoff over distance
- Increased Tec-9 and CZ75-Auto's movement penalty to comply with the new CS:GO winter update's pistol moving nerf
- Increased recoil recovery after spraying, but decreased recoil recovery otherwise.
- Increased bullet randomness while tapping quickly to comply with the new CS:GO winter update's recoil changes
- Removal of Weapon Tiers
- Fixed a bug where you were able to speed up the Barrett M82 significantly by swapping to another item and swapping back
- Headshots now deal 4x as much damage in PVP and Infected, rather than 2x
- It is now much harder to do headshots in PVP and Infected
- Bullets have nearly twice as much velocity now (500 m/s rather than 280 m/s), this makes them almost instant
- Given a new sound to the M249

MobArena Updates:
- Large rebalancing of MobArena kits
- All Mob Arenas are now joinable by people of any rank

PVP Updates:
- PVP is now joinable while in game
- Wait timer of PVP decreased from 90 to 60 seconds
- How many people are in PVP is now shown in the join menu
- Fixed a bug where killing a player does not show in bossbar
- Added a command "/gunrecoil fix" to fix your weapons next respawn (if they are broken)
December/21/2015 "Wallbang Update + December 21: Accuracy Updat...Show
Hello again all, we've made two quite-major updates to the server around this weekend to prepare for Christmas.
This post will contain information about both updates

Gun System Updates:

- Bullets are now COMPLETELY instant (999999999 m/s instead of 500 m/s)
- Made the head hitbox a bit bigger
- Bullets can now penetrate through walls, albeit it will deal a decreased damage after the penetration.
(TIP: Iron Blocks can only be penetrated with a few guns, and Diamond Blocks are completely impossible to penetrate)
- Bullets can now penetrate through multiple enemies, but it'll deal a decreased damage to every enemy after the first
(The Barrett M82 can instantly kill 3 people/mobs in a single shot if they are lined up)
- Added an indicator (like a crosshair) to show your accuracy and help you aim
- Shrunk recoil patterns by approximately 20%
- Increased recoil pattern recovery of some automatic guns
- Made SG553 spray go less crazily to the right
- Rebalanced first shot accuracy of some weapons
- Increased spread recovery of all automatic guns
- Jumping now adds up to recoil to better resemble CS:GO and to help nerf sprint-jumping
- Now uses a different, more accurate, and hacker-proof algorithm of detecting jumping

MobArena Updates:

- New Arena, Blizzard. Holiday event coming soon (we do event every 2 months or so, last time was Halloween, this one will be the event for the winter)
- It is now harder to hit some mobs
- Extended all timers that were previously 60 seconds to 90 seconds. This allows more to be in the same match

Infected Updates:

- Kill icons now shows wallbang icon
- It is now harder to hit the zombies with guns
(in turn you gain the ability to penetrate multiple zombies, and 4x headshot damage, so try aiming for head instead of spraying)
- Now gives some money per kill. You get more money for infecting a human as a zombie than killing zombie as a human
- Money given at round end decreased. (You still get more on average due to the kill awards)

PVP Updates:

- You can now join a PVP match even if it is in-game
- Kill icons now shows wallbang icon
- It is now harder to hit other players
- Made head a little bit bigger
- Now gives $5 per kill

Misc Updates:

- New server spawn
- Redesigned loadout menu. Primary weapons are now split up into 3 pages
- Money earned from all modes (but not the online bonuses) will now increase if there are less than 20 people online in the server, to hopefully stop boredom
- Switched to AdvancedAntiCheat for the anti cheating plugin, which makes less false positives (aka. it thinks you hack while you don't) and blocks hackers more completely
January/9/2016 "The Unofficial Gun Colony Skype Chat!" by BreaksShow
Hello everyone!

I'm here once again to tell you all about the brand new (Unofficial) Gun Colony Skype Chat!

The rules are here:
Breaking any of the Skype Chat rules may result in a ban [some bans may be for a set time and some may be permanent] after 3 warnings are given to specific rules (tagged with * )!

Rules tagged with ( ** ) are considered to be an immediate ban if broken!

Do not advertise other servers once you are a regular member**

Do not disrespect or abuse members and visitors of Gun Colony Community*

No discrimination or abuse against other users. This includes all forms of discrimination and abuse, including both sexual and racial discrimination*

No political, racial or religious remarks, names or comments. Anything that can be interpreted as political, racial or religious falls under this category. If you are asked to edit something, you must do so immediately*

Uploading or distributing distasteful or illicit content is strictly prohibited*

Do not impersonate admins. You can find me as the creator of the group by doing /get creator in the chat**

Trolls will be given ONE warning and if Trolling persists a permanent ban will be issued

Thank you for reading the rules of the Unofficial Gun Colony Skype Chat! If you have any questions, please personally announce those questions to me @ xbreaksx on Skype. Thanks!

Please copy and paste this into a new tab in your browser, then press Enter and tell it to use Skype to join the chat:


If that does not work then please contact my personal skype @ xbreaksx to request to be put into the chat manually. Thanks!
February/12/2016 "Major Gun Updates" by HkyShow
We have recently rebalanced & added new features to many of our weapons in game. This should make the server look much more like CS:GO now. No significant changes have been made per-gamemode, though.

- Recoil has been lowered for most pistols, especially the CZ75-Auto
- Recoil has been increased for Desert Eagle and Colt Python
- Movement Inaccuracy has been increased for most pistols, most significantly the Wealther PP and PPS
- Movement Inaccuracy has been reduced for M9A
- Movement Inaccuracy remains unchanged for the Colt Revolver
- Reload speed has been lowered for the Mauser C96
- Base spread (stand/sneak) is increased for the Mauser C96
- Jumping Inaccuracy has been increased for ALL pistols
- Significantly reduced spread on Glock-18 and Mauser C96 burst firing mode
- Increased vertical recoil on Glock-18 and Mauser C96 burst firing mode
- Increased damage over long ranges of the Colt Python
- Greatly increased armor penetration of the Walther PP/S
- CZ75-Auto now follows a strict spray pattern (identical to CS:GO)
- Increased maximum rate of fire for the M9A
- Severely nerfed accuracy of the R8 Revolver in quickfire mode, and reduced the amount of accuracy increase due to sneaking
- Increased back-up ammo of most pistols in Infected
- Reduced back-up ammo of Beretta 90two and Tec-9 in Infected
Rifles & SMGs:
- All rifles now follow a strict spray pattern
- If the weapon is featured in CS:GO, the spray pattern is identical to the weapon's spray pattern in CS:GO
- If the weapon is not featured in CS:GO, a custom spray pattern is used
- The weapon will always fire in its particular spray pattern, so recoil compensating is possible
- Spray patterns will be added to LMGs (Machine Guns) soon.
- Increased back-up ammo for some rifles & SMGs in Infected
- Reduced back-up ammo for the P90 in Infected
Sniper Rifles:
- Sniper rifles now have to wait a short amount of time after scoping to be accurate. Accuracy increases gradually before reaching its max level
- Bolt-action sniper rifles have an extra inaccuracy applied to simulate "re-scope" in CS:GO
- Slightly reduced the recoil of SCAR-20
- Rebalanced back-up ammo for snipers in Infected
- Slightly increased time it takes to swap and reload for all shotguns
- After reloading, the weapon takes less time to ready for shooting
- Increased back-up ammo for some shotguns in Infected
Machine Guns:
- Reduced back-up ammo of most machine guns in Infected
Bug Fixes & Misc. Changes
- Fixed a bug where the last bullet of a fully-automatic gun is not fired
- No longer joins you back into PVP after a match if you have any menu open (/join, /gun, etc.)
February/16/2016 "Damage Sounds Update" by HkyShow
We have just applied a patch to the server's resource pack and custom plugin to edit various sound effects in the game, and a major functional change.
Patch Notes:

- Fall Damage is now reduced by 2, meaning you won't suffer any when falling from 4-5 blocks
- Any fall damage still suffered by players are now increased by 50%. This means you will die from a 19 blocks fall instead of 23 blocks
- Removed vanilla hurt sounds and landing sounds
- Headshot sounds no longer differ between the victim and other people
- Now always play helmet headshot sounds in PVP and flesh impact sounds in Infected (as zombie)
- A brand new kelvar impact sound is added that is played whenever a player gets damaged in PVP
- Headshots on mobs will now play a flesh impact sound for animals, zombies and pigmen, and otherwise a kelvar sound. (Simply because helmet sounds are too annoying...)
- New falling impact sounds. A soft sound will play when falling from 4-5 blocks (no damage), and a different sound will play when the player actually suffers the fall damage. The sound can be heard from further away the more damage the player suffers. Max range is 16 blocks
- Changed firing sounds for MAG-7 and Tec9.
February/28/2016 "Shotgun Cone Update +..." by HkyShow
(Shotgun Cone Update + Weapon Rebalance + Dust II Tweaks)
We've made three changes to the server today that we think would affect the server by a lot. There's a new feature to shotguns called the shotgun cone, stats for a few weapons have been changed, and finally Dust II has received an update that will probably improve gameplay and encourage more tactical ways of engaging enemies.

First to come is the shotgun cone. This literally means the "spread" of the shotgun. Whenever you fire a weapon, your aim is a little bit off the crosshair, and that inaccuracy is much more significant while moving. The new shotgun cone system ensures that the pellets of a shotgun are not centered on the crosshair. If you move or jump, ALL the pellets will, very noticeably, all go in one direction. This nerfs the shotguns' effectiveness while moving. On the other hand accuracy while standing with shotguns is significantly buffed, meaning that you will have an easier time killing enemies a little bit further away.

The second update is the weapon rebalance.
First off, the M4A1-S has its rate of fire reduced from 625 RPM to 600 RPM to match its CS:GO stats. In return, its effective range has been tripled, also making its stats more similar to CS:GO.
The MP7 has its moving accuracy increased to encourage its use as an all-purpose weapon, since it was previously a little too weak at closer ranges, which should be the main strength of a SMG.
The aforementioned shotgun cone update also affects the AF2011, the christmas event gun. Now, the two bullets shot by the weapon will ALWAYS land close to each other. In addition to that, the AF2011's range is greatly increased, but the stablity of the weapon is reduced.
RECOIL PATTERNS OF ALL WEAPONS ARE NOW 16% LARGER. This means that you might have to pull more to compensate for recoil, or alternatively increase your mouse sensitivity. This change is made mainly to discourage spraying done by unskilled players, and to align the size of the spray patterns with the CS:GO sizes.

Last but not least, we have tweaked the Dust II map for the PVP mode. There's now a way to jump up from mid to xbox and then to cat. The B window is tweaked so players will have to perform a jump to be able to enter the window from ct, providing blue players an advantage to fight off spawn-campers. The boxes at back platform is lowered so snipers can now actually sit there and eliminate players trying to peek upper tunnels. Finally, the step of both B platform and catwalk is lowered from a full block to a half block again to provide blue players more opportunity of properly fighting with red players in mid. Good thing to players on the red team, slabs are added in pit to assist them in preventing enemies from camping at long A. There are also some aesthetic changes done mainly around A site.
For people who don't know what "xbox", "mid" and "cat" etc. is, here's something to help:
February/29/2016 "Huge PVP Update" by HkyShow
Hi folks,
We've updated various aspects of PVP to improve its realism and make it more fun. Minecraft 1.9 is coming up and this will likely be the final major update to the server before we work on updating it for the new Minecraft version.

Here's the changelog:
- Added a map rotation mechanic, now maps will randomly rotate in PVP matches. You can NOT choose which map you play.
- Two new maps for Team Death Match: Dust and Jungle
- You no longer have reduced attack power while invulnerable
- You now have invisibility while invulnerable. Armor is still visible, this just tells others that you cannot be attacked yet
- You can no longer get stunned by bullets nor catch fire while invulnerable. You can, however, still be slowed by a Taser or High Voltage Gloves
- Killstreak was changed: You will receive a grenade after 3 kills, and a flashbang after 5 kills. A tamed wolf will spawn after 7 kills. The old killstreak, aka strength potions, zombies etc., were removed.
- Preparing to remove Herobrine

Note that the previous update on yesterday also brought a change to the Dust II map (TDM), so also check that out.
March/5/2016 "Player Hitbox Update" by HkyShow
Today's update still focuses on PVP, with a handful of changes made while we continue to aim for more balanced gameplay. Two new maps have also been added to the game.

- Hit box update

The hit box became more complex and hits to different body parts do different damage.
(Sorry for using mspaint)
Old hitboxes:

[red: body hit box]
[yellow: head hit box, 4x damage. a shot is a headshot as long as it intersects the hitbox - even if the shot came from below the target.]
New hitboxes:

(I drew the head and upper body hitboxes a bit too small. They should be as wide as the head hitbox in the first picture)
[red: body hit box and upper body hitbox. the latter is just to make it still possible to hit the head from below the target]
[yellow: head hit box, 4x damage.]
[orange: arms hit boxes. they do the same damage as body hits]
[brown: legs hit boxes. they will do only 0.8x damage, however the legs aren't protected by armor in pvp gamemodes.]
[blue: stomach hit box. any shot on them will do 1.25x damage, which is 25% more]

As you can easily see, the new hitboxes make it slightly harder to hit a player, especially if they're turned sideways from you, making it difficult to hit the arms and legs.
The head hitbox is bigger now, which means easier headshots but also means more random headshots while spraying. However, there aren't body hitboxes around the head anymore, so if one tries to hit the head and misses it, they won't still hit the body.
Hitting the new stomach hitbox deals 25% more damage, which effectively means that the R8 Revolver can deal a 1 hit kill to the stomach at point blank range (only).
You take 20% less damage when shot in the legs; however, the legs are not protected by armor, so any weapons with less than 80% armor penetration deals more damage on the legs than in the chest/arms. The math is pretty easy: Take the M4A4, which has 70% armor penetration. When shot in the chest, you take 70% of normal damage due to the armor protecting you. When shot in the legs, you take 80% of normal damage because you take less damage in the legs but no armor protecting you. This effectively means that the M4A4 can kill enemies in 4 hits in the legs but 5 hits in the chest.

- Increased Movement Inaccuracy of SMGs

Yes, people were complaining about the MP7 being too accurate while moving, while it is actually still one of the least-accurate-while-moving SMGs, even after the buff in the previous patch. This update reduces the moving accuracy of ALL SMGs to discourage shooting while moving and encourage burst firing with the elevated recoil recovery speeds of SMGs in the server.

- Removed "Static Recoil" for the M82

The M82 does not have the inaccuracy caused by having to zoom in again after each shot anymore. Bolt action rifles have such mechanics because the character has to pull the bolt after each shot, and zoom in again. This means that the next shot is less accurate just as if one fires a shot too shortly after zooming in. Since the M82 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle, it does not need such mechanic.

- New Infected Map - Deserted

Deserted (

We are happy to announce the most beautifully-made Infected map ever - Deserted. The map is for the most part done by Kiathro, and I did some late rework to make it more suitable for gameplay and add some aesthetic elements. This map takes place in a desert with sand-styled buildings. Multiple camping/hiding spots are available for survivors with some of them requiring more than one zombie to collaborate in order to reach the survivors. This map is recommended for 4 players or more, although the map does not require a certain amount of players to be able to be played.

- New FFA Map - Townhall

Join the game to see what it looks like!

This new close-quarters free-for-all map consists of a town hall building with thematic displays on the four corners of it. The map is inspired by a similarly named map (Town Hall Frenzy) that we used to test an alpha PvP mode, and it adapts a similar structure as the old map. There is a piston with a slime block that allows players to get boosted on top of the roof and snipe players in the corners of the map. Otherwise the battlefield is pretty close-quarters, and players should expect often engaging enemies from less than ten blocks away often, so a close quarters secondary weapon, like the CZ75-Auto or the High Voltage Gloves, is recommended when playing in this map.
March/25-26/2016 "Handful of awesome updates, including the..." ...Show
(...highly requested Five-SeveN!)
GunColony is now updated with a few awesome features during the the Good Friday weekend.

Added Five-SeveN

The Five-SeveN is now available to players who are at least level 24. This pistol is slightly more accurate than the P250 and has a higher armor penetration, but less powerful against unarmored enemies. It is able to deal 1-hit-kill headshots in distances up to about 10 blocks distance from an armored player. However, it has a significantly higher recoil than many other pistols such as the P250, P2000, and USP-S. This pistol features a very detailed model and its unique appearance will definitely shine on the battlefield.

SG 553 Aesthetic Update

The popular assault rifle SG 553 has received a large change to its appearance. The new SG 553 model is the most detailed model yet in GunColony, and upon scoping in, the gun will locate itself to the center of the screen, so it feels like you are actually aiming down the sights.
This update is coming soon for other scoped rifles with the new scope-in animation, and eventually for other weapons as well.

Flashbang Fix

Flashbangs now actually work in both PVP and MobArena and no longer makes you invisible from any enemies affected from it.

PVP Map Voting System

Now after each PVP match you will be presented an option to vote for the next map. Just type /pvp vote <map>! If multiple maps have the same amount of votes, one will randomly be chosen.
March/31/2016 "Fixed Server Crashes" by HkyShow
As many of you may have noticed, the server has been crashing a lot lately (again!), kicking every player with "Timed out". There were two causes of the crash, one of them was the custom grenade mechanics that I added to fix flashbangs, another was a plugin that my custom plugin used to send titles and action bar messages. I fixed them both, so expect the server to be running without problems again.
March/17/2016 "We will be updating GunColony to full 1.9 soon." ...Show
GunColony will be updated to 1.9 this weekend. There will be a maintainance starting tomorrow, and in the meantime you will only be able to play on the Hostile server.

Why Update to 1.9?
Currently, you can join GunColony with both 1.8 and 1.9 clients, while the new Hostile server only allows 1.9 players to join. We have finished all promised updates before we update to 1.9: PVP Updates, more realistic CS:GO gun mechanics, and a "GTA Server" which Hostile is a great substitute for. We are now updating to 1.9 because that unlocks some exciting new mechanics to the game, including the original Muzzle Flash that is currently included in Hostile, a new bullet tracer, and the ability to add up to about 10,000 different gun skins to the game.

But, but... 1.9??
We are aware of the new combat updates that are coming with 1.9. The pathfinding of mobs has became smarter allowing MobArena to become a bigger challenge. At the same time, since zombies in Infected are affected by the update, we will take advantage of it and give zombies axes instead of swords that deal very high damage, but attacks as slow as a normal Minecraft 1.9 axe. The combat changes will NOT affect guns.

Will GunColony still work with 1.8?
GunColony will no longer support 1.8 players once updated to 1.9. We will open a coin bonus event that will last a few days after the update, so you can enjoy your new experience on the server.

Coming Up...
The 1.9 update will most likely also include some other exciting features. Players will be immediately able to enjoy the new bullet tracers and the muzzle flash. We will also change the colors in the chat to make it a lot more nicer.
After the update, we will make some changes to the voting system, accompanied with a daily reward system. Voting will permanently increase the chance to obtain better items in daily rewards, in addition to gaining other rewards exclusive to voting.
We will redo most, if not all, of the gun models, and those new models will incorporate original textures to make them look nicer. And finally, we will add different skins for the guns, which players can trade with each other.
There will be an upgrade system, where you can add upgrade points to a weapon by finding the weapon from games or buy them from other players in an all-new Market. When enough points are accumulated, the weapon will unlock upgrades. For example, if you want to upgrade your AK-47, you must find AK-47s (with any skin or without a skin) as loot in-game. Then, you will use your "main" AK-47 to consume the other AK-47 to give it an upgrade point, while the other disappears.

What about Hostile?
Hostile is a new server that is still constantly updated. We are looking for a better map - if all else fails, we will use the GTA map - to allow more PVP to happen and more loot to be collected by the player. We will also update the equipment system, changing the loot drop rates in addition to making armor better than leather obtainable.

Update: We will probably not be doing the full 1.9 update very soon, because the majority of players that are playing the server are still using 1.8 versions. However, we will occasionally add 1.9-only features to the game. Things like muzzle flash, skins, etc. can all be added without a full 1.9 conversion update. However, we are not reverting Hostile to 1.8 due to its realistic nature that fits will with the new 1.9 melee combat mechanics.
April/3/2016 "We're merging to a brand new forum!" by BreaksShow
GunColony's forum website is being changed to a brand new and cleaner website. Please join that website to continue talking to your friends, as we will be taking down this forum soon after we think everyone who is still active has joined the new forum.

A New Website? Why?
We thought we needed a new website because this one was getting old. With the new website, there are more features and some nice updates added periodically.

Who's Going to be Moderating the New Website?
Mostly me, and I'll give certain privileges to Kiathro and the other mods. Everyone will get the appropriate tag. I.e. If you're a regular user that hasn't bought VIP, your tag will show up as Player. If you're a VIP on the server (in-game), then your tag will show up as VIP*. This will be done for all users.

* Could be a lighter color. Also, we will figure out how to automagically make it sort tags out.

So What's New?
Just about everything. Since it's a brand new website, it's a clean slate! You can now like people's threads and replies and everything is there for quick accessibility. There will be a more advanced staff application. Only staff can view the submissions (sorry if you didn't want to hear that), and only Hky and I can accept or deny them. This may change later on, in the future.

Great! Anything Else?
All I would like to say is that this is not a perfect forum website, and we don't plan on it being perfect any time soon. I will continue trying to make some clean updates for the website every week or so, meaning new features will be added almost all the time. I will try to make it possible for you to report players and issues privately as well, whether they be on the forum or in-game.

Thanks For Reading! Have A Great Day!
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April/?/2016 "New Website!" by HkyShow
April/12/2016 "Updates - MobArena Difficulty Update!" by HkyShow
April/14/2016 "Updates - Crates Update!" by HkyShow
April/17/2016 "Updates - More Small Changes!" by BreaksShow
May/1/2016 "WEB Update - New "Staff" Group!" by BreaksShow
Hi, all! Currently, you know that there are only a few staff groups, both in-game and on the forums, and both are a little different in the way groups are supposed to go. This is why I'm pushing out a new forum staff group given to players who are highly trusted in the community (and don't have any current staff rank). This group will allow the players in the group to view Staff Applications, since we are only a band of 3 people (Kiathro, (sometimes)elco, and me). Here are some more details:
What is this new "staff" rank called?
App Viewer. Pretty straight forward You will get a group tag on here that shows "App Viewer" (subject to change, still thinking of a better name (possibly Trusted?)), but you will not get a rank tag in-game. Sorry about that, but this rank is for the Forums and the Forums only.
So why the new "staff" rank?
Since it's only for the forums, I wouldn't really call it a staff rank. The only power they have that regular forum members don't have is the power to view Staff Applications submitted by people who want to become staff on the server. We're choosing to make this new staff rank so the 3 people who are already worn out by the flow of applications. The trusted people who are given this rank will be listed (list will be subjected to change) on the bottom of this post.
Can you apply for this rank?
No, you cannot apply for this rank. Since this rank is for trusted members only, the only way you can get it is if you've been on this server for long enough for me to know you "personally." Currently, the only staff ranks you can apply for is Trial Moderator or Trial Builder. If you choose to apply for those ranks, I wish you good luck!
What if I am promoted to a real staff rank?
The App Viewer forum staff rank will be removed from your name and replaced with the fresh, clean, and new staff rank.
List of Trusted Members that will get this rank:
Rijam (not a veteran in the GC community but I know him in real life)
pale1 (not a veteran in the GC community but I've known him for years)
Nemrekt (not a veteran in the GC community neither have I known him for a long time, but he's trusted enough)
If you feel like you should have this rank then please let me know and I'll reply to you saying that I mistakenly forgot you or why you didn't get the rank.
May/1/2016 "5/1 Updates - MAY EVENT + Countless Improvements!" b...Show
May/7/2016 "Updates - Bug Fixes & Ping Compensation & More!" by ...Show
A brand new Ping Compensation system is now on in the server, which makes it easier to aim your gun at the enemies! We also removed a few "tactics" that were thought to be too advantageous to players using them. We have also improved our gameplay consistency by removing a couple bugs, some gamebreaking.
This brand new system will help you aim better. It checks the latency of players and calculates hits using what the shooter sees. Therefore, you don't need to aim ahead of a moving opponent anymore to hit them! This removes the cheap tactic of sprinting and jumping around to effectively avoid getting hit.
This system only works on players! This means that it will only work in PVP and Infected, not MobArena.
Note that this system can be buggy in its current state or will not function as expected. If you are reporting bugs about this system, videos are appreciated, though not required.
Player head hitbox is moved up and slightly enlarged in height
Head hitbox of a sneaking player is slightly moved down. This encourages sneaking to avoid headshots
Bullets shot when sneaking are now 0.12 blocks lower than where they used to be. This prevents players hiding behind a 1.5 blocks high wall and shoot opponents while being nearly invulnerable.
Slightly enlarged hitbox of some previously hard to hit mobs: Cave Spiders, Silverfish, Endermites and Killer Bunnies
Removed ability to reload when swapping (reload & swap at the same time)
Removed ability to scope in or toggle burstfire mid-reload
Fixed bug where the Desert Eagle can break when reloading with no more back up ammo (This bug had been around for more than half a year already)
Fixed bug where if you pick up a new weapon or level up in Arms Race right after shooting a Bolt-Action sniper, you will zoom back in no matter what gun you are holding
Fixed bug where the CheyTac M2000 automatically scopes back in mid-reload
Fixed bug where if you end a game with a SG553 in hand scoped-in, the crate you (may) receive will turn into a SG553 and won't function
Fixed bug where you don't need to wait for the swap time when you pick a weapon up from the ground
Acquiring a new weapon now requires you to go through the swap time. This prevents the player accidentally shooting the first bullet(s) in the real gun as soon as they acquire them
May/9/2016 "Updates - The Chat Update!" by HkyShow
The new chat update contains changes to game messages as well as a brand new chat filter system. We have also brought back Nether as one of our current two MobArena maps.
Additionally, we have also added a couple of fixes which will sure make the game more pleasant for all players!
Now blocks many common bypasses of swear words. Remember that bypassing the new filter is still not allowed!
Now blocks entire messages from being sent if it contains swear words.
Smart exemptions and minimal false positives. For example, "5hit" will get blocked, but "5 hit" (e.g. in "5 hit kill") will not get blocked.
Also blocks some hackusations and disrespectful words
Prefixes for minigame messages have been changed to be more diligent.
Changed Infected and PVP messages to be white in color.
Changed a few messages for PVP, including "second(s)" to "seconds" and "minute(s)" to "minutes"
Fixed Infected saying "joined" instead of "left" when you leave the game
Re-added Five-SeveN into the weapon menu.
Fixed Hostile showing a "%bungee_hostile" in place of the player count.
Fixed PVP games showing a "%gunrecoil_map1%", etc. in place of the pvp map, if the lobby has not been played on yet since server start.
Re-added MobArena Nether. Currently has the exact same monsters as Starter, but will probably change soon.
Slightly adjusted spawn points in Monastery to prevent spawn killing.
Fixed two holes in Jungle where players can be stuck in.
Fixed Boss Bars in 1.9.
Fixed players not being able to shoot through open doors, particularly the iron doors in Subway.
Fixed 1.8 players not seeing the texture and kill icon of Five-SeveN.
Fixed sometimes unable to open/close wooden doors.
May/15/2016 "Updates - Experience System, Max Level Increased" b...Show
Hello! Today is our first update in the 1st Anniversary set of updates. This update increases the max level to 60 and adds a brand new Experience system, instead of rank ups!
More meaningful, large updates will soon come. We are currently working on an Inventory system, which will be added in our next major update.
Note that some of the new features introduced in this update are currently causing minor lag. This will be investigated and addressed as soon as possible.
Now you gain Experience instead of money!
You will automatically rank up when experience reaches the amount required to rank up. No need to type /rankup every time you need to level up!
Levels are harder to get now than before. We want to stay on par with the level requirements on the larger servers and we do not want people to reach the max level in no time.
Experience requirement is quadratic, and is calculated using this formula: (level + 10) * (level + 10) * 10
Tokens gotten from ranking up slightly decreased. They can almost be completely ignored, as you get about 40 tokens in a single PVP game anyway.
Max level increased from 30 to 60.
The experience required to rank up from level 59 -> 60 is 47,610, while the first level (Level 0 -> 1) only costs 1,000 experience.
Fixed a bug where you can escape the map of Monastery
Fixed rank colors in the GUI menu
Added a new item indicating the player's exp in the join and loadout menues
May/16/2016 "Updates - Subway Rework" by HkyShow
Hello! There's a small update for today. Contains a large rework of the map Subway along with a few minor improvements to the server performance, and as usual, some bug fixes.
First off, a lot of lighting is added to the map, making it much brighter.

Also, at the end of the subway trains, the iron door close to the edge of the map is now closed. This makes camping at the end slightly harder and encourages players to take the very edge of the map as a possible way of transportation.

A few barricades were added at the second floor. This includes putting the first set of stairs behind a wall. This should make camping on the top much harder to accomplish.

And most importantly, we have added a tunnel on both sides that allows players to get onto the top easily - directly from their spawnpoint! We intend the top to be the main battlefield, because the bottom of the map is too open. We may even tweak the spawnpoints to represent that! However, spawnpoints are kept as they always were, for now.

Camping the new tunnel structure is possible to a degree, but with the stairs providing the enemy team more peeking options, and possibility of attack from either side, gaining complete control over the top is now much more difficult than before.

Fixed a bug where you can escape the map of Jungle.
Turned out that the new lag that "came with the update" was not caused by the update. There were simply so many players in the server that the existing lag causes have caused more lag than normal. We have fixed as much of the lag as we can in a single day.
Improved performance of crosshair displaying and spread calculations.
Improved performance of gun particles.
Improved performance of the MySQL I/O of the new Experience system.
Fixed "Double EXP" being incorrectly displayed as "Double Money".
Now using NoCheatPlus instead of AdvancedAntiCheat to handle most movement checks.
Check for Jesus (walking on top of water) is still done with AdvancedAntiCheat as NoCheatPlus is infamous for being unable to block that.
This change should greatly reduce the rate at which players are dragged back by the anticheat :)
There may be an announcement in between these, I don't know for sure.
June/3/2016 "Updates - Hostile Fix" by HkyShow
We are shifting our focus towards Hostile! Open-world gun fights have been extremely popular since the beginning of the FPS game genre. We can't let Hostile die!
Today's updates are mainly focused on fixes, though there are also a few updates that will ease the life of people playing on Hostile.
Guns are fixed and fully working!
Different weapons now have different amounts of muzzle flash and the muzzle flash is displayed at different distances from the shooter. Helps make it more realistic!
Added a small amount of muzzle flash to suppressed weapons.
Bullets now emit block particles (similar to GunColony) upon striking a block.
You can now access your Inventory in Hostile! Equipping a GunColony weapon will obviously not work, though, and since the resource pack is different, all GunColony guns in your inventory will be displayed as Iron Horse Armor if you are in hostile.
Fixed internal error with /exp or /xp
June/6/2016 "Updates - Small Hotfix" by HkyShow
Small hotfix to a few bugs in the server. There might be another update today which will probably consist of more complex and cooler things.
Fixed a few spots that are messed up in the old spawn.
Removed the "/spawn" sign in old spawn.
Fixed a jump at the shooting range that allowed you to escape the spawn.
Added a glowstone on the floor where one was missing.
Removed a few concrete slabs behind "INFO".
(Hopefully) permanently fixed portal water flowing out.
Fixed a few missing blocks here and there, some of them were missing since months ago.
Fixed the "Level 9001" glitch.
GunColony: Now supports all 1.8 and 1.9 versions plus 1.10.
Hostile: Now supports all 1.9 versions plus 1.10.
Removed Herobrine
June/11/2016 "Updates - Weapon Balance" by HkyShow
We are rolling out some fresh weapon rebalances, especially to sniper rifles, to enable players to try out a wider variety of weapons!
This update contains major reworks to several weapons, including some popular ones.
UMP-45: Rate of fire increased by 9% - The buff increases the UMP-45 rate of fire to 650 RPM, which is its realistic value and closer to CS:GO's 667 RPM. Also, we wanted to make  the weapon more unique from the UZI.
MAG-7: Rate of fire increased by 20% - The MAG-7 has a slower rate-of-fire than in CS:GO due to the fact that it used to have higher damage, which later was removed. We have increased its rate of fire. It is still slower than the Sawed-Off to balance for its extra range.
XM1014: Spread per shot decreased by 20%, Added random recoil pattern - The XM1014 has too many randomness when continuously fired. We have replaced part of that randomness with a vertical recoil so the weapon is more suitable for skilled players.
NS2000: Spread per shot decreased by 22%, Added random recoil pattern - Same as XM1014.
Sniper Rifles
CheyTac M200: Rate of fire increased by 9%, Ammo decreased to 7/28 (from 10/30) - The CheyTac is a very viable choice currently with its higher reload speed and damage than the AWP. This new balance increases the CheyTac M200's rate of fire from slightly slower than the AWP to slightly faster, to encourage players using this advantage in both speed and poewr. In return, we have decreased its ammo capacity to make the weapon more realistic and balanced.
M82: Rate of fire increased by 175%, Recoil recovery decreased by 10%, Spread per shot increased by 41%, Added random recoil pattern - The M82 is a very good weapon for long-range sniping, but as we tweak the maps to allow more short-range encounters this weapon will become less useful. Thus we are giving it a buff so it can potentially be useful at shorter ranges. The weapon can now shoot very quickly, but it must be shot at its old rate-of-fire to stay accurate. If one holds down the fire button, the bullets go very far from the crosshair and the recoil is completely random. Additionally the user must still suffer the very high inaccuracy when unscoped along with the small magazine size and very lengthy reload time.
SSG 08: Rate of fire decreased by 10%, Scoped-in spread decreased by 33% - The increase in accuracy should make jump-shotting slightly more consistent and rewards players who take their time to aim. The fire rate nerf creates a bit more difference between the SSG 08 and the Schmidt Scout.
Schmidt Scout: Reload speed increased by 5% - This small increase in reload speed should bring it a little bit more away from the list of underpowered weapons.
SVD: Rate of fire increased by 50%, Spread per shot increased by 33%, Added random recoil pattern - Similar to the M82 change, this rework to the SVD makes it more viable at closer ranges. Its recoil when fired continuously is much easier to control than the M82, but the accuracy is still poor in long range if not shot slowly. This weapon and the M82 have the same maximum fire rate for its one hit kill ability at most ranges when sufficiently leveled up.
SCAR-20: Rate of fire increased by 20%, Spread per shot decreased by 5%, Added random recoil pattern - This change should make the SCAR-20 somewhat more manueverable and flexible, but also adds a muzzle rise to the weapon, making it important to compensate for the recoil.
MSG90 A2: Rate of fire increased by 50%, Added random recoil pattern - This change makes the MSG90 A2 faster-firing. This weapon is now better shot in small bursts of a few shots at a time, as the recoil gets significantly worse after the 3-4th shot in a row.
That's it for now. If you have any comments or suggestions, please post them below!
June/12/2016 "Updates - Mob Arena Update" by HkyShow
While the changes to auto snipers and shotguns certainly makes for more weapon choices in Mob Arena, the gamemode still needs more tweaks. We have now rolled out a large update to MobArena gameplay, mainly bosses.
New skill - Throw TNT. The boss throws out 3 TNT that explode after 5 seconds and deal heavy damage if not dodged!
New skill - Arrows. The boss shoots multiple arrows in a barrage.
New skill - Fireballs. The boss shoots multiple fireballs in a barrage.
The strength of certain boss skills now depend on the player amount. This currently affects the amount of mobs spawned by Summon Minions and the amount of projectiles fired by the new Arrows and Fireballs.
Fetch Distant and Fetch Target now fail if the boss is in lava. (Will not fail if the boss is floating on top of lava!)
Propel has its radius and magnitude increased by 20%
Summon Minions amount is now decreased by 40% for Guardians, decreased by 60% for Withers, and increased by 50% for Slimes.
Tweaked bosses in both arenas. There are now some different bosses in both arenas!
Guardians now deal significantly less damage, regardless of difficulty.
June/11+?/2016 "NEW! Unofficial GunColony Server Trailer by Aj4s...Show
Hello everyone! Today I've got something super special for you all to enjoy!
Recently, someone in the GunColony Community named Aj4sure125 has made a Server Trailer for our server, posting it to his channel that has over 300 subs!
Blown away by this, I just had to share it with everyone else!
So, without further adue, let's get right into it:
Could be more in between these two.
June/17/2016 "Updates - Sound Update!" by HkyShow
We'd like to introduce a brand new sound update to many of the guns, plus some appealing special sound effects!
Changed shooting sounds for: Negev, M249, MAG-7 (Those three are changed to the new CS:GO sounds after the CS:GO sound update!), PP-Bizon, CZ75-Auto, MP9, FAMAS, UMP-45, SCAR-20
Changed reload sounds for: MAG-7, MP9
Added a custom sound on running out of ammo in place of a click sound
Added a custom sound on toggling burstfire in place of a click sound
Added a new sound that triggers whenever you shoot with low ammo in your magazine (18% or less of a full magazine)
Fixed M14 EBR and AK-103 kill icons
June/26/2016 "Updates - Upgrade System Tweaks" by HkyShow
Hello! We have rolled out another update while we try to improve the server and prepare for large updates that are coming very soon!
Now shows the rarity of guns in-game by the color of the level. The rarity of a weapon should now be very apparent as soon as you get a hold of it!

The upgrade button has now been changed to a diamond block. Does nothing but making it look more appealing.

There is now a level up sound when you upgrade a weapon, plus a new screen that allows you to quickly equip the weapon (via the 6 gold blocks) after upgrading. Simply click the emerald block to return to the upgrade menu. It's the same spot as the upgrade button so you can click it multiple times to upgrade a weapon quickly just as before!

Our rules have been moved up to the Navbar for easier access.
Reorganized the rules page a little bit, and added some better clarification to some points and clean up the mess created from multiple contributors editing the rules. Also fixed some typos. There are no changes to the actual rules, though.
The server now supports 1.10.1 and 1.10.2 clients.
Staff members in the creative world can now use most commands. Trial staff members are still disallowed to use TPA commands in the creative world.
June/28/2016 "Updates - Switched Host!" by HkyShow
Big news today! We have upgraded our server specs by switching to a new host! It took me a while to transfer all data from the old server to the new server, but after doing all the Linux stuff, I was able to complete the transfer with minimum interruption and data-loss. In fact, the update only took one restart!
The new server is a dedicated machine like our previous server. It has twice the RAM as the old server and almost twice the processing power, but also twice the rental cost. However, our current income is able to support the new cost, and with a new premium rank system coming soon, we are confident that we will be able to keep the server up.
The update not only reduces server lag, it also allows our server to potentially hold more players if we see the need to increase our maximum player slot. We will also experiment on multi-server minigame systems similar to what you would see on large mini-game networks. Each game lobby is its own server, and all servers are linked together so the server program can connect you to different servers quickly, which means switching between different games. In our current setup, all games are hosted in the same server, so if any aspects of any game creates lag (e.g. MobArena mobs spawning and pushing each other), players in other games will also experience lag. The new system ensures that the game servers are isolated from each other and are different Java processes, so players playing in one game won't affect other games at all. (This feature has NOT been implemented into the server yet, but will be)
And from here begins the awesome summer updates that will come in a similar manner to all the 1st Anniversary updates in June! #AnniversaryUpdateParty
Please note that any progress made after June 28, 11:30 PM and before June 29, 2:45 AM are lost due to the update, because we had to transfer data over to the new server. Not many people are affected, though, as few people are online.
Please report any new issues in the Bug Reports section.
June/26/2016 "Updates #2 - More Headshots, Less Lag!" by HkyShow
We have made a highly requested change to the server - increasing the size of the head hitbox. We have also discovered and removed the #1 source of lag on the server. That combined with our server specs upgrade should make all of our games run with no lag at all!
Size of the head hitbox increased and its position moved upwards - the lower boundary of head hitbox has been moved up 0.02 blocks, and the upper boundary has been moved up 0.04 blocks. This should make it easier to deal headshots to players, especially those hiding behind 1.5 block obstacles.
We have spotted what was causing all the lag on the server lately. The writing of experience data on hard drive was taking an average of 0.04 seconds, and although we had a cache system, every 10 seconds when the player earned EXP, the server had to stop for 0.04 seconds to save the data into the hard drive. With 80 players, the server had to stop for 3.2 seconds every 10 seconds - thus creating a lot of lag.
A secondary source of lag is very similar to this one. It is caused by the Inventory plugin storing data into the database, which also took 0.04 seconds on average. However, players log off far less often than they earn experience, which means that the lag created in this manner isn't very noticeable, but does contribute to a laggy server experience.
What we have done in this update is that we have fixed both of those issues by changing the save methods to run asynchronously, which means that the data is still saved into the database the same way, but it is now done in a different thread than the handling of most other server processes (shooting, player movement, etc.), so no matter how slow the saving process is, it won't impact the server's performance at all.
Those two issues that were fixed were the most major sources of lag in the server. The game should now be completely smooth with no lag at all.
June/29/2016 "Updates - New PVP Rewards!" by HkyShow
This new update aims at helping the players that are dedicated to the server but are not necessarily the most skilled. We have re-worked the rewards that you get from PVP modes so those players get some shares as well!
- EXP reward from kill decreased from 25 to 15.
- Now you get 200 EXP for winning and 100 EXP for losing.
Games that failed to start due to not enough players, or ended too early due to players quitting, won't give any experience.
The team with most kills in TDM wins.
If a player achieves the Gold Knife kill in Arms Race, their whole team will get the winning reward. If neither team achieves this when the timer expires, the team with the most kills will win.
The player(s) with the most kills in FFA wins. Rewards for 2nd, 3rd places, etc. are not implemented yet, but they will.
Draws give 150 experience.
- Increased leniency of anti cheat system so players are less likely to get dragged back.
- Changed the rules. The new rules are effective immediately.
- Significant changes include:
Separated "offensive language" rules from the "cursing" rules.
Added "advertising" to chat rules (it was previously effective too because it was in /warp help ingame)
Moved "external cheat tools" from the illegal mod list to directly in the "no hacking" rule.
Changed "English-only" rule - it is now effective at all times instead of just during the day, but personal messages are now exempt from this rule.
Better explanations here and there.
Could be posts in between these.
July/11/2016 "Updates - CUSTOM ANTI X-RAY!" by HkyShow
Today is the day! Our long-purposed, long-awaited new Anti-Cheat system is finally here after several hours of testing.
This update will surely help you out against those that use unfair tactics or mods to spot other players behind walls!
Clarification: The use of F5 (Third Person), F3+B (Hitbox), Sound Subtitles, any modifications/external programs, and spectator ghosting to locate enemy players behind obstacles in PVP are not allowed, even after the update.
Added a new Anti-Xray system! This system is designed to stop all kinds of cheating intended to spot other players through walls.
The system is a custom plugin that simply hides enemy players behind obstacles, making them impossible to detect by illegal means. The system is designed to minimize false positives, though there might still be some, especially for players with high ping and light weapons. The algorithm is based on several functions of the Bukkit API, but we have put in completely custom code that best compromises performance with reliability, thus minimizing server lag caused by the system.
This system is only activated in the PVP mode, and only for enemy players. You are still allowed to use e.g. F5 in MobArena and Infected, though not wallhack mods.
We are aware that this system currently messes up the Tablist, hiding any hidden enemy players from it. It will be fixed in the near future.
Spoiler Alert: There might be a separate anti-F5 system coming soon to better stop F5'ers!
Another attempt at fixing the sniper scope speed bug.
7/12 EDIT: We have fixed a few bugs regarding the system, including two console spam bugs and a bug that caused the system to consider half-transperant blocks as solid.
July/21/2016 "Regarding Illegal Behavior" by HkyShow
Many people are complaining both in the forums and in-game about rule breaking, and we have definitely been seeing hackers, exploiters, and /me spammers, etc. across the server.
We are taking the quality (and "fairness") of server community to a very high priority. We absolutely do not tolerate exploiting, spamming, hacking, and from now on, excessive farming.
We have rolled out a new update that addressed most/all of the popular exploits.
A new reward system is in the process of being created, which will be largely time-based to minimize farming. We will release this as soon as possible.
As an action against recent farming/exploiting incidents, we will soon cap all players' gun levels to these amounts:
Level 12 - Common
Level 9 - Rare
Level 5 - Epic
Level 3 - Legendary
At least as far as I know, no players have exceeded these weapon levels, except those who have farmed excessively or have abused exploits.
This will be a one-time fix. Players will be able to continue upgrading their weapons all the way to max level. (Level 13 for commons, etc.)
Exceptions may be granted if you send me a /mail in game
July/20/2016 "Updates - Mega Exploit Fix!" by HkyShow
We have fixed many bugs throughout the server that might be abused by rulebreakers.
- We have removed the ability for normal players to use an admin testing command which allowed players to spawn in weapons.
- We have removed ALL glitched guns from the spawn.
- We have fixed a pick-block crate dupe bug in creative (staff) world. This only affects staff members. Do not try to redeem/open crates in creative world or they WILL get removed.
- We have added a 1 minute timer between /me commands, or 5 minutes if the player is below level 10.
- Killing someone close to their spawn no longer gives money.
- Switched to a completely different voting plugin.
- Fixed extreme lag issues with the previous plugin.
- Fixed a glitch with the previous plugin that caused players to be able to infinitely claim votes.
- Slightly readjusted rewards.
*Note: This has nothing to do with fixing exploits.*
- Upgrade bonus now scales exponentially instead of linearly.
- This makes high level weapons very slightly stronger. There should not be a more than 0.5% increase in stats for most instances.
- This change is to address the issue that higher level upgrades give less (proportionally) but cost more.
July/21/2016 "Updates - NEW MAP NUKE!" by HkyShow
We are proud to announce the addition of a brand new map, Nuke, to the server!
Nuke is a popular CS:GO map, recently revamped by the CS:GO developers for both aesthetic and gameplay changes. The map is a nuclear powerplant with some outdoors elements.
In building this map, we wanted it to resemble CS:GO as much as possible, and thus we use colors, outdoor decorations, etc. in the same location and manner as CS:GO.
This map is available for Team Death Match. The teams currently spawn at their CS:GO spawnpoints, but we may adjust them in the future.
Note: Screenshots were taken in the creative (staff) world with fullbright. The map is daytime in the actual game.
July/24/2016 "Updates - Crate Update + Bug Fixes!" by HkyShow
We have added a brand new Crate System to the server today! We have also done repairs to the damage by the griefing yesterday and also fixed a few bugs
New Crate System inspired by Clash Royale!
We have removed the Stone Crate and added 3 new crates, the Giant Crate, Exotic Crate, and Mythical Crate! Those crates are very rare but give a lot of items, especially the Mythical Crate. They are obtainable both from voting and from game drops. All three of them guarantee at least 1 Epic drop, and the Mythical Crate contains a Legendary item most of the time!
All crates other than the basic Wood Crate now guarantee Rare items.
Crates now guarantee tokens as well, but with some random variance to keep things fresh.
There is also a cool new Crate Opening animation with sounds, which you should try out by yourself!
All rewards you get from crates are now automatically added to the Item EXP of the highest level weapon you own!
Fixed a bug where bolt action snipers do not automatically zoom back in and have no firing sounds when zoomed in.
Fixed a bug where the Gold Knife kill does not end an Arms Race game.
Repaired damage done by the griefing yesterday.
I also changed all my passwords that are by any chance similar to my email password, and added a new system to automatically detect malicious activity (plus automatic banning whenever a user with admin permissions joins through a VPN). Getting my own account banned (which I can unban through the console) is much more safer than allowing other people to log in with my account.
July 27-August 15 2016 are unknown.
August/9/2016 "New Website!" by HkyShow
I have installed a new website for the server, which is much more professional and easier to manage than our old website.
This means that you will be required to re-register your account. Thankfully you can at least register again
Please report any bugs related to the website in the Bug Reports section and any suggestions in the Suggestions section.
August/9/2016 "Machine Gun Recoil, Better Sneaking Accuracy Mode...Show
We have applied a new update on the server. Thankfully, only one restart was involved in it

New Sneak Accuracy Model

When transitioning from walking to sneak-moving, the movement inaccuracy now decays linearly over a course of 0.55 seconds instead of instantly transitioning to the higher sneaking accuracy.
In return, after the 0.55 seconds have passed, weapons will now be more accurate when sneak-moving than before.


SVD: Damage decreased by 2%
The SVD previously felt too overpowered, even as a Legendary weapon, due to its high rate of fire among sniper rifles (100 RPM) and lethal damage. This damage decrease removes the SVD's ability to eliminate a target in a single chest hit at any range. It deals slightly lower than lethal damage at Level 1. You can still do a 1-hit-kill with the SVD if you hit the stomach or head, or if you own a Level 4 or 5 SVD and engage targets at close range.

M60, RPK, QBB-95, L86 LSW: Added static recoil pattern
These machine guns are not used often due to their lack of a static recoil pattern - the recoil of these weapons used to be different each time. With the addition of the static spray pattern, it is now possible to compensate for it and thus hit more accurately. The M60 and RPK especially benefits from this change, but the other two guns can also show higher precision when used in the right hands.
August/11/2016 "Website Changes" by HkyShow
Fixed typo in rules
Fixed typo in Player Reports forum description
Removed duplicate rule in rules
Added guides sub-section under General Discussions
August/12/2016 "Hotfix" by HkyShow
Nothing special, just fixed a few bugs today.

Fixed a bug where players do not drop weapons on death
Fixed a bug where the duration of the spawn protection extension (caused by dying too early after respawn) is glitched and often too long
Fixed a bug where if a PVP game ends while one is dead, they are set to adventure mode in spawn
Fixed a bug where if the last player on a team quits in Elimination, the game does not end until the timer runs out or if one player of the other team suicides
Fixed a bug where the swap animation is not correctly played when players respawn or if a new round starts in Elimination
The message "This map has been excluded from the vote results because it is occupied by another lobby" is now only displayed for maps that have equal or greater amount of votes than the most-voted map that is not excluded (a.k.a. the map that will be played)

Note that the update pace of the next few days will slow down a bit because we are working on a brand new gun plugin that will be used after our update to Minecraft 1.9. The new guns will work even more similarly to CS:GO, and gun upgrade mechanics will be changed as well.
August/11/2016 "New Mode - Elimination" by HkyShow
Elimination is a new mode where two teams fight against each other, just like Team Death Match. Unlike TDM though, the game is best-out-of-5-rounds, and there are no respawns. Each round lasts 90 seconds. When time expires, the team with the most players alive will win (Round Draws are possible).
Great aim and reflexes are required to beat the enemy team - keep an eye on every corner, everywhere you go. Remember that once you die, your team will be down one person for the rest of the round.

This mode is available on some of the TDM and Arms Race maps.
(In case of one map being shared across multiple gamemodes: If one mode is using a map, it will never appear on other gamemodes' votes. If multiple gamemodes vote on a map at the same time, the map will be excluded from the vote that ends later.)


Added Elimination mode.
Fixed a bug where in Arms Race, scoring a kill with a scoped-in semi auto sniper causes speed glitch.
Fixed a bug where in Arms Race, players could "go back to life" if after they die, they score a kill that causes them to receive the next weapon (seen with the Flamethrower or in kill trades).
Fixed a bug where the crosshair would behave strangely if the player is mid-air.
Fixed a bug where falling to death in Infected would sometimes cause the player to glitch out and be teleported back to spawn.
Fixed a bug where Speed is applied to the Heavy kit in Infected. The kit now correctly receives Speed -1 (negative 1) which should now make the movement speed slower.
Slightly reduced concentration of Skeletons on higher rounds of Suburb.
August/16/2016 "Regarding my 'Time Spent Managing the Server' an...Show
There has recently been community complaints from different people about the availability of developers and moderators on managing GunColony. I would like to give a formal response to some of those complaints here and what weI will do about them.

I have to spend a large portion of my time on other things. I am not the type of person who works on a server full-time and lives from it. In fact, we have been getting too little donation to support our server rental price, not to mention prices of renting the domain and premium plugins, and the fact that I am spending at least a couple hours a day for nothing in return. This is ultimately why I'm not online or active 24/7 - while some people purposely make in-game sounds around me for no real purposes surely do have a lot more time(@ Kiathro). Recently I am also spending the majority of my time on a new gun plugin which is supposed to do a much better job at simulating CS:GO than the current one, and that is another factor why I fail to be very active lately.

Since you are asking for a reason why I am not hiring extra staff members - there are two good reasons for it, which I will get to them now.

First, I usually accept staff applications in bulks. I take a look at the staff application Google Forms every single day since I set it up, and I deleted any applications that I would not consider. I ended up with six Trial Moderator applications, plus two Trial Builder applications. Many of those are very solid applications made by helpful and mature players; however, it takes time to judge the applicants and make sure that they are among the best candidates at helping the server and the community. I do consider and accept applications, just not as soon as they are posted.

The second reason is far more specifically targeted to the actual complaint. It is simple: I am not biased and will not magically make any particular player a staff member. Even c_y had to level up to Level 10 and go through a private application process with me in order to become a developer. Like what the staff application restrictions have been for nearly a year, the prerequisites of applying for staff includes receiving no ban/mute punishments for the last 30 days. (http://guncolony.enjin.com/forum/m/2729 ... d/16824742) Combining all the factors, it is clear to be unacceptable to directly ask for a staff rank - which is already considered begging and is against the rules - after just 2 weeks after a punishment, be it regular staff ranks like Trial Moderator or the whole luxury duty of taking care of the forum softwares.
Though the complaints were mainly made by a group of players who always had an agreement and even called themselves members of the same clan, and thus represent a very small portion of our community thoughts, they definitely contain some valid points. However, taking into consideration that it might sometimes take a long time to bring good updates to the server (even the world's second biggest server spent years to resolve a large community complaint, but they managed to do it), I am here to ask you to be patient while I can take my time and work on the largest update to GunColony in its history.
September/3/2016 "New Map: Nuketown" by HkyShow
Heads up, guys! Here's another update for the server, bringing a new map, weapon rebalancing, and several fixes!
Nuketown is a popular Call of Duty map that fits well into the Free For All ruleset, so it has been added as a new map of the gamemode. Get ready for some Call of Duty action, fams!
(Screenshot: Level 1 noob with full auto M16, literally unplayable)

We have rebalanced a several weapons! Here's the change log:

M1915: Damage increased by 50%, Accuracy increased by 60%, Added movement inaccuracy, Added recoil pattern, Added spread increase by shooting - The M1915 was an underwhelming weapon with very low DPS despite firing powerful 8mmx51 rounds (bigger than that of an AWP!) in real life. This change should bring it in line with other weapons while still keeping it unique. There is also a minor change where the weapon can now be fired faster with good mouse timing, similar to a pistol.

XM8: Maximum Spread when unscoped increased by 100% - The XM8 is extremely powerful due to its high accuracy whether standing still or moving, coupled with a high rate of fire. We are decreasing its accuracy when spraying and jumping, while keeping it a versatile weapon that is powerful at all ranges.

Laser-451: Added slight spread when automatic firing and jumping, Added 1.5x headshot multiplier - The LASER-451 is a weak weapon in Mob-Arena because it deals such low damage. A 1.5x headshot multiplier should reward highly accurate players, while a slight spread compensates for that bonus. It also won't completely ignore the accuracy penalty caused by damaging the Guardian anymore.

We have also added the in-game stats description for Shotguns and Machine Guns! Descriptions of other weapons are a work-in-progress! You can access the stats of a weapon by clicking the weapon in the Upgrade menu.

There are quite a few bug fixes in the update. Here's the list:

Fixed a bug where Fire Launcher deals 1-hit kill on a direct hit
Fixed a bug where one could fire a Flamethrower then switch to bare hand to deal much higher damage than normal
Fixed a bug where grenades dealt basically no damage
Fixed a bug where attempting to upgrade a weapon with not enough tokens causes the menu to glitch out, allowing for obtaining illegal items at spawn
Fixed a bug where players occasionally get a reset in level
Fixed a bug where players occasionally receive lower tier crates than they should be getting

The most requested change of all, we have changed the spawnpoints for Nuke to encourage more exciting and balanced combat! Hop in a TDM match and check it out!

We are taking suggestions! Check out this thread to give us some ideas about headshots and adding back sprinting!

{Edit from Rijam, use this link: http://guncolony.com/legacy/d/113/ }

As always, feel free to post your thoughts about this update below!

Edit: We have just added another new map: Inferno!
Inferno is a popular CS:GO defusal map. It is not currently played by pro leagues, but it used to be, and you can find plenty of pro matches played on Inferno. This map is available in the TDM gamemode.
Thanks SizzleMcGrizzle for making the map!
September/11/2016 "FFA Maps Update!" by HkyShow
Today, we have released a bountiful map update with a brand new map and edits done to our existing maps, focused on improving the FFA gamemode!
Cache is a CS:GO defusal map listed in the pro league map list. It is currently featured only in Free For All.
Credits to SizzleMcGrizzle (+ Kiathro, and Rijam for helping)! Edit: xCart_ and WhatSarahSaid also helped. The former two people were the only ones I was told by SizzleMcGrizzle originally to credit.

A modified version of Dust with some parts stripped out and new paths made available. Don't blame me for the name, the map is actually a CS:GO demolition map. Shortdust is available for Free For All, Elimination, and Arms Race, with the exact same map layout for all three modes.

A separate version is now available for the Free For All gamemode. This one has the two ends of the map stripped off, but is otherwise exactly the same as its TDM counterpart.
Note that the original version featured in Team Death Match is unchanged.

Removed vine at a box in the middle part of the map to disallow climbing up the box and spawnkilling Blue team players with a SSG 08 (jump shots).
This also affects the new Shortdust variation.

Reduced spawn protection from 3 seconds to 2 seconds in Free For All. This does not affect the team-based gamemodes.
September/9 or 10/2016 "Crate Unlocks System, Tablist" by HkyShow
Here's a rather small update for today - I have promised a crate unlock system previously, and I completed it today and put it LIVE on the server!
Players will now be required to make it to a certain level before finding items from crates - the level required is different for each item.
This might make gaining loot more difficult, but on the other hand, you can now find items that aren't previously obtainable!


Players are now required to reach a certain level before being able to find items in crates.
Items in Italic are newly added and aren't previously obtainable from crates
Level 0 - M14, Galil AR, FAMAS, Schmidt Scout, M60, Nova, USP-S, P2000, UZI, MP9, Glock-18, Laser-451
Level 5 - M16, SCAR-H, SSG 08, M1915, Taser, M9A, PP-Bizon
Level 10 - M16A4, M14 EBR, M24, M249, Double Barrel, Sawed-Off, Beretta 90two
Level 15 - AK-47, XM8, M82, Walther PP Super, UMP-45, Colt Revolver, Flamethrower
Level 20 - M14 EBR Adv., M4A4, MSG90 A2, RPK, P250
Level 25 - AUG, AWP, Fire Launcher, XM1014, Colt Python, AF2011
Level 30 - SG 553, Negev, High Voltage Gloves, Mauser C-96, Five-SeveN, MP5K A4
Level 35 - AK-103, SCAR-20, QBB-95, MAG-7, CZ75-Auto
Level 40 - G36, NS2000, Desert Eagle, MP7
Level 45 - M4A1-S, SVD, Tec-9
Level 50 - AR-57, Remington 887, Type 92
Level 55 - P90, R8 Revolver
Level 60 - CheyTac M200, L86 LSW

You can view this list in-game by clicking the EXP Bottle in the join and loadout menus!
You can also open the Level Progression Menu with the command /inventory levelinfo or /inv levelinfo.
The menu also contains crate information for different levels, provided for a reference.


Added new tab header to easily see how many players are online.

Fixed a bug where Negev's damage benefit from leveling up was much higher than intended (3% vs 0.3% intended). The Negev now gains 0.5% damage per level, instead of the old 3%.
Fixed a bug where Elimination could spam additional rounds at the end of the game, potentially changing the game outcome on rare occasions.
Fixed a bug where the text color of assists in 1.9/1.10 kill feed was red instead of gray in Free For All.

Removed TPA permissions for regular users.

As always, enjoy the changes!
September/25/2016 "The Accuracy Update!" by HkyShow
Ladies and gentlemen, here's the update in response to the suggestions thread about skilled weapon balance! This update changes the algorithms of the accuracy system to make skilled shots (heck, and even noscopes) more consistent without impacting the "unskilled" portion of the game.

WARNING: This change-log contains some technical information, skip directly to the weapon balances if you can't understand!


The weapons' base accuracies are now more consistent/increased. The accuracy penalty from firing is also reduced in the same manner. This does not change the maximum inaccuracy of the weapon, but bullets will now tend towards the center of the spread cone. This works by multiplying the spread of the weapon (from firing and base inaccuracy) by a random number between 0 and 1, and thus creates similar results to how spread currently works in CS:GO.
Jumping accuracy is now separate from the firing accuracy calculations. This is significant because of the limit imposed on weapon spread. Jumping could previously exceed the limit, which meant that shooting no longer had any more penalty on the weapon's accuracy, which made jump-spraying a too-viable strategy. This also means that jump accuracy is NOT affected by the spread change mentioned above, so it will stay the same.
The 3x inaccuracy recovery after jumping and landing was removed, because it was exploitable to an extent and more importantly promoted jumping shots. We might be adding back sprinting in the future (with a twist), so we are adding these jumping changes beforehand to monitor how it goes.
Moving inaccuracy is unaffected by the changes mentioned above.


Note: Damage is described in the CS:GO manner, which means that 100 is equal to 10 full hearts. Also note that everyone in current PVP has bulletproof armor by default so the actual damage is usually lower than what is described in these logs.

R8 Revolver: Damage increased from 86 to 103 - The R8 revolver needed a buff to make it more viable. From now on, a stomach hit with this weapon will score a one hit kill, and chest hits against unarmored opponents (e.g. MobArena) will kill in 1 hit at close range. It is worth mentioning that it now deals 96 damage on a chest hit, but the damage never exceeds 100 (1 hit kill) even at max level, so its performance will more or less remain the same.

M14: Damage increased from 32 to 41, Armor Penetration increased from 75% to 77%, Magazine Size decreased from 30 to 20 - The M14, as a starter weapon, was underused and underpowered compared to the rest of the weapons in the game. This change makes it more like a gun firing 7.62mm rounds, while still making it unique related to the M14 EBR - it will now have the potential to kill in 3 hits if one strikes the stomach, and gains the ability to 1 hit headshot across any range. It has also received a small counter-change: a 20 round magazine.

MSG90 A2: Vertical recoil reduced by 30% - This auto-sniper is slightly underpowered compared to the other three choices, so we are making it easier to play with. This change also means that there's now less vertical random variance so using this weapon is less of a guessing game.


SCAR-H: Name changed to SCAR-L Mk 16, description changed accordingly - A simple name change for realism purposes. The "H" in the killfeed icon isn't removed yet, as we do not wish to change the resource pack on this update.
Fixed a bug where when an offline player votes, the voting message is glitched out and displays the name of whoever is viewing the message instead.

Edit: Forgot one thing: Changed flashbang item from brick to tripwire hook to prevent custom-made resource packs that modify flashbangs from changing the loadout GUI appearance as well. Again, we did not change the resource pack, but we will probably add a model for it soon.
September/29/2016 "Another Sound Update!" by HkyShow
CS:GO has just rolled out an update today that changes the sounds for the final few weapons, the Assault Rifles. We are catching up on these new sounds, starting with what CS:GO changed today, and work our way back! You will now also hear a distant sound that is different from the normal gun sound, if you are far from the enemy (far enough that you wouldn't be able to hear the shot before this update). Also, enjoy the new changes to Cache that would hopefully make our FFA gameplay more interesting!

Repaired inaccuracies in map layout and improved aesthetics.
Tweaked spawn-points to accomodate with the new layout changes.

Increased fidelity and reduced distortion changed gun sounds for M4A4, M4A1-S, AK-47, Galil AR, AK-103 (= old AK-47 sound), FAMAS.
For all of the above weapons, the sound range was increased, and a new distant sound was added, allowing you to hear the gunshots from even further away. It sounds different afar than up close, too!
Changed swap and reload sounds for M4A4, M4A1-S, Galil AR, FAMAS.
Changed kill-feed icon for SCAR-L and G36. It was a complete redesign, not just removing the H.
Sneak Peek: We will be changing sounds for the rest of the weapons soon - maybe a SRR-61 sound for the CheyTac? Who knows?

Fixed a bug where a null weapon would appear in place of the SCAR-L during Arms Race.
Fixed a bug where thrown flashbangs are still shown as bricks rather than tripwire hooks.

EDIT: Follow-up Update (9/29)
Changed shooting sounds of AUG, SG 553, MP9, MP7, PP-Bizon, P90, Nova, Sawed-Off, AWP, SSG 08, SCAR-20, USP-S, P2000, P250, Glock-18, Tec-9, Five-SeveN, Desert Eagle, and R8 Revolver.
Added distant fire sounds for all of the aforementioned weapons, plus MAG-7, XM1014, CheyTac, MSG90, M82, M24, SVD, Negev, and M249.
October/4/2016 "New Rules" by HkyShow
We have updated our rules page with some new things that we don't want to see in-game or on the forums! We have also added examples for each rule so it is more clear what they mean.
Post your comments/suggestions below!
October/5/2016 "Small Fixes" by HkyShow
These small patches will be applied on the server auto-restart at 10/5/2016 0:06 AM EST.

Just a few small patches to fix a handful of bugs present in the server.


Anti-Dodge amount of extra hitboxes reduced from 2 to 1. This means that there's now only a 0.05 seconds aim compensation as opposed to 0.1 seconds, and should help reduce exploits and extra random headshots on moving enemies.
Bullets shot through block now no longer experience a hard 10% damage penalty (that used to be applied on top of the penalty caused by the hardness of the block). This means that something like an AWP should be able to do a 1 hit kill through e.g. glass pane now.
Fixed layered snow hitboxes (for bullets) being half as high as they should be.
Removed ability to take off armor in PVP modes.


Sawed-Off: Maximum bullet range decreased from 25 to 20 blocks - This range is around 50 feet (15 meters) in CS:GO. This change should make it closer to the game while still staying somewhat realistic.

MAG-7: Maximum bullet range decreased from 45 to 40 blocks - This range is around 30 meters in CS:GO. The change is made for similar reasons as the change mentioned to the Sawed-Off.
October/30/2017 "Balance Changes" by HkyShow
Hello folks,

I have spent almost our whole weekend optimizing and rewriting the server's code. The results are an enhancement on server performance, as well as making our custom gun plugin work on servers without our mini-game plugins. We have also made huge improvements to the config system of our guns: it's more elegant, easier to expand code-wise, and easier for any future devs to modify.

There aren't any gameplay changes directly linked to these code changes, but we have also rebalanced a few guns during today's maintainance that people should know about:

MP5k A4: Recoil decreased by 10% - This weapon does not see much use as a Legendary weapon. In most cases, it's unable to compete with MP9, with the latter having a faster reload speed, swap speed, and accuracy. Making the shots grouped better together should make this weapon a fairer choice.

XM1014: Vertical recoil decreased by 30%, Spread Recovery increased by 9% - The XM1014 isn't a good choice among the shotguns for its very unpredictable bullet patterns. Both decreasing the vertical recoil and increasing the recovery from recoil should make the weapon more accurate and overall more skillful to use.

QBB-95: Damage decreased by 3%, Spread from Shooting decreased by 11%, Second round recoil in burst mode decreased by 50% - As a weapon firing medium-caliber rounds, it should not kill an armored enemy in one headshot, regardless of its level. As a weapon firing medium-caliber rounds, it should also be accurate and more predictable than higher-caliber weapons like the RPK.

CheyTac M200: Unscoped Movement Speed decreased from 80% to 76% of knife - The CheyTac M200 is better than the AWP in almost all ways, with the only significant drawback being the lower ammo count, which is easily circumvented by its fast reload speed. We are lowering its movement speed when unscoped to make the weapon a bit riskier to use.
M9A: Swap speed decreased to 0.4 seconds (from 0.75) - The M9A is easily outclassed by almost every other pistol in all aspects, and it does not see much use. Making the swapping faster should add a unique niche so that some players will prefer it over other secondary weapons.

Walther PP Super: Swap speed increased from 0.45 seconds to 0.65 - The Walther PP Super offers very high accuracy and power especially when zoomed in, and it was too versatile because it allowed the user to quickly react to any threat. Decreasing the swap speed should return this jack-in-all-trades position back to other pistols like the P250.
http://guncolony.com/legacy has been removed D:
November/7/2016 "Spooky Mob Arena Update!" by HkyShow
November/25/2016 "Black Friday Update" by HkyShow
December/7/2016 "No More Noob Sniper Update!" by HkyShow
I could not find anymore.
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March/26/2017 "New Server Machine & New Forums!" by HkyShow
Say hello to the new forum!

This may look unfamiliar to you (and it is), but we are happy to announce that we have successfully moved the server & website to a new machine.

To view the legacy forum, you can use guncolony.com/legacy. You won't be able to post or edit anything, but you can view all old posts.

The server is up and running under the new machine. We anticipate the SSD to bring a decrease to lag spikes, but the weaker cpu and upload bandwidth might not be able to keep up with the server load sometimes. If you encounter any gameplay issues, including any abnormal lag, please inform us.

We are continuing the work on the forums right now. Right now it doesn't look that good, but we're trying to get it to look (and work) better. Also, you need to register a new account for the forum.

Enjoy gunning!
March/26/2017 - April/1/2017 "Website Updates" by BreaksShow
Here's what I did to the website in the past week:

Got a better BBCode Editor
Added a nice and noticeable background
Added a like button for posts
Managed to mess up the position of the site's logo (update: and then I fixed it)
Added a favicon.ico (look at your tabs, it's a blue Uzi just like in the site's logo)
Added new ranks such as Builders and VIPs (also gave the right ranks to the right people so far)
Added a Staff-Only section of the forums
Added a word censor for most of the cuss words
Added new Twemoji emojis
Added new Topic icons
Added the ability to get a new upcoming donor rank for free if you're already VIP

Steps to get the new donor rank for free:
Open a new tab on your browser
Go to Google (if you're not already there)
Type in GunColony and click on the first link (if it's an ad then choose the one that's not an ad)
Click on GunColony News & Announcements
Click on [3/26 - 4/1] Website Updates
Congratulations, you played yourself.
April/1/2017 "Sorry for the downtime" by HkyShow
[This is a serious paragraph]
Guys, sorry for the downtime yesterday! The network router seemed to have automatically changed the internal IP of the server machine, so it went inaccessible from the internet. It should be fixed now and shouldn't happen again.

Also, here's a bit of server updates for today: update
{Link: http://guncolony.com/app.php/today-is-april-first}
April/10/2017 "New Recoil System!" by HkyShow
Introducing a new recoil system for all of our automatic weapons! It is based on the exponential recoil magnitude algorithm used in CS:GO, and should make the guns feel smoother and more pleasant to shoot.

New Recoil System

Recoil system revamped for automatic weapons
Recoil now has a dynamic magnitude value. It increases with each shot and decays exponentially while the weapon is not being fired, just like CS:GO.
Recoil pattern now resets 0.5-0.75 seconds after shooting for most weapons (CS:GO uses 0.55 seconds for most weapons)
If you stop shooting, then shoot again before the recoil pattern resets again, the shots will begin somewhat midway between the normal recoil to your crosshair, so it is more accurate than spraying but less accurate than spaced out bursts.
Affects all Rifles, SMGs, Machine Guns, and the CZ75-Auto


Changed amount and size of particles displayed when your gun hits a block. There are now more and denser particles, which improves the visuals when shooting a gun. More particles are also displayed if the shot lands further away, so the impacts are more noticeable. It might increase stress on computers, so please tell us if you are getting bothersome FPS drop when firing a gun.
Infected should work again.
Fixed Anti-AFK spamming the console. It should still not work because I am gathering information about it right now, but it's pretty close to working.
April/11/2016 "New & Reworked Maps, Performance Enhancements" by...Show
After another evening of busy work, we have came to announce a few new features in the server, including two new maps, a reworked Nuke FFA adaptation, Mob-Arena changes, and performance improvements.

Added Bank. Available for Elimination game mode
Added Dust PCG. Available for regular Team Death Match
Subway removed from Elimination playlist
Reworked Nuke FFA with some significant changes, including blocking off the underground section and B site, and more.

Mob-Arena amount of monsters in one arena now capped to 60 (from ~120)
Mob-Arena boss skills no longer spawn mobs when the arena hits the monster cap (The skills previously allowed hundreds of mobs to stack up in the arena by continuing to spawn them above the mob cap)
Mob-Arena boss skills now spawn less mobs (especially "Reinforce Military" skill)
Headshot multiplier in Mob Arena reduced to: 2.5X for bolt-action snipers, 1.5X for machine guns, and 2X for everything else. This should decrease the effectiveness of weapons on higher-health targets. Laser-451 still does 1.5X damage on headshots, just like before.
Swarm waves in Mob Arena now spawn significantly less mobs, especially on lower round numbers, because they were previously too overwhelming compared to other waves
Fixed a bug where the Mob-Arena boss bar did not disappear if the player leaves Mob Arena before the game starts
Manually removed some glitched projectiles in various maps to hopefully help with performance. This is not a permanent fix, but we will try to find the roots of this problem.
Several optimizations done on frequent recurrent code in the custom server plugin, to hopefully help with performance
April/16/2017 "Weapon balance changes" by HkyShow
Hi all! Today's update ships a lot of balance changes aimed at encouraging a greater variety of weapon choice. Namely, the recoil on most automatic weapons is being decreased, so you will finally be able to out-perform those snipers and shotguns all over the place!

Note that some of the weapons in CS:GO (Negev, Tec-9, Five-SeveN) have been altered so that their stats no longer closely match CS:GO anymore. I believe this is good for the server's balance, but I will reverse them if the majority of the community disagrees with the changes.


M14, AUG, SG 553, SC-2010, UMP-45: Recoil decreased by 15%
These weapons are given a lower recoil reduction than the other ones, as illustrated below.

Other Rifles & SMGs: Recoil decreased by 25%
This recoil reduction gives these weapons a better chance against sniper rifles and shotguns, both of which are strong choices right now.

M16A4: Renamed to M16A1, Recoil decreased by 17% (8% less than other weapons), rate of fire increased to 800 RPM (from 650), ammo decreased to 15/45 (from 25/75)
The M16A4 gets a rework and turns into its Vietnam War predecessor! Its new 15 round magazine is historically true to the M16A1, and gives the weapon the same amount of total ammo as the M4A1-S. In return its rate of fire has been increased to make it better in close combat against a small amount of enemies.

AK-103: Renamed to AK-74M, damage decreased by 22%, damage dropoff over range increased by 20%, ammo decreased to 30/90 (from 36/108), spread increase from shooting decreased by 29%, maximum spread increase decreased by 16%, recoil decreased by 45% (20% more than other weapons), recoil now takes 0.55 seconds to reset (from 0.6)
The AK-103 used to be too similar to the AK-47, and its higher damage plus 36 round magazine made it almost always a premier choice. Now, the weapon is reworked into the smaller-caliber AK-74M, a service rifle used by the modern Russian military. It now has greatly decreased recoil, in return for lower damage.
Fun fact: A level 2 or greater AK-74M still one-hit headshots from close range! (A level 1 AK-74M only deals 9.984 hearts of damage to armored enemies with a headshot.)

Negev: Armor penetration decreased to 70% (from 75%), First shot spread when standing increased by 152%, Maximum spread increase when standing increased by 51%, First shot spread when crouching increased by 33%, Maximum spread increase when standingcrouching increased by 213%, Recoil decreased by 15%
The Negev used to be an all too viable choice from all ranges. Now, its spraying accuracy has been reduced, along with the first-shot accuracy when standing. Now, you can't accurately shoot over 1.5 block high covers as easily (since you have to stand to make bullets go over), and spraying over longer ranges is also no longer a good option.

M60: Maximum spread increase increased by 42%, damage increased by 4%
The M60 was too accurate over long ranges. It has received a greater inaccuracy when spraying, but also got a tiny damage boost that could make a difference in tight scenarios.

L86 LSW: Recoil decreased by 20%
The L86 was very underwhelming due to its high recoil and not-exactly-spectacular burst fires. As a machine gun, good automatic fire is a must, so its recoil has been reduced to make it more viable.

M1915, RPK, QBB-95, M249: Recoil decreased by 10%
The rifles and SMGs are getting a large recoil decrease. The machine guns deserve a smaller one, but one nonetheless.

Scout: Movement speed decreased to 100% (from 104%), no longer suffers aim punch when unscoped
The Scout had a ridiculous movement speed that was faster than the Knife! Now it is still fast, but only the same as the knife. In return, the user will no longer be aimpunched when not scoped in, keeping consistency with other sniper rifles.

NS-2000: Spread increase from shooting decreased by 15%
The NS-2000 shotgun was very unreliable when fired quickly. Now, it is more accurate and the user will be able to better take advantage of its large magazine size to lay down suppressive fire from close quarters.

Five-SeveN: Damage decreased by 16%, damage dropoff rate over range decreased by 14%, spread increase when shooting decreased by 18%
The Five-SeveN is simply outright better than every other pistol out there. This balance change will make it a 5-hit kill at short range while maintaining similar performance at longer ranges. Also, a small accuracy boost is in place to highlight its strength of accurate automatic fire.

Tec-9: Armor penetration decreased to 65% (from 90.6%), damage dropoff rate over range decreased by 30%, ammo increased to 32/128 (from 24/120)
The Tec-9 in CS:GO is simply not real at all! A realistic 32-round magazine and a lower armor penetration should fix it up well enough, while also lowering its general performance against armored targets.

M45A1: Rate of fire decreased to 350 RPM (from 375)
The M45A1 deals so much damage that it even 3-shots opponents sometimes. A lower rate of fire - even lower than the USP-S - keeps the weapon balanced compared to low power pistols.

R8 Revolver: Damage decreased by 17%
No more 1-hitting people from the stomach. It was too random and made the weapon too good at short range (while it is meant to be used for long ranges).
May/27/2017 "New Resource Pack Update!" by HkyShow
Hi all!
Today we have switched to a new resource pack for the server, providing a big visual upgrade to the server's gameplay!
Look for a ton of new weapon appearances, new sounds, a better aligned sniper reticle, and options for builders to use more blocks in their builds!

A new resource pack will be downloaded when you join the server after this update.
New weapon models for 20 different weapons: Glock-18, P2000, Colt Revolver, M9A, Beretta 90two, UZI, M60, M4A4, M4A4-S, M16, M16A1, AK-47, AK-74M, AUG, XM8, G36, High Voltage Gloves, Fire Launcher, Grenade, Flashbang
New sounds for the UZI
The sniper reticle now aligns with the center of the screen more accurately. (There had been a tiny offset)
The knife is no longer upside down
The knife you receive as the final weapon in Arms Race will be a Gold Knife!
Schmidt Scout has been renamed to Steyr Scout for more realism
Switched most custom blocks to use hidden or lesser used blocks, such as purpur, silverfish blocks, etc., so that builders can now use the formerly-occupied vanilla blocks again
The prismarine lamp and end rod now have a neutral color so that they can be used for lightning for a wider range of themes

And here are some more technical stuff.
Fixed a couple of console spam errors.
All the guns now use durability textures and are stored as iron hoes. This means that more items will be available as elements of custom GUIs.
Grenades are now dyes, because they must be stackable
To ensure compatibility with durability textures, I have added an injection into CrackShot that gives all newly created weapons the Unbreakable attribute if it is configured to have it.
MobArena and UltimateArena no longer auto-repair items with the Unbreakable attribute to prevent resetting guns into boring iron hoes.
The resource pack contains weapon models for several weapons that are not added yet. They will be there soon!
Credits to Rijam for the vast majority of the changes to the resource pack!

{Notes: the M4A4 and M4A1-S weren't actually changed (unless you count the M4A1) :P}
May/29/2017 "3 NEW MAPS + New Mob-Arena Update!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
Today we are adding three BRAND NEW PVP maps to the server, and pushing out a large update to Mob-Arena!


Bureau is now available for the Team Deathmatch (Random Spawns) gamemode! It is a map based off of a map from the mobile game Critical Ops. Check it out in-game!

Here's the map's layout (with roofs removed):

Office is a popular Hostage Rescue map from CS:GO. It is now available for the Free-For-All gamemode.

Map layout: (again, with roof removed):

Train is an Active Duty Bomb Scenario map from CS:GO. It is available for the Team Deathmatch (Normal) gamemode.

Map layout:


Mob-Arena now has 50 rounds instead of 100!
5 bosses are kept on each map, and 5 were removed.
The difficulty choice now makes a much more significant impact on the difficulty of your game!
For a more detailed description, see below.

More Technical Changelog:
Added three new PVP maps: Bureau (TDM Random Spawns), Office (FFA), Train (TDM Normal)
Mob Arena now has 50 waves each. The easy mode difficulty is comparable to the first 50 waves of old Hard mode. Medium mode difficulty is comparable to the middle 50 waves of old Hard mode. Hard more difficulty is comparable to the last 50 waves of old Hard mode. (This means that the mobs will now have better armor and weapons on harder difficulties, IN ADDITION to all the other complications already in place.)
Shoot Fireballs and Shoot Arrows boss skills are now slightly harder on higher difficulties
Special waves now spawn more mobs
Swarm waves now spawn less mobs
Nether arena now has more mobs during swarm wave than other arenas, due to the fact that silverfish can suffocate in soul sand
The /gunrecoil resourcepack command now reloads the correct, newest resource pack (This command should really be useless under the current Minecraft server-resource-pack system)
Fixed an issue that could create multiple copies of a PVP lobby and cause many unexpected behavior.
May/30/2017 "Gun Update! 5 NEW GUNS, Suppressor Toggle, Balance ...Show
Hello all!
In today's update we have added a couple of brand new guns to the game,lots of functional changes such as suppressor detachment, and some cool new GUIs to help you vote for PVP maps and MobArena difficulty better!


We have added 5 brand new weapons to the server! These weapons are very unique - a WW2-era battle rifle, two sniper rifles and two suppressed SMGs! Four of them are now unlockable. Check them out! Don't forget to open the crates you were saving!

Edit: Added description for each weapon.

G3SG1 (Epic)

A semi-automatic sniper rifle derived from the G3A3. It offers a good rate of fire and consecutive fire accuracy, but a slow reload.

M40A1 (Legendary)

A redesigned version of the M40 hunting rifle, used by the United States military. It has a high power and can kill any enemies in a single, guaranteed shot.

Vector (Rare)

With an extremely high rate of fire, the Vector SMG boasts a very quick damage rate but a great deal of recoil. It also comes with a suppressor.

TMP (Common)

A suppressed submachine gun manufactured by Steyr. It has a good rate of fire and high accuracy. Some say that it pairs up best with some "Inferno Dragons".

AVT-40 (Rare)

An automatic battle rifle used by Soviet forces during World War II. It has excellent performance in automatic fire and is able to compete with many modern weapons.
(This weapon replaces the M14 EBR. All your M14 EBR's in your inventory are replaced with AVT-40.)


M4A4: New firing sound
M24: New bolt sound
Scout: New bolt sound
M14 EBR Adv.: Renamed M14 EBR


There is now a GUI menu to help you vote for the next map!

Screenshot of it in action:


Suppressor detachment has been added to the M16A1, M4A1-S, USP-S, and the new Vector!
Left click to take the suppressor off, and left click again to put it back on.

When the suppressor is off, the gun will make a lot more noise and have a bit more recoil. It is little more than an extra fun option - but it's pretty fun anyway!


For better gameplay and weapon balance, we have done adjustments to the movement accuracy and reload speeds of weapons.

In general, weapons are now more accurate when moving. Bullets will now go more predictably to the direction you are pointing your gun at.

However, do not run and gun with Light Machine Guns or Sniper Rifles. These weapons are still very inaccurate when moving, even after this update.

We have also reduced the reload speed of AUG, SG 553, as well as all machine guns except the L86 LSW. The machine guns have a very large magazine size, and the AUG & SG553 deal a lot of damage, so we want the users to be more vulnerable when they are reloading.

More Technical Changelog:

Movement accuracy changes:
AK-47: 1.5 -> 0.77
AK-74M: 1.6 -> 0.8
AR-57: 0.9 -> 0.45
AUG: 1.4 -> 0.8
FAMAS: 1.1 -> 0.48
G36: 1.2 -> 0.67
Galil AR: 1.5 -> 0.7
M14 EBR: 1.5 -> 0.7
M14 EBR-A: 1.5 -> 0.85
M14: 1.5 -> 0.65
M16: 1.1 -> 0.54
M16A1: 1.4 -> 0.64
M4A4: 1.2 -> 0.6
M4A1-S: 1.2 -> 0.6
(Unsuppressed M4A1-S: 0.45)
SCAR-L: 1.2 -> 0.57
SG 553: 1.4 -> 0.85
XM8: 1.1 -> 0.52

Mac-10: 0.25 -> 0.12
MP5K A4: 0.28 -> 0.14
MP7: 0.42 -> 0.21
MP9: 0.37 -> 0.21
P90: 0.34 -> 0.17
PP-Bizon: 0.4 -> 0.2
UMP-45: 0.43 -> 0.33
UZI: 0.27 -> 0.13

Double Barrel: 0.92 -> 0.5
M1014: 0.8 -> 0.57
MAG-7: 0.55 -> 0.49
Nova: 0.8 -> 0.57
NS2000: 0.9 -> 0.6
Remington 887: 1.1 -> 0.77
Sawed-Off: 0.45 -> 0.4

L86: 2.0 -> 1.2
M1915: 1.5 -> 0.85
M249: 2.1 -> 1.55
M60: 2.0 -> 1.5
Negev: 2.2 -> 1.6
RPK: 1.8 -> 1.3
QBB-95: 1.7 -> 1.1
QBB-95 (Burst): 1.7 -> 0.85

AWP: 2.4 -> 1.7
CheyTac: 2.2 -> 1.56
M24 SWS: 1.4 -> 1.1
M82: 2.6 (Unchanged)
MSG90 A2: 2.0 -> 1.4
SCAR-20: 2.3 -> 1.65
Scout: 1.6 -> 0.8
SSG 08: 1.6 -> 1.0
SVD: 2.1 -> 1.48

AF2011: 0.46 -> 0.19
Beretta 90 two: 0.33 -> 0.14
Desert Eagle: 1.0 -> 0.45
Colt Python: 0.75 -> 0.37
Colt Revolver: 0.28 -> 0.14
CZ75-Auto: 0.42 -> 0.22
Five-SeveN: 0.24 -> 0.11
Glock 18: 0.4 -> 0.15
Glock 18 (Burst): 0.45 -> 0.15
M9A1: 0.24 -> 0.09
M45A1: 0.28 -> 0.11
Mauser: 0.3 -> 0.12
Mauser (Burst): 0.25 -> 0.12
P2000: 0.28 -> 0.12
P250: 0.24 -> 0.11
R8 Revolver: 0.13 -> 0.1
Tec-9: 0.12 -> 0.05
Type 92: 0.46 -> 0.23
USP-S: 0.28 -> 0.12
Walther PP Super: 0.6 -> 0.24

Flamethrower: 0.55 -> 0.25

Reload speed changes:
SG 553: 2.5s -> 3.0s
AUG: 2.9s -> 3.3s
M60: 3.1s -> 4.2s
RPK: 3.0s -> 3.7s
QBB-95: 2.6s -> 3.1s
M249: 3.8s -> 4.6s
Negev: 4.4s -> 4.9s

SG553 and AUG currently offer faster reload speed AND higher damage than their counterparts AK-47 and M4A4, plus a scope option. Changing their reload speed to be slightly slower instead would make them more balanced choices.
The machine guns reload very quickly for their large magazine capacity. Reducing the reload speed would make the user more vulnerable when reloading, and decrease their effectiveness in all game modes.
Note that the reload speed of the M249 and Negev in CS:GO is 5.7 seconds, so even the new tweaked values are still a lot faster than CS:GO.
Added G3SG1
Added M40A1
Added TMP
Added Vector
Replaced M14 EBR with AVT-40
Added new GUI menu for voting for PVP map
Added new GUI menu for voting for Mob-Arena difficulty
Mob-Arena boss changes to reduce the necessity of strong firepower (countering minion summoning skills) in winning the game:
Wave 30 boss in Graveyard (Bomber): Ability delay increased 3s -> 4s
Wave 40 boss in Graveyard (Pumpkin King): Ability delay increased 3s -> 5s
Wave 50 boss in Graveyard (Mr. President): Ability delay increased 3s -> 4s, added some Fireballs skills to reduce frequency of other skills
Wave 40 boss in Blizzard (Squad Leader): Added some other skills to reduce the frequency of minion spawning
Wave 50 boss in Blizzard (Frost Wizard): Ability delay increased 4s -> 5s
(Note: The movement accuracy boost will also make rifles and SMGs better weapon choices in Mob-Arena)
Bug fixes & internal changes:
Fixed a bug where an error would be produced when trying to view the stats of M82
Fixed a bug where the edges of custom GUI menus did not show properly
Changed internal code related to the burstfire switching system to be more efficient and more integrated with the new suppressor toggle system
Added a few new functions related to the GUI API that will allow for easier creation of more GUI menues in the future
May/31/2017 "2ND ANNIVERSARY UPDATE!!! New Event, Mob-Arena Impr...Show
Hello all!
Today I am happy to announce that GunColony is now 2 years old! Thank you all for your support and dedication lately, and we will continue to push out great updates in return!
For today's update, we have added a new 2nd Anniversary Event! Clear the new Mob-Arena map, Abandon, on different difficulties to receive great rewards!


Abandon is now added to the Mob-Arena playlist. It is a city ruins map with a lot of odd places to camp at! The map features new Stone Strudy Mobs and several challenging bosses and boss skills for you to survive against!
Shock Aura: Shocks nearby players, dealing 0.75 hearts of damage (on Easy; higher on harder difficulties) and making them unable to jump for a brief period of time.
Gravity: Imposes gravity upon the surroundings. All players descend extremely quickly and can not make most parkour jumps. (Players can still jump up 1 block.)
Evade: The boss teleports to a random spawnpoint on the map and blinds all nearby players.
2 SECRET boss skills used by the FINAL BOSS in Abandon!


This week is event week! Since our last major event over a year ago (Valentine 2016), the server has surely underwent a major revamp. We will now resume the tradition of having new gun releases accompanied with events, to make the server experience more refreshing and give players a chance to obtain newly released guns.
Beat Mob-Arena ABANDON on EASY to receive: 100 TMP (Common)!
Beat Mob-Arena ABANDON on NORMAL to receive: 50 Vector (Rare)!
Beat Mob-Arena ABANDON on HARD to receive: 1 M40A1 (Legendary)!
BONUS!! Eliminate 50 Strudy Monsters (Mobs with ice/stone hats) in BLIZZARD or ABANDON to receive: 15 G3SG1 (Epic)!
This is an excellent opportunity to obtain newly released guns. These rewards stay forever in your inventory.
You can receive the guns even if you do not have enough XP Levels to unlock it normally!

With the start of a new year comes a new server spawn - a gigantic military-styled base!

Credits to Breaks & Rijam for the spawn!


We have tweaked the Mob-Arena boss bar. The bar will no longer show when there is not a boss. When there is a boss, the boss bar will appear and will provide you information about the boss's remaining health. We made this change because usually the remaining health of a non-boss mob is not very relevant. You can indirectly see the health of Strudy mobs because their ice/stone helmets break as you shoot them. Other mobs have quite low health so they die quickly no matter how healthy they are.

We have also introduced a new scoring system for Mob-Arena! Score is now calculated based on the damage you do to the enemy, rather than kills. Shooting both normal mobs and bosses will give Score. Every 1,000 score you earn during the game equates to 1 EXP you receive after the game. Pick higher difficulties and kill more monsters to receive a higher score. Note that minions summoned during boss skills only provide 25% of the normal score value. (Some bosses on the new Abandon map are supposed to be fought by directing the boss to blow up its own minions with TNT. The minions come in large enough numbers that players could farm them if we did not add this score reduction.)

Frost Summon skill of the Frost Wizard should now summon Ice Zombies and Ice Skeletons at the correct health.
June/2/2017 "June Voting Update! New Vote Crates, Level Up Rewar...Show
Hello all!
As it is now the beginning of June, we have added new voting crates and other goodies as a new generous reward for voters! Voting supports GunColony and helps us gain more players. Every vote counts!


We have changed the voting rewards to include four new special vote chests!

Instead of Gold Crates, you will now receive bigger, more special Vote Crates when voting. There are 4 of them and you will be given one at random. All four crates have equal chances of being dropped.

Since you can vote four times every day, you will receive 1 of each crate every day, on average. That's a 3 Hour XP booster every day, and a lot of other awesome rewards as well!

- Normal Vote Crate
This vote crate is similar to a Diamond crate. However, it is slightly larger and contains a bit more Common and Rare weapons. Great for leveling up your commons and rares quickly!

- Epic Vote Crate
This vote crate has the same size of a Wood Crate of the same tier. However, don't be disappointed of its size! Starting from Tier 3 (Level 10), this crate contains guaranteed Epic weapons. It also has a much greater chance to receive a Legendary weapon. The odds are comparable to an Exotic Crate of the same tier - which, as you all know, are quite rare.

- Booster Vote Crate
This vote crate is quite small - it has a similar size to an Iron Crate. However, in addition to all the rewards you would normally find in a crate, you will also activate a guaranteed 3 hours Double XP

- Special Vote Crate
This vote crate is the best of them all! It will only ever contain one type of weapon. However, you get quite a large stash of that weapon from the crate, and it also has a good chance of popping a Legendary - especially if you are a higher level. But what's the most special about it is, if you are lucky enough, you might receive a weapon that you don't even have enough levels to unlock normally! You could suddenly unlock and start using a Negev while being level 10 yourself!


Now, when you level up, you will receive a Crate.

You will receive a vote crate every 5 levels (Levels 5,15,25...), and a special crate every 10 levels (Levels 10,20,30...). Otherwise, you will receive a regular crate similar to what you usually get in-game.

Also, the crates get better as you progress through the levels. Whilst going from level 0 to 1 would only give you a tier 1 Wood Crate, completing the final level of 59-60 rewards you with a top tier Mythical Crate!

Fixed a glitch with hit registration which caused guns to damage the wrong player (Oops!)
Particle Optimization 1: Changed code related to displaying weapon particles (like the muzzle flash, tracers, and particles on hitting a block), mainly math and structural optimizations. They are now MUCH more friendly to server performance. In practice, even if the whole server hops on the same Mob-Arena, it should no longer lag.
Particle Optimization 2: Now uses Spigot API instead of inventivetalent's ParticleAPI to display particles. Gives a substantial performance boost.
Particle Optimization 3: Bullet tracer particles no longer show if they are drawn very far from a player. In effect they gradually fade out (reduce chance of being drawn) until a threshold distance is reached. This should relieve the network problems experienced by some players and help mitigate server lag as well.
Particle Optimization 4: Particles are now reduced if the player is hitting a transparent block (e.g. Glass Panes) from close range. This should reduce the FPS lag experienced by some players when they fire guns.
Edit: Follow-up changes
Fixed particles not correctly displaying under specific circumstances
Fixed the hit registration. It now deals damage directly instead of spawning a dummy projectile to fool the CrackShot API. This should significantly improve performance and basically guarantee 100% hit registration (When you see the blood particle you will now always deal damage) (THIS TOOK LIKE 20 RESTARTS TO IMPLEMENT PROPERLY USING REFLECTION)
Reduced Stone headed mob health from 225 to 150 (same as an Ice headed mob). Reduced Brick headed mob health from 300 to 250.
June/?/2017 "Updating Server Software" by HkyShow
Please note that the server will be down for a short time while we move our server to a Multicraft installation and update BungeeCord and ViaVersion to support Minecraft 1.12, due to be released tomorrow.
June/6/2017 "D-DAY Update! 4 New Guns from World War II + New Sc...Show
Hello all!
Today is the 73th anniversary of D-Day (Remember that hint I gave you?), a major historic event where the Allied forces begin to push back on the Germans in World War II. To commemorate this event, we are bringing forth four new weapons from the World World II era, new sounds for the AVT-40, also from WW2, and some additional great enhancements to scope aesthetics!


We have added the STG-44, K98k, Thompson, and MG 34 to the game. These are four antique weapons from the eras of World War II, and we hope to see them in action, up against modern armory!

Click on the experience bottle in the join or loadout menu to view what level they are unlocked at. To see their stats type /loadout stats <STG44,K98k,Thompson,MG34>. (These are the internal names of the weapon and are case-sensitive.)

Additionally, we have updated the sounds of the AVT-40, another World War II weapon.

Added a new sniper reticle for the CheyTac M200.
Added a new PSO-7 sniper reticle for the SVD.
Added a new German 1 sniper reticle for the new K98k.
New scoped view added to the zoom mode on all Scoped Rifles: AUG, SG 553, XM8 and G36. They look amazing! Check them out in game!
Doubled the (average) size of Special Vote Crates. We made this decision because it is only possible to gain items from 1 rarity from these crates, rather than all 4. There is also now a randomness in what amount of items you get, to help make the crate more interesting.
Ended the 2nd Anniversary Event. A new one will be coming soon involving these new WW2 weapons!
Reversed the grouped spread pattern introduced a few months ago. Now, the shots of weapons will be more dispersed, especially in automatic fire. No more lazer Negev spam!
To compensate for the previous change, accuracy (scoped AND unscoped) of all Sniper Rifles have been increased by around 25%.
New official discord server for GunColony! Join now at https://discord.gg/2UAVu6
June/10/2017 "Yet Another Weapon Rebalance!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
Since the well-known "Sniper Crisis" of GunColony is still present everywhere in the server, this update is here to boost the effectiveness of automatic weapons yet again! However, this time, instead of making these guns easier to use, we have increased the skill ceilings and made them more effective in the hands of experienced players. This update also holds to our goal to stay true to the original CS:GO.


We have reworked the accuracy model of all Rifles, SMGs, and LMGs.

All Rifles and SMGs featured in CS:GO now have the exact same accuracy values (both tapping and spraying) as it does in CS:GO, including the accuracy decay model used in the game.
As the TMP is a suppressed counterpart of the MP9, it also has quite similar stats to it, so it can also be considered "CSGO-based".

Our custom Rifles and SMGs have also received new stats. We designed these stats from the perspective of balance towards the weapon's intended use. For example, the XM8 has the worst accuracy of all Rifles when unscoped, and is only accurate while scoped, because we think that it is mostly a close-quarters weapon with only a small quirk of a far-ranged option.

The M249 has a bit worse spraying accuracy than its CS:GO counterpart. The Negev is modelled after the old CS:GO Negev (prior to March patch), but also has worse accuracy when spraying. Again, other LMGs also received custom-designed accuracy values for better balance.

Overall, most automatic weapons have had their accuracy values increased. This means that they will now be able to compete with Sniper Rifles better.

Reduced recoil of FAMAS/QBB95 burst firing mode
AVT-40: Rate of fire increased to 600 RPM (from 440) for realism
M14 EBR: Rate of fire increased to 600 RPM (from 440) for realism, Armor Penetration decreased from 87% to 74% (Now will 3 hit kill from short range only)
Switched anti-cheat from AntiAura to AAC. AntiAura seems to be causing a bit of remaining hit registration issues, and is responsible for a great part of the server lag when there are many players online.
June/10/2017 "Three New Weapons + Normandy PVP Event!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
One update a day isn't enough - now we bring to you even more awesome changes that will surely spice up the game for you guys! Introducing three new weapons, as well as a brand new event simulating the Battle of Normandy in 1944!


M1 Garand (Common) - This weapon serves as an intermediate option between fully-automatic Battle Rifles and semi-automatic Sniper Rifles. This rifle fires semi-automatic, and has very low recoil, much like the auto-snipers. Also, it has a high mobility, no aimpunch, and no scope, just like other rifles. This allows it to be much more mobile in combat while dealing accurate shots. However, the M1 Garand has a lower damage (3 hit kill), as well as a measly magazine capacity of only 8 rounds.

PPSh-41 (Rare) - This weapon is very similar to the Vector. However, it does not have a suppressor like the Vector does, so the gunshots are loud as most other weapons. In turn, you get 2 more bullets per magazine (35 vs. 33), and one extra magazine on top of that. Solid!

MG3 (Epic)- This weapon is a great counterpart to the Negev. It is even faster firing, boasting a rate of fire at 1100 RPM, as opposed to 1000 for the Negev. However, its horizontal recoil is even more difficult to control, and it is also less accurate on automatic fire. It has the same magazine capacity and slightly faster reload speed than the Negev.


For a limited time! Click the Nether Star in the center of the Join Menu to join this event.

You will be sent into the bloody battlefield of Normandy, on June 6, 1944. You are given a random weapon depending on your team, on every respawn. The game rules are otherwise similar to a regular Team Deathmatch. Note that the Germans have a positional advantage, while the Allies generally get a bit better gear, especially the powerful M1911 pistol.

In addition to standard weapons, there are a few custom weapons that are ONLY available during this event. They use models of other guns, but are named appropriately for the time period.

Allies (Blue) are randomly given a primary weapon among:
M1 Garand
M1 Carbine (Uses M14 model. Damage is identical to M14. 30 round magazine, low recoil, semi-automatic fire up to 400 RPM.)
Rifle M1903 (Uses M40A1 model. Identical stats to M40A1.)
Chauchat M1915 (Uses new M1915 model!)
Thompson M1A1
PPSh-41 (Low chance)
The Allies use the M1911 pistol. (Uses M45A1 model. Identical stats to M45A1, except only 7 rounds per magazine.)

Axis (Red) are randomly given a primary weapon among:
G43 (Uses AVT-40 model. Slightly less powerful than Garand, but more accurate and has 10 rounds per magazine.)
MG 34
MP 40 (Uses old M1915 model. Identical stats to the UZI.)
MG 42 (Low chance) (Uses MG3 model. Lower damage than the MG3, but lower recoil and has 250 ammo. Fires a tracer on every shot.)
The Axis use the Walther P38 pistol. (Uses Walther PP Super model. Identical stats to Walther PP Super, except only 8 rounds per magazine.)

New, realistic appearance added for the Chauchat M1915.
Optimized anti-xray plugin to have better detection accuracy as well as lower CPU consumption
Footsteps are now a lot louder
The CheyTac M200's scope now has a clearer and more centered reticle
Fixed the Chauchat M1915's crosshair disappearing when zoomed in
Fixed/reduced the amount of EXP granted by damaging Mob-Arena bosses. Sorry but the earlier amount of EXP received was a bug, and you shouldn't have gotten that much points for shooting bosses.
Attempted another fix on the PVP multi-lobby bug
The map vote is now interrupted if all candidate maps are occupied by another gamemode
Forums: Limited signature image height to 320 pixels max.
June/19/2017 "Defusal BETA!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
Today we are starting an Alpha test of our new Defusal mode, plus a few important bug-fixes.

We have launched a test for the Defusal mode! You can join it by clicking the Special Event Clock in the join menu.
(Currently, it is named Classic Offensive as the maps are CSGO maps but the weapons are a mix of 1.6 and GO)

During this test, you are able to use your regular loadouts in battle.
We have now added random loadouts for each team as a preparation for the new buy menu!
Currently you can play this on the Dust II, Shortdust, DustPCG, and Inferno (old) maps. (I haven't changed back the spawns of Dust II and Inferno to CS:GO ones, sorry. This is more of a game mechanics test to make sure that there are no bugs.)

Please report any bugs you encounter in the Bug Report section of this forum. Thank you!

We have fixed a few bugs from before this update.

- Fixed a bug where punching would deal damage equivalent to the weapon the victim was last damaged by
- Fixed a bug where you could teleport to others while in spectator mode after dying (Fixed twice)
- Fixed a bug where in Elimination mode, the last round is counted an abnormally high amount of times

Also- Today's the 18th anniversary of Counter-Strike! Expect an exclusive event with new guns, arriving later today!
It's already out!
June/24/2017 "Classic Offensive!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
Much of this actual update happened a few days ago, but since I have never written a changelog, here's that. In the past few days we've added a few new additions to the server - a Classic Offensive event, which is the first example of a highly anticipated Defussal mode in the server, plus a couple of new guns!

June 19 was the 18th anniversary of the first beta release of Counter-Strike. As a celebration, we have opened a limited-time event where you can use all the weapons that were featured in the original Counter-Strike game, in the most iconic gamemode of CS, Defusal. This is the first time that we release the highly anticipated gamemode, and we hope you all have fun in this exciting event!

Players receive random weapons depending on their team.

In order to win, Red team must plant the bomb in one of the bombsites and protect it for 40 seconds until it blows up, or alternatively kill all Blue team members. The bomb is given to only one player on the team.

Blue team must win by surviving 150 seconds, or killing all Red team members. while preventing the bomb from being planted. If the bomb is planted, the Blue team has to defuse it before it explodes (the Blue team wins instantly upon defusing the bomb, even if not all Red members die). Every Blue player is given a defuse kit.

To plant the bomb, switch to the C4 item in the 5th slot and hold right-click on a bombsite for 3 seconds. (Bombsites are marked with a red circle on the ground.)

To defuse the bomb, switch to the Defuse Kit item in the last slot, and hold right-click near the planted bomb for 5 seconds. Note that there are two bombsites and the bomb could be at either one!

This game is currently playable on Dust II, Inferno, and DustPCG.

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of Counter-Strike, we have also released 5 new, classic Counter-Strike weapons into the game. Unlock them in your crates now!

You can try all of these weapons out in the Classic Offensive event! They are randomly given to players: MP5 and M3 to both teams, Dual Berettas and IMI Galil to Red only, and SIG 550 to Blue only.

IMI Galil (Rifle, Common)
MP5 (SMG, Common)
Dual Berettas (Pistol, Common)
SIG 550 (Sniper, Rare) (Replaces all of your current Taser's)
M3 (Shotgun, Common)

New model for the P250
Completely revamped the round-based PVP framework. This fixes many bugs and improves consistency with the previous Elimination mode and the new Defusal mode. (I can only say that this took a whole LOT of work. Enjoy nevertheless!)
July/12/2017 "Back End Plugin Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have took the time for the past weeks to polish our back-end code, so it will be cleaner, run faster, and allow us to add features more quickly in the future. Our current progress is that we have successfully split our gun plugin from our mini-game support systems. Therefore, in the future, we will be able to use the gun plugin in servers that don't feature minigames. There are a few changes and bug fixes that came with this backend tweak, too.

Minigame (UA/MA/INF) support and gun plugin are now two separate plugins, and the gun plugin now works without the minigame plugin
Many APIs have been added into the main gun plugin, so it is easier to add integration with it in future plugins
Movement speed in spawn reduced to normal Minecraft speed
Gun movement in inventory no longer restricted if the player is not in a game (for future servers/gamemodes)
A level-up sound is now played to all players when a boss dies in Mob-arena
Fixed a severe bug where in round-based games, players would respawn at the position they were at as a spectator"
July/14/2017 "Spawn Items!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
A set pattern of hotbar items in the spawn is a highly requested feature in this server. We have added a very basic version of this, so you can join the game and change your loadout quickly while in spawn. In the future we hope to expand on this feature and add aesthetics plus a whole lot more to the server spawn!

(The spawn items system is quite modular. We can add in new items with relative ease and no need of restart.)

Your inventory in Spawn will be replaced with a set pattern of hotbar items.
The 3rd slot has a sword, which will open up the Join menu when right-clicked.
The 5th slot has a chest, which will open up your loadout when right-clicked.
The 7th slot has a book, which opens up the experience menu (gun list) when right-clicked.
You can currently still move the items around and even use them as hats, but we'll seek to disable that in the near future when we add more spawn gadgets.
"Illegal Items" no longer removed automatically because the new spawn items replace the entire inventory every time one joins.
Fixed a glitch where in gamemodes with respawns, equipment is given twice the first time if the player joins in progress
Fixed a glitch where the UMP-45 is not set to instant bullet velocity (hitscan) properly
Added a suggestive word to the filter (just a reminder that racism and adult language will result in far more severe punishments than general swearing, and also apply to potentially non-filtered words as well)
Swearing no longer filters the entire sentence, but only the part that triggered the filter. Do not abuse bugs on this change, report them.
Modified permissions of particular staff groups and players.
August/21/2017 "Get your own 1000 RPM FAMAS today!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we are rolling out a small update that adds a few optional modifications to weapons. This update doesn't have much content, because it is really only a proof-of-concept of the things coming next. (Despite the update being small, I spent almost 3 full days changing the data storage backend of our plugins, and adding the new, highly customizable modification system.) Nevertheless, you should still Get Your Own 1000RPM FAMAS Today!

In the upgrade menu, you will now see a list of modifications available for the weapon. You can unlock modifications by leveling up your weapon.

Each modification changes the statistics of your weapon, making it more specialized for your particular goal. Each modification has a category: Ammo, Internal, etc. You can only equip one modification of each category in each weapon.

You can view the modifications on any weapon in-game (including ones you pick up) by looking at its tooltips in your player inventory ('E').

Currently there are only three modifications:
Light Spring: Available to all rifles but the M1 Garand. Increases fire rate by 10% but decreases first-shot accuracy rather significantly.
Super Light Spring: Available to the FAMAS. Turns your weapon into a 1000 RPM beast (adds 50% to fire rate) but drastically reduces accuracy and increases recoil. Since this and Light Spring are both Internal modifications, you can't use both.
AP Ammo: Available to all SMGs. Increases range by 25% and armor penetration by 5 percentiles. However, it increases your recoil and decreases your moving accuracy.
More modifications will be added very soon, along with a total rebalance of our weapons.

Fixed statistics menu
Backup ammo and weapon level no longer shown in weapon lore.
All of your loadout choices are reset. Please select your loadout weapons again.
Update 8/23:
Fixed name tag visibility in FFA.
August/27/2017 "Server Maintenance Coming Soon" by HkyShow
Hello all,

There will be a server maintenance coming today so I can move the server installation to Linux. This will allow me to utilize open-source server panels and other software only available on Linux, and thus allow me to easily add more servers to the network in the future to mitigate lag issues. It will start at around 8AM EST and last for a few hours.

Sorry for your inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!
August/28/2017 "Welcome Back, Old O' Guns!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
This update is part of a series of huge revamps to the server to reestablish the simplicity of the gameplay resembling the first months of the server's existence. Today's update contains a total revamp to the statistics, and thus intended playstyles, of almost every weapon in the game, while also attempting to address balance problems of guns in the server. Also, we have revamped the unlock levels of weapons to ensure that even new players can unlock all the CS:GO release weapons, allowing them to access more content without having to grind their way in leveling up. Finally, we're bringing up a nice sale on the VIP rank, both to celebrate the back-to-school season, and to anticipate the switch to a new, cooler donation store!


Bullets in GunColony now mimic realistic bullet trajectories, adding more skill in the gameplay. When facing far targets, you now need to aim slightly above your target to cancel the bullet dropoff, as well as slightly ahead of the target's moving direction to compensate for the hitting delay. Bullet velocity varies between weapons and is generally higher for Rifles, LMGs and Snipers, and lower for SMGs, Shotguns and Pistols. The Laser-451's laser beam is still instantaneous, though.


Most of our weapons have been revisited and rebalanced with completely new statistics. These new stats resemble the statistics of weapons in the old days of the server - the guns were fairly accurate when bursting, very inaccurate when spraying, and had a fast albeit noticeable bullet velocity/delay, and finally a lower range. These qualities are represented in the new weapon statistics system as much as possible. Our second goal in determining these new statistics is to differentiate weapons, making sure that there are not two weapons suited to the exact same task. Overall, I am very positive of this new balance change, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Rifles (in general) have a higher spread, lower recoil, and higher damage dropoff over distance.
SMGs have lower damage, lower recoil, and slightly higher spread (albeit much lower than rifles).
Shotguns have lower damage per pellet, higher pellet spread, more pellet count, and ultimately slightly higher total damage. Auto shotguns also receive lower recoil.
Snipers have a higher zoom (except Scout/SSG08), much higher moving accuracy, lower unscoped accuracy, lower range, and lower movement speed when scoped. Auto snipers also receive lower recoil.
LMGs have a much higher spread, lower recoil, and higher damage dropoff.
Pistols have a lower recoil than before, and accuracy is no longer boosted a lot when sneaking.
Special weapons remain unchanged.

Special Notes:
M1 Garand: Increased rate of fire.
AWP, M24, K98k: No longer one shot kills from long range due to damage dropoff increase.
CheyTac: Bullet dropoff gravity is half of normal. (Inspired by BF4) In return, firing rate is drastically reduced.
L86: Reduced damage and rate of fire. High accuracy.
FAMAS: Increased rate of fire to 860 RPM (from 666)
M4A4: Increaesd rate of fire to 700 RPM (from 666)
AVT-40: Decreased rate of fire to 550 RPM (from 600)
USP-S/P2000/Glock-18: Armor penetration increased by roughly 10% to be more in line with other pistols
M4A1-S/M16A1: 1 more backup magazine in PVP
Increased reload speed for many weapons.


We have added a few new weapon modifications, and changed existing ones as well. You can now increase the rate of fire and customize other statistics of your SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Pistols, and more! Also, this is only a tiny part of what's coming - stay on your guard!


We have revamped the unlock levels of weapons!
The most significant change is that every CS:GO weapon available at the game's release are now unlockable by Level 0 players. The four weapons added after release (USP-S, M4A1-S, CZ75, R8) are all unlocked at Level 30.

Official spreadsheet of new unlock levels:

We are aware of a bug where the G3SG1 is not shown in the level info menu due to lack of space. We will fix the issue in the next update.


Introducing a 25% sale on the VIP rank to celebrate the back-to-school season! Get permanent perks like a chat nickname and Legendary weapons for only $5.99!

We're planning on a new store and ranks - this is your last chance to obtain VIP! Hurry up! (When we release new ranks, VIP players can upgrade to them by a full $7.99 discount equivalent to the VIP price: you can still save now, even if you plan to upgrade to the new ranks!)

The sale ends Sunday, September 3, 2017, at 11:59 PM EST.

Visit our donation store at: https://guncolony.enjin.com/shop

Fixed a bug where nametags of enemies are shown in FFA
Slightly changed names of certain weapons
Fixed inconsistencies in the display names of weapons in the Inventory vs. elsewhere (for example, the Mac-10 used to display as MAC-10 in the inventory)
Edit 8/30: Moved servers to a PufferPanel installation. This gives me the ability to remotely control & restart the servers. I have also installed NoSpawnChunks by dmulloy2 to help reduce RAM usage of the server.

September/10/2017 "Too Many Modifications!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
If you right click a gun in your inventory, you will surely be stunned by the amount of modifications that are now available! In this update, we have unleashed the true power of the new Modifications system by introducing a lot of new modifications and reworking existing ones. Modify your gun to suit your playstyle, then take them into action NOW!!

We have added a large number of modifications to all Primary weapons. There are too many to list on this page, but you can always go to my planning spreadsheet to see everything about the modifications:


I want to particularly note that there is a new modifications called Compensator Sights, available for Rifles, SMGs and LMGs. This modification allows you to convert your gun back into a CS:GO style weapon by lowering spread when spraying and increasing the magnitude of the recoil pattern. If you dislike the new gun mechanics, try it out!

Despite primarily focused on modifications, this update also boasts a significant change to the Mob-Arena gamemode. If you are longing for the old days of GunColony, this update might bring you a bit closer.
Easy mode now has 30 rounds, and normal mode now has 40 rounds. Hard mode still has the old 50 rounds.
The difficulty voting menu now shows the number of monster waves under each difficulty choice (since it is no longer the same for all difficulties).
The amount of monsters is no longer affected by difficulty (except Swarm waves and boss minions, which are affected less than before)
The armor and weapons of mobs are now affected by difficulty to a lesser extent
Health of all mobs, except swarm mobs, bosses, and boss minions, is doubled. The game now feels much more similar to the old Mob-Arena, when guns did not do as much damage.
Hitbox size of all mobs increased. It is now dramatically easier to hit smaller sized mobs!
Removed Debug messages added during the Hit-registration Glitch fix last patch.
Internal code update that moved the gun item class to our gun plugin. The inventory plugin now works without the gun plugin installed - now, we could make, say, a vanilla survival server, and you will still be able to access your inventories in it! (If the gun plugin is not installed on a particular server, the guns will not show as guns, and you will of course not be able to configure or upgrade them.)
September/14/2017 "The Mob-Arena RANGE is BACK!!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Heard of our Mob-Arena reformation plan yet? We are aiming to restore the old GunColony gameplay with new enhancements mixed in, and today's update, bringing forth a new remix of Range, is the first step towards that classic but refreshed experience.

Our flagship arena of the early days, Range, is making a return! This new iteration of the arena is bigger, brighter (it is the first Mob-Arena set during the day!), and more beautiful. The new build is inspired by the real life ranges, and the layout of the main building also takes inspiration from golf centers. Still, it ships with exactly the original game style.

A "wall" separates the two sides of the map. There is a small gap on the wall that players can't get through - but tiny mobs can. Defend yourselves from Skeletons, Blazes, and even Ghasts shooting at you from the other side, and at the same time watch out for baby zombies and spiders that are trying to sneak in. Never let the enemies get close!

Occasionally, enemies might spawn in some specific locations along your side of the map for an ambush. Always be prepared to mow them down as soon as they appear!

Contrary to all previous arenas, this map has 25 waves on Easy, 30 waves on Normal, and 40 waves on Hard. It still features five bosses, though. Watch out for the final boss on Hard mode, as it will drag you right into the other side of the map, and slaughter you there!

4K quality screenshots!

This update also comes with a minor backend change that allows directly adding locations as spawnpoints in the config file, thus allowing specific waves (the ambushes and Ghasts in Range) to spawn in locations that aren't normal.
Ran out of characters, phpBB continued on next post.
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phpBB ContinuedShow
September/15/2017 "Mob-Arena Follow-Up Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Since I wasn't too content with the results of yesterday's Mob-Arena rework, I am replacing it with a different one. This new rework aims to establish a better balance between the weapon categories in Mob-Arena, while making the game yet one step closer to mimicking the old days.

Yesterday's update doubled the health of all mobs except those spawned by bosses. First of all, having different health for normal mobs and boss minions seemed like a strange choice. Second, the double health stacking made the Ice/Stone headed mobs too overpowered in contrast to the rest of the monster army. It forced the use of high-DPS weapons, which is
contradictory to our recent goals of weapon balance. Thus, we are introducing a new, different rework for the Mob-Arena game today.

1. HP of all mobs reverted to original levels.
2. Damage of most weapons reduced in Mob-Arena. However, damage of Bolt-Action rifles actually increased.
Rifles: 60% of normal damage
SMGs: 60% of normal damage
Shotguns: 80% of normal damage
Machine Guns: 45% of normal damage
Semi-Auto Snipers: 80% of normal damage
Bolt-Action Snipers: 120% of normal damage
Pistols: 80% of normal damage
Laser-451: Back to 17 base damage (from 22).
Other specials: 100% of normal damage
3. Headshot multiplier of all weapons changed to 1.5x.
Since we are now using base damage to balance the weapon types, the headshot multiplier is now the same for all weapons.
4. Boss HP reduced.
Since guns deal less damage than before, boss HP is reduced so they are easy to kill. You still gain similar amounts of XP from them, though.
5. Boss spawning skills nerfed.
Bosses now spawn less minions in general, because guns are less powerful than before.
6. Stone-head and ice-head monster HP reduced to 100 (from 150), bricks head monster HP reduced to 150 (from 250)
Since guns deal less damage, those mini-bosses are way too hard to kill now, so their health has been reduced.

Enjoy Sniping in Mob-Arena again!

Fixed a glitch with the Compensator Sights modification that caused it to be more effective than intended
Reduced Range Wave 16 stone-mob ambush difficulty.
Reduced Range Wave 20 ghast boss Frost Summon skill frequency.

HOTFIX 9/16-9/17
Modified weapon sounds system. It is now easier to code additional sound triggers for weapons. (Such as low-ammo sounds, and R8 charging/C4 planting/defuse sounds) No actual in-game sounds have been changed yet, but they'll be there soon. Note that the algorithm for distant gun firing sounds have been changed a bit, but not much.
Updated backend plugin for inventory saving/loading. Fixes a glitch where players may lose changes to their inventory if they disconnect and reconnect too fast after they receive items.

Added support for 1.12.2 clients
Fixed bug where mobs like husks and strays display incorrectly on 1.11+ versions.
September/19/2017 "WordPress" by HkyShow
Believe it or not, I have changed the server website to WordPress. I’m installing new forum software and migrating data over right now. They’ll be here in a sec!
September/19/2017 "Inventory Glitch Fixed!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
We have fixed the inventory glitch that caused the inventory to not save. The issue was caused by some people’s inventories being so long that it exceeded the ~22K character limit on the inventory string. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this issue has caused you.
September/19/2017 "A New Rules Page & A Couple of Notes on the U...Show
Hello all!

We have added a rules page to the website with updated rules. The new rules page looks prettier and the updated rules are also better clarified. Most importantly, it works!

You should’ve noticed that I’ve got a new blog on the main page of the website here. You can log into this blog with your normal forum account and post comments, and new users can register through either the blog or the forums. As you can see, I’m doing big things here and there recently. This website is going to be part of the next update’s changelog, which is going to be pretty big indeed – very big. Stay tuned!
September/20/2017 "Anti-Xray Optimization" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We have updated the Anti-Xray plugin on the server so it runs much smoother, while still maintaining low false-positives. The anti-xray now has a field of view limit (it will now hide enemies behind the player no matter what), and we have also optimized the number of blocks that are checked. (It does a rigorous full check close to the observer as well as the target, but only checks a few blocks on the way between.)

The new system consumes less than 0.04ms average tick time between a pair of active players (around 4-5 times down from previously). This means that it will take at least 1250 such player pairs for the server to begin lagging – equivalent to a 25vs25 game (more than the max player limit in one game) where everyone is moving around (in reality many people stand still and that reduces the required amount of checks even further). This means that you can finally enjoy the server without any lag from the anti-xray system.
September/26/2017 "We are still working on the new update…" by H...Show
Hello all,
Just an update regarding the status of the very large update that we are aiming for release by October 10th.
First of all, any long-time player of the server will know that our guns have been reliant on a standalone CrackShot plugin for a long time, and nowadays it serves more as a limitation than a help. We are working on integrating the CrackShot code into our own plugins right now, and even though core functions like shooting are still not working, we have gotten the plugin to successfully recognize weapons and display the spread indicator & play swap sounds correctly. We are also doing all of the tests on a local server instead of the server machine, so that your gameplay isn’t interrupted while we work on our code.
On Rijam’s part, he is working on many reworked gun models for weapons that do not look very good currently. Some weapons are getting new sounds, too. He posts sneak peeks on Discord quite often, so make sure to check them out. There will be a lot of new weapons being added, including a brand new semi-automatic shotgun; a precise, fast firing, high capacity, and 1-hit-headshot pistol; and a powerful sniper rifle firing a gigantic 20mm round. Stay tuned!
We are also planning to rework the weapons, and we are focusing on pistols in this update (adding modifications to pistols and changing their stats significantly). However, primary weapons will also receive balance changes. Some modifications will also be reworked so there will be more benefits and/or drawbacks to using them.
There will also be a game lobby system so you can vote for another map or mode in PVP once the game finishes. In Mob-Arena we will add the ability for you to quickly jump into another match when you die. We will also reduce waiting time between matches, so you can enjoy more of the action. Also, you will be able to join a game in just one click, making it easier for new players to hop into a match.
We are also adding some community and staff created maps for both Mob Arena and PVP.
If we have time we might also add more features like a HUD revamp (making guns no longer use the Actionbar and Title messages to simplify the screen), new UIs for inventory and loadout, a defusal mode rework, and maybe a whole new loadout system. It all depends on how much time I will have to spare on the server in the two weeks to come, though.
— Hky
And here are the parts that we need the community to decide. I have been thinking of renaming weapons so that they are more realistic – the M4A4 would be renamed the MK. 18, for example. However, I do not know if the community agree with this kind of renaming. Comment your thoughts on whether weapons should be renamed for more realism.
Also, we need a gorgeous name for this huge update! Suggest some names and if we use it, you might start to hear it all over the place!
October/9/2017 "Gun System Rework" by HkyShow
Hello all,
I have finally managed to finish merging CrackShot features into our own gun plugin. Thus I am proud to announce the end to the months-long code refactoring process in GunColony. Our code is now cleaner and better than ever, and it now gives us far more control over the game and will allow us to update the server much more easily in the future.
I have also added a few more variables to the spread system of weapons, particularly with moving and spraying inaccuracy. I will be rebalancing some of our weapons to use this new system better.
The CrackShot merge is a huge rework to our code, so there might be bugs that we have missed in our test process. If you spot a bug, please report it in the Bug Reports section in the forums!
October/10/2017 "The largest weapon update ever!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
I am very excited today! We have released TEN new weapons into the game, the largest weapon update in the entire history of GunColony! And that’s not all, we have also rebalanced a majority of our weapons, making the weapon choices diverse and fun again!
Origin-12 – An Epic shotgun unlocked at Level 15. This weapon is semi-automatic and magazine-loaded. Having a fast rate of fire and the fastest reload speed, this shotgun is sure to spell fast doom for your enemies.
SPAS-12 – A Rare shotgun that has a very fast rate of fire and thus firepower, but very uncontrollable recoil and low range.
Tavor X95-R – An Epic submachine gun unlocked at Level 20. This weapon is the first SMG to feature a scope, and it sits nicely between a rifle and a regular submachine gun, with good moving accuracy for close range but yet an excellent ability to down targets from long range.
MP-443 – A Common pistol unlocked at Level 25. This weapon closely resembles the Tec-9 from CS:GO. It has a 18-round magazine, high mobile accuracy, and excellent armor penetration. You won’t fare well if you try to spam it, though.
NTW-20 – A Rare sniper unlocked at Level 35. This weapon fires a massive 20mm round and is able to decimate enemies through cover. However, it fires and zooms in rather slowly and you won’t be able to move while scoped in.
G11 – A Rare rifle unlocked at Level 40. This weapon is a scoped rifle that features a slow rate of fire, a scope, and unmatched accuracy. It’s like a PP-Bizon of the Rifles, in a good way.
M1919A4 – A Legendary machine gun unlocked at Level 45. This weapon is akin to the CS:GO Negev. Maximum accuracy is achieved through continued fire while standing still, and its high damage and rate of fire will then do their work to suppress the enemies.
XD: An Epic pistol unlocked at Level 55. While it is essentially a Glock-18 with a suppressor, less ammo, and no burstfire function, the funny name alone already earns it the title of the best meme weapon in the game.
M&P .45: A Common pistol unlocked at Level 60. It has very similar performance to the AF2011: twice the rate of fire and half the bullets every shot. Its high firepower makes it the perfect sidearm for the marksman.
Walther PPK: A Common pistol that replaces the Walther PP Super in your inventory. It has a 8 round magazine and can perform 3 hit kills in close ranges, allowing you to eliminate your enemy quickly.
For a graphical view of when the new weapons unlock, head to this imgur album:

Many changes to existing weapons and modifications have been made in this update.
General changes:
When sneaking and moving you now receive 30% of full movement inaccuracy instead of 5%
Compensator Sights modification benefits AND drawbacks reduced by 50%
Rifles: Burst-fire accuracy increased
LMGs: Now takes time to recover from moving penalty after you stand still
LMGs: Damage reduced at close range
LMGs: Accuracy when bursting & spraying significantly increased
Snipers: (Except M82 and new NTW-20) No aimpunch if you stand still for a certain period of time (varies per weapon). SSG-08 has no aimpunch whenever you stand still (no delays). Scout has no aimpunch no matter what.
Pistols: Diversified weapon statistics to promote diverse weapon choices
Many weapons received new sound effects and models.
Special notes:
SCAR-L: Fixed sneaking accuracy being unreasonably high
AWP: Fixed sneaking unscoped accuracy being unreasonably high
P250: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and range, and decrease in armor penetration and moving accuracy
Five-SeveN: Changed stats to better align with CS:GO, including increase in base damage and bursting accuracy, and decrease in spraying and moving accuracy
AF2011: Majorly reworked to be more similar to the Desert Eagle though more suited to closer ranges
R8 Revolver: Fixed standing accuracy being unreasonably low; reduced trigger delay time
M9A1: Majorly reworked to be more similar to Dual Berettas in terms of damage, and aligned it to be a long range finishing-off weapon.
M1915: Majorly reworked and nerfed. Now fully automatic but reduced damage and rate of fire. Added scope.
L86 LSW: Burst fire accuracy significantly increased.
Double Barrel: Pellet count decreased by 1 to reduce damage output.
If you want to play the new CS:GO Tec-9, go use the MP-443.
If you want to play the new CS:GO Negev, go use the M1919A4.
October/31/2017 "PVP Lobby Update!" by HkyShow
Hello all!
In celebration of Halloween, we are rolling out a brand new Lobby PVP Update so you can focus on the fighting more during this spooky season!
With the new lobby system you are now able to vote for ANY game mode without switching lobbies, so you only ever have to join ONE game to access all of our PVP modes.
Since right now we do not have a limitation on map vote size (yet), we had to remove some of our maps from our rotation because the GUI would be way too big otherwise. They will come back once we polish our system and sort the bugs out. We do plan on extend our new system in the future to use Join NPCs with dynamic placeholders, to apply them to Mob-Arena matches, and more. This will make it much easier for players to hop into games and enjoy our flagship quick action play (rather than running around in spawn, of course).
We have also prepared a seasonal spawn for you to celebrate all the scary monsters around. Now THAT is truly a Lobby Update!
As always, please make sure to report any bugs you find onto the Bug Reports section in the forums. (There might be a few more bugs in this update due to the necessity of a very major overhaul in our PVP codebase.)
Best wishes and Happy Halloween!
October/31/2017 "Patching Things Up & Remainder of 2017 Roadmap"...Show
Hello all,
Today I worked on several minor changes to the server, particularly yesterday’s new lobby system. I would like to share my changes, and my plans for updates in the remainder of 2017.
The PVP lobby system received a number of bug fixes and new features today:
Added a 14-map max limit to the Map Vote. The system will randomly pick 14 maps from the map pool if a greater number is found.
Added all previous map-mode combinations to the game since the voting GUI is now properly limited to a reasonable size. More will be added in the future.
Added a sound to the countdown timers, both in lobbies and in game.
Added a sound to when a new round starts, or when the map voting menu opens.
Added a hologram at spawn that dynamically shows info of the lobby.
Added a block at spawn below the hologram that sends players into the lobby when clicked.
The countdown clock in-game will now start to tick every second at 10 seconds remaining, down from 20.
Players can now leave and rejoin PVP arenas.
Lobby voting time increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
The map lobby phrase in-game (after the players teleport into the arena and before the game actually starts) is shortened from 20 to 5 seconds.
Team Death Match and Free For All now last 3 minutes instead of 5.
Elimination timer reduced from 90 seconds to 60. (The old 90-second timer was not reflected due to a glitch that substituted Defusal for all Elimination maps.
Defusal is now best-of-5 rather than best-of-7.
The winning map message now includes the number of votes that map has received.
A message is now broadcasted to the lobby when a player votes.
Slight changes to messages syntax.
Fixed a glitch where the /leave command would sometimes say “Removed you from PVP lobby” when the feature is supposed to be replaced
Fixed a glitch where players are unable to map-vote more than once in a PVP lobby unless there is a server restart.
Fixed a glitch where game timers are sent to players that have already left the arena.
We have also tackled the balance of many weapons, particularly Assault Rifles, LMGs, and the newly released weapons from last patch.
All rifles and LMGs base stability increased
All rifles and LMGs base moving accuracy increased
All rifles and LMGs recoil recover slower when moving (reduces accuracy when moving and spraying)
All shotguns moving accuracy increased
SPAS-12 damage and armor penetration decreased
Origin-12 damage and pellet count decreased
As the end of 2017 approaches, we will speed up our work towards making the server more professional and simpler to players. The ultimate goal is to have a full functioning server with polished gameplay and reward systems, so we can go on to creating other gamemodes in the next year. We have a number of plans that we wish to accomplish towards the end of the year:
Extending the Lobby system to Mob-Arena
Somehow allow players to join MobArenas in progress (and possibly add respawns for the mode)
Private lobbies
A new donation store (Before Black Friday for sure!)
At least two new ranks
A basic skins system
A revamped loadout system similar to CS:GO
A revamped loot drops & crates system
A better equipment & modification menu
A better crate opening animation
Better display of weapon statistics (possibly web-based)
An in-game economy system with a buy menu
A more polished game framework for PVP modes, especially Arms Race and Defusal
New gamemodes (though it’s mostly a thing for 2018)
New weapons
New modifications (using our new total control of CrackShot code to change Shotgun pellet-count, etc.)
Server-side footsteps and other work on anticheat/optimization
November/24/2017 "PVP Maps" by HkyShow
Hello all!
We have added SEVEN new maps to the server, and revamped the map voting menu today. Here are the new maps:
OUTPOST Team Deathmatch

This map is set in a military outpost, and focuses on close-quarters urban combat. It is set during a night ambush with snowy weather, but despite the darkness, enemies are still quite visible due to good lighting and the bright color of the snow.
LAKE Arms Race, Defusal

A map from CS:GO, set in a mansion by a lake, where the red team needs to demolish the mansion from the bombsite right in the middle of it. It offers quite a bit of long ranged combat, but still features good cover for getting up close to the enemy.

A previous map from CS:GO that was unfortunately removed from the game in a recent update. This map is a stripped-off version of Train that offers only one bombsite and is playable in Defusal mode. Despite the smaller size, it still offers a great deal of strategy.
SHOOTS Arms Race

A map from CS:GO, playable in the Arms Race mode. This small and bright map offers quite a bit of fun if you’re into close quarters combat, angle peeking, or even shooting through the wooden walls. Sorry, no Flying Scoutsmen for now.
ST. MARC Arms Race, Defusal

A map from CS:GO, set in a coastal town. The map offers very dynamic combat and suits all kinds of weapons and a great deal of strategy. Fight with different tactics with progressing weapons in Arms Race, or assault and protect the central bombsite in Defusal.
HYDRO DAM Team Deathmatch, Defusal

To win this map on Defusal, the Red players must disable the Hydro Dam through detonating the bomb at one of the bombsites. The map has both indoor and outdoor parts that provide the freedom to select whether one wants to face close-range or longer-range engagements, so although it is fast paced, you still need a lot of tactical thinking to win.

A treasure ship is stuck on a beach after a shipwreck at high tide. Fight for control over the ship to claim its valuables when you excavate it later. Top killer wins.
The PVP voting GUI menu now displays different items according to the map mode, as suggested by multiple members of the community.
Increased the UMP-45’s accuracy when tapping and spraying. Movement penalty is unchanged, so you’ll take the most benefit from this buff if you fire it while standing still.
We are currently adding features that will be available for New Donator Rank owners when we release them! TODAY will also be the last chance to purchase the VIP rank, because we are removing it in favor of the new ranks. Remember that all existing VIP players will receive a special (exclusive) skin soon as a gratitude for being a veteran supporter of the server.
(Existing VIP players keep their rank and all their perks. We are planning two new ranks, but there’s a possibility that the second rank will contain nothing for a few days while we work on reasonable perks for them. The special skin will be almost permanently exclusive and come with a special in-game feature, but we won’t rule out the possibility of rewarding more copies of it to top performers in server events.)
November/24/2017 "Two Ranks and a Sale" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today is Black Friday! We have released TWO new premium ranks, Recon and Specialist, with brand new perks and features! Grab them now, as there is a 30% Black Friday sale off both ranks and their upgrades!


Specialist – $22.99 USD ($16.09 after discount)

/nick access
/hat access
Boosts EXP of all players in your game by up to 15%! The actual boost is 10% divided by the square root of the number of players in the game (since there tends to be more donators in a bigger game, of course, and we want to balance this XP boost).
Ability to choose your team before a game! You can choose Team A or Team B in the short loading period before the game starts. Whether Team A or Team B is blue or red is random, but you can use this feature to team up with friends.
SPECIALIST rank suffix after your name
More features planned to come soon!

Recon – $15.00 USD ($10.50 after discount)

/nick access
/hat access
Boosts EXP of all players in your game by up to 10%!
Ability to choose your team before a game
RECON rank suffix after your name


VIP removed from the store
VIP players now boost EXP of everyone in the game by up to 5%!
VIP players can upgrade to Specialist for $14.99, $8 off the full price.
December/16/2017 "Wiki" by HkyShow
Hello all!
I’ve just set up a new official wiki for the server, currently with just a little bit of content, and you are welcome to contribute.
It uses the MediaWiki software, which is originally designed for Wikipedia, so if you are used to editing Wikipedia pages, this should work the same way.
The wiki currently uses a separate account system than our forums. Once I get more acquainted with the software, I might look into merging the accounts in both systems, but for now, you’ll have to register on the wiki to edit the pages.
Again, we recommend you to contribute, so we can get a good documentation of the game as well as keep it up-to-date.
It can be accessed at guncolony.com/w. I will add it to the navigation bar once it has enough content to be useful.
Stay tuned for more news soon!
December/26/2017 "Bashing Bugs" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have rolled out a small (???) update to fix a few long-standing bugs in the server. You will be able to hear distant sounds again, and hit-registration should be much more responsive. In addition, we have also gave the Bomb and Defuse Kit distinct activation sounds.


New sound played when initiating a bomb plant in Defusal
New sound when initiating a bomb defuse in Defusal
Reworked distant sound algorithm to make the fade-in of distant sounds smoother


Fixed a glitch where bullets sometimes fail to register a hit and deal damage
Fixed a glitch where assists sometimes give +10 XP or more despite only 9 XP being possible (1 per heart of damage)
Fixed a glitch where distant sounds of weapons are not played
Happy holidays and enjoy your time on GunColony!
December/28/2017 "Modification Menu and Weapon Stats" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have rolled out a couple more fixes, and reworked the modification menu and weapon stats command. Since we have fixed the damage dropoff over distance of shotguns, we are also rebalancing them so they are still relevant.


The new modification menu allows you to view currently equipped modifications at a glance, and gives you an option to filter available modifications by type. Now you can modify your weapon much more easily!


We have revamped the weapon stats command display. Now it offers a much more detailed overview of the weapon statistics:
Weapon damage at a set of distances
Weapon damage at a set of distances against armored targets
Number of pellets fired in a shot, and the spread between pellets, only shown for shotguns and AF2011
Base spread, spread increase when firing, and how fast the additional spread recovers
Movement speed, movement and jumping penalty
Swap and reload speed
Magazine size and backup ammo
There are still a few statistics that aren’t currently covered in this menu, such as the scoped accuracy and how fast the weapon becomes accurate after you stop moving. We will try to improve it soon and bring in more information.


We have fixed a couple more bugs in the server.
Fixed an issue where all weapons besides Rifles and SMGs had no damage falloff over distance. Damage output of weapons are as intended now – the M24, and modded SVD/SSG08, will no longer one hit kill from long distances, and shotgun damage will properly drop off over range.
Fixed an issue where the Laser Sight’s swap time penalty had no effect.


Since we fixed the damage dropoff of weapons, we have also reduced the damage dropoff rate of all shotguns, so they are still effective at a range. In addition, we have reduced the base cone (spread between pellets) of most shotguns, so their damage output will be more consistent and remain significant to a longer distance.
January/11/2018 "Balance Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have tweaked the statistics of some weapons in the game according to community suggestions following the economy update. This update is focused on balancing weapon modifications and weapon costs, though we are also taking a look at the statistics of a few popular new choices.


From recent community feedback I have decided to tweak the price of a few weapons.
Galil AR: $2000 -> $2150
SG 553: $3000 -> $3200
SC-2010: $2800 -> $3150
SPAS-12: $1700 -> $2000
CheyTac M200: $4500 -> $4750
M40A1: $5000 -> $4750
Mauser C-96: $600 -> $500
Kill awards have been changed to be more similar to CS:GO. Knife gets back its bonus, while one-shot snipers and autopistols now have reduced awards.
Knife now properly gives $1500 kill award on left click kills
CZ-75 Auto, Mauser, Double Barrel, AWP, CheyTac M200, M82, K98k, M40A1, NTW-20: reduced kill award to $100


All LMGs: Increased base damage, increased damage dropoff over range
G11: Slightly reduced damage over range
Tavor X95: Slightly decreased accuracy when spraying
PPSh-41: Slightly increased damage over range
L86 LSW: Slightly increased bullet velocity
SIG 550: Slightly increased damage dropoff (reduced 2HK range)
CZ-75 Auto: Backup ammo increased to 24
P250: Increased accuracy when auto-firing at a controlled rate
Mauser C-96: Slightly increased damage and burst/auto accuracy, reduced backup ammo to 30


I have added new colored description for modifications so it is easier to see what each one does. I have also removed the “attack speed” clutter that came with the last update by switching to retextured tools.

Also, the weapon item on the top previously just said “Click to view stats”, even though left click would equip the weapon and only right click would view the stats. This has been fixed.

Finally I have tweaked some of the modifications so they are now more balanced. They’re specializations, not upgrades (or downgrades), so every modification should have some use, but not too much. Notable changes include adding a spraying accuracy penalty to the Field Trigger Job, and removing the armor penetration bonus from shotgun dart ammo. There are a lot other smaller tweaks, too.
January/26/2018 "Better Ballistics" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have revamped the weapon ballistics system so that bullet flight behaves closer to real life while still keeping a good balance. This update also comes with a few bug fixes to the Elimination and Defusal modes.
We have changed our ballistics system to behave more realistically. Namely we have added a new bullet drag system, which slows down the bullet as it travels, making it fly slower over time.
Muzzle velocities are now generally almost equal to real-life values, with submachine guns ranging around 300-400 m/s of muzzle velocity, and rifles ranging from 800-1000 m/s. However, we have also added a significant drag to bullets, especially those of rifle-caliber weapons. As a result, closer ranged engagements should now feel more snappy and skillful, while longer ranged ones stay largely similar to before (but you have to be more careful which type of ammo you choose).
The weapon with the highest bullet velocity is the Scout, which shoots 5.56mm ammo at just over 1000 meters per second. On the other hand, the suppressed Vector has the lowest velocity (with shotguns exempt), firing .45 ACP at just over 300 meters a second.
We have decided not to tweak the secondary weapons, with the intention of doing a large revamp on them in a future update. After all, we do not wish to have people finish learning some new ballistics mechanics on pistols only to have a new rework pop up right against the horizon.
We have also fixed a few bugs on the server:
Unplanted bombs are now properly removed from Red Team players at the start of a new round, fixing the multiple bombs glitch
At the start of a new round, the ammo in your magazine will now be refilled properly
January/29/2018 "New Scenario Weapons" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have updated our WW2 scenarios to include updated weapon models, rebalancing, and a couple of new weapons for all teams! Enjoy a more authentic WW2 experience in the Scenario Mode!
You can now use two new versions of K98k, the Sniper version which is more expensive but comes with better precision and a clearer scope reticle, and the Infantry version which is cheaper and comes with iron sights for precise hip-firing and faster movement and reload. The bolt action rifles also no longer one hit kill opponents.
The MP 18 has been added to the German arsenal. It features a large 50 round drum mag and higher rate of fire, but in return has a lower damage output and higher price compared to the MP 40.
The MP 40 has seen its reload speed slightly nerfed.
The Mauser is now the default pistol for $400, and now fires semi-automatic only.
The PPK is now only purchasable for $700.
You can now use a new version of M1903, the Marksman version, which has a new T-Post scope reticle and wooden finish. The old M1903 is now called the Sniper M1903 and features increased accuracy but is more expensive. The bolt action rifles also no longer one hit kill opponents.
The M1 Garand is now much cheaper to purchase, but no longer comes with the Heavy Ball modification, meaning that it loses the ability to two hit kill from close range.
The price of M1911 and TT-33 have been reduced to $400.
Soviet Union
The Mosin-Nagant has been given a new model and same reticle as the K98k Marksman. Apart from the regular scoped Marksman version, there is also an unscoped Infantry version which is cheaper and comes with iron sights and stripper clips. Bolt action rifles also no longer one hit kill opponents.
The SVT-40 is now much cheaper to purchase, but no longer comes with the Heavy Ball modification. It can no longer two hit kill opponents.
The Browning M1919 is no longer available for purchase and replaced by the Maxim Gun, which fires a bit slower and is less mobile, but more accurate than the M1919.
The price of M1911 and TT-33 have been reduced to $400.
New armor textures
New scope reticle for the Chauchat M1915
February/4/2018 "Misc PVP Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have released a minor update that added new aesthetics update, tweaked the economy, and as introduced proper damage to Defusal bombs. We have also cleaned up some rather useless messages.
(You can still defuse the bomb in the last second)
Added a few new sound effects from CSGO to the PVP mode:
Bomb planted
Bomb beep
Bomb explosion
Bomb defused
CT (Blue) win
T (Red) win
Round draw
Player spawn
We have tweaked the game economy to make for a better experience in Elimination and Defusal modes.
Round end award has been reduced by $300 for losers and $200 for winners
Added a $300 award for planting the bomb
Added a $300 award for defusing the bomb
Added a $400 team award for losing while the bomb is planted on Red team, making the total award the same as the win award
Players now spawn with chestplate and helmet only, and they have much brighter colors. The new armor looks much better and is more aesthetically pleasing as well. If you didn’t catch the last update, the armor has also received new textures!
Added damage to Defusal bombs. Kill range is around 15m, and damage range is much higher.
Removed player join messages when switching between lobby and arena
Removed timer message in pre-round and post-round
Removed timer message when the bomb is planted, though you can still see the time in the EXP bar (for now)
February/4/2018 "Bug Fixes" by HkyShow
Hello all,
This is a follow-up update intended to address a few bugs in the server, both new and long-standing ones. I have also added a new helpful message for the Defusal mode.
Added a new message showing the location of death of the bomb holder in Defusal
Fixed a bug where players joining mid-game can fail to be added to the scoreboard (fixes nametag glitch)
Fixed a bug where new players’ inventories can sometimes fail to save
Fixed a bug where Mob-Arena and PVP boss bars sometimes fail to load
Fixed a console spam bug that sometimes happens after a player leaves a game
Edit: Follow up changes
Fixed Mob-Arena not giving players weapons
Fixed melee weapon name placeholder in the /gun GUI not working
Edit Feb.8: Fixed & updated the forums
February/11/2018 "Shotgun Spread Update" by HkyShow
Hello all!
If you’re an avid CS:GO player, you might have noticed their new update adding shotgun spread patterns – shotguns would fire pellets in a predictable pattern instead of randomly. Today’s update to GunColony replicates that addition with a few tweaks that makes it even more awesome!

Each shotgun now has a distinct, fixed spread pattern. It actually works quite similar to the recoil pattern – each pellet essentially has a spot where they’re supposed to land on, and the location of the pellet deviates only slightly per shot. This makes shotguns much more skillful to use, and also encourages using them while standing still in order to take full advantage of this update.
The new shotgun spread system allows us to fine tune the performance of each shotgun. We have done a couple other changes to them so they are more balanced and skillful to use.
Accuracy values fine-tuned for each shotgun, and generally higher than before
Movement penalty raised on some shotguns
Pellet count lowered on all shotguns; total damage is also lowered as a result
CS:GO shotguns now have damage and pellet count equal to their CS:GO counterparts (Nova still retains the extra armor penetration)
Remington 887 magazine capacity reduced to 7 for realism and balance
We have decided to nerf the starting pistols a bit, because they are currently too powerful for no cost and discourages players from buying better pistols. The USP-S and P2000 have had their armor penetration reduced to 58%, while the Glock and XD now have 55% armor penetration. These are still higher than CS:GO values but much lower than what they previously were (65% and 62%).
Sneaking now reduces 6% of recoil, down from 12%. We felt like players should take recoil into greater consideration when choosing and modifying weapons, and learn to compensate for the recoil pattern if they choose a weapon that has high recoil.
Fixed a bug where bolt/pump actions won’t auto reload after the last bullet is fired
Fixed a bug where the weapon display in action bar disappears after the last bullet is fired and a reload is not initiated
Fixed a bug where players remain scoped even when switching to a new weapon, if they had been firing the weapon when the switching occurs (happened in both Arms Race switching and manual switching)
February/12/2018 "Mob-Arena Lobbies + Much More" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have rolled out a MASSIVE update to Mob-Arena, containing a brand new lobby system, new class equipment, and better game balance. Hopefully this update will freshen up the Mob-Arena experience for everyone!

We have opened the new Mob-Arena lobby, which you can use to quickly vote for and join matches. It also allows players to group up more effectively (everyone who joins the lobby ends up on the same map), making games larger and promoting teamwork.

Once inside the lobby you will be greeted with the map vote screen. This new voting system allows you to vote for both the map and the difficulty in one sitting. After 60 seconds you will be sent into the match along with any other players that have joined.
The preparation timer in the lobby is reduced to 30 seconds. You can take advantage of this time to make final changes to your loadout and class before the game starts.
We have made significant changes to the player classes in Mob-Arena.
First off, armor for all classes is reduced. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weaker – we have also added special enchantments onto your chestplates which vary by class!

We have added new toys to everyone’s arsenal, including lingering potions, a Instant Health III potion, and milk buckets. These tools should help you survive a lot better.

The damage multiplier for Rifles, SMGs, LMGs and Snipers have been increased.
Rifles: 60% -> 65%
SMGs: 60% -> 65%
LMGs: 45% -> 50%
Semi-Auto Snipers: 80% -> 90%
Bolt-Action Snipers: 120% -> 135%
The health of some mobs have been tweaked.
Adult Zombies now have 30 HP
Adult Zombie Pigmen now have 30 HP
Spider and Cave spider HP now increases by difficulty
This also means that killing them will now grant more XP than before
The armor and weapons of mobs have been tweaked
Armor and weapon strength no longer depends on wave number. Now it only depends on the difficulty level
This makes earlier waves much harder but later waves easier, so the entire playthrough is more interesting and challenging
Armor and weapon strength have been tweaked to differ between mob types much more significantly – for example, zombies have higher armor and zombie pigmen have better weapons.
The Scoreboard title now shows the map name and the difficulty, so it’s easier to tell which difficulty you are playing on.

Player names in the scoreboard now properly grays out when someone leaves (but didn’t die).
Infection’s wave 10 zombie boss now casts skills much slower to slow down the zombie summoning, decreasing the difficulty and compensating for the increased zombie HP
Fixed Suburb’s round 20 Ghast boss spawning outside the arena
You can now sprint normally inside lobbies and when flying as a spectator in PVP
Now you immediately receive crates from PVP and no longer have to quit the lobby for them to update
February/25/2018 "Small Quality-of-Life Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
It’s almost the end of February, so to celebrate the start of the spring we’ve rolled out a small update that adds/fixes a few things here and there. Hopefully this bit of attention-to-detail should make the server look more thematic and professional.

It’s probably best to just list all the changes, since there isn’t really a central theme in today’s update.
The spawn now uses mostly vanilla blocks, so it looks more normal to players who have not loaded the resource pack yet
Changed the layout of the Loadout Configuration menu
Removed the bricks that allowed you to switch between loadouts – they are now in a separate menu
Added a new Loadout Presets menu that allows you to more intuitively change the old-system loadouts used in Mob-Arena and some PVP modes
Removed the individual Mob-Arena join options from the join menu. You can still join any arena you like using /ma join
Changed the icons of lobbies in the join menu to skulls
Added 19 lines of tips to the PVP Lobby
Mob-Arena tips now also show in the Mob-Arena voting lobby
Fixed a glitch where kill assist info did not reset at the end of rounds
Fixed a glitch where minions summoned by Reinforce Military skill did not count as minions
Fixed a glitch where Deadly Arrows skill only shot arrows into the ground
Fixed a glitch where Spawn Pumplings skill from certain bosses were omitted, also causing them to cast other skills too quickly
Tiny slimes (which do no damage) should no longer spawn from the Spawn Slimes skill
Rebalanced amount of arrows/fireballs shot from bosses
Rebalanced amount of minions summoned from bosses
Bosses now use skills faster the more players are in the arena (they were previously too hard to beat solo, and too easy to beat in a group)
Changed layout of Nuke to correspond with recent CS:GO updates
Various aesthetic improvements to Nuke
Removed Blackheart Extreme mode to end the Valentine ’18 event
February/27/2018 "Test Announcement" by HkyShow
Trying to make this appear on our main page as well, so future announcements would be able to be discussed on the forum again.

Edit: It worked!
Discuss this on our forum
February/27/2018 "Killing Monsters & Being a Monster" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today we have brought back an Alpha version of our popular Infected game, plus a change in the damage calculation method in Mob-Arena to make the gamemode more immersive and balanced.


The Infected mode is finally BACK!

This is an alpha test of a reboot of the classic Infected mode launched approximately 2 years ago in GunColony. If you are familiar with the old mode, you will find most mechanics similar to before, but with Infected gadgets like zombie grenades temporarily unavailable (we will bring them back soon).

Most maps are the same as before, and playable under the same criteria. Enjoy the nostalgia playing in these familiar maps.

The classic Dust II map also received a different, more connected layout in Infected mode to give a fresh feeling and extra challenge. Major defensive positions after the revamp can be viewed in this album:


The damage calculation in Mob-Arena has been changed. The old damage calculation involved using the vanilla damage algorithm but with armor penetrating weapons dealing bonus damage to armored mobs to simulate a defense-ignoring effect. This did not play out well, especially with Minecraft 1.9's new damage system.

The new damage calculation algorithm is completely custom and uses exponential decay to calculate the damage absorption of armor. It is calculated as follows:

Each armor point and Protection enchantment level will count as 1 point of armor, up to 36 for a perfectly armored mob, but expect around 15-20 for most mobs in Hard difficulty.
Every 20 points of armor will cause damage to reduce to 50-65% of normal depending on the weapon (35% damage for 0 armor penetration, towards 65% for 100 armor penetration)
The damage reduction is exponential, which means that the higher the mob's armor points, the greater the effect of your weapon's armor penetration.
The new Infected mode also uses the same algorithm for damage absorption. Usually raw damage is more important than armor penetration in this mode, but higher AP really benefits when fighting the Tank zombie class.

Added Infected Alpha lobby at spawn
Added a single block of water at spawn to prevent players from being kicked for flying while logging into the server
Fixed a glitch where Strength and Weakness (from witches) effects affected weapon damage unusually much due to the vanilla implementation of +3/-4 damage system (you can still punch for 4 damage while reloading without problem)
Fixed a glitch where Communism boss skill only spawned 1 mob
Reduced Zombie and Zombie Pigman health in Mob-Arena to 25 back from 30
Added a 1.8 PVP plugin which helps preserve the old PVP mechanics for Infected mode, and prevents guns from bobbing when being left-clicked
Added an Auto-Reconnect plugin that allows the server to restart without players being kicked out
Discuss this on our forum
February/28/2018 "Infected Alpha Improvements" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today's update builds off of yesterday's addition of the Infected mode, aiming to make the Infected experience more balanced and diverse.


We have tweaked two Infected maps, Deserted and Oasis, to provide a more balanced and even experience. Images of the new maps can be found here:


We have made many balance changes to Infected and implemented more features. Note that the mode is still in Alpha and imbalances/bugs may still exist, so do not hesitate to report them in the forums.

Implemented Zombie Healer and Zombie Grenades. The healer is much faster than before, but requires a 3 second swap time before the zombie can begin healing. The grenade, on the other hand, works pretty much the same. Both gadgets require reaching a certain Infected level to unlock.
In matches of at least 4 players, one of the starting zombies will start at Level 3, meaning that it will have a speed boost, chainmail helmet, and the healer. Any other starting zombies will only start at Level 1 with a gold helmet.
Rebalanced zombie kits, and reduced the speed of all zombies.
The Heavy zombie kit now disguises as a Husk, and the Vampiric kit now disguises as a Wither Skeleton, so all Infected players now show their armor and therefore their level
Headshot multiplier in Infected reduced to 2X
Bolt-action snipers now deal 1.5X damage in Infected (NTW-20 only does 1.2X)
Weapons now start with less ammo, but when other human players are infected, you gain extra ammo up to a maximum cap
The stun effect is greatly reduced when fired upon rapidly or by multiple players compared to before (affects both Infected and PVP)


We have also decided to tweak the balance of weapons to make them behave more realistic.

Gravity of all guns reduced by 75%. This makes the bullet trajectory in the server far more realistic (in fact, the new bullet drop is still higher than real life values, even when not considering zeroing) and also easier for new players to pick up.
Tavor X95-R damage dropoff increased by 20% to make it behave more in line with other SMGs.
March/2/2018 "New Backend Mob-Arena System" by HkyShow
Hello all,

I have put in some work on Mob-Arena's backend code today. There's little actual change gameplay-wise, though, at least for now. We are planning on a huge update some time very soon that will do nothing short of totally revamping the server, and this new Mob-Arena rework will be one part of it, so stay tuned.


Added many new mobs that utilize Libs' Disguises plugin.
Fixed a display bug on Husks, Strays, Wither Skeletons and Elder Guardians which caused them to display as their normal counterparts.
Added an extensive system of over-time spawns and ability to put multiple spawn groups of mobs into a single wave. This allows us to fine-tune exactly when and where the mobs spawn, and even allow us to create bosses with nonstop-spawning minion mobs in the background.

For now we have tweaked the Nether map to incorporate these new features as a proof-of-concept. Feel free to try it out, or wait for our big updates to roll out in a few days. As always, please report feedback and bugs on our forums.

Edit 3/3:

We have tweaked the Starter, Nether, Suburb and Infection maps. They are now much more different than before and takes advantage of the new Mob-Arena features. Be sure to check them out!

The number of waves now depends on the map, and they are the same as the original Mob-Arenas from before they all got normalized to 100/50 waves.
The time between waves now also depends on the map.
Armored mobs are now very rare, and their armor level no longer depends on the difficulty.
In return, most mobs now have double health.
Mobs in a single wave no longer spawn all at once. Instead, they spawn over a few seconds. This reduces strain on the server's hardware and also makes it more forgiving to be in the open.
Boss waves will now spawn minions nonstop (but rather slowly) so long as the boss is still alive. The type of minion depends on the boss.
The bosses now delay 10 seconds before spawning to give players time to prepare and allow a few minions to spawn in first.
Added many types of new mobs, including disguised mobs which look like animals. One of the bosses is even a pig!
Revamped visuals on boss abilities!
A new ability: Laser!
The rest of the map changes will follow up soon.

The Mob-Arena lobby has also gotten a visual revamp. Now, the lobby shows the icon of each map in the voting menu, the number of waves, and a good estimate of the map's difficulty.

We have also removed Easy mode from the Mob-Arena lobby because it is rarely played, but you can still vote for it if you choose to manually join a match.
March/6/2018 "The Spring Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Welcome to the largest GunColony update yet in 2018! This is a comprehensive revamp to many of our game systems, and you will immediately notice the changes once you hop into your first game and fire your first shot - or even before that, because we have tweaked the lobbies themselves, and even the spawn!


Just in case you haven't caught on yet, we've had an Alpha test of an Infected mode for a few days. It's similar to the old school Infected but with a few significant changes. Go check it out!


In all lobbies, you will now receive hotbar items to quickly access the map vote and to change your loadout. We have also changed the map vote menu for the Mob-Arena lobby, adding an icon to all maps and showing an estimate of the map's difficulty level so you can choose accordingly. An update ago we have also added tips to the top of the screen when you are in a lobby.


This is a COMPLETE overhaul of our Mob-Arena system, and while it is easy to list all the changes, you should still try out each Mob-Arena map to see for yourself what is different (spoiler alert: a LOT is different!).

First of all, in the image you can see me shooting a cow - yes, a cow. We have added disguised mobs that look like animals, but are actually dangerous monsters that will pursue and hit you just like any other monster. On a side note, Wither Skeletons, Husks and the like are now displayed properly to players using MC1.11 and above.

Second, we have tweaked the way waves spawn in Mob-Arena. Now, instead of spawning all at once, monsters will spawn over a few seconds. Some waves are even broken down into smaller "sub-waves" that spawn different monsters at different locations and different times. In a boss wave, minions will spawn from all spawnpoints naturally and do not have to be summoned by boss abilities, but in return, all minions will now die when the boss itself dies.

Third, we have done a total makeover to our bosses. Boss skills have gotten new visuals, such as Fire Aura actually looking like a ball of fire, and the Wall actually looking like a stone wall approaching your way. Furthermore, we have fixed many issues in our boss skills, such as Wall skill hit detection. Finally, we have added a Laser skill where the boss will aim a laser at where/who it is facing, which is easy to avoid but can do a lot of damage if you aren't careful.

And last but not least, we have redone many of our Mob-Arena maps. Similar to the old days, now they all have different wave counts and time between waves. The Easy mode is also removed from lobby voting (though you can still pick it by manually joining a map), and the difference between Normal and Hard mode has also been reduced, so the challenge level of the game now depends more on the map than the difficulty. Hard mode, however, does have an extra boss in a unique and challenging final wave.


We worked on new visuals for guns that both improves performance and looks much prettier than before. The bullet tracer is now an entity that actually moves at the speed of your bullet, rather than a line of particles that flashes then disappears. This also means that less particles needs to be sent from the server to players, thus greatly reducing the bandwidth usage of the server and ensures that players with slower internet can still have a good connection. Also, the muzzle flash and impact particles now have a more vivid color, and we have added new sounds to aiming down sights.


This is the a very important change that represents a shift in direction in our development doctrine. Many of our players have recently been agreeing that gaining more new players is more important than keeping a high skill ceiling, since the two can not coexist, and popularity is what makes a server more fun in general. In response to this attitude we have rolled out a significant change to how our guns work, so the mechanics are now simpler, more familiar, and more easily understood by new players.

Sneaking now causes the player to aim down sights. This works with all weapons.
When not aiming down sights, the player is very inaccurate (except when using a SMG, pistol, or shotgun).
When aiming down sights, the accuracy penalty for automatic fire is greatly reduced.
Movement penalty and weapon recoil have been decreased.
The G11 can now use a burst-fire mode by left clicking, since the scope is now bound to the sneak key.
Various other balance changes.

Just note that this is still far from point-and-click like Call of Duty: the spread and recoil from shooting is still there, albeit lower, and by learning to control the recoil and limit the spread by burst firing, you can still gain a significant edge over your opponents. Also, we have decided not to bring back sprinting for now, though we might consider it again in the future to cater to new players even more.


Oh boy, you need 25,000 EXP to level up a gun now? Yes and no. Yes because the number is indeed 25,000, no because the old XP and new XP don't nearly mean the same thing.

Each weapon you find in a crate now gives you 10 XP for a common, 100 XP for a rare, 1000 for epic, and 10000 for legendary. The level-up XP requirements has been scaled up to accommodate this reward change. Your existing progress towards the next level will also be kept in the form of an EXP conversion.

We have chose to keep the last one or two levels about the same as before, but you may find the lower levels more challenging to attain. This is because we felt like the lower levels were too easy to progress through, causing most players to get stuck in the last few levels unable to advance.

Now, you have another way of earning that precious Weapon XP to get to your next level. You can now earn experience for a weapon simply by using it in game - one Weapon XP every 5,000 points in Mob-Arena, or 15 weapon XP every kill in PVP or Infected. Pick up your favorite weapon and level it up now!


We have changed the crate opening menu a slight bit. It now shows how many more weapons you need to find in crates in order to get a level up, and if a level up is available, it will show an emerald block to inform you so. It also notifies you with a new sound when you unlock a new weapon that you haven't had before.


We have updated signs in the server spawn to align with our recent updates. This includes changes to the holograms as well as the tips signs.


Brand new server list MOTD design
Updated the Resource Pack to improve performance and reduce download size
Updated Tec-9 model
Fixed a glitch where menus can fail to open right after a server restart
Note that WWII scenarios may be broken for now, expect a fix soon

Followup Update 3/6:
Fixed PVP mistakenly giving Weapon XP to the person you killed instead of yourself
New display scheme for items in the inventory GUI
Modified Volcanic for more cover and better aesthetics
Modified TheLastOfUs to make the fountain area easier to breach, but also to add one new camping spot
Modified Jungle to add a few more open areas
Modified Subway to change spawns so most players now spawn on the top floor (snipers can still fight out on the bottom if they want)
Modified Stalingrad to slightly restrict player movement and reduce the amount of surprise spots
Removed aimpunch for scoped rifles
Reduced aimpunch for sniper rifles
Raised price of AVT-40 to $2000 (from $1750)
Raised price of M14 EBR to $2450 (from $2150)
Changed the effects of many weapon modifications. For example, the Laser Sights now provides extra hipfire accuracy instead of moving accuracy
Fixed weapon statistics in Scenario Mode
Fixed a bug where players spawned with the wrong Mob-Arena kit
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March/16/2018 "New Server Machine!" by HkyShow
Hello all,

After all that has been done to improve GunColony, there is little left before the server is ready for large-scale consumption. As a result I am proud to notify you that the server will be moved to a new machine soon, both as a measure to solve our lag issues and as a gateway to expand our server to offer wider services to a larger playerbase.

New Server Machine Specifications:
Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 hexa-core CPU, 3.9 GHz all core boost (up from quad core 3.3 GHz)
48GB (6*8GB) quad channel DDR3-1866 memory (up to 10GB dual channel DDR3-1600)
250GB Solid State Drive (up from 120GB)
500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive (up from 256GB USB flash drive)

Edit 3/16: The server and website have been successfully moved to the new machine. Do note that the server is currently running on bash scripts because I could not get the server panel set up tonight, but you should nevertheless see the performance improvement.

Edit 3/16 #2: The server is now converted to run on the dedicated control panel so I can now access the console from the web. Sorry for the downtime and thanks for your understanding!
March/17/2018 "The Fundamental Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today I finished up moving the server to the new machine, and also worked on some gameplay changes. This update includes a new wallbang system and several important bug fixes.


The block penetration system has been totally redone to be more intuitive and consistent. Wallbang damage used to be calculated solely based on how many blocks the bullet went through (and the type of these blocks). This meant that barely clipping through a block by a corner had the same damage reduction as shooting a bullet through the entire block. It was unrealistic and also inconsistent. Our new system ensures that the bullets will penetrate blocks much more realistically, as it is now based on the distance the bullet has travelled inside the block as well.

We have also tweaked the penetration values of weapons and blocks so it is generally easier to penetrate stiff surfaces but harder against previously soft surfaces. This means that shooting around corners should now be viable no matter the type of block in the way (iron blocks and similar will still almost completely block bullets, of course).


I have done some adjustment to our shooting mechanics today, aiming at making them more balanced and also less buggy-feeling.

Shotgun spread is no longer reduced by 35% when ADS (this was unrealistic). Instead it is now reduced by 20% compared to before no matter whether you are aiming or hip firing. This means a wider spread than before in ADS, but a tighter spread in hipfire.
ADS recoil is now reduced by 25% instead of 35%. We felt that since all guns can aim down sights now, this bonus was a bit too much and made the recoil too low compared to before.
Shotguns no longer zoom out like a bolt-action rifle after firing a round. They're, after all, not snipers.
We felt like we could take some more liberties to make the damage mechanics more realistic. From now on, chest shots do 125% damage against players, and torso shots do the normal 100% damage. In return we have made the chest shot cutoff a bit higher so the chest is now smaller in relation to the torso.


Following recent discussions about Bolt-Action rifle damage in MA we investigated the system and spotted that the Mob-Arena damage modifiers were not working at all. Now they should work once again. Here are the new weapon damage multipliers in Mob-Arena:

Rifles: 1.0X
SMGs: 1.0X
LMGs: 0.8X
Semi-Auto Shotguns: 1.1X
Pump Shotguns: 1.25X
Semi-Auto Snipers: 1.25X
Bolt-Action Snipers: 1.75X
Pistols: 1.25X
Specials: 1.0X
Knife: 2.0X


We have done some tweaks to our special weapons in an effort to make them more useful.

Laser-451: Damage increased, no longer inflicts fire (was buggy)
HV Gloves: Reload/recharge speed doubled
Flamethrower: Damage increased


We have tweaked our particle effects so wounding an enemy is now more noticeable.
More blood particles spawn now
Blood particles now fly farther than before, especially for headshots
Changed blood particle of zombies to lily pad instead of cactus


Fixed rare occasions where blood particles would not spawn
Fixed the server not recognizing player votes due to moving the server to the web panel earlier today
March/18/2018 "ABANDON Updated!" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Introducing the new Fire Launcher, and the new Abandon map!


The Abandon map has received a new makeover. Now, it features 50 waves in Normal mode and 51 waves in Hard mode. Normal zombies and skeletons spawn in the earlier waves, but zombies will begin to spawn with armor in the later waves.

The new Abandon has all the new features that you'd expect from an updated map, such as mobs spawning over time, boss waves spawning other mobs, etc. But that's not all - the new map brings a brand new concept of Mini-Bosses, which I will elaborate on in the next section.

By the way, the new Abandon map tells the story of how players abandoned Mr. Volvo...


While fighting bosses in the new Abandon map you will encounter some mini-bosses. These elite monsters are summoned every once in a while in boss waves and provide an extra challenge. They have a lot more HP than regular mobs, and their HP also increases with the number of players in the map as well as the difficulty, much like normal bosses. In the image above, the Iron Golem is a mini-boss.

Mini-bosses are also able to use boss skills much like the regular boss, so you need to eliminate them quickly. The exact skills used depends on the type of the mini-boss encountered.

Currently, mini-bosses are present in Wave 30, 40, and 51 in the newly updated Abandon map. However, we do plan on adding them to other maps soon. Stay tuned!


The Fire Launcher has been totally revamped. Instead of creating a wildly inaccurate (and extremely buggy) bomb barrage, it now fires 3 projectiles in a triangular pattern every shot, with 4 rounds in each clip. If all 3 projectiles hit a player and at least one (most likely the topmost one) strikes either the head or the chest, it will result in an instant kill. The projectiles fired by this weapon travel very slowly, but in return it is much more accurate compared to shotguns and obviously occupies only the secondary slot. This weapon also has a Mob-Arena damage multiplier of 2X, so it can be used quite effectively as an emergency weapon against monsters.


We have added a new Discord chat channel called "#server-chat". This channel allows players in Discord and the server to chat with each other!
(The Discord #server-chat channel follows the same rules as the Minecraft server chat. Intentionally bypassing the in-game filter through Discord is NOT allowed.)


Added a new boss skill: the Invisibility skill, which turns the boss invisible for a few seconds and is used by the Wave 51 final boss in Abandon
The Laser boss skill now initiates faster in Hard difficulty, giving players less time to dodge the laser
The Teleport To Player boss skill now removes the boss's target temporarily, so the boss does not immediately hit the player that it teleported to
Blizzard arena reduced to 40 waves (41 in Hard).
Updated difficulty ratings for several arenas in the Mob-Arena lobby
Reduced the amount of mobs spawned in certain waves in Graveyard
Replaced the Heavy kit's Super Heal Potion with a golden apple
Replaced the Shooter kit's heal potions with 2 splash Regeneration potions plus the Super Heal Potion
Replaced the Hunter kit's Splash Weakness Potion with two 8-minute speed potions
Upgraded the SWAT kit's chestplate to Thorns VI instead of Thorns III
Added an extra 3-minute Strength potion to the Sprayer kit
March/24/2018 "Bug Fix & Balance Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a few bug fixes as well as general changes to our gamemodes to make our gameplay a little smoother and looking a little better.


We have changed scopes, adding more realistic zoom levels and muzzle flash effects. Now they are truly the best scopes in Minecraft!

Scopes now zoom in much more than before. Most sniper scopes zoom in at the maximum possible zoom level in Minecraft, the same zoom level as Slowness potion effects that make you completely unable to move.
Firing when scoped in will now display the muzzle flash in the center of the screen rather than in the right. This makes scoped view more realistic.


Due to complaints of spawn camping on Nuke TDM, we have changed the modes in which Nuke can be played on. We have also tweaked the Mob-Arena map Abandon to fix some issues and improve its layout.

Nuke has been removed from Team Death Match and added to Defusal mode.
Nuke (NukeFFA) has been added to the Free For All mode.
Slight layout changes to Mob-Arena map Abandon. The truck area which used to be a dead end has received another entrance, and a couple of fixes are also rolled out to prevent mobs from getting stuck.


We have tweaked Mob-Arena so that players who seek a more casual experience can access easier Mob-Arena matches.

Normal mode replaced with Easy mode in the Mob-Arena lobby. You can still vote for Normal mode if you use /ma join to join a game.
Bosses now use skills slower in Easy and Normal difficulty
The Laser boss skill now triggers (even) faster in Hard and Normal difficulty


We have done a couple balance changes to the sniper rifles, particularly to make the two anti-material rifles a more valuable pick.

Added a new modification to the M82 and NTW-20. The HE ammo increases damage greatly but reduces penetration, turning them more into huge Gauss guns instead of anti-material rifles. These modifications are meant to make the weapons more useful in Mob-Arena, but their downsides prevent them from becoming overpowered in Infected. The M82 with the HE ammo will kill Mob-Arena zombies in one body shot.
The NTW-20 now moves faster when not zoomed in
Increased the reload speed of M82, NTW-20, SVD, AWP, and K98k
Slightly increased the penetration power of the M82
Tweaked the reload sounds of several sniper rifles. The actual reload speed isn't changed.


We have fixed many bugs - some of these bugs have been around for a really long time, and they're finally gone!

You can now drop and pick up weapons properly in Mob-Arena and Infected modes.
Fixed a rare issue where players may spawn without weapons
Fixed an issue where mobs in Mob-Arena may spawn too close to players if they are moving
Fixed an issue where the Laser boss skill originated from the boss's feet
Fixed an issue where random armored zombies sometimes spawned baby zombies
Fixed an issue where villager zombies were not displayed properly
Fixed an issue where Iron Golems in Mob-Arena had incorrect HP
Grenades now work
March/26/2018 "Nuclear Deployment" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today we have released a small patch that actually adds the NukeFFA map, as well as changes the spawning algorithms in FFA and TDM Random Spawns to reduce instances of players spawning too close to an enemy.


The Free-For-All version of Nuke has been released. This version of Nuke is set during the night/dawn and comes with a lot of changes from the original Nuke map to better suit the FFA mode.

There are a lot more open doors and wall breaches in the map to allow players to roam it and find enemies more freely. The underground and corridors on both ends has also been closed so the fighting is more concentrated. Finally, the map features over 60 unique player spawnpoints which, combined with the spawn changes below, will ensure that every player gets their own place to spawn.


We have changed the algorithms that decide where a player is spawned in FFA and TDM Random Spawns modes. The new algorithm will do a better job at making sure that players spawn spaced out, since fights are not fun if it only begins with one player spawning right on top of the other.

Technical info: the new algorithm uses a weight system to determine the chance that a player will spawn on a given spawnpoint.
If there is an enemy within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the weight decreases linearly based on how close the enemy is to the spawnpoint, until the weight reaches 0 if the enemy is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint.
In TDM Random Spawns if there is a friendly within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance will increase linearly by distance. If the friendly is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance doubles.
If no other players are within 60 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance is halved to increase the frequency of fights in low population lobbys.

N.B. There were also unannounced changes to both of the WWII scenario maps, including moving the Axis spawn back in Normandy to give the Allies a better fighting chance. This was done a few days ago, but still check it out.
March/31/2018 "Mob Arena Reborn" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today we have released our largest update to Mob-Arena in MONTHS! It's way too hard to summarize all the changes here - you better try it out yourself. In addition there were also some quality of life changes and bug fixes to other parts of the server.


One thing from the earliest days of GunColony that I have always wanted back was the bundled weapons and classes. Mob-Arena classes used to each come with their own weapons, and this way it was much easier to balance them. Today I have done the best I can to recreate this mechanic. Now, the primary weapon you bring into battle decides your player class in Mob-Arena.

There are now over 30 unique Mob-Arena classes in the game, and some of them contain unique goods - Kit-PvP style healing mushroom soups, nausea-inflicting potions, and poison bows are just a few examples. Also, in general, better classes will come with worse weapons, so in order to get the fullest advantage out of these new gears, you might have to sacrifice some firepower.


The final two maps, Blackheart and Range, have been updated - now features like staggered spawn times and boss minions are finally available in every Mob-Arena map.

Oh, and if you're on Range, careful! There might be ambushes. Those monsters always find a way to get behind you. Mini-bosses can also spawn in regular waves now.


We have added eight new boss skills to the game, making boss fights much more exciting. They are:

Large Fireballs - the boss fires multiple large fireballs. The amount fired depends on amount of players and game difficulty. You can deflect these fireballs just like the ones from a ghast.
Wither Skulls - the boss fires wither skulls. The boss will fire much less wither skulls than fireballs, but you can not deflect them and they are more powerful and much harder to dodge.
Slime Cannon - the boss fires a slime at a nearby player. The slime is invulnerable to damage and knockback for 0.5 seconds. On Hard difficulty the slime is replaced with a magma cube.
Bomb Cannon - the boss fires a TNT at a nearby player. The TNT explodes much faster than the ones in Throw TNT, and even faster in Hard difficulty. However, there is only one bomb so it is somewhat easy to avoid.
Shockwave - the boss fires a shockwave of explosion particles. Any players hit will be dragged towards the boss, and the boss will target them.
Gas - the boss throws several lingering poison potions. The amount of potions depends on difficulty. Avoid the poison or you will easily take 5 hearts of damage.
Buff Pool - the boss throws several potions with positive effects. The potions affect both nearby monsters and players.
Back Leap - the boss jumps backwards away from nearby players.

We have also updated existing boss skills:

The creeper produced by the Wall skill now has its name display always on, and now has a 60% damage protection for 1 second so it is no longer possible to simply kill it by brute force before it explodes.
The laser produced by the Laser skill now travels faster and further, and has a bigger hitbox.
The Bombard boss skill now works again, and the amount of damage potions it throws has been reduced for balance.


The more boss minions on the map, the slower additional minions will now spawn
The more monsters on the map during regular waves, the slower the next wave will arrive
A sound is now played to notify players at the beginning of a boss wave.
Rebalanced weapon damage system: both mob health and gun damage have been cut in half. The reduction in mob health allows explosions (from boss skills or creepers) to be much more useful against mobs, and any healing (from witch potions, or Instant Damage potions on undead mobs) to be much more significant.
The Squad Leader boss in Blizzard no longer fires burning arrows
Since armor in the new classes are generally much lower, the quality of weapons of mobs has been decreased
TNT, wither skull, and charged creeper explosion damage to players reduced
Witch poison duration cut in 1/3
Added mooshrooms that drop milk buckets to witch rounds since milk is no longer included in classes
Fixed an issue that caused mini-bosses to sometimes stop using boss skills


Mob-Arena and Infected now use separate loadouts, and changing weapons in one mode no longer affects the other mode
Mob-Arena and Infected now have only 1 loadout each - we removed the extras because nobody really used them
In Team Death Match and Free For All, you no longer receive weapons from Loadout Presets at the beginning of a round
Added Boss Bar notice when gaining experience in Infected (just like the ones in PVP)
Entity penetration increased for M1 Garand: it can now penetrate mobs with more damage
Fixed a bug that prevented joining of Free For All matches in progress

You can't miss this update! (Screenshot taken at 2AM Eastern time!)

What are you waiting for? Check out Mob-Arena now!
April/1/2018 "Easter Surprise!" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today is Easter - and we have rolled out a huge update to PVP with a new armor system, as well as further improvements to Mob-Arena and tweaks to the weapon balance.


From now on, you will have to purchase armor in PVP modes (except Arms Race), instead of being given it every respawn.

The Kevlar Vest costs $650 ($1300 in TDM/FFA) and will reduce damage done to your chest, arms, and torso according to the armor penetration of the weapon. The Helmet costs $350 ($700 in TDM/FFA) and will reduce incoming damage to your head.

In addition you will now need to purchase the Defusal Kit for $400 in Defusal Mode. Otherwise you will spawn with Wirecutters which takes 10 seconds to defuse a bomb.


All sidearms now cost double the amount of money in TDM/FFA mode. This is to prevent everyone from having access to the most expensive sidearms, and therefore encourages more diversity in loadouts.
Starting money in TDM/FFA increased to $6000 because players now need to purchase armor, and sidearms are also more expensive than before.
Fixed a glitch where after planting the bomb a player sometimes could not shoot their weapon
Added extra weapons to Arms Race


We have added a whole bunch of changes to weapon balance and modifications that should hopefully promote more diverse choices and extra customization.

First of all, all PISTOLS have now received some modifications that you will be able to equip. Most of them are shared with other weapon types, but the new Light Frame modification is exclusive to pistols and offers a faster swap speed. In addition, the AF2011 and Colt Revolver have their own unique modifications.

Damage of all Sniper Rifles have been reduced. Most bolt action snipers will now only one hit kill to the head or chest (which has a 1.25x damage multiplier). In return the chest hitbox size has been increased.

The bullet velocities of rifle-caliber weapons have also been reduced so bullet drop is once again something you have to compensate for.

Other changes:
Magazine capacity of M82 increased to 10, backup ammo increased to 30
Reload speed of M9A1 increased
Nerfed HP ammo due to the new armor changes giving it an extra benefit
Buffed Greased Trigger by reducing spraying accuracy penalty
Reduced effect of new anti-material sniper HE ammo type
Increased damage of sniper rifles in Mob-Arena to make up for the new damage nerf
NTW-20 now has the same damage multiplier in Infected as other bolt sniper rifles once again


We have done some further tweaks to the Mob-Arena loadout system to make it more intuitive to use. First, the weapons in the weapon selection list are now sorted by their corresponding Mob-Arena class alphabetically, making it much easier to find the class you want to play with.

In addition, right clicking a weapon will now show you a preview of its corresponding class like the preview above.

By the way:
April/8/2018 "4/2-4/8 Devblog" by HkyShow
Hello all,

From now on I will be making announcement posts in a weekly devblog format. We make changes to the server (sometimes multiple times) every week, and it is very time consuming to write a changelog for each of them, so we are instead switching to a weekly format for our announcements.

This week I have made even more changes to our gun mechanics including a new view recoil system and some other tweaks, as well as changes to some maps and the spawn.


We have done a good number of changes to how our guns work in an attempt to balance the gameplay.

First, we have added a new recoil system to the game which is similar to games like Battlefield in that it works by affecting the direction of your aim. For Rifles, SMGs and LMGs this recoil will follow the weapon's spray pattern, while for other weapons it will go mostly in one direction with some randomness.
This new recoil system will make the game much more skillful since you will have to learn and compensate for the recoil pattern of weapons once again, while still making it manageable (and most importantly, easily understandable) for new players. It will also help boost single shot guns like bolt-action snipers since they are affected least by the recoil.

We have also tweaked our spread indicator system, which tells you how accurate your weapon is in response to your actions. First of all, there are now 32 steps to this spread indicator, which means that it will portray your weapon accuracy much more precisely. Second, the spread indicator will now display even when scoped, but in a black color (red for the G11 scope), helping you judge, for example, how long it takes to become accurate after scoping in with your sniper.

Another new feature we have added is an improvement to semi-automatic weapons. Now, when you click your mouse faster than the semi-auto weapon's maximum rate of fire, it will no longer skip shots, but it will rather fire the semi-auto weapon at its maximum rate of fire as if it were full-auto. This should eliminate glitches caused by holding down the mouse button with some semi-automatic weapons, and also make them more intuitive to use. This new feature affects semi-automatic snipers, pistols, and burstfire weapons.

Finally, we have done many balance changes to the weapon categories as well as individual weapons.
Semi-Auto snipers now fire much faster than before
Semi-Auto snipers now have much more recoil than before
Rifles now have less damage dropoff than before
MGs now have more damage than before
MGs now have more damage dropoff than before
AVT-40 is no longer fully automatic and renamed SVT-40
USP-S, P2000, Glock-18, XD armor penetration reduced to better balance them in pistol rounds
Burstfire mode rate of fire for burst weapons is now affected by rate-of-fire altering modifications

You can find a clip that showcases most of these new additions here:


We have tweaked the Mob-Arena Infection map, and improved both aesthetics and gameplay. The map is now much more open and players can traverse around it more easily.

Some buildings as well as the graveyard have been removed and a large bridge is established in its place.

The subway deep underground was removed and now there are only a few rooms below ground, including the bomb shelter and the subway station.

Having mycelium everywhere could start to look bland sometimes, so more vegetation has also been added to the map to add more variation to the colors.


We have improved how our lobbies look in the spawn. Those new beautiful lobbies will get you combat ready!


We have launched a private test server, currently only available to staff members. This will help reduce the need for multiple server restarts during our updates.


Fixed a bug where the Living Bomb boss skill griefs Mob-Arena blocks
Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower shoots at an extremely high rate of fire
Fixed a bug where the Beretta 90two was broken in Arms Race
Slightly cleaned up internal code of Inventory system to prepare for future updates

Edit 4/21: Changed name to align with the new title format for devblog names
April/16/2018 "4/9-4/15 Devblog" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This week we have released a new Tech Tree reward system, along with several new weapons and a new, huge round of balance changes. Check them out in-game now!


We have added several new weapons to the game - finally!

AK-103 - Rifle, Legendary
Designed by Kalashnikov, the AK-103 is a modernized version of the AK family with increased power and an attached 4x ACOG scope.

SR-3M - SMG, Common
A modern 9x39mm submachine gun developed in Russia, the SR-3M is extremely powerful but has a low muzzle velocity.

AKS-74u - SMG, Legendary
Short carbine version of the AK-74. Compared to a full sized rifle this weapon lacks range but allows for greater mobility.

KSG-15 - Shotgun, Legendary
Pump-action shotgun with a high ammo capacity of 14 rounds, for improved sustained combat capability.

Lewis Gun - LMG, Epic
Light machine gun used by Britain during World War I. The Lewis Gun has a sturdy design and slow fire rate which gives it a high accuracy in automatic fire.

All weapons have a unique 3D model and new sounds, and unique Mob-Arena kits (except the Lewis which shares the Trench kit with the M1915). The AK-103 also comes with a new scope visual:


Our new Tech Tree system is now finally live! Access it by following these steps:

1. Right click the book in your inventory at spawn, which reads "Progression & Rewards", which brings you to this new menu:

2. Click the Iron Horse Armor in the center that says "Tech Tree", which shows you all currently available tech trees:

3. Click on any weapon in the above menu to access the menu of its respective tech tree:

The Tech Tree system works by restricting your weapon unlocks by which weapons you already own. Weapons now have an unlock requirement: you must unlock the previous weapon and upgrade it to a certain level in order to reach the requirements for the next weapon. Once that requirement is reached, it is then possible to find the item in crates.

This way, weapons are no longer locked behind Player Level, and it is now possible to unlock a weapon you want much more quickly than before, by playing with the prerequisite weapon(s) and earning Weapon EXP for them in order to progress down the tech tree faster.


In addition to our new GUIs associated with the tech tree system, we have also tweaked the existing GUIs.

First of all, as you might have noticed above, the experience info and inventory viewer were moved to the Rewards menu. Therefore the loadout customization menu now only consists of three items to allow you to configure your loadout for our 3 different modes.

Second, we have revamped our level information GUI. Now you can not only view the size of crates in the crate tiers, but also the rewards you can get by reaching a new level. Yay!


Stunning visuals and dangerous ambushes await you in the Swamp, our new Mob-Arena map featuring a fast-paced gameplay with 40 waves and intermediate difficulty. The map also comes with 5 new boss fights, 3 new mob types, and 2 new boss skills!

Boss Skill: Seismic Slam
The boss jumps high into the sky and slams back at the ground. Damages and knocks back any players caught in the vicinity of the attack. On Hard difficulty, the radius of the damage effect increases.

Boss Skill: Speed
The boss throws a super speed potion at the sky, giving it and any nearby mobs a very high speed effect. On Hard difficulty it also makes the boss immune to knockback for a while.

New Mob: Miner Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and also faster than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Knight Zombie
This zombie is better equipped and higher armored than regular zombies, and will spawn in one of the boss fights on the new Swamp map.

New Mob: Undead Horse
The undead horse is here to wreak havoc upon the arena! The horse has 50% more health and 25% more speed compared to a normal zombie, and its attacks also have a knockback effect. It will spawn in the final boss fight on the new Swamp map, but also appears as a mini-boss in an earlier boss fight.


We have remade the Townhall map so it is now much more open and offers a unique fighting experience. There are also a high number of spawns in the map which reduces camping and spreads out players more effectively.


We have released a huge round of new balance changes, especially taking a look at the SMGs, LMGs, and Snipers. Notably we have removed the aimpunch on most Snipers and increased recoil on SMGs and LMGs.

SG 553: Vertical recoil reduced by 6%, recoil pattern increased by 25%
G36: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.16/s from -0.1/s to improve burst accuracy
STG-44: Vertical recoil increased by 5%
XM8: Increased linear spread recovery to -0.27/s from -0.2/s to improve burst accuracy, hipfire spread reduced by 10%
AR-57: Move penalty increased by 10%, jump penalty increased by 25%, spraying penalty on spread recovery reduced to 20% from 25%
M249: Damage -1 (31 from 32)
Vector, PPSh-41, Negev: Recoil pattern increased by 20%
Thompson: Recoil pattern increased by 33%
P90: Added linear spread recovery -0.14/s to improve overall accuracy, recoil pattern increased by 40%
Tavor X95-R: Vertical recoil decreased by 20%, recoil pattern increased by 50%
Mac-10, MP5, MP5KA4, MP7, MP9, P90, PP-Bizon, TMP, UZI: Recoil pattern increased by 50%
MG3: Horizontal recoil now starts much sooner
L86 LSW: Vertical recoil reduced by 18%, recoil pattern increased by 20%, time after moving before weapon becomes accurate increased by 11%
RPK: Recoil pattern increased by 13%
QBB-95: Movement penalty increased by 50%, spread increase increased by 20%
MSG90 A2, SIG 550, SSG-08: Bullet velocity increased by 10%
M24, M40A1, M82, SCAR-20: Bullet velocity increased by 11%
G3SG1, NTW-20, SVD: Bullet velocity increased by 12%
CheyTac, K98k: Bullet velocity increased by 13%
AWP, Scout: Bullet velocity increased by 14%
AWP, CheyTac, G3SG1, K98k, M24, M40A1, MSG90 A2, SCAR-20, SSG 08, SVD: Aimpunch completely removed (Only snipers left with aimpunch are M82, NTW-20, and SIG 550)
M82: Aimpunch can now be mitigated completely by standing still for 1.5s (previously this only prevented 80% of aimpunch not 100%)
Remington 887: Damage reduced by 18%, spread between pellets reduced by 25%, spread pattern size reduced by 25%, spread recovery reduced by 14%, flat spread recovery removed (previously -0.26/s), damage dropoff reduced by 10%, hipfire spread increased by 67%. Description changed to match new stats
M3: Hipfire spread increased by 11%
SPAS-12: Greatly reduced legacy type recoil so shots land closer to the crosshair in consecutive shots
Double Barrel: Vertical recoil increased by 100%, horizontal recoil increased by 100%, spread increase reduced by 50%
Walther PPK: Vertical recoil increased by 50%, horizontal recoil increased by 50%, spread increase reduced by 43%
R8 Revolver: Price reduced to $650 to match CS:GO, added linear spread recovery of -0.2/s to raise overall accuracy
Desert Eagle: Spray penalty on spread recovery increased from 15% to 20%
Tec-9: First shot spread reduced by 20%, exponential spread recovery reduced by 20%, linear spread recovery increased from -0.14/s to -0.16/s
Five-SeveN: Reload speed increased by 0.2s to fix the reload sound ending too early
Flamethrower: For now, no longer sets targets on fire and instead deals 50% more damage to undead mobs until I can figure out a better idea on how the flamethrower should work
M1911 (Scenario): Damage dropoff reduced by 10%
Maxim Gun (Scenario), M1919 (Scenario): Recoil significantly increased


The Mob-Arena game counter now shows the number of players in Mob-Arena games in addition to the number of matches.
The Mob-Arena game counter no longer counts maps in the pre-game lobby (in "Starting!" status) as in-game.
Slight further tweaks to the Infection Mob-Arena map to improve mob pathing and aesthetics (no layout changes)
Switched our Anti-Cheat plugin to Anti-Aura. This should reduce false-positives greatly and therefore allow for smoother movement compared to our old Anti-Cheat solution.
Greatly reduced the width of the Shockwave boss skill effect so it is now much easier to dodge
Greatly reduced the knockback from the Propel boss skill effect
Charge skill no longer gives the boss knockback resistance
Spawn Pumplings and Spawn Slimes boss skills now throws the mobs into the air instead of spawning them right on the boss
Removed the lines "New Weapons Unlocked!" from level up messages since leveling up the player EXP level does not unlock new weapons anymore
Added functionality to allow the adding or tweaking of weapons, maps, or inventory system settings without a server restart
Fixed a bug where the new spawn system did not function properly and still allowed players to spawn on top of each other in FFA and TDM Random Spawns
Fixed a bug where the Low Gravity boss skill causes players to jump extremely high and therefore suffer insane fall damage
April/30/2018 "4/23-4/29 Devblog" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This week has seen relatively few changes to the server because I had taken some time working on a different project. Nevertheless we have added a few new additions to the server, including a new Tablist and a staff build server.


After last week's anti-xray fixes it became quite evident that the Anti-Xray plugin's side effect of removing players from the tablist was becoming unbearable. As a result we have added a new tablist plugin that not only solves this problem, but also shows players in all current and future servers in our network. It is also animated and looks a lot cooler!


We have added a new creative plots server, currently for staff members only. This will be the new place for our staff to work on maps. Since this server is powered by plots, we can safely give every staff member access to World Edit, which should speed up the building process and make it much more enjoyable to build on GunColony. This will also be the place for staff members to work collectively on any large build projects that arise (hint: there is one!).

There is currently no cross-server chat, but that will be coming soon.


Fixed a bug where modification unlock levels for some of the new Legendary weapons were incorrect
May/6/2018 "4/30-5/6 Devblog" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This week we have added a new Mob-Arena map, complete with brand new mobs and bosses. We have also done some balance changes and bug fixes to help keep the game dynamic and bug-free.


Lab - Monsters are launching an invasion on an underground university laboratory, a high-value research center for advanced anti-monster weapons. Move in and defend the laboratory from mobs approaching above. Shoot through glass if you must. Fall back to the bottom floor for breathing room.

The Lab map features 35 waves (36 on Hard), 5 new and unique bosses, 5 new mini-bosses (2 of them spawn in regular waves), 5 new mob types, and a new mechanic called restricted zones. Restricted zones are areas where only monsters can move through, not players, and they are marked with a red boundary around the entrances of the zone.

The map is also unique in that more than half of the waves are custom-coded, meaning that there are unexpected ambushes and change in spawn locations throughout the game, so be sure to watch out for them. Also, since many monsters come from above, players have a period of relative safety where they can fire at the monsters through glass while they try to reach the entrances.


Rebalanced number of monsters spawned in regular (non-boss) waves. For most maps this means that FAR MORE monsters will spawn in regular waves, especially in the early waves. These changes are meant to keep the game challenging throughout the match.
Slightly reduced points gain from regular (non-boss) mobs so the rate of earning EXP does not become ridiculously high after the amount of mob spawns are increased
Replaced Infection Wave 71 boss (Unstable Sorcerer)'s Low Gravity skill with Seismic Slam


SR-3M: Armor penetration reduced by 3


Modified Red team spawn on Outpost
Changed Tablist aesthetics, now has 4 rows
Reduced animations in Tablist to reduce bandwidth usage (only animated parts left are the server name and time display)
Fixed a bug where name tags for teammates did not show properly
Fixed a bug where firing at a brewing stand causes console spam until the server is restarted
June/1/2018 "3rd Anniversary Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have put together our largest update ever to celebrate our third anniversary. The update includes a new spawn, a new gamemode called Hostile, and various other changes to professionalize our server.
Here I thank you for sticking with us through our third year – let’s make the next year even more amazing!

We have added a new spawn for the server. Now it not only has a more professional look, it is also larger and lighter on bandwidth (~80% bandwidth savings compared to the previous spawn design). This will help improve our new player impressions and increase accessibility and stability of the server.
The new spawn also features NPCs. Right clicking them lets you join a lobby or customize your loadout quickly.
We have updated the Minecraft server version to the latest, 1.12.2, and updated our plugins to work with the new version.

Hostile is a new Kit-PVP gamemode that provides a unique open-world experience. Players jump down from a plane into a large map (currently the old spawn) to loot and fight.
Every respawn players will be able to select a kit to bring into battle. Additional items can be obtained through the Supplies system in the Hostile menu. You can also move items freely in your inventory.
Weapon stats are very different on Hostile compared to other gamemodes. Armor also works differently than vanilla and in the same way as Mob-Arena or Infected. Fall damage is disabled, but if you die, you (currently) drop everything, so be careful out there.

We have changed the art of our server list and website – in case you haven’t noticed already!
We have also done some other changes to them:
Changed server list MOTD to notify players of the new update
Added a cheeky feature to the server list MOTD to remind players to move the server up in their server list (in an effort to improve player retention)
Increased font size of some text elements in our blog
Reduced amount of latest forum posts shown on our homepage from 8 to 5
We have added new elements to our HUD:
A new notification element displayed on the top right corner of the screen. It is activated when the bomb is planted or defused in Defusal, and when new waves begin and when bosses spawn in Mob-Arena.
A new skull icon effect displayed below the crosshair. It is shown when your team wins a round in PVP, or if players defeat a boss in Mob-Arena.

First and foremost you should notice that the Mob-Arena lobby is now set during the day. After a game begins, it will stay day if on Easy mode, but a new animation will play turning it gradually into night on Hard mode.
Why did we have to do that? Actually, we also decided to ramp up the difficulty of Mob-Arena Hard mode by a lot, and add some new mobs from 1.11 and 1.12. So we added the weather changes so you are properly warned and won’t get spit to death by llamas in Wave 1!
Fixed a rounding error that caused too few mobs to spawn. The result is that a lot more mobs should spawn than before, especially with a low number of players.
Additionally increased the spawn amount of mobs in Hard difficulty to make it even tougher
Evokers, Vexes and Llamas added to Graveyard
Skeletons replaced with Llamas in Suburb
Vindicators added as a possible spawn in special waves in Abandon
We have changed the display names of many weapons to be more realistic. Notable changes include “AWP”->”AWM”, “PP-Bizon”->”PP-19 Bizon”, and “Type 92″->”QSZ-92”, but there are many other changes.
We have differentiated weapon penetration values based on their caliber. Larger caliber weapons can now penetrate objects better than before, while smaller caliber weapons might perform a bit worse.
We have done another round of balance changes to improve our weapon balance. Details can be found on our forum post.
Most notably we have totally overhauled the M40A1. It is now much cheaper and handles better, but its damage has been reduced greatly to put it in line with other 7.62x51mm weapons such as the M24. Also, the SR-3M was reworked to have much less damage but better accuracy.
A handy improvement to Defusal.
Added a bomb tracker to Red team players in Defusal so they can locate dropped/planted bombs more easily
The “bomb dropped” message now also displays when a player drops the bomb voluntarily.
We have simplified the process of leaving a game and added a reminder for players to use the leave commands.
Added a door item to Mob-Arena and PVP lobbies which lets the player leave the game when clicked
Added an auto-leave timer of 10 seconds after a match of Mob-Arena ends.
Changed the text of the Disconnect button to remind players to leave their lobbies using /leave
Coordinates removed from the “bomb dropped” message
We have added a new chat plugin that enables cross-server chat. Use /channel <channel> to switch the chat channel:
/channel global: Global channel. Chat with everyone else and Discord.
/channel server: Server channel. Chat with players on the same server. If you are on GunColony, Hostile players won’t hear you.
/channel map: Map channel. Chat with everyone within a 500 block range. This generally means that they have to be in the same map in order to hear you.
Anti-Cheat, HUD changes, new plugins, and more:
The server now uses the “Reduced Debug Info” gamerule. This causes F3+B hitboxes to no longer work, helping us enforce the rules and provide a fairer play environment.
Removed the tokens system as the underlying plugin that handled it was not updated to 1.12. (Tokens have already been useless for months anyway.)
As a compensation to players who might have had accumulated the most tokens, players who had bought the AK-103 from the token shop are given one for free in their inventory
Removed “no modifications” text in lore of weapons and spawn items
Weapon modifications that are not unlocked now show as gunpowder in the weapon modify menu
Removed /enderchest to reduce illegal item abuse which compromised server stability
All servers now have max RAM assigned by default. This should help significantly with lag spikes
Added a server analytics plugin that allows us to collect data on player activity
Added a new cross-server punishment plugin that allows syncing of mutes and bans across servers
For details please view the patch notes in our forums.
We have fixed 9 major and minor issues in our server. For details please view the patch notes.
Full change logShow
Hello all,

You are reading the changelog of our largest update in all time, made possible by the continued work of our staff team over three weeks. In this update, we have added a brand new Hostile gamemode, professionalized our spawn, artwork, and website, and most importantly updated to the latest Minecraft 1.12.2 server version. We have also done some routine changes such as improving the GUI and renaming and rebalancing our weapons.

Unlike other forum posts under Announcements section, this will not be forwarded to our blog. The blog will show simplified descriptions of our changes instead in an effort to make the huge changelog more readable.

Updated Minecraft version to Spigot 1.12
Updated various plugins to work with new versions

A brand new spawn design
Much more space for players to roam around
Features NPCs that simplify various functions of the server
Far less demanding on network bandwidth, effectively reducing lag

A new experimental Kit-PVP server, honoring fast paced, high intensity combat.

Menu & Kit System:
A Hostile Menu is locked in the last slot of the player's toolbar. /hostilemenu
Players receive a single use kit selector each respawn
Players can use the Hostile Menu to get a new kit every 10 minutes
Kits contain crate keys which can be used to get a guaranteed, random weapon at spawn
Kits also contain armor pieces and healing items
Eliminating and looting players using different kits allows you to piece up a full iron suit
Using the Diamond kit (15m cooldown) allows you to obtain a random diamond armor piece
Elytras are distributed for free
All players currently have equal access to equipment; this may change later on
Combat System:
There are currently only a few weapons in each category, however this will change soon
First shot spread is almost/completely nonexistent with Rifles, Snipers, and some Pistols, meaning perfect accuracy
Spread when spraying is much higher than normal
All weapons have less armor penetration than normal
All weapons except some SMGs and Pistols have less damage per bullet than normal
Suppressor and burstfire can not be toggled off for weapons that feature them
Weapons can be moved around in the inventory freely
Weapons have more generalized, casual names, and a 1 star to 5 star performance rating
Nametags are NOT visible at all
Weapons cause normal amounts of stun effect and NO knockback
Hunger is locked at 9.5 unless you eat food, meaning that eating food initiates the vanilla 1.9 accelerated healing
Fall damage is disabled
Elytra hit-wall damage is disabled
Added a new chat plugin that allows for cross-server chat and chat channels
Type /channel <channel> or /ch <channel> to switch channels
Global channel: Default channel on join, chat across the entire network and with people on Discord.
Server channel: Server channel, chat with others in the server you are on.
Map channel: 500 block range, chat with others in the same map as you.
Staff channel: Allows all staff members in the network to chat with each other.
Added a skull icon effect (totem of undying animation):
Custom textures, displayed below the center of screen
Displayed when winning a round in PVP
Displayed when defeating a boss in Mob-Arena
Added Advancement notifications:
Custom textures, displayed in the top right corner of screen
Displayed when the bomb is planted or defused in PVP Defusal
Displayed when a new wave starts in Mob-Arena
Displayed when a boss or mini-boss spawns in Mob-Arena
M4A4: Long display name changed to M4A4 CQBR. The M4A4 is based on real-life Mk18 Mod 0, a version of the M4 equipped with CQBR (Close Quarters Battle Receiver). To preserve the CS:GO name but still improve realism we have made a compromise and decided the new name, "M4A4 CQBR".
AUG: Long display name changed to AUG A3
SG 553: Short display name changed to SG 556; long display name changed to SG 556 Auto. The CS:GO 553 is modeled after the real life SG 556 which is semi-automatic. However, even though we wish to change the weapon's name, we are keeping the gun full auto, so we are appending "Auto" after the real life name to reflect this.
SCAR-L: Description changed
G36: Long display name changed to HK G36
STG-44: Short display name changed to STG 44 (replacing dash with space); long display name changed to Sturmgewehr 44
G11: Short display name changed to G11 (omitting "HK"; keeps same name format as G36)
PP-Bizon: Short display name changed to PP-19; long display name changed to PP-19 Bizon
Vector: Long display name changed to Vector 9mm to clarify the weapon's ammo caliber
Remington 887: Short display name changed to Rmt. 887
XM1014: Short & long display name changed to M1014; description changed removing the word "prototype"
QBB95: Short display name changed to QBB-95; long display name changed to QBB-95 LSW (adding dash)
MG-34: Short display name changed to MG 34 (removing dash)
AWP: Short and long display name changed to AWM, description changed. Since the CS:GO version is actually modeled after the AWM rather than the AWP, we're changing the identity of this weapon to improve realism.
M40A1: Description changed to match balance changes (see below)
K98k: Short display name changed to Kar98k
Type 92: Short and long display name changed to QSZ-92, description changed
Laser-451: Short and long display name changed to RBB-451
L1A1 SLR (Vietnam Event): Short display name changed to SLR (from L1A1)
.30-06 Rifles/MGs & SVT/M1915: block penetration 3.3, entity penetration 58%
7.62x51mm Rifles/MGs & Lewis: block penetration 3.1, entity penetration 55%
7.62x39mm & 7.92x33mm & 7.92x57mm Rifles/MGs: block penetration 2.9, entity penetration 53%
.357SIG & .357mag & .38mag & .50ae Pistols: block penetration 2.7, entity penetration 53%
5.45x39mm & 5.8x42mm Rifles/MGs: block penetration 2.6, entity penetration 50%
5.56x45mm Rifles/MGs & G11: block penetration 2.5, entity penetration 48%
5.45x39mm & 9x39mm SMGs: block penetration 2.4, entity penetration 47%
4.6x30mm Rifles/SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 2.3, entity penetration 45%
9x19mm & 7.62x25mm SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 1.9, entity penetration 40%
45acp SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 1.8, entity penetration 37%
9x18mm SMGs: block penetration 1.8, entity penetration 36%
Galil AR: Spread increase increased by 10%
IMI Galil: Spread increase increased by 11%
AK-74M: Bullet velocity increased to 680 m/s (from 650), spraying penalty on recoil recovery decreased to 20% (from 25%)
G11: Burstfire rate of fire reduced to 165RPM (from 180) - the new effective rate of fire is 495 RPM.
P90: First shot spread in ADS reduced by 29%
SR-3M: Damage reduced to 25 (from 31), damage dropoff reduced by 50%, first shot spread reduced by 30%, spread increase reduced by 11%, bullet drag reduced by 17%
Scout: Price increased to $2,500 (from $2,000)
SSG 08: Price increased to $2,200 (from $1,700), zoom level increased to be the same as the Scout
M40A1: Price reduced to $3,250 (from $4,750), damage reduced to 106 (from 128), rate of fire increased by 10%, spread recovery increased by 32%, reload time reduced from 0.95s to 0.65s. (Stop complaining about 7.62 dealing more damage than 50cal already...)
AWM: Bullet velocity increased to 740 m/s (from 720)
All bolt actions except Kar98k: view recoil reduced by 30%-40%
M3: Jumping penalty increased by 25%, damage dropoff decreased by 4%
Negev: Spread increase decreased by 5%
MG3: Spread increase increased by 10%
RBB-451 (Laser-451): Now deals 25% extra damage to Illagers (Evokers, etc.) and Witches
Added a new bullet impact sound that is played when another player's shots land near you
Changed the sound of the G11
Added distant sounds to the QBB-95 and MP5K A4
Fixed sound delay for the QBB-95 and MP5K A4
Changed the low ammo sound effect
(N.B.) Minecraft 1.12 added different sound effects for fire and drown damage, so you can now hear them normally even though the normal damage sound is removed.
Added a /leave shortcut to the 9th slot in the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies
When a Mob-Arena match ends, all players will automatically leave the match after 10 seconds
Changed the text of the Disconnect button to remind players to leave directly to the lobby using /leave (instead of leaving and rejoining the entire server like many players currently do)
Some new 1.12 mobs have been added to Graveyard, including Vexes and Llamas
Added Evokers to special waves on Blizzard
Since Suburb is supposed to spawn animals, replaced skeletons with llamas
Made amount of mobs in Mob-Arena much more dependent on game difficulty
In Easy mode slightly more mobs will spawn when there are many players in the arena
In Hard mode many more mobs will spawn regardless of the number of players in the arena (it is now MUCH harder than before)
Fixed a rounding error that caused too few mobs to spawn especially with few players (read 1) in the arena
Easy mode is now set during the day (late morning), Hard mode is still set during midnight
When a Hard mode match starts there will be an animation of the sky turning dark and the moon rising for the first 30 seconds of the match
Changed the particle of the Teleport to Player boss skill to be more noticeable
The Teleport to Player boss skill now initiates half a second faster, giving less warning time
Added a Low Player Bonus to Weapon EXP earned in Mob-Arena. For every one less than 20 players online, you will earn 10% more Weapon EXP.
Added fancy player slot format to prompt players to move the server up in their server list
Added new server icon
Changed MOTD text (finally!) to reflect the new update
Added a new blog icon and made it bigger
Made the blog subtitle bigger
Made the server IP and online player count bigger
Reduced amount of forum posts shown in blog from 8 to 5
The server now uses the "Reduced Debug Info" gamerule to help enforce our rules of no F3+B hitboxes. Now F3+B will no longer draw hitboxes even when enabled, and the F3 menu also no longer draws coordinates
Added a C4 Finder to T side on Defusal, which when right clicked draws a particle line to the location where the bomb was planted or dropped
Removed coordinates display from dropped bomb message
The dropped bomb message now displays when a player drops the bomb voluntarily, not only when a player dies
Changed display description of the Defusal Kit in the shop menu
Removed token system
Removed token rewards from crates
Tokens are kept in the experience leveling rewards because it would be convenient to just change those to another currency when we add one later
Removed "no modifications" text from weapons without modification. This also means that it will no longer show on items such as the Knife and spawn items.
Modifications that are not unlocked now show as gunpowder in the modify weapon menu
Removed /enderchest to reduce illegal item abuse which caused server instability
All servers now have max ram assigned by default. This frees up stress for the garbage collector and significantly decreases stuttering
Added a server analytics plugin that allows us to collect basic data on player activity. In case you're wondering, we do not and can not collect data from your game client.
Added a new punishments plugin to sync punishments across servers and add a functionality for lower staff members to report players to other staff directly in-game
All staff permissions from the previous punishment plugin (Essentials) removed, except /unban and /unmute for Moderators. To use these two commands use /eunban or /eunmute
Builders (not TBuilders) now have kick and warning permissions
Fixed an exploit that allowed selecting weapons above the money limit in TDM/FFA
Fixed a bug where players exiting PVP would occasionally end up in Spectator Mode
Fixed a bug where CTs sometimes instantly win the first round in Defusal mode
Fixed a bug where when the chorus helmet of chorus mobs break, they turn into cobblestone instead of disappear
Fixed a bug where TDM matches as well as AR matches that run out of time end with "Round Draw" instead of the proper win message and sound (FFA will still display "Round Draw")
Fixed a bug where the result of Arms Race is always decided by kills, instead of the final Gold Knife kill (one team could get the Gold Knife kill and still lose due to getting less kills than the other team)
Fixed a bug where non-potion arrows show a black potion trail
Fixed a bug where gaining enough EXP to upgrade a weapon twice does not cause the weapon to upgrade more than once automatically (after this fix you should not ever have to click the upgrade button again)
The messages displayed when players win a Mob-Arena match, such as the CONGRATULATIONS message, now have the correct prefix

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WordPress Continued 2Show
July/4/2018 "Forth of July Events!" by HkyShow

{Yes Hky spelt fourth wrong}

Hello all,
Today is Forth of July, or the American Independence Day! As an American-based server, GunColony will celebrate this holiday with two limited-time events, where you will learn about American history and get to use American weapons, all while having great fun!

High intensity free-for-all combat on distinctly different maps: Volcanic, Nuketown, and Hardhat (new)
Your shop will contain a huge array of American weapons
Regular Free For All game rules apply
Vote for Free For All – Scenario Mode to play the event

We have released the Volcanic map to celebrate Forth of July!
5 new Bosses that reflect various events in American history – see them for yourself!
4 new boss skills, mostly focused on summoning abilities and are most dangerous with multiple players in the match
7 new mini-bosses – there is now a mini-boss wave before each boss wave! Eliminate the mini boss before the main boss spawns to avoid having to deal with both of them at once
3 dangerous new mobs: cowboys, fast leather cap zombies, and shielded vindicators
Volcanic will be removed from PVP soon due to its release as a new Mob-Arena map; this is the last call to play it!
Blackheart removed from Mob-Arena lobby rotation; you can still access it with the join command
Improved layout of the Lab map, fixing an exploit, reducing instances of stuck mobs, and giving the player a lot more information of their surroundings to act ahead
Boss projectile skills (Arrows, Fireballs, etc.) are now slightly easier with lower player counts
Being above or below the Wall skills (Wall, Wall of Frost, Shockwave) will no longer result in being hit (you need to be at least 2 blocks above or below the wall’s starting location to avoid damage)
Mob aggro range increased to 80 blocks from 64 – this makes ghasts lock onto players a lot more quickly. Mob spawning range remains unchanged
If a Mob-Arena wave specifies custom spawnpoints, its mobs will now spawn at every one of these spawnpoints regardless of if a player is within proximity or not
Fixed a bug where the custom spawn feature in Mob-Arena sometimes has no effect
Fixed a bug where stone head mobs never lose the degraded cobblestone head until dying
Fixed a bug where the Shockwave skill did not properly make the boss retarget onto the player like intended
Fixed a bug where mobs would sometimes attempt to chase spectators after killing them for long periods of time
July/23/2018 "Stability Improvements" by HkyShow
Hello all,

First of all, I want to apologize for my lack of activity recently. I am currently limited by real-life obligations and might not have as much time to update the server. I will try to hand some more power to our higher staff members in the coming days so they can keep the server awesome while I more or less resign to a supportive developer and overseer role for the next few months.

For today, though, I would like to roll out some minor stability improvements, fixes to issues that were introduced in our rushed attempt to provide 1.13 support. This should fix the BungeeCord crashing bugs plaguing the server for the last few days (and demanding a manual restart each time it happens).

For the time being you still have to download a separate resource pack to play on the server using 1.13.

I used to provide a custom system that automatically installed the right resource pack version back in the 1.8-1.9 days, but now things are more complicated as we now have multiple underlying servers and have to send resource packs at the proxy level to ensure that switching servers does not require the full reloading of the pack. So you need to wait for now while we find an external source to solve the problem. (We still recommend using 1.12 if possible.)

Updated Bungeecord to latest Spigot build
Updated Viaversion to latest release so the 1.13 experience is more bearable
Updated Linux packages in server (including Apache webserver and MySQL database) to hopefully improve stability
August/2/2018 "PVP Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today's update includes some hefty PVP changes, like a new Competitive PVP Lobby, a new Practice Mode, and several new maps. We have also conceived some stability improvements to address lag issues.


This competitive lobby is for serious players only - level 20 and above. It is found at the left side of spawn and offers a different set of gamemodes and different rewards.

The Competitive Lobby:
Features Defusal, Elimination, and Practice modes, as well as the Dust II scenarios
Has 25% higher post-match rewards per game
Will penalize you if you quit mid-game by forfeiting 50% of your earned rewards

The normal PVP lobby:
Features Demolition, Team Deathmatch, Arms Race, TDM Random Spawns, and Free-For-All modes, as well as all other scenarios
Will no longer penalize you by subtracting 20% of rewards if you quit mid-game

There is currently no stat tracking or ranking systems yet, but they are due to come in a future update.


The Practice mode is a variant of the Team Deathmatch mode. It can be accessed only in the Competitive Lobby, as it has more complex rules. It can be played on: Dust, Dust II, Train, Cache, Overgrown

The game lasts up to 4 rounds, but it will end after 3 if one team manages to snatch 3 wins in a row. The team that scores the most kills in each round will win the round. In the first round, everyone starts with $2000 to distribute to their loadouts. Every additional round, everyone earns an additional $2000.

Winning in this mode requires understanding of different weapon types and loadouts, and because it involves such a wide range of combat scenarios, it is a great way to practice for competitive play.


The Demolition mode is identical to the previous Defusal mode, but it occurs only on one-bombsite maps. Unlike Defusal, it is available only in the normal PVP lobby rather than the competitive lobby, as its simple mechanics are suitable for casual play. It can be played on: Lake, St. Marc, Shortdust, Shorttrain, Bank


A military port-styled map set on the Hostile island. It features a variety of environments, from close-quarters tunnels to utterly wide-open areas, to make room for a diversity of playstyles.

NEW MAP: AZTEC (Defusal)

A temple-themed Defusal map based on the map formerly available in CS:GO.

NEW MAP: BLACKGOLD (Defusal, Arms Race)

A Defusal and Arms Race map set on an oil rig, based on the Operation Hydra map from CS:GO.


Previously showcased in the Independence Day event, this Call of Duty inspired map features a complex layout and a lot of open areas for all kinds of weapons to excel in.


Previously showcased in the Independence Day event, this map is set at a volcano and greatly emphasizes long-range combat.

REWORKED MAP: DUST II (Defusal, Practice, Team Deathmatch, TDM Random Spawns, Scenarios)

Dust II has gotten a new makeover to improve both its aesthetics and gameplay. The remake is inspired by the new Dust II map from CS:GO and is sure to make your Rush B experience that much better.

The map also features reworked spawns for the TDM Random Spawns mode, and both its normal and scenario versions have been added to Practice Mode.


Hydrodam: No longer available in Team Deathmatch
Cache: Now available in Defusal
Bank: Now available in Demolition
Normandy: No longer available in Elimination
Stalingrad: No longer available in Elimination


Fixed Team Deathmatch sometimes reporting the wrong winning team
Added a team kill counter that displays at the end of a Team Deathmatch or Practice Mode round
Defusal Mode now uses a Defuse Kit as its icon
Temporarily removed Infected for a future rework and to free up space in spawn for the Competitive Lobby
Ended the Independence Day event
Removed block editing permissions from staff members in the arena world to prevent griefing map objects like paintings, item frames, or armor stands (temporary solution to stop DustII from being de_stroyed, until we figure out something better. This also fixes staff going through restricted areas in Mob-Arena maps)
Added some security measures to the Wordpress website to avoid brute-force attacks, which should in turn reduce strain on the MySQL server and resolve lag spike issues
August/8/2018 "New Staff Members" by HkyShow
Hello all,

In order to better manage the server and produce higher quality content, we are welcoming a few new staff members to our team and promoting existing ones.


ryanmoneyman - Promoted to Trial Moderator

Helodermas - Promoted to Trial Moderator

Montymarks - Promoted to Trial Moderator

stevehappy321 - Promoted to Trial Moderator

ninja7warrior - Promoted to Trial Builder

Hobocat_15 - Promoted to Trial Builder

awesomepetie35 - Promoted to Moderator

pale1 - Given moderating permissions

Huge thanks to our staff team for making our server as clean and beautiful as it is, and I can't wait to see what we will be able to accomplish next!
August/24/2018 "New Homepage" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have just released a new home page for our website! It now showcases many of the server’s most unique features, and also looks much prettier than before. While I sort out some remaining problems with the website, please give some critiques on how the new page looks!
September/10/2018 "9/8 – 9/9 Update 2 New Maps and Event Guns " ...Show
Hello all. That's how I start one of these posts right? Welcome to my (Rijam) first ever update post.

New maps:
- Mannerheim

Mannerheim, made by Arhippa, is for TDM Scenario. It takes place durring the Winter War (1939-1940). Blue team in Finland, Red team is Russia (Soviet Union). It also features new event guns.

- SteamTunnels

SteamTunnels, made by pale1, is for demolition. It takes place in the middle of a city.

New event guns:
- New event guns are L-35, P38, KP-31, AVT-40, PPD-38, PPD-40, MP-28, G98, and M1918 BAR.
All of them except the M1918 BAR is available in Mannerheim. The G98 and M1918 BAR are available in Normandy.
Finally blue team has an automatic rifle in Normandy.

Other map changes:
- Aztec is now available for TDM.
- Outpost, Sparity, and Bureau are now available for defusal.
- Slight subway rework. Moved spawns back down, and added a train in the middle. (Credits to pale1)

Gun changes:
Minor gun changes
- Suppressed guns no longer have any muzzle flash.
- New swap sounds for: SPAS-12, M1919A4, RBB-451, High Voltage Gloves, and Flamer.
- Changed the pump sound of the Remington.
- NS2000 reload is different. It's now slighty shorter, but the mag ready time is longer. Also there is a pump sound while shooting.
- Added new explosion sounds to the grenades (still WIP).
- Added knife swoosh sound when back stabbing.
- Gold knife now has a different kill icon.
- Made MP5k reload and swap sounds slightly higher pitch to differentiate with the MP5.

Misc. Changes:
- /join now has Competitive and Hostile. Infected has been removed from it.
- /rules now displays the rules and a link to the rules page.
- Fixed one of the missing holograms in Hostile. (Credit Breaks for this one.)
September/13/2018 "Temporarily Disabling 1.11/1.13 Support" by H...Show
We have temporarily removed ViaVersion version support plugin from BungeeCord to see if it would resolve our current lag issues.
This was done due to reports that our previous attempts at mitigating performance issues did not solve all instances of crashes/freezes which still occurred when players joined. This was not a network or database issue – we had already fixed unrelated performance problems related to our database which also caused freezes. Since the main server’s timings also did not show anything abnormal, so we concluded that the lag was probably caused by the BungeeCord proxy. Ultimately, we suspected that the joining players used a particular version of Minecraft (1.13?) which caused ViaVersion to freeze up the server, which caused us to make this decision of removing ViaVersion from the proxy as a temporary experiment.
If you are using 1.13, or a lower version of Minecraft such as 1.10/1.11 (these are already unsupported versions), you will not be able to login for the time being. If you are having problems, please switch to Minecraft version 1.12.2.
Keep in mind that this is a temporary test. If the performance does improve as a result of this change, we will probably not attempt to re-implement 1.13 support, and we will look into an alternative method like ProtocolSupport to re-allow lower versions. Otherwise, we will revert the change and continue to investigate into possible sources of our performance issues
September/23/2018 "Easier to Learn, Harder to Master" by HkyShow
Hello all,
In today’s update, we took a look at weapon handling, putting a greater emphasis on recoil control in successfully landing your shots.
Most significantly, we have removed the upwards recoil, as well as the slight random sideways recoil, for all automatic weapons (Rifles, SMGs, LMGs). The aim kick of these guns is now purely based on the weapon’s recoil pattern, which now has a much greater magnitude multiplier to make controlling it more necessary and challenging. As a result, to master a weapon you must learn to control its recoil, which greatly increases the skill ceiling of aiming.
As a side effect, this change also means that upwards recoil is no longer significantly applied past ~10 bullets fired, as the recoil will switch to mostly horizontal depending on the weapon. This means that you no longer have to pull down on your mouse during the full spray, making it easier for inexperienced players to land some shots. It also makes the game much more gentle on trackpad users who can’t move their mouse across long distances.
The update also contains some performance improvements and QoL changes.

Removed vertical recoil for automatic weapons
Increased spray pattern magnitude of automatic weapons
Made certain recoil patterns smoother with less jagged jumps: M14 EBR, M4A4, M4A1-S, Galil AR, IMI Galil, G36
Modified certain recoil patterns to require more recoil control: SCAR-L, M1915, M60
The recoil pattern is now applied on the first and second shots
Significantly reduced first shot recoil on all semi-automatic snipers
Recoil will now be greatly increased when firing quickly for all semi-automatic snipers

Killing a mini-boss in Mob-Arena will no longer trigger the totem effect (only actual bosses will)
Greatly improved performance of the advancement toast effect by switching to a packet-based method from a different library
Wiped existing advancements cache – you might be getting some random “advancement made” notifications again
Re-enabled ViaVersion since we have eliminated it as a possible source of lag
Applied certain software storage optimizations on the server machine
September/30/2018 "Spooky October #1" by HkyShow
Hello all,
This October will be the spookiest yet! Every week of the month we will bring new SPOOKY content to the game, and this week we are adding a brand new Haunted map alongside two new rifles, basic 1.13 support and balance changes!
This haunted house has a lot of verticality, wallbang spots, and cobwebs. You can fight here in both Team Deathmatch and Demolition modes. Be careful not to get spooked too early!

We have partially gotten 1.13 client support to work. Now you can join with 1.13, but due to a bug, you can’t send chat messages. We’ll work on a fix soon.
We have added two new cheap rifle choices, the FAD and the SR-25. These choices allow the player to compete from longer ranges than most other choices at this price point, but have lower fire rate to make up for the accuracy.

The FAD is a 5.56mm assault rifle with lower rate of fire and high recoil, but great mobility and accuracy for its cost. (Epic, $2300)

The SR-25 is an accurate semi-automatic battle rifle that has a low damage dropoff but overall lower DPS than other choices like the M14 EBR. (Epic, $2500)
We have updated the look of the P90. We didn’t mean to nerf A site, by the way.

We have individually tweaked our sniper rifles to make them more realistic and useful. Particularly, all of the bolt-action rifles no longer have to pull the bolt when reloading, which makes them reload much faster. In return, the bolting speeds of some sniper rifles have been reduced.
Scout: rate of fire reduced by 24%, price reduced to $2000, reload speed increased
SSG 08: rate of fire reduced by 23%, price reduced to $1700, scoped accuracy increased, reload speed increased
AWM: rate of fire reduced by 11%, bullet drag decreased, scoped accuracy slightly increased, reload speed increased
M24: rate of fire reduced by 10%, random horizontal recoil increased, reload speed greatly increased
CheyTac: damage increased by 2%, reload speed increased
M40A1: spread recovery slightly increased
K98k: rate of fire increased by 6%, reload sounds changed
NTW-20: reload speed increased
SCAR-20: price reduced to $4800
G3SG1: scoped accuracy slightly increased
M82: swap speed increased, reload speed increased
MSG90 A2: reload speed increased
SVD: reload speed increased
Some other weapons have received tweaks as well:
FAMAS: first shot spread increased by 5% in fully automatic mode
AR-57: first shot spread reduced by 20%
MG3: rate of fire reduced to 940 RPM (from 1100), damage increased to 28 (from 25), recoil slightly increased
Lewis Gun: rate of fire reduced to 510 RPM (from 525)
SC-2010: armor penetration reduced from 82.5 to 81.5
Kar98k in scenario mode: damage increased
M1903 in scenario mode: spread recovery increased
Mosin in scenario mode: rate of fire increased
G98 in scenario mode: damage and rate of fire increased (still slower than other bolt actions)
BAR in scenario mode: tweaked stats for higher damage but lower accuracy, added a faster firing mode that you can switch to using left click
The resource pack loaded message now hints you to join a game by clicking an NPC
Pressing the reload key now causes the gun to bob. It does look a bit more responsive, but the change was mainly made to solve a bug around reloading for 1.13 players
Removed Plan analytics plugin to improve performance and solve Bungee & creative server crash issues
Fixed a bug where you could fire weapons in spectator mode if looking at blocks up close
October/8/2018 "Spooky October #2 " by HkyShow
Hello all,
Welcome to the second week of the spookiest October ever! I promise you’ll not be scared!


This week we are adding a brand new Tomb map to Mob-Arena, with a gray, symmetric, and somewhat uninteresting looks, as well as a close resemblance to Graveyard with identical wave count. It’s just 100 times more spooky, that’s all…
Seriously! We’ll give you a few in-game screenshots, but I carefully cherry-picked those to not spoil ANYTHING. All you get to know is that this map is powered by new integration with the popular MythicMobs plugin, the same plugin that powers virtually all RPG servers out there.
Watch out, since the surprise starts as soon as your game begins!

Oh, in case you really need one tip before you jump in, remember that most mobs will come from the little tunnels on the sides of the map.

Added latest MythicMobs plugin
Added full Mob-Arena integration with MythicMobs
Any MythicMobs can be spawned in Mob-Arena just as easily as regular, hard-coded mob types
MythicMobs can be bosses and can use regular Mob-Arena boss skills
MythicMobs can spawn other entities which will automatically be added to monsters in MobArena
Adding new mobs is now possible without a restart
Specifying wave type is no longer required – the wave type will be “default” if not specified. This saves space in config
The default monster number growth is now “none” instead of “old” – since almost all waves already use “none” this saves space in config
Added ability to give a name to a spawnpoint without adding it to the list of default spawns by prefixing the spawn name with “_”, which is much easier to use compared to specifying spawnpoints with coordinates
Added a few custom MythicMobs and corresponding skills
Added new boss skills
Wall of Blindness – same as the Wall skill, but inflicts 3 seconds of blindness and 10 seconds of nausea and does no damage
Spawn Mites – spawns silverfish on Easy mode, endermites on Hard mode
Spawn Creepers – spawns creepers from the boss
Spawn ??? – you’ll find out
Fixed an arena world griefing bug
Fixed a permission issue that prevented non-admin staff from punishing offline players
October/15/2018 "Spooky October #3 " by HkyShow
Hello all,
Welcome to the third week of our October horrors! Today we are adding a new spawn, new map, and balance changes that brings back the ancient cosmic horrors dubbed “COD guns”.

Is that a UFO? It’s shrunk the spawn down to barely half its old size! The new smaller spawn should help players find and join games faster, since they won’t have to run as much. It’s also really spooky – carved pumpkins and stuff.

Delegation is a new map featured in the TDM Random Spawns gamemode. Unlike most other maps, it is set during sunset. One more step towards darkness!

We have updated a few weapons to match the stats inscribed on Mr. CSGO’s horrifying new UFO at spawn.
AUG: Price reduced to $3150 (from $3300)
SG 556 Auto: Price reduced to $3050 (from $3200) – only $50 more expensive than the AK-47
CZ-75 Auto: Recoil pattern changed to require much more skill to control; spread increase from shooting increased by 15%; spread recovery speed increased by 9%
MP-443: Spread increase reduced by 50%, spread recovery penalty from spraying increased to 50% (from 20%) – this is an overall buff to both tapping and spamming
SR-25: Added a bit more zoom in ADS. It has a fancy red dot sight, after all.
October/22/2018 "Spooky October #4 " by HkyShow
Hello all,
This week of October we’re bringing a new weapon, as well as a new Defusal map that is now temporarily available in the regular PVP lobby.


The MP5SD costs $1,500 in PVP modes, fits into the same slot as the MP7, and has an integrated suppressor and higher movement speed than the MP7
In return, it features lower armor penetration, bullet velocity, and moving accuracy
It is unlocked when reaching TMP Level 6

Added a new map: Umbraticam
Currently available for Team Deathmatch and Defusal, Mob-Arena version PLANNED
Based on a certain real-world location
Defusal mode is temporarily available in the regular PVP lobby in addition to competitive
I myself built like 85 percent of it

These images are again designed to not spoil ANYTHING, go in game to see what this is actually all about
The MP5 now requires MP5SD Level 5 to unlock instead of MP7 Level 5
The Tavor X95-R now requires MP7 Level 5 to unlock, down from Level 6
FAD, SR-25: Fixed scoped movement speed being slightly slower than intended
Fixed the issue where 1.13 players can not chat in the server
November/12/2018 "November Update " by HkyShow
Hello all,

Spawn randomly, aim for the head, and enjoy a better weapon balance with this month’s new update, full of many long-requested changes and Quality of Life additions to the game!



We have added a new Random Team Spawns feature to the following maps:

Arms Race/Elimination: Baggage, Monastery, Shoots, Lake, Safehouse, Majir
Team Deathmatch: Subway

On these maps, each team will have a unique set of spawnpoints. This means that it is harder to spawn-kill since there is no single place that the enemies respawn at.



We have added some changes to PVP timers and the Competitive Mode entry requirement per community request.

The timing of PVP modes have been better equalized:
Team Deathmatch, TDM Random Spawns, and Scenario Mode: 4 minutes —> 6 minutes
Free-For-All: 3 minutes —> 6 minutes
Demolition: 2.5 minutes —> 1.5 minutes (does not affect the bomb explode timer)
Arms Race: 10 minutes —> 7 minutes, 16 weapon levels —> 12 weapon levels
Competitive Mode now requires Level 5 to join instead of Level 20
The M3 Grease Gun, MP40, MP18, and BAR have been added to Arms Race
Added a custom-coded feature where Admins can now edit PVP map spawnpoints directly in game. This makes it drastically easier to change existing PVP maps.



We have greatly improved the hitbox of players and added a body part penetration system, making it much easier to hit the head or chest to score these critical kills.

Greatly increased the size of the head hitbox
Now uses 2 cuboids for the head hitbox that gives it an overall octagonal shape, making the size of the hitbox much less dependent on the player’s orientation
Slightly increased the size of the chest hitbox, especially on crouching players
Extended the bottom of the body hitbox to match the player model’s body height better
Tweaked the arm hitboxes to match the player model’s arm heights better
Made the leg hitbox slightly wider (0.2 blocks –> 0.26 blocks) to match the player model better
Shots that travel through the arm into the chest now count as a chest shot with 1.25x damage multiplier
Shots that travel through the arm/chest/neck into the head now count as a headshot
Reduced the effect of the ping compensation algorithm slightly
Optimized the hit detection algorithm to avoid checking players that the bullet obviously missed



We have (once again) done extensive tweaks on the weapon mechanics of semi-automatic weapons.

Semi-automatic shotgun that reload round-by-round now benefit from the semi-automatic shot smoothing system, and can now aim down sights between shots just like all other semi-automatic weapons.
The shot smoothing system now shoots a bullet up to 0.2 seconds after mouse press, down from 0.4. This greatly decreases the likelihood of firing an extra shot from a misclick.
Added a new recoil feature that uses the old classic recoil system to contribute to the view recoil of the weapon
This allows many new possibilities for the randomly generated recoil system
Now used on all semi-automatic shotguns, all semi-automatic sniper rifles, and the burst mode of the Mauser C-96

We have additionally done balance changes to many of our weapons:

ALL WEAPONS: Bullet drop reduced by 1/3. The new gravity value (32 m/s^2) is identical to the gravity of Minecraft players.
ALL WEAPONS: The Aim Down Sights sound and Low Ammo Sound can now only be heard by players less than 5 blocks away, making them less likely to reveal your location or the fact that you are almost out of ammo
MSG90 A2: Added new recoil system (balanced vertical and horizontal recoil with a lot of sharp kicks), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
G3SG1: Added new recoil system (high and rather consistent horizontal recoil), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
SCAR-20: Added new recoil system (high vertical recoil, bouncy horizontal recoil), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
M82: Added new recoil system (extremely high recoil, shot will be slightly off the crosshair when firing quickly), massively increased accuracy when firing quickly
SVD: Added new recoil system (high vertical recoil, high horizontal recoil when firing quickly), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
SIG 550: Added new recoil system (recoil acceleration when firing quickly, bouncy horizontal recoil), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly
ALL Shotguns: Randomness of individual pellets’ trajectory decreased by 30%, so the pellets will follow the spread pattern more consistently
SPAS-12: Added new recoil system (high horizontal recoil), greatly increased accuracy when firing quickly, pellet count increased to 6 (from 5), damage per pellet decreased to 19 (from 20)
M1014: Added new recoil system (moderate recoil), spread pattern expanded 10%
Origin-12: Added new recoil system (moderate horizontal recoil, very consistent vertical recoil), reduced vertical variance in spread pattern, increased moving accuracy, reduced hipfire accuracy
NS-2000: Added new recoil system (moderate but bouncy recoil), damage increased to 21 (from 20), rate of fire decreased to 190 RPM (from 260)
Nova: Spread pattern shrunk 10%
Mauser C-96: Recoil in Auto mode now uses a recoil pattern, and Burst mode now uses the new recoil system (both much harder to control)
SR-25: Recoil in first few shots greatly increased
M1915: Recoil increased especially in first few shots, recoil recovery slower, short display name shortened to “M1915” from “M1915 CSRG”
AK-74M: Shots deviation from crosshair from automatic fire decreased by 6%
M40A1: Spread recovery increased by 10%, movement penalty reduced by 20%
Fire Launcher: Hip fire accuracy increased, ADS speed increased
Flamethrower: Ammo increased to 100/100 (from 48/144), rate of fire increased to 950 (from 800), accuracy increased, spread recovery increased, reload speed decreased, price increased to $2400 (from 1700)
High Voltage Gloves: damage decreased to 11 (from 14), damage dropoff reduced to 12.5% per block from 25%


Removed “[g]” prefix in chat to make it look cleaner
Temporarily removed Outpost to fix a server crash issue
Maximum frequency of “out of ammo” notification is now limited to 5 times per second to prevent chat spamming
Fixed a bug where Dual Berettas muzzle flash and bullet tracers come out of opposite weapons
Changed spawns in Shipwreck to remove the spawns where players respawn looking straight down
November/23/2018 "Thanksgiving Update " by HkyShow
Hello all,


Happy Thanksgiving! We have prepared a huge update for the holiday - get ready for numerous new weapons, maps and scenarios, as well as QoL improvements that will make your game look and sound a lot better!


Spectre M4


An Italian .45 ACP submachine gun with a very high damage output but high recoil and expensive price. It sports a large, 50-round magazine for sustained fire.



A Soviet 7.62x25mm submachine gun with a 71-round drum magazine that makes it a great alternative to the PP-Bizon, compared to which it has a slower reload but better damage and fire rate.

Skorpion vz.61


A Czech machine pistol with a high 858 RPM rate of fire and 20 rounds in magazine, but low damage and rather high recoil. It occupies the secondary weapon slot similarly to the CZ75-Auto.



A Czech semi-automatic rifle in the Sniper weapon category, although it does not have a scope. It uses a 5 round detachable magazine and is capable of one-shot chest kill to unarmored targets.



We have added a minimap to all gamemodes to display some useful information as well as an overview of the current map.

The minimap currently shows the following information:

The location of your teammates
In Defusal and Demolition, the locations of bombsites
In Defusal and Demolition, the location of dropped/planted bombs are visible for Red Team players
In Mob-Arena, the locations of bosses and mini-bosses

P.S.: There is currently an issue where the minimap is physically shown to be held by all players. This will be fixed in the near future.



We have expanded the Scenario Mode with three brand new Scenarios with exclusive weapons!

Archives: Get immersed in the world of Goldeneye. Whether you want to use the Golden Gun or the Klobb, the choice is yours.

Hoth: Slash enemies with lightsabers or shoot through covers with laser blasters in this futuristic, Star Wars-inspired scenario.

DustPCG: Classic Offensive is back! Get a pack of nostalgia with classic Counter-Strike weapons and go spam those Dual Elites!

Additionally, Archives is also available in the normal TDM mode.




We have added new weapon models for some Scenario Mode weapons: FG-42, PPD-38, PPD-40 (shared with the regular loadout weapon), Suomi KP-31, and P38 Parabellum.


We have added some arrows to the Tech Tree menu (e.g. shown above the SCAR-L and AUG in the left image) to better visualize the unlock path of weapons.


We have greatly improved our Map Vote menu.

You can now change your vote to a different map after voting
The map choices are now sorted by number of votes
For maps with the same number of votes, they are now sorted alphabetically by gamemode
The menu now shows the current number of votes for each map


We have added new icons for weapon categories in the PVP loadout menu and buy menu in place of the old gold ingots.


Added support for "stereo" sounds - two different sound effects can now be played from opposite sides of the player to create a stereo effect for gunshots. This effect is weaker but still existent when hearing the shots of another player. It is currently used by the new ZH-29, which has a completely custom-made sound effect that takes advantage of the stereo audio.
Different sounds are now played when bullets impact a block depending on the material of the block that it strikes.


We have tweaked a few existing SMGs to make them more worth it for their price.

PP-Bizon: Movement speed increased from 90% to 94%
MP7, MP5SD: Damage dropoff decreased by 20%, recoil slightly increased
P90: Significantly decreased bullet velocity, movement penalty reduced by 50%, damage increased to 26 (from 23)


Umbraticam Defusal has been removed from the regular PVP playlist
Slightly reduced speed of baby pigs and baby cows in Mob-Arena
Fixed a bug where sometimes players would not be able to receive guns nor open the shop
December/8/2018 "Pre-Christmas Update" by RijamShow
Hello all, here's a small Pre-Christmas update. We have more stuff planned for the actual Christmas update.


We have update the spawn with a Chirstmas tree and snow. Bring a jacket.


There is a new seasonal map: Workshop! This map was made by Hobocat_15 and is set in Santa's Workshop.



This map is available in Free For All. Just like how Haunted was removed after October, Workshop will be removed after December.


I've added two new mods, one for the Fire Launcher and one for the Flamethrower. I added them since they didn't have any before. This mods will most likely be updated/changed in the future.

The Fire Launcher gets the Faster Burst mod. This mod makes the projectiles move faster but you get more recoil.


The Flamethrower gets the Iron Sights mod. The normal Flamethrower doesn't have ADS, so this mod adds it. It is more accurate with the Iron Sights mod while aiming down sights than it is just crouching with the normal, unmodded Flamer.
The downside is your movement accurate is reduce, even when not aiming down sights.


Both of these mods are unlocked at level 4.

That's all for this update, we will have another update for Christmas with some more exciting things.
December/26/2018 "Christmas Update!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Merry Christmas to everyone! We have released three new weapons and a new TDM map for y'all to enjoy the holidays!


Mineshaft is a new TDM map set in an underground mine. It features the new Random Spawns system to make the game pace a bit more dynamic.

Ultimax 100

The Ultimax 100 is a Singaporean LMG firing 5.56mm. It features accurate automatic fire thanks to its "constant recoil" feature.

Ithaca 37

The Ithaca 37 is a 16-gauge shotgun with a tight spread. It replaces the KSG-15 in the unlock tree - the latter weapon is now unlocked after it to be in the right tier for a Legendary weapon.

Sterling SMG

The Sterling is a slow-firing 9x19mm SMG with a cheap price and good automatic accuracy.

GunColony is known for making firsts in the industry and redefining what is possible to be done in Minecraft. This time, we have added a new "smooth recoil recovery" system to the game that works by sending the player 60 view rotation updates per second (independently from the Minecraft server tickrate of 20), matching the refresh rate of most monitors providing a seamless experience. This allows the weapon recoil to have a customizable "force" and "recovery" to them where instead of instantly changing your viewing direction the gun will now kick your view up a bit more gradually like most other games, and the recoil can also partly or completely recover after the shot. It's all configurable and allows us to create a lot more variety in how our weapons handle.
This new system is currently in testing on the three new weapons that we added to the server, both for stability and to collect feedback, but we do intend to add it to all of our weapons in the future. If you experience any performance issues or bugs when and only when using these weapons, please let us know in the Bug Report section on the forums so we can get them all smoothed out.
February/3/2019 "January Dev Blog" by HkyShow
Hello all,

January might have seemed like a relatively uneventful month when it comes to visible updates on the server. However, under the hood our team has spent much time planning for the coming year and building a solid groundwork for future updates. We have also quietly implemented a few new changes to the game.

We are aiming to achieve a completely revolutionized game experience in GunColony by our 4th anniversary. In this post I will talk about what we have done in the past few weeks and what we have planned for the months to come.


What we have done

One thing that you might have noticed is that the recoil for Snipers, Shotguns, Special Weapons and Sidearms feel very different. The new recoil system offers vastly improved target tracking and aesthetics while giving us more opportunities to balance our weapons against each other. It uses asynchronous code to update your viewing angle 60 times a second to deliver a seamless experience.

What we have planned

A new Damage Absorption system for Mob-Arena to make fights more interesting and less like shooting at bullet-sponges
A new hit particles system – different particles on hit to help you directly visualize how you damaged the enemy
Improved spread system where bullets come out in a simulated barrel that moves with inertia, instead of 100% randomly within a spread cone

Mob Arena

What we have done


We have released a new Mineshaft Mob-Arena map. Check it out!

Watch out for a surprise at Wave 10!!

What we have planned

A new respawn system coming soon where dead and new-joining players can be put into the game after a more consistent interval
Eventually, a brand new Mob-Arena rework that will completely revolutionize how the game is played; the whole server will share one match and work for one goal


What we have done

We have rolled out some stability improvements to the Hostile Alpha mode (that were tested earlier on the main GunColony server) that should make the game run more smoothly.

What we have planned

In a few months, Hostile will come back in a big way. We have begun working on the rework in April 2018 and the new mode will feature extreme long-range combat unprecedented in Minecraft, as well as increased freedom for players to try new strategies towards victory.


What we have done

We have changed the blood particle effects on some monsters and headshot hits to provide a better visual experience.

What we have planned

Blood particles will be improved once again to deliver more detailed information and be more visually pleasing
The muzzle flash effect will be optimized for a large (~50%) frametime performance improvement when firing on low-end graphics cards
New, unique backgrounds will be added to our in-game menus

New Player Experience

What we have done

We have replaced the spawn with a slightly tighter version of it to better guide new players to getting into their first game.


What we have planned

An even smaller spawn where tutorial signs will be visible by looking right behind you – like the iconic first spawn that GunColony had on release
A small tutorial for players to grasp the server’s basic mechanics when joining the server for the first time
Improvements to when and where in-game tips will show up


What we have done

We have improved our Twitter channel and integrated it into the Discord and website homepage.

What we have planned

Better in-game information about our social media sites
Updates to our Discord server
Resuming of our YouTube channel

Other Changes in January

Fixed a bug where the Flamethrower did not count its kills
Fixed a bug where explosive weapons did not deal damage properly
Fixed an important issue where entities suffering a vanilla-type damage, such as falling, fire, or poison, could not take damage from weapons
Monster blood particles are now the correct type for disguised mobs (a skeleton disguised as zombie will now show zombie green blood)
Added new “random waves” and “map switch” systems intended for the new Mob-Arena rework, but both are also used in the new map Mineshaft
March/13/2019 "Mob-Arena Hurts More Now!" by HkyShow

Today we have released the below changes to the server. Most of it is intended to improve the new player experience through increasing performance, easing weapon control, and making Mob-Arena more interesting.


Implemented new Bullet Tracer particles. (endRod)
- Enlarged the texture of bullet tracer particles.
- Bullet tracer particles now estimate the bullet trajectory more accurately.
- Fixed a bug where bullet tracer particles were always displayed based on the muzzle velocity rather than the current bullet velocity.
- Bullet tracer particles now display for two seconds for each bullet, rather than half a second.
- Optimized the amount of bullet tracer particles displayed to the shooter
- You can now see more detailed bullet tracer particles of other players which more accurately display the bullet drop
Implemented new Muzzle Flash particles. (sweepAttack)
- Made the texture of the particle more circular and detailed.
- Added a very small and subtle black smoke effect left by the particle, which noticeably adds to the visuals when firing on the move.
- Greatly optimized the performance of muzzle flash particles by lowering GPU usage by more than 90%. This eliminates the FPS drops experienced by low-end PCs when firing weapons.
- Only one (bigger) particle is now produced when a bullet strikes the block, rather than several. This reduces both GPU and CPU usage.
Fixed a bug where bullets sometimes fail to produce block hit effects if they do not penetrate the hit block.
Modified recoil on most weapons.
- All weapons now use the newest recoil recovery system.
- After the player stops firing, the recoil will always recover to its original location regardless of the weapon. The recoil patterns themselves are not changed.
- Fixed a bug where the recoil pattern behaved erratically for the Mauser C96.
- The recoil of the G36 has been raised slightly.
- Tweaked the recoil of FAMAS, G11, and QBB-95 in burstfire (should not be a significant balance change).
- Slightly tweaked the recoil of the M1919A4 (not a significant balance change).
Added a new third-party anti-cheat system to hide players behind walls much more reliably than the previous used solution.
- This should also fix the bug where players are sometimes invisible at spawn.


Players no longer lose maximum health when respawning in Mob-Arena.
Players now start with 5 hearts of health when respawning in Mob-Arena to encourage healing up (using class gadgets if necessary) before fighting.
Increased the amount of damage players take in Mob-Arena, to maintain the same level of challenge.
- In Easy mode, you now take the normal Minecraft Easy difficulty damage, rather than 0.85x of it.
- In Hard mode, you now take 1.3x instead of 1.15x damage. This makes the damage of most mobs similar to the Normal difficulty in Minecraft.
- Skeleton arrows now deal 0.75x damage rather than 0.5x. (This change, as well as the below changes, stacks with the damage increases above)
- Guardian lasers now deal 0.4x damage rather than 0.33x.
- Guardians no longer reflect damage to players when attacked (including melee attacks).
- The damage multiplier of TNTs now depend on their explosion power; small blasts will deal full damage while larger blasts will still deal reduced damage. This makes the Bomb Strike skill much more dangerous than before.
- Damage of evokers' Intercontinental Ballistic Fangs reduced by 30%.
The amount of particles generated by all Wall skills reduced by 50% to improve CPU performance for 1.13 players.
All Wall skills no longer start with full width. The width now starts at zero and grows to full width after 1.2 seconds, to avoid hitting players as soon as the skill is used.
All Wall skills now last half a second longer and thus go 2 blocks further than before.
The Trump wall is now a separate skill from the normal stone wall.
- It now has a distinctive American Flag texture.
- It no longer sets players on fire.
The new Stone Wall replaces the Trump Wall for most bosses. It does a fairly large knockback and 1.5 hearts of damage upon hitting a player, and also sets them on fire.
The Wall of Blindness now blinds for an extra second on Hard difficulty.


Vmbraticam Mob-Arena is terrible and a duplicate of the PVP map, so it will be removed tomorrow at 6:30pm EST unless something last-minute or two changes my mind. Enjoy your last games there while you're at it. By the way, Vmbraticam is Latin for nerd.
March/29/2019 "The Progression Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have released a HUGE update that includes a lot of new content, as well as a brand new player progression system. The max level has been increased to 140, and you are now rewarded more for your actions in-game and for leveling up.
We have added a brand new spawn to the server! Not only does it look prettier, all of our functional NPCs are now placed much closer to each other. Dropping into the pits will also let you join a game quicker than ever before.

These three new lobbies each have their own personality. They are also placed in the same world as the in-game arenas, allowing you to enter your game faster (and at no risk of getting mysteriously kicked).
PVP Lobby

Mob-Arena Lobby

Competitive Lobby

Increased maximum level to 140.
Increased PVP kill award from 15 to 20 XP.
Added a new award for damaging an enemy in PVP – 1 XP for every half heart of damage dealt.
The assist award in PVP is now a flat 10 XP and no longer depends on damage dealt.
Increased PVP round end award to 100 XP for losers and 250 XP to winners.
Increased Mob-Arena XP gain from 1 XP per 1000 points to 1 XP per 400 points.
Normalized crate rewards so crates are still awarded at a similar rate as before.

Every weapon can now be unlocked by leveling up.
Weapon unlocks can be seen in the Level Progression menu.
Players who already have a weapon will not lose it.
Crates will still provide Weapon XP for any unlocked weapon.
The ability to unlock guns through the Tech Tree will be removed in a future update. We will implement an alternative system to pick and choose which weapons to unlock.

You can now equip any weapon of a category into any slot for weapons of the category.
For example, you can now equip any SMG, such as MP9, into any of the six SMG weapon slots.
Newly unlocked weapons will automatically be placed into empty loadout slots if there are any.
The loadout menu will now show locked weapons in addition to unlocked ones.

Leveling up now creates a green firework effect.
Leveling up now has a new animation where each reward is revealed half a second apart.
Leveling up now plays the Minecraft Advancement sound.
Mobs now have a low probability of dropping the following items: Grenade (2%), Healer (1.4%), Healer Pack (0.4%), Healer Syringe (0.4%), Mini-Nuke (0.05%)
Fixed a bug where the MP5K A4 was not affected by the recent recoil rework.
Reverted the anti-wallhack solution due to the new solution not correctly blocking F5 view and hiding players too aggressively.
Removed NPC for Hostile in the server spawn to discourage newer players from joining and getting stuck in it. You may still join it through the join menu or commands if you wish.
March 26 Changes
Nylon 66
Rifle – Common – Unlocks at Level 66
The Nylon 66 is a semi-automatic rifle firing .22 LR out of a synthetic ammo-holding stock. The weapon has low damage and a slow reload mechanism, but its cheap cost and extremely low recoil makes it a fair option for mid-range combat.

Rifle – Common – Unlocks at Level 41
The FAL is a 7.62mm battle rifle featuring a beastly 700 RPM rate of fire with three-shot-kill potential, offset by a high recoil, small magazine capacity, and expensive price.

Shotgun – Epic – Unlocks at Level 56
The Honcho is a jack-of-all-trades budget shotgun with stats that sit nicely between that of the M3 and the Sawed-Off, while also coming in at a similar price point. However, it has a lower 6-round magazine capacity and a slow reload speed.

Stoner 63 Automatic Rifle
LMG – Rare – Unlocks at Level 63
The Stoner 63 is an automatic support weapon chambered in 5.56mm. It features a fast rate of fire and slightly higher per-shot damage than shorter weapons of a similar caliber, while simultaneously preserving accuracy when fired in bursts or full-auto.

Rhino 60 DS
Sidearm – Legendary – Unlocks at Level 85
A powerful revolver firing .357 Magnum. Compared to other high-caliber sidearms, the Rhino is able to maintain damage better from longer ranges. However, it has a short 0.1 second trigger delay, which while shorter than that of the R8 Revolver limits its usability in close combat.

Charger 22
Sidearm – Common – Unlocks at Level 25
The Charger 22 is a small .22 LR carbine with a compact folding design. It outputs low damage per shot but has a very high accuracy compared to other sidearms, even while fired quickly.

The build team is proud to introduce 3 new map remakes into the line-up to replace their old counterparts. We decided to remake these specific maps because we believed these maps were in need of significant overhauls.
We remade Baggage to pay more loyalty to the CS:GO version of the map. This includes new exterior decorations, a brand new color palette, and a modified layout. To enhance gameplay, we have also improved the map’s travel times and added more spawnpoints to either side.

Secondly, we have remade Monastery for the Arms Race game mode, again paying tribute to the original CS:GO map. We smoothened out the snow, decorated the interiors, and rescaled various buildings. We also slightly adjusted the color palette to match that of CS:GO.

Finally, we have reworked Jungle per popular request and anticipation. The map has been intensely rescaled and redecorated while staying as faithful as possible to the original layout. Additionally, the background of the map is now loaded with a rich new scenery and expansive jungle landscape.

Karabiner 98k unlock level changed from 66 to 67
AUG A3 unlock level changed from 63 to 65
Fixed an exploit where players could push others into lobbies.
Damaging players near their spawn no longer awards experience.
Delayed the rankup animation by 1 second to prevent the experience and crate reward message from showing up in the middle of the rankup messages.
Fixed a glitch where the ding sounds when receiving a reward had incorrect pitch.
Fixed a glitch where locked items appeared before unlocked items in the Mob-Arena loadout menu.
The locked items in loadout menus are now sorted by unlock level.
March 28 Changes
Removed the Cartographer minimap to substantially improve server performance.
PVP up to 20 players tested without server lag (TPS > 19.8).
The network bandwidth usage has been considerably reduced.
The C4 Finder now swaps in 0.05 seconds instead of 0.5, now that it is again the only way to find the C4 location.
Considerable layout change to Jungle to once again allow the long-range sightline through the house and cave structures.
Fixed a glitch where the Blue team occasionally automatically wins a round at the start of a Defusal match.
Fixed a glitch where crates were not awarded properly until the player leaves a lobby.

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April/1/2019 "Mob-Arena Update" by Hky (Not April Fool's)Show
Hello all,
Today we have released a heap of large Mob-Arena mechanic changes that will hopefully freshen up the mode a bit!

We have rebuilt the PVP and Competitive lobbies. They’re now way prettier and more open!
PVP Lobby

Competitive Lobby

Your damage output in Mob-Arena (NOT PVP) will now be affected by a new Damage Absorption system.
Under Damage Absorption, the more frequently you deal damage to the same enemy, the less damage your shot will do.
The lost damage is converted to additional stun to the enemy.
The absorption decreases over time. It will take 4 seconds for absorption to decrease from the maximum value back to 0.
Hitting an enemy more frequently will still give slightly higher DPS despite less damage per shot.
How fast you shoot the weapon does not matter to the damage output – It only matters how fast you hit them.
Multiple players hitting the same enemy (such as a boss) will cause the Damage Absorption effect to stack, meaning that the enemy will slow down more but take less damage.
All weapons except Sniper Rifles, shotguns, Semi-Automatic Rifles, and Large-Caliber Handguns (revolvers & deagle) will no longer penetrate targets in both PVP and Mob-Arena.
This helps reduce the power of machine guns for holding an angle in PVP – if two enemy players peek at the same time, the LMG user can’t stun both of them at once.
Semi-automatic Sniper Rifles and Rifles, Shotguns, and Large-Caliber Handguns will now only be able to penetrate one target, hitting a total of 2 targets each shot, except M82 which can hit a total of four targets.
Bolt-action Sniper Rifles can now hit a total of three targets in each shot, except CheyTac which can hit four targets, and NTW-20 which can hit five targets.
All Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Large-Caliber Handguns will now maintain slightly more damage after penetrating enemies.
Block penetration has not been changed for any weapon.
The base damage in Mob-Arena has been increased to a uniform 1X for all weapon categories.
Bolt-action Sniper Rifles and Pump-action Shotguns now do 1.9X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X.
LMGs will now do 1.45X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X. Also, they will do 20% less extra stun to enemies in the new Damage Absorption system.
MMGs will now do 1.4X damage on headshot in Mob-Arena, instead of 1.5X. Also, they will do 30% less extra stun to enemies in the new Damage Absorption system.
Arrows (from Skeletons or Boss Skills) now do 65% of normal Minecraft damage, down from 75%.
HP of all bosses have been reduced by 50% now that the Damage Absorption system is in place, preventing you from killing bosses too quickly after they spawn – a major problem that prevented us from reducing the boss HP in the past.
The total point reward value for bosses has not been changed.
Bosses have higher absorption “capacity” than regular mobs. Having the same damage absorption kick in would require you to shoot a boss twice as often in solo, and 1x more for every additional player in the match. This also means that bosses effectively recover from absorption faster, allowing you to do more DPS to them than to regular mobs.

Players will now automatically respawn 120 seconds after death.
When players clear a regular wave, all dead players’ respawn times are reduced by a fraction of the current respawn time (depending on how quickly waves spawn on the particular map).
Your time remaining before respawn is shown in the bossbar.
Defeating a boss will still instantly respawn all players.
When a player respawns, they now play the same respawn sound as in PVP.
Origin 12: Reload speed significantly increased.
R8 Revolver: Increased backup ammo to 16; fixed the reload time taking significantly longer than the reload sounds, effectively increasing the reload speed.
AF2011: Reduced the horizontal spread between the two bullets by 25%, increasing the weapon’s effectiveness from longer ranges.
Fire Launcher: Damage increased from 47 to 63. It can now two-shot unarmored opponents, and two-shot armored opponents in the chest. In MA the new boost offsets the nerf caused by the Damage Absorption system.
Laser-451: Damage in Mob-Arena increased by 30% to offset the nerf caused by the Damage Absorption system. Does not affect the damage in PVP Hoth scenario.
Grenade: Base damage at explosion center increased to 120 (from 97), armor penetration increased to 90% (from 70%), radius increased to 6.5 blocks (from 6). Renamed to Frag Grenade to represent the new improved killing power.

Killing a player or mob now plays the vanilla arrow hit sound.
In Mob-Arena, there is now a flat 15-second grace period after a boss is defeated before the next wave will spawn.
Defeating the Final Boss and winning the match will now greet you with a new victory ending!
Added a dynamic render distance system. If the server is experiencing TPS lag, the render distance will be reduced automatically to maintain performance. (This feature kicks in only when the server would otherwise lag, and will never reduce render distance below 128 blocks.)
Fixed a glitch where two different respawn messages are displayed when a player respawns in Mob-Arena.
Fixed a glitch where the weapon stats message displays the R8 and Rhino as having one less bullet than they actually do.
Fixed a glitch where block hit particles/sounds still display even after the bullet has been terminated by hitting enough entities.
Fixed a glitch where players sometimes have to wait a long time after killing a boss before the next wave spawns.
April/27/2019 "Alpine Trench" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have released a new update which adds Alpine Trench, our largest map ever, alongside Minecraft 1.14 support and major bug fixes.

Brand new to the lineup is the long-awaited Alpine Trench. This map takes place in a large mountain range, and it is filled with lush greenery, muddy trenches, and a war-torn No Man’s Land. We have enabled sprinting in Alpine Trench due to the map’s gigantic size.

The build team has made several changes to the current map lineup. We hope you will enjoy them:
We believed that the last version for baggage was a little small so we went through and did a full rescale. The increased size allowed for a lot more detailing work to be done so the map looks even better now.
Dust, Shortdust
We have fully remade Dust and Short Dust this update. With these remakes, we paid a lot of attention to scaling to ensure that these maps play more like their CS:GO counterparts. Additionally, we put a lot of effort into beautifying all parts of the map.
Subway has been fully remade, and with a whole new look. It’s essentially a brand new map. The new subway features a long subway platform just like the old one, but with more space for combat. The main concourse now consists of various shops and eateries, providing a more interesting upper-level than the older version.
We have added a new shortened DustPCG map for Arms Race and Demolitions.


GunColony now supports Minecraft 1.14 on a best-effort basis. Things are not perfect and not all issues have been ironed out, but the game is playable.
Updated resource pack to support both Minecraft 1.13.x and 1.14.x with one file
Minecraft 1.13.x players will automatically re-download the new resource pack
Particles from weapon muzzle will display lower for 1.14 players so that they appear at the correct location on screen, matching the lower sneak height
Recoil will act differently for 1.14 players in hipfire mode to get around a movement jittering bug.
ADS recoil will still work normally and as such, the movement jittering will still exist in ADS.
Current list of issues for 1.14 players:
Walking on snow may cause glitches for 1.14 players
While sneaking and firing the weapon, 1.14 players will experience jittering in movement, though it does not affect the overall game performance or FPS
While sneaking, you are still unable to go through 1.5 block spaces even though you can in vanilla 1.14
The lower sneak height means that your bullet will hit slightly above where you are aiming in 1.14. Correct your aim accordingly.
Attempting to sprint swim will still drag back the player for both 1.13 and 1.14

Fixed an issue where players do not get crates after a PVP or Competitive lobby until they leave the lobby.
Fixed an issue where players who quit directly from a PVP/Competitive lobby (or is removed due to server restarts) may not receive any earned crates in a previous match.
May/4/2019 "May the 4th Event!" by HkyShow
Hello all,
May the Force be with you! Today we have made many updates to Hoth, our Star Wars-inspired map. We also have a few new entrants to the staff team!

For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, Hoth Scenario Mode will be 5 times as likely to appear in PVP matchmaking.
For the weekend of May 4-5, 2019, a Hoth TDM mode is available where you can fight on Hoth with your loadout weapons!
All energy weapons now have very low bullet velocity (160-200 m/s), but are much more accurate without aiming down sights, and have almost no damage dropoff
Moonraker has received the above treatment only in Hoth; it works normally in other modes
The Laser-451 has not been changed
The two sniper weapons now have increased bullet velocity of 1,000 m/s
Lightsabers now allow you to move much faster than before, and while swinging them you jump higher!
Lightsabers have slightly increased price and now take up the primary slot instead of secondary
The DP-23 energy shotgun now has a much wider spread, but 1 extra pellet
Pistols now fire slower but do more damage
The Falcon 2 Scoped has received a super high magnification scope (3X)
You can now sprint in Hoth
We have recruited a few new Trial Moderators into our staff team!
Congratulations, and thanks everyone who applied!
Added a Scenario Mode variant to Alpine Trench that does not have Random Spawns
The changes to Falcon 2 Scoped in Hoth also apply to the Alpine Trench Scenario Mode
May/17/2019 "Minecraft 10th Anniversary" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today Minecraft turns 10! GunColony celebrates this special occasion with a pixel-art map inspired by Minecraft Classic.
Made exclusively out of Minecraft Classic blocks, the Classic map was constructed to remind everyone of the game’s legacy.
It is available in Free For All and for now, is chosen by the matchmaker 5 times more often than regular maps. Since it is massive (256×256 like an entire Minecraft Classic world), sprinting is enabled in the map.
Crate rewards for leveling up should now work
Changed time-of-day in Alpine Trench slightly to enhance the sunrise atmosphere
The HK69A1 grenades now launch 4 degrees above your crosshair to match the launcher’s first person view. The grenade will now land above your crosshair below a distance of approximately 50 blocks.

May 18 Hotfix
Added Minecraft 1.14.1 support
May/31/2019 "Fourth Anniversary Update" by HkyShow
***FOURTH ANNIVERSARY EVENT: Double XP Weekend from May 31st – June 2nd!

Hello all,
GunColony turns four today! We are releasing a massive update full of crazy new weapon features, a new map, one new weapon (plus two reworked ones), and a ton of aesthetic changes.
This update is now the largest GunColony update in history, taking the crown from our Third Anniversary Update! (What an achievement, right?)
Let’s start with the “smallest” changes: pistols and revolvers.

New weapon: the Thunder .50BMG!
Can one-shot armored enemies to the chest at any range!
Single-shot, and lengthy reloads
$850 in Classic modes, $1,700 in TDM/FFA
Unlocks at level 73
Installing Rate Of Fire-enhancing modifications decreases the delay between firing and being able to reload
Weapon rework: Colt Single Action Army
Replaces the Colt Revolver
New visual appearance
Fires from a 6-round cylinder at 100 RPM
Reloads one round at a time similar to shotguns
Damage, accuracy, recoil, and price have not been changed

New model for the existing Magnum Handguns: Desert Eagle, Colt Magnum, R8 Revolver, and the AF2011!
New model for the M4A1-S assault rifle and M82 anti-material rifle!
AF2011: Increased magazine capacity from 7 to 8 to match the real gun!

New weapon: the OTs-14 Groza-1!
One of the highest DPS rifles in the game, firing 7.62x39mm rounds at 750 RPM
30-round magazine and medium reload speed; high recoil
$3400 in all PVP modes
Unlocks at level 76

Weapon rework: M16A2
Increased damage and accuracy
Semi-auto and burst mode
Replaces the M16
The popular Mirage from CS:GO is finally here!

Now available for TDM: Random Spawns in the PVP playlist, and Defusal in Competitive.
Sprinting enabled in all maps in PVP.
We have decreased the sprinting move speed from 1.25X of normal (like in Alpine Trench and Hoth previously), to 1.15X (same as Mob-Arena).
Competitive still features no sprinting and the same 1.5X movement speed.
While sprinting, the jumping accuracy penalty is doubled. Don’t expect your bullets to land anywhere close to your target if you try to sprint-jump.
And now, onto the
This is the first time we’ve fundamentally tweaked the weapon mechanics in GunColony after adding bullet tracers and sneak-to-ADS in March 2018. This time we’re bringing long-range combat back into the equation by making our weapons deadlier, more accurate, and more realistic!
Random spread due to weapon handling removed for all weapons! (when standing still)
A very small degree of spread remains on all weapons to simulate the real-life inaccuracy caused by imperfections in weapon engineering & ammunition.
The new spread values are some 5 to 50 times smaller than previous first shot inaccuracy values. Plus, they do not increase at all when firing.
Shotguns have received a large decrease in their spread cone sizes.
20% of movement inaccuracy and 50% of jump penalty will still be applied as random spread. The rest will be applied as sway as discussed below:
To compensate for the removal of random spread, a new sway system has been added to all weapons.
Your view will not move when firing in hip fire; instead, your bullets fly above your crosshair according to the recoil pattern and weapon sway.
However, your view follows the weapon when firing in ADS. Your bullet will always hit dead-on in the center of your screen, but your screen perspective moves with the gun according to recoil.
Your weapon barrel will move slowly even without firing the weapon. The sway is highest on Shotguns, slightly above average on SMGs, and lowest on Sniper Rifles.

Modifications now have way more positive effects than negative effects
Modifications now have much more realistic effects
You can no longer use modifications to increase a weapon’s damage to armored opponents. HP Ammo can still increase damage to unarmored opponents, and you can still increase a weapon’s range.
You can now only equip a maximum of 3 modifications on primary weapons, and 2 on secondary weapons. Choose wisely!
Added Optic modifications! Optics will decrease your sway in ADS mode and also bring a unique overlay when scoped in. They also have different zoom levels ranging from 1.5X to 12X (iron sights are around 1.3X).
Optics available on most primary weapons: M3 Aimpoint, Holographic Sight, Kobra Sight, Reflex Sight, Micro Sight, PK-AS (2.0x), M145 (3.4x), ACOG (4x)
Optics available on sniper rifles: PK-AS (2.0x), M145 (3.4x), ACOG (4x)
Optics available on pistols: Holographic Sight, Reflex Sight, Micro Sight
Special optics only available on select weapons: M84 (2.2x), PU (3.4x), Unertl (10x), PM II (10x), and 12x Scope (12x)
Stoner 63 can not equip optics due to top-mounted magazine
Dual Berettas can not equip optics due to dual wield
Default weapon optics: AK-103: 2x ACOG (2.0x), G36: ISM (3.0x), XM8: XM8 Scope (3.0x), AUG: 4x ACOG (4.0x), SIG556xi: M145 (3.4x), Tavor: Custom Holosight (1.5x), M1915: M84 (2.2x)

We have implemented a new fire mode selector system. Whereas previously you could only access a burst fire mode on select weapons, every weapon now features their real-life firing modes. For example, every full-auto weapon can now be toggled to a semi-automatic mode, except those that do not have a semi-auto option in real life.
In the case of weapons with detachable suppressors, left click in hip fire to toggle the suppressor, and left click in ADS to toggle the fire mode.

The fire mode toggle only takes 0.2 seconds, allowing you to quickly switch modes in a firefight and get the firepower or accuracy you need at any given moment.
The burst fire mode is now part of the new fire mode system. Existing weapons have received tweaks, while other weapons have newly received the ability to burst-fire. Now, weapons either gain more accuracy or better fire-rate than default when you use the burstfire mode.
Remember, the rate of fire when burst firing can be affected by modifications just like the normal full-auto rate of fire.
Here is a list of all weapons that can now fire in burst-fire:
G11: 3-round burst * 195 RPM. Fires all three shots of the burst within 0.05 seconds due to its insane 2100 RPM burst in real life.
FAMAS: 3-round burst * 220 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
M16A2: 3-round burst * 210 RPM.
MP5K A4: 3-round burst * 215 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
UMP-45: 2-round burst * 225 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
Vector: 2-round burst * 300 RPM. Accuracy bonus when burst firing.
Glock-18: 3-round-burst * 150 RPM.
Double Barrel: burst mode will fire both shells instantly. Accuracy penalty when burst firing.
Mauser C96: No longer has a burst mode.

Headshot multiplier in PVP has been reduced to 2.75x (from 4x). This ensures that no full-auto weapons can 1-shot headshot helmeted opponents. M1 Garand, SVT-40, 7.62-caliber auto snipers and all bolt-action rifles will still kill in 1 headshot.
Headshot multiplier in Mob-Arena has not been changed.
Removed the 0.2% random damage variation previously applied to all attacks and caused weapons like Knife to sometimes require 1 more hit to kill than intended.
Rifle-caliber weapons now have more realistic muzzle velocity values. Previously, the muzzle velocity was somewhat lower than real values for these weapons.
Bullet drag is now doubled when the projectile travels faster than the speed of sound (340 m/s).
The base bullet drag values have been reduced, so subsonic bullets will suffer less drag than before.
Bullet drop now uses the realistic 9.81 m/s^2 value. Previously it was 32 m/s^2. This means that much less drop correction is now needed especially for weapons with slower bullets.
Bullet damage now drops off much more slowly at range. Most weapons now also have a minimum damage which the bullet damage will never drop below.
Bullets, including shotgun pellets, now fly further before disappearing.
Suppressors no longer affect bullet velocity. However, taking off the suppressor will now increase the moving accuracy slightly.

Added Iron Sights view to all appropriate weapons!
Added a new firework spark particle effect when bullets hit blocks, to provide a longer-lasting indicator of the bullet hit location.
The firework spark particle will also display when hitting entities (enemies) with bolt-action sniper rifles, for easier hit confirmation.
The Knife now has a stab animation on right click (doesn’t work on 1.14 for technical reasons out of our control)
Added a left click stab sound to the Knife
Added a new knife hit detection system. It is now much easier to hit enemies with the right click knife attack.
You can no longer use the left click and right click knife attacks at the same time.
You can no longer use the left click knife attack when swapping the knife.
Reduced the reload speed of certain weapons such as the AK-47
There is now a small delay between firing a shot and being able to reload
M40A1, K98k Marksman, K98k Sniper can now fire while reloading
Mosin-Nagant Infantry will no longer be able to fire while reloading
Increased the rate of fire of M14 from 525 to a realistic 700 RPM, and increased recoil
Somewhat increased the spread/sway when burst-firing certain LMGs like the M60
Reduced the recoil of the SR-25
Reduced the damage of the MP7, but greatly increased rate of fire
Increased the price and recoil of the Mac-10, but greatly increased rate of fire
Greatly increased the damage of the Thompson, but greatly increased recoil and sway
Reduced the price of the UZI
Reduced the magazine size of RPK to 75 rounds
Slightly increased the damage of the G3 HSG-1
Somewhat decreased the damage of the PPK to prevent instant headshots, but increased accuracy
Increased the price of the Honcho
Greatly increased the price of the Remington 887
Increased the price of the MAG-7

Renamed SG 556 Auto (CS:GO SG 553) to “SIG 556xi”
Renamed Tavor X95-R to “Tavor X95-R 330” for disambiguation
Renamed G3SG1 to “G3 HSG-1”
Tweaked the firing sound of M1918 BAR and Spectre M4
Changed several weapon descriptions, especially those that had balance changes
Support for Minecraft 1.14.2 clients
Fixed a bug where the Golden Knife did not have a backstab sound
Fixed a bug where the Lightsaber did not have a swing animation
June/6/2019 "D-Day 75th Special Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
75 years ago today, Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to fight for freedom. To honor those brave soldiers, we have released a brand new map Atlantic Wall, as well as several remodels to our weapons and performance improvements. (description by pale1)


Fight on the beaches of the German Atlantic Wall in this new Wolfenstein-inspired map, now available for Team Deathmatch: Scenario Mode. With deep trenches and plenty of open areas, Atlantic Wall is a small but very diverse map suitable for all kinds of weapons.


Winchester Model 1912: U.S. shotgun with a bayonet attached. The bayonet has identical performance to the Knife’s left click attack. Now available in Normandy & Atlantic Wall.
Sawed-Off: New model.
NS 2000: New model
STG 44: New model.
FG 42: New model.
L86 LSW: New model.
Ithaca 37: Now available in Normandy and Atlantic Wall maps.

All SMGs and Pistols in WWII scenarios: Reduced damage dropoff to match the weapons’ regular counterparts.
M1 Carbine (Scenario Mode): Reduced damage per shot (now 4 hit kill); reduced bullet velocity to match realistic values; reduced price from $3,000 to $2,300.
FG-42 (Scenario Mode): Increased damage per shot and weapon recoil; increased price in Jungle (Vietnam scenario).
OTs-14 Groza: Reduced reload speed from 2.1s to 2.55s to match other bullpup weapons like the FAMAS; increased recoil by 10%.

Shotguns no longer forcibly zoom out during the pump animation.
Instead, the gun model simply bobs downward briefly while allowing the player to remain in ADS view.

Improved caching for bullet trajectory calculations. The game now caches all appropriate config values when the bullet is first fired to prevent lag when many bullets are being fired at once.
Added a max performance quota of 5ms to the anti-xray system. When the anti-xray system is using more than 5ms time per tick, the game will turn off anti-xray for higher-level players to ensure server performance. This is not expected to kick in unless around 20 players or more are in the same PVP lobby.
Moderators can use /antixray status to check what level (and above) players are currently being exempted from anti-xray

Fixed a bug where checking the level progression menu brings up the level 60 page even for players above level 60.
June/29/2019 "Bouncy Grenades" by HkyShow
Hello all,
This early summer update overhauls our grenade system, allowing you to purchase grenades in gameplay while also make them more effective with new bouncing mechanics and damage reworks. There are three new COD-inspired maps and many new weapon remodels, which coupled with new PVP playlist changes help the game stay fresh. Finally, we have implemented some long-due improvements to Competitive and new killstreak rewards to PVP, helping to make the two gamemodes feel different and each rewarding in its own way.

Grenades now have less drag for a straighter trajectory in the air.
Grenades can now travel through barriers.
Grenades can now bounce off surfaces (blocks and entities).
Added Smoke Grenade ($300), Incendiary Grenade ($450), Molotov Cocktail ($400), and Decoy Grenade ($50).
The smoke grenade has a 2 second fuse and creates a smoke screen that obstructs vision.
The incendiary grenade has a 2 second fuse and burns, dealing high damage over a medium area.
The molotov cocktail detonates on impact (if it does not impact anything it will detonate after 4 seconds). It deals medium damage over a large area.
The decoy grenade has a 2 second fuse and creates loud gun sounds, helpful for masking your movement or confusing enemies.

In PVP mode, you can choose 1 grenade from the following: HE Grenade, Flashbang, and Decoy Grenade.
Grenades cost twice as much as normal in PVP mode.
Your grenade of choice will be given every respawn.
Although you can only equip 1 grenade at a time, you can pick up grenades from the ground or gain more through killstreaks.

In Competitive mode, you can choose up to 4 grenades from the following: HE Grenade, Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, and Decoy Grenade.
However, if you are a CT in Defusal Mode or Demolition Mode, Molotov Cocktail will be replaced with Incendiary Grenade.
You can only own one grenade of each type at a time, except Flashbangs which you can own two.
If you die, you will drop the grenade in the leftmost slot.
All three new maps are available in TDM, TDM Random Spawns, and FFA modes.
A COD map with a tight three-lane layout, great for CQB and mid-range weapons.

A PVP map stationed inside a warehouse. It has an open layout but lots of cover and verticality.

A COD map set in an airport terminal. It has an open outdoor area as well as a unique indoor layout with many penetrable objects.


Updated the look of the following weapons:
CheyTac M200
Double Barrel
XD (minor update to suppressor)
Reworked the PVP playlist to remove some unfitting maps for each gamemode. For example, some CS:GO maps have been removed from Team Deathmatch but are still available in TDM Random Spawns.
Moved Elimination mode from the PVP playlist to the Competitive playlist.
Removed the Practice mode from the Competitive playlist.
We have redesigned the PVP mode’s killstreak rewards, which now include healing items and the new wide assortment of grenades.
2 Kills: Health Pack
4 Kills: Frag Grenade
6 Kills: Incendiary Grenade
8 Kills: Medishot
10 Kills: Smoke Grenade
12 Kills: Health Pack
14 Kills: Molotov Cocktail
16 Kills: Medishot
18 Kills: Flashbang
20 Kills: Health Pack
25 Kills: Mini-Nuke

The flamethrower has been reworked to be more realistic. It can fill a room with highly lethal flames without exposing the user, but is inefficient in direct encounters.
The range is now limited to 25 blocks, and damage drops off significantly over distance
Accuracy has been significantly reduced
Bullets travel slowly, ricochet on blocks (glancing collisions have 100% chance of ricochet) and pierce through enemies
Now sets enemies on fire for 1 full heart of extra damage
Rate of fire increased, damage per shot decreased
Now has 150 rounds but no backup ammo in PvP
Reload speed reduced in Mob-Arena
Explosions now use the correct hitbox for partial blocks such as slabs. This prevents grenades from doing too little or no damage when they explode on top of slabs.
Explosions now take account of the depth of the penetration through a block, not just the type of the block it penetrates.
All solid blocks (even ones that do not block other explosives very well) are now much more effective at obstructing the Flashbang’s effect.
Reduced the penetration value of the Frag Grenade. HE Grenade remains unchanged, and is now 2.5x as effective as the Frag Grenade at penetrating cover.
The bomb has been moved to the 8th inventory slot (same slot as defuse kit) to make room for grenades.
When a player dies with the bomb, a different message will now be displayed than if the player dropped the bomb voluntarily.
When a player dies with the bomb, CTs will now also be notified of the bomb drop, but not the location of the drop. (Voluntary drops will not notify CTs)
When a player picks up the bomb, their teammates will now be notified.
The HK69A1 grenade launcher can now shoot through barriers like throwable grenades can.
The HK69A1 grenade launcher now has the realistic bullet velocity of 75 m/s.
Support for Minecraft 1.14.3 clients.
The Mob-Arena now starts faster. The map vote now lasts 30 seconds instead of 60.
Fixed an issue where CTs could move the Defuse Kit around in their inventory.
Fixed an issue where knife left click attacks and Model 1912 melee attacks sometimes displayed the wrong kill icon.
Fixed an issue where grenades in the fifth hotbar slot were removed when a round ends.

[HOTFIX 6/30/2019]
Enlarged spawn with new NPC positions.
Added an NPC with voting links.
Added NPCs with website, twitter, and discord links.
Added some of the new weapon models to NPCs to showcase them.
Fixed an issue where the Knife’s left click attack did no damage.
Fixed an issue where players were unable to pick up Frag Grenades in Mob-Arena.
Fixed an issue where the scenario weapon Klobb’s recoil did not reset properly.
Fixed an issue where the most recent optimization (time limit) to the anti-xray system did not function properly, causing lag with high player counts.
Fixed an issue where admins could not properly check the status of the anti-xray system.
Fixed an issue where a single misplaced parenthesis in my code was causing level up rewards to not be given to players.
Optimized bullet ricochet logic.
Greatly optimized bullet and grenade collision logic against blocks and entities by caching the inverse vector in multiple AABB-ray collisions. This reduces overall server stress when lots of bullets are fired at once.
Added Incendiary Grenades and Molotovs as rare mob drops in Mob-Arena. Both types of grenades have a 0.6% drop chance.
Temporarily removed Raid from the Free For All playlist while we investigate a map border issue.
August/2/2019 "Balance Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today’s update brings along a complete rebalancing for all primary weapon categories to encourage more diverse weapon selections and more tactical use of body armor. We have also changed damage multipliers of select hitboxes for full-auto weapons, and made armor penetration matter much more to Mob-Arena. Finally, short-range weapons such as the Flamethrower, High Voltage Gloves, and Knife have also received changes.
Steam Tunnels has received a layout tweak to be overall more compressed, promoting close-quarters action inside the main bombsite building.
T spawn view

CT spawn view

Weapons in full auto will now do less damage than before to the head and chest hitboxes.
PVP Head Hitbox: 2.75X for single/burst, 2.4X for auto
PVP Body Hitbox: 1.25X for single/burst, 1.1X for auto
In order to do the full damage, switch to single or burst mode on your weapon.
To prevent abuse of the aforementioned system using cheats like autoclickers, the semi-auto fire rate on full-auto weapons has been limited to 200 plus half of the full-auto fire rate.
For example, the AK-47 has a full auto fire rate of 600 RPM. The semi-auto fire rate will be 200 + (600 / 2) = 500 RPM.
Damage multipliers in Mob-Arena has also been changed.
Below is a comparison table between the old and new headshot multipliers (note that full auto and single/burst multipliers are now different):

New (Single/Burst)
New (Full Auto)
Auto Shotguns/Snipers
Pump Shotguns
Bolt Snipers
Drum/mag-fed LMGs
Belt-fed MGs
Furthermore, a weapon’s armor penetration now has much higher impact on the damage done to armored mobs.
Having an armor penetration of 100 can now cause the weapon to almost completely ignore mob armor, doing 91% of normal damage to full diamond armor (from 60%).
However, an armor penetration of 50 will cause the weapon to only do 39% of normal damage to full diamond armor (from 45%).
Rifles (COMMON)
M14: damage 31 -> 35, armor penetration 85 -> 94, price 2100 -> 2300, swap time 1.1s -> 0.9s, increased max damage dropoff, minorly increased idle sway, greatly increased recoil (especially first shot), recoil recovers slower
Galil AR: damage 31 -> 27.5, armor penetration 74 -> 81, increased first shot recoil
M16A2: damage 36 -> 30, armor penetration 72 -> 82, price 2800 -> 2600, increased first shot recoil, burst fire no longer increases recoil
M16A1: damage 34 -> 29, armor penetration 72 -> 82, price 2800 -> 2600, increased first shot recoil
FAMAS: damage 27 -> 26, armor penetration 70 -> 78, rate of fire 840 -> 900, price 2250 -> 2450, sway from firing recovers slightly slower, increased first shot recoil, burst fire now increases recoil half as much as before
G36: damage 33 -> 28, armor penetration 75 -> 80, price 2800 -> 2650, increased first shot recoil, slightly increased overall recoil
Nylon 66: greatly reduced first shot sway, sway from firing, recoil, and movement and jumping inaccuracy
M1 Garand: damage 51 -> 50.5, armor penetration 85 -> 87, reduced sway from firing, sway from firing recovers slower
IMI Galil: damage 30 -> 27, armor penetration 73 -> 80, increased first shot recoil
Groza: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 76 -> 85
Rifle (RARE)
M4A4: damage 33 -> 28.5, armor penetration 70 -> 81.5, increased first shot recoil
M4A1-S: damage 33 -> 28.5, armor penetration 70 -> 81.5, price 3100 -> 3200, ammo 25/75 -> 30/60, reduced max damage dropoff, increased first shot recoil
AK-47: damage 36 -> 31, armor penetration 77.5 -> 85.5, price 3000 -> 2700, increased first shot recoil
SVT-40: damage 49 -> 47, armor penetration 87 -> 93, price 2000 -> 2550, slightly increased vertical recoil, reduced horizontal recoil
M14 EBR: damage 44 -> 36, armor penetration 85 -> 94, price 2500 -> 2750, slightly increased first shot recoil, recoil recovers faster
SCAR-Light: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 70 -> 79, ammo 30/120 -> 30/90, increased sway from firing, increased first shot recoil, recoil recovers slower
SR-25: armor penetration 85 -> 93
FAL: damage 38 -> 34, armor penetration 81.5 -> 91.5, slightly increased first shot recoil, reduced sway randomness when single firing
AR-57: damage 26 -> 23.5, armor penetration 69 -> 84, increased first shot recoil
G11: damage 28 -> 25, armor penetration 78 -> 90, slightly increased first shot recoil
Rifle (EPIC)
AK-74M: damage 30 -> 27, rate of fire 600 -> 650, reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil
AUG: damage 31 -> 27, armor penetration 68 -> 83, price 3150 -> 3300, increased first shot recoil
SIG 556xi: damage 30 -> 28, armor penetration 75 -> 83, price 3050 -> 3100, increased first shot recoil
FAD: damage 32 -> 28, armor penetration 70 -> 82, price 2300 -> 2500, slightly increased first shot recoil but reduced overall recoil after first shot
STG-44: damage 40 -> 36.5, armor penetration 73 -> 76, increased first shot recoil
AK-103: damage 36 -> 31, armor penetration 79.5 -> 87.5, price 3200 -> 3300, increased first shot recoil, sway from firing recovers faster
XM8: damage 32 -> 30.5, armor penetration 80 -> 81.5, price 3000 -> 2900, increased first shot recoil
SC-2010: damage 40 -> 37, armor penetration 81.5 -> 91.5, price 3150 -> 3250, increased first shot recoil, reduced sway randomness when single firing
UZI: damage 31 -> 30, armor penetration 55 -> 62
MP9: damage 24 -> 27, increased overall recoil
Mac-10: damage 26 -> 30.5
TMP: damage 24 -> 27, increased overall recoil
MP5: damage 23 -> 27.5, armor penetration 49 -> 61, greatly increased first shot recoil and overall recoil
SR-3M: armor penetration 64 -> 68, greatly increased first shot recoil
MP7: damage 24 -> 23, armor penetration 65 -> 78, slightly increased first shot recoil
UMP-45: damage 34 -> 36, armor penetration 65 -> 58, burst fire no longer increases recoil but also does not reduce sway as much as before
Vector: damage 25 -> 27, armor penetration 59 -> 60, greatly increased recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased sway from firing, burst fire no longer increases recoil but also does not reduce sway as much as before
Thompson M1A1: damage 34 -> 35, increased first shot recoil
PPSh-41: armor penetration 58 -> 72, greatly increased overall recoil (especially for first shot), slightly increased base sway and sway from firing
MP5SD: damage 26 -> 28, reload time 3 -> 2.8s, increased first shot recoil
PPD-40: armor penetration 58 -> 72, slightly increased overall recoil
P90: damage 26 -> 23.5, armor penetration 69 -> 84, muzzle velocity 747 -> 680, bullet drag 11 -> 12% per tick, slightly increased first shot recoil
PP-Bizon: damage 24 -> 26, slightly increased first shot recoil
Tavor X95R: armor penetration 67 -> 81, increased first shot recoil
Sterling: damage 31 -> 29, armor penetration 61 -> 64, slightly reduced overall recoil
Spectre: damage 31 -> 34, armor penetration 67 -> 59, increased first shot recoil
MP5K A4: damage 26 -> 28.5, armor penetration 67.5 -> 64, increased overall recoil
AKS-74u: armor penetration 73.5 -> 83, increased first shot recoil
Remington 887: damage 23 -> 26, armor penetration 82 -> 70
MAG-7: price 2100 -> 1800, reload speed 3.95s -> 3.25s, slightly increased movement penalty
XM1014: damage 20 -> 22, armor penetration 80 -> 74, rate of fire 220 -> 200
All other shotguns: no change
Machine Gun (COMMON)
M1915: damage 47 -> 53, reduced sway from firing, slightly increased overall recoil
M60: armor penetration 82 -> 92, increased first shot recoil
Machine Gun (RARE)
M249: damage 31 -> 29, armor penetration 72.5 -> 79.5, slightly reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil
Ultimax 100: damage 32 -> 29.5, armor penetration 69 -> 81, price 4100 -> 4050, slightly increased first shot recoil
MG 34: damage 32 -> 31, armor penetration 83 -> 86, increased first shot recoil
Stoner 63: damage 34 -> 29, armor penetration 70 -> 80, slightly increased first shot recoil
Machine Gun (EPIC)
QBB-95: damage 31 -> 30, armor penetration 76 -> 79, reduced sway from firing, increased first shot recoil, burst fire no longer increases recoil
Negev: armor penetration 72 -> 78, price 4700 -> 4900, increased first shot recoil
MG3: damage 28 -> 28.5, armor penetration 83 -> 86, price 4700 -> 5000, increased damage dropoff, increased first shot recoil
Lewis Gun: armor penetration 79 -> 88, increased first shot recoil
RPK: damage 35 -> 31, armor penetration 77 -> 86, slightly increased first shot recoil
Machine Gun (LEGENDARY)
L86 LSW: damage 34 -> 30, armor penetration 74 -> 83
M1919A4: armor penetration 75 -> 94, rate of fire 800 -> 600, increased sway from firing
Sniper Rifle
MSG90 A2: rate of fire 210 -> 230, slightly increased recoil recovery speed
SCAR-20: rate of fire 260 -> 280
G3SG/1: rate of fire 260 -> 280, reload time 3.5s -> 3.2s
SVD: reload time 3.0s -> 2.7s
SIG 550: reduced horizontal recoil
AWM: damage 107 -> 105, armor penetration 89 -> 97
SSG 08: armor penetration 82 -> 91
M24: armor penetration 89 -> 93
CheyTac: damage 102 -> 106, armor penetration 95 -> 97.5
M40A1: damage 106 -> 102, armor penetration 85 -> 95, rate of fire 44 -> 47
K98k: damage 107 -> 110, armor penetration 94 -> 89.5
All other snipers: no change
All handguns have received proper spread values!
CZ75-Auto: damage 33 -> 35
Mauser: damage 31 -> 33
Skorpion: damage 25 -> 27
(Pistols will receive a full rebalance in a future update)
Flamethrower: reduced damage and rate of fire, increased armor penetration greatly, increased accuracy in auto fire, increased muzzle velocity, ammo 150/0 -> 200/0
High Voltage Gloves: range 7.5 -> 4.5, damage +50%, slowness duration 5s -> 0.5s
Knife: right click attack range 3.6 -> 3
August/8/2019 "Balance Update Follow-up" by HkyShow
Hello all,
This is a small follow-up update to the previous Balance Update, which further adjusts the strength of weapons in the game. We have also fixed some issues regarding the Mob-Arena game mode and made several visual and audio improvements.
M14: damage 35 -> 34
FAL: damage 34 -> 36
AK-47: damage 31 -> 32
AK-103: damage 31 -> 32
AK-74M: price 3000 -> 2600
STG-44: damage 36.5 -> 35.5
G11: damage 25 -> 28, burst mode rate of fire 195×3 -> 180×3
Mac-10: armor penetration 57.5 -> 56
Vector: damage 27 -> 26, rate of fire 1080 -> 1110, muzzle boost modification removed (as fire rates above 1200 RPM do not work)
PPSH-41: damage 24 -> 24.5, rate of fire 1080 -> 1000
AKS-74u: price 1850 -> 2450 (it was buffed a bit too much…)
Remington 887: damage 26 -> 25, armor penetration 70 -> 73
MAG-7: armor penetration 75 -> 72, slightly increased damage dropoff
RPK: damage 31 -> 32, damage dropoff rate 0.9% -> 1.6% per block
The respawn timer is now reduced by a constant amount of time per wave instead of a percentage.
This means that if a new wave spawns when you already have a low respawn timer, you will be instantly revived.
The Mob-Arena plugin can now be reloaded without kicking players out of the arena, given that the new config does not contain errors.
Added sound cues to the Bombard, Gas, Buff Pool, Evade, Teleport to Player, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Throw TNT, and Bomb Strike skills.
Slime Cannon and Bomb Cannon skills now make more particles.
When a player is hit by the Laser, Wall, and Shockwave skills, other players can now hear the hit sound.
Added a sound effect for when a boss or mini-boss dies.
Buffed Dagger in Spetsnaz class: +1 level to all three enchantments. Now one shots spiders on critical hit.
Reduced the amount of healing items in the killstreak tree.
Mini-Nuke moved from 25 kills to 20 since high killstreaks are now much harder to get due to less healing.
The weapon stats command now shows the weapon’s price.
Pistol (except Deagle, Revolvers, and Thunder .50BMG) bullet tracers are now shorter (equal to SMGs).
Suppressed weapon bullet tracers now consist of only 1 particle, making it harder to see.
Sound effect for hitting a player in PVP is now louder and higher pitched.
Added sound effect for hitting an unarmored player in PVP (this used to not play any sounds).
Added sound effect for picking up items (guns, bomb, grenades) on the ground
Added some more tips to both the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies.
Fixed an issue where Teleport to Player boss skill did not work on Ghast bosses.
Fixed an issue where when the Laser and Wall boss skills kill a player, it would stop the skill from travelling any further and produce a console error.
Fixed an issue where having no players in an arena would completely stop it from progressing. (Now, joining an empty/glitched arena should still respawn the player, who can then leave again to stop the arena)
Mob-Arena maps should now always start with the correct start timer in all circumstances.
Fixed an issue where the Klobb scenario weapon had no idle sway in ADS.
Fixed an issue where players could not pick up dropped grenades as long as they had at least 1 grenade in their inventory.
September/5/2019 "Weapon Modification Patch" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today we have released a minor patch to make the modification system easier to understand. We have also rebalanced some modifications and fixed some pressing performance issues in the server.
Reduced CheyTac M200 default zoom from 8X to 6X to be more usable in typical maps.
Increased G3SG1 price to $5000 (from 4800)
Reduced Flamethrower bullet velocity from 40 to 30 m/s.
Dart Ammo for shotguns now increases block penetration by 60% (from 30%). The new penetration of Dart Ammo is comparable to 5.56mm rifles.
Sniper Ammo now reduces spread by 25% (from 20%).
Fixed Stock now reduces idle sway by 12% (from 10%).
Mk 211 for M82 now increases base damage by 25% (from 20%).
Pzsgp. 151 APHE for NTW-20 now reduces block penetration by 40% (from 50%).
Faster Burst for Fire Launcher now increases bullet velocity by only 10% (from 15%).
Icons for the slots occupied by equipped Weapon Modifications are now shown in the weapon’s display name.
Ammo type changes are now called “Conversion Kits” and can be used alongside another ammo modification.
For now, this only affects the Thompson M1A1’s “.30 Carbine” modification.
Changed weapon modification descriptions to be more accurate.
“-Recoil” replaced with “+Recoil Control”
“-First Shot Spread” replaced with “+Idle Sway Control”
“-Spread Increase” replaced with “+Firing Sway Control”
“-Sway Speed” replaced with “+Sway Consistency”
“-Movement Penalty” replaced with “+Moving Accuracy”
“-Shot Dispersion” replaced with “+Accuracy”
“-Muzzle Flash” replaced with “+Muzzle Flash Concealment”
“-Pellet Spread” replaced with “+Pellet Grouping”
“-Damage Dropoff” replaced with “+Damage Range”
“-Swap Time” replaced with “+Swap Speed”
“-Bullet Drag” replaced with “+Bullet Drag Resistance”
“+Minimum Damage” replaced with “+Minimum Damage At Range”
For Damage Range the value is recomputed (for example -18% damage dropoff is changed to +22% damage range), for the other values the number simply swapped signs.
Fixed M84 optic description claiming 4X zoom while the actual zoom was 2.2X.
The volume of the hit confirmation sound when hitting another player has been slightly increased.
Added more tip messages to PVP and Mob-Arena.
Mob-Arena bosses will now only take the full stun effect from the player that they are targeting.
You will only do 20% of the normal stun to bosses if they are not targeting you.
However, damaging the boss still applies damage absorption which helps the targeted player do more stun to the boss.
Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena matches sometimes would not start.
Fixed an issue where Mob-Arena player respawn timers would only tick down by 1 second every wave.
Fixed a critical bug with the mob stunning code that caused high constant TPS loss whenever Mob-Arena was played.
Fixed an issue where legacy Infected loadouts could still be selected by equipping a weapon in the inventory.
Fixed an issue where PVP and Mob-Arena loadout selection buttons could overlap when equipping a weapon in the inventory.
Fixed a bug where the weapon swap animation did not play when spawning or respawning in Mob-Arena.
Fixed a bug where hitting a player in the leg did not play the hit confirmation sound.
Improved database storage system to immediately save any updates to disk. This should fix any cases of losing crates/EXP on restarts.
September/15/2019 "Map Update — Two New Maps!" by RijamShow
I hope you like climbing stairs because this update brings two new maps; both set on the top of two buildings in a busy city. The unique thing about these two maps is that you can easily suicide by jumping off the side of the building.
Terrorists are planning on destroying this building that is under construction. The FBI is here to stop them. This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.

Terrorists Spawn

Counter Terrorists Spawn

A Site

B Site
This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination. Both sides of the map are the same.


Terrorist Spawn. Counter Terrorists spawn on the opposite side of the map.
We hope you aren’t afraid of heights!

Tweaked sway system to greatly improve accuracy when burst firing or speed tapping with all weapons. Does not affect single shots or long sprays.
Reduced damage dropoff and added a proper minimum damage limit to the Dual Berettas.
September/18/2019 "The Gunplay Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have made big changes to our weapons today, including a secondary weapon balancing pass, an improvement to the sway system that should allow better bursting accuracy, and all new weapon & grenade visuals.
It is finally time to rework our secondary weapons! Pistol and revolvers have received more realistic damage and substantial recoil to make them more skillful and rewarding to use.
*Base recoil = recoil of the first shot
*Additional recoil = extra recoil given on top of base recoil in consecutive shots after the first
USP: damage 36 -> 35, armor penetration 50 -> 54, +200% base vertical recoil, +50% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery, reload speed 2.15s -> 1.95s
P2000: now acts like a proper 9mm pistol as opposed to .45. Damage 36 -> 31, armor penetration 50 -> 59, bullet velocity 340 -> 410 m/s, +130% base vertical recoil, +50% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery
Glock-18: damage 30 -> 27, armor penetration 47 -> 58, +100% base vertical recoil, +50% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery, burst mode no longer increases recoil
XD: damage 30 -> 27, armor penetration 47 -> 59, +100% base vertical recoil, +40% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery
P250: +130% base vertical recoil, +50% base horizontal recoil, greatly increased additional horizontal recoil, -11% block penetration
Five-SeveN: damage 32 -> 29, +100% base vertical recoil, reduced additional vertical recoil
CZ75-Auto: damage 35 -> 33, armor penetration 77.65 -> 68.65, increased recoil of first few shots in the pattern but decreased recoil of final few shots
M9A1: damage 38 -> 37, armor penetration 57.5 -> 60, +100% base vertical recoil, +30% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery
PPK: armor penetration 78 -> 68, +45% base vertical recoil, reduced additional vertical recoil, increased recoil recovery, reload time 1.85s -> 1.65s
Beretta 90two: damage 38 -> 37, +100% base vertical recoil, +30% base horizontal recoil
Mauser: damage 33 -> 32, increased first shot recoil
Tec-9: +100% base vertical recoil, greatly reduced additional vertical recoil, increased recoil recovery
Desert Eagle: damage 63 -> 81, rate of fire 270 -> 180 RPM, idle sway cone 0.65 -> 0.8, +50% base recoil, increased additional recoil, movement penalty 2.2 -> 4.4
Colt Python: damage 70 -> 53, rate of fire 170 -> 255 RPM, reload time 2.2s -> 2.1s
R8 Revolver: damage 86 -> 70, +30% base vertical recoil
Colt SAA: damage 73 -> 64
Rhino: damage 66 -> 49, price $700 -> 350
QSZ-92: damage 38 -> 32, armor penetration 71 -> 91, +50% base recoil, greatly increased recoil recovery
AF2011: +200% base vertical recoil, +100% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery, reload time 2.7s -> 2.4s
M45A1: renamed M1911, price $600 -> 450, reload 2.3s -> 1.8s, ammo 14/28 -> 7/35, +50% base vertical recoil
Dual Berettas: damage 38 -> 37, +65% base vertical recoil, +50% base horizontal recoil, increased recoil recovery, reduced damage dropoff, added minimum damage limit
MP-443: rate of fire 500 -> 450 RPM, +100% base vertical recoil, increased recoil recovery
M&P .45: +100% base vertical recoil, greatly reduced additional vertical recoil, additional sway per shot 2.4 -> 2.16
Skorpion: price $500 -> 550, slightly increased recoil
Charger 22: rate of fire 425 -> 460 RPM, reload time 2.8s -> 2.45s
Thunder .50 BMG: damage 102 -> 105, armor penetration 98 -> 96.5
Shotguns: Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.75x to 2.4x in PVP/COMP (now identical to full auto weapons). Chest multiplier stays at 1.25x.
Shotguns: Headshot multiplier of pump shotguns reduced from 1.9x to 1.8x in Mob-Arena. Headshot multiplier of semi auto shotguns reduced from 1.7x to 1.6x in Mob-Arena.
NS2000: movement penalty 4.0 -> 2.4, damage 21 -> 22
Sawed-Off: reload time 0.7s -> 0.65s
Nova: price $1200 -> 1050
M3: movement penalty 2.4 -> 1.4
SPAS-12: damage 18 -> 19
KSG-15: armor penetration 66 -> 67
Double Barrel: kill award 100 -> 300
RPK: Greatly accelerated recoil pattern early on in its spray. May consider another nerf if the weapon remains too powerful.
Nylon 66: rate of fire 415 -> 540 RPM
NTW-20: rate of fire 30 -> 36 RPM (still a little slower than CheyTac)

We have brought back our old tracers for all weapons, but the effects only display when the bullet is close to you.
Both your and your enemies’ bullets will display tracers, making gunfights feel much more intense and lethal.
Muzzle flashes are now larger than normal for Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and Magnum Handguns.
Muzzle flashes are now ridiculously large on the NTW-20 and Thunder .50 BMG

Frag Grenades now have a new fragmentation particle effect. The particles are animated and look better in-game than this screenshot.
This also prevents a glitch where the old fragmentation effect would place stone buttons into the world if a grenade went off right before a server restart.
Tweaked sway system to greatly improve accuracy when burst firing or speed tapping with all weapons. Does not affect single shots or long sprays.
Has the most benefit to Machine Guns, as this change greatly reduces the adverse effect of machine guns’ fast sway cone expansion rate compared to other weapons.
All weapons should now do correct damage and take body armor into account at all times.
Changed the sound of armored body/chest/arm hits in PVP/COMP to be more audible
Changed the sound of leg hits in PVP/COMP to be different from unarmored body hits
September/21/2019 "New Server Hardware" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have upgraded the server’s hardware during today’s maintenance.
AMD Ryzen 3600 (performance equals i7 8700K)
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
The new hardware has around 50% improved CPU power and much better storage performance compared to the previous installation. We have also upgraded our networking hardware for improved stability. Expect much less lag spikes and TPS drops getting into the way of your game.
Moving the server to a new machine was a complex task. If you find any issues please report on the Forums or Discord Server, or ping a staff in-game.

Hotfix 9/22/2019
Moving and jumping penalty has been made much more controllable since it is now less applied as spread and more applied as sway.
ALL WEAPONS: 85% of move penalty is now applied as sway rather than spread (up from 75%)
ALL WEAPONS: 65% of jump penalty is now applied as sway rather than spread (up from 50%)
All snipers have been made less controllable in hip fire and while moving. The move penalty of snipers also takes time to reset now, meaning that starting the ADS transition will not immediately set the move penalty to ADS values – this means that shooting while not fully scoped will be less accurate than before if you move.
ALL SNIPERS: move penalty is now 1.7x normal when sprinting like all other weapons (down from 2x)
Scout: hip sway 1.26 -> 1.7, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.3s
SSG-08: move penalty 1.2 -> 2.4, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.25s
AWM: hip sway 2.4 -> 3.6, scope in time 0.35s -> 0.4s, move penalty 2.5 -> 5.0, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.4s
M24: hip sway 1.5 -> 2.2, ,move penalty 1.1 -> 2.2, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.3s
CheyTac: hip sway 2.8 -> 4.2, scope in time 0.375s -> 0.425s, move penalty 1.9 -> 4.0, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.4s
MSG90 A2: hip sway 1.34 -> 2.78, aim sway 0.32 -> 0.36, move penalty 1.8 -> 3.6, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s
M40A1: hip sway 2.9 -> 4.35, move penalty 1.98 -> 3.96, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s
K98k: hip sway 2.3 -> 3.45, move penalty 1.1 -> 2.2, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s
NTW-20: hip sway 3.2 -> 4.7, move penalty 3.5 -> 6.1, move penalty reset time 0.2s -> 0.45s
M82: hip sway 3.6 -> 5, move penalty 2.6 -> 5.2, move penalty reset time 0.25s -> 0.45s
SVD: hip sway 1.72 -> 3.1, move penalty 0.8 -> 1.8, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s
SCAR-20: hip sway 1.2 -> 2.3, move penalty 1.4 -> 2.8, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s
G3SG1: hip sway 1.4 -> 2.7, move penalty 1.4 -> 2.8, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.3s
SIG 550: hip sway 1.9 -> 3.6, move penalty 1.4 -> 2.6, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.3s
ZH-29: hip sway 1.66 -> 3.33, move penalty 1.35 -> 2.7, move penalty reset time 0s -> 0.35s

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October/13/2019 "Haunted Great War" by HkyShow
Hello all,
Today’s update adds the Mosin-Nagant to player loadouts, as well as a limited-time map, Haunted 2, available throughout the month of October. Grenade mechanics have also been improved – explosions are deadlier than ever – and some weapons have received balance changes.

Mosin-Nagant was previously a scenario-only weapon but it is now added to player loadouts! It is our first bolt-action sniper to come with iron-sights by default, intended to be a slow but cheap one-shot-kill option for those skilled enough to be up to the task! It can instantly kill armored players to the chest at up to 100m.
Because the new Mosin-Nagant is slightly weaker than the old version in scenario mode, the price of Mosin-Nagant in Scenario has been reduced by $150 for both variants.
The mosin unlocks at level 91; G11 has been moved to unlock at level 89.
Haunted II is a complete reimagining of last-year’s Haunted map. It offers much more verticality than the previous version as well as new outdoor areas for more varied aesthetics.

MP9: significantly increased base hip & ADS sway
TMP: reload time 1.35s -> 1.65s, slightly reduced damage dropoff
UMP-45: armor penetration 58 -> 57
MP5K A4: slightly increased recoil in auto/semi mode, reduced recoil in burst mode, burst mode now has a greater benefit to hipfire but less benefit to ADS
Shotguns: headshot damage 2.4x -> 1.8x
M1014: armor penetration 74 -> 76
Origin-12: armor penetration 64 -> 67
SPAS-12: armor penetration 60 -> 63
NS-2000: armor penetration 59 -> 64
Remington 887: damage 25 -> 28, armor penetration 73 -> 76, damage dropoff +11%, changed spread pattern so that pellets are more spread out
Honcho: increased recoil, reduced recoil recovery (recoil no longer resets completely between shots)
Mini-Nuke: now twice as powerful in PVP, somewhat more powerful in Mob-Arena
All optic modifications rebalanced – lower zoom optics increase ADS speed while higher zoom optics reduce sway. Sniper optics can reduce sway dramatically but may decrease ADS speed
Muzzle Boost description fixed – it increases rate of fire by 6%, but the previous description incorrectly said that it increased rate of fire by 5%
Thompson .30 CAR modkit: now counts as “Magazine” attachment
Looking downwards while throwing a grenade will now throw it at a slower speed, preventing it from bouncing back off the ground excessively
Molotov and Incendiary now do much more damage to enemies not at the center of their area of effect
All explosives have a new hit detection code and now more consistently do damage to enemies partially behind cover
Flashbangs are unaffected by this change and still only use the target’s eye location for hit detection
Fixed a glitch where simply standing near a block could reduce grenade damage
You will now take damage from your own throwables in team-based PVP modes
You will no longer get XP from damaging yourself in any mode
November/5/2019 "Boss Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We are proud to present our largest Mob-Arena update in 2019! This update completely changes how bosses target players and use their abilities. They are now much smarter and harder to cheese, can use 8 brand new boss skills, and the difficulty level of boss fights is now more consistent across different player counts. We also present many awesome additions to the PVP mode, including the addition of 4 new weapons, many new weapon remodels, and a global reduction in bullet stun which should discourage using CQB weapons at long range.
Apologies for the late update post. If you missed the chance to play the update early, don’t worry – the event map has been extended so it will now end next Sunday Nov. 17 instead of Nov. 10 as originally planned.

Haunted has been added as a limited-time Mob-Arena map with the most insane difficulty of any map so far! This map is best for 3-6 players.
Players must make an entrance into the Haunted House against its ferocious guards and inhabitants, and defend themselves from ambushes from monsters that reside in the upper floors. Once the house is cleared, players will be faced with a dangerous frontal attack filled with various special mobs. All of the bosses are greatly enhanced versions of the bosses on other maps!
This map has 12 Waves on Easy mode and 15 on Hard mode. We have made the map’s icon an Enchanted Golden Apple because the easy mode is still quite hard and deserves an enchantment glint in the map vote menu…
You can play this map as a limited event map until Sunday November 17th.


RFB Carbine
A semi-automatic bullpup carbine firing 7.62mm rounds. Battle rifle damage output with a low rate of fire and slow TTK, but due to its short barrel it is extremely maneuverable and has SMG-like mobile performance.
Fully-automatic shotgun with good range and high rate of fire. Very powerful at the trade off of an expensive price and extremely inconsistent recoil when firing full auto. Uses a stick magazine that holds 8 shells.
Modern pump-action shotgun with two barrels. Has a unique ability to fire two shells for every pump action performed, and a high ammo capacity of 14 rounds.
WA 2000
Semi-automatic sniper rifle firing .300 Winchester Magnum, which is much more powerful than conventional DMR cartridges. Has 1-shot-kill capability up to 50m to armored targets and can fire at a faster rate than bolt-action weapons. Has fairly poor handling similar to the AWM.

Weapons can now have a main magazine that is separated into multiple smaller magazines.
This is used by the DP-12, which can shoot two rounds for every pump action it performs.
We have created various new mobs for the new Haunted map.
Bhop Zombie: Baby zombies that keep on obnoxiously hopping towards you.
“Lawnmower”: Magma cubes that lunge themselves forward towards you instead of jumping. They come in both large and small varieties.
Glitch Zombie and Glitch Skeleton: Occasionally fling themselves in a random direction, making them harder to hit.
Dark Pumpling: Like a Pumpling but has more HP and Wither Skeleton’s wither.
Demon Pumpling: Like a Baby Pumpling but has more HP and the ability to hop, though much less frequent than the Bhop Zombie.
Lightning Silverfish and Endermite: Twice as fast as their regular versions and have the same HP and damage.
Lightning Bombones and Baby Bomber: Good luck.


Updated the appearance of:
Karabiner 98 Kurz
SSG 08
Galil AR
OTs-14 Groza
SPAS-12 (Small improvements)

Stun/tagging for all weapons reduced by 50% in PVP.
This means that slower killing weapons like shotguns, pistols and SMGs at long range struggle more to kill enemies before they get to cover.
Remington 887: damage 28 -> 27, pellet drag 7% -> 5% (due to firing larger gauge than other shotguns)
Ithaca 37: pellet drag 7% -> 9% (due to firing smaller gauge than other shotguns)
QSZ-92: rate of fire -5% (400 -> 380)
M60, QBB-95, M249, Negev, Lewis Gun, Ultimax 100: significantly improved accuracy in automatic fire
M249, Negev, Ultimax 100: reduced idle sway
MG3: fixed a sudden snap in the recoil pattern about 80 bullets in


Bosses are now able to change targets on their own. Bosses prefer to target players nearby as well as players who are doing the most damage to them.
Players who are not the boss’s target can no longer stun the boss.
This prevents bosses from becoming perma-stunned in large lobbies.
If you want to help a fellow player out, you can damage the boss enough so that you become the target.

Flood – knocks back all players near the boss for 5 seconds. Radius increases with difficulty.
Earthquake – knocks back and damages all players near the boss for 6 seconds. Radius is much smaller than Flood and increases with difficulty. Only activates while the boss is on the ground.
Creeper Cannon – shoots a creeper at the target. Does not scale based on difficulty.
Magic Carpet – causes the boss to ride a Vex. The Vex has increased health, but much less health than the Steed skill.
Chain Lightning, Lightning Aura – both previously unused default Mob-Arena skills. We have tweaked them so lightning no longer makes noise audible to the entire server, so they will be used in GunColony now.
Lightning damage is reduced by 60% in Mob-Arena regardless of difficulty
Arrow Barrage – launches an arrow at every player within 20 blocks of the boss, plus one extra arrow in the direction the boss is facing. Does not scale with difficulty.
Fireball Barrage – launches a fireball at every player within 20 blocks of the boss, plus one extra fireball in the direction the boss is facing. Does not scale with difficulty.

Seismic Slam – increased slam radius by 1 block (4 in Easy and 5 in Hard)
Nuke – TNT now detonates slightly faster at higher difficulties
Throw Nearby, Fetch Nearby, etc – Radius slightly reduced at difficulty 0 but now increases based on difficulty
Root Target – Duration slightly reduced at difficulty 0 but now increases based on difficulty
Disorient Target, Disorient Nearby, Disorient Distant – Overall effect nerfed, effect now increases based on difficulty (but even at high difficulties it is much weaker than before)
Propel – Propel strength now scales with difficulty a little bit
Reduce Taxes – Damage now scales with difficulty
Vex – Vex spawn amount scales less with difficulty
Spawn Creepers – Creeper spawn amount scales more with difficulty
Summon Minions – Now spawns much more at difficulty 0 (especially with higher player count) but scales much less with difficulty
Bomb Strike – Now shoots 12 instead of 10 bombs at difficulty 0 (Easy mode), still 20 bombs on Hard mode

Bosses no longer use skill in a specific order
They use skills randomly instead; the same skill can not be used twice in a row, with a few exceptions
Bosses now tend to use a skill more often if they think that the skill is suitable at the time (the criteria for being suitable depends on the skill)
Some boss skills are now cast at a higher difficulty level than normal
This is denoted by the number of stars after the skill name
Renamed & reworked some bosses
Deleted some skills from bosses that used to have too many types of skills
Notably, added Summon Minions back to the Nether Hard final boss to spawn more Withers
New skills added to the following existing bosses:
Arrow Barrage -> Starter Wave 10
Chain Lightning -> Suburb Wave 30
Fireball Barrage -> Infection Wave 30
Fireball Barrage -> Infection Wave 50
Earthquake -> Infection Wave 60
Flood -> Graveyard Wave 10
Arrow Barrage -> Blizzard Wave 40
Chain Lightning -> Abandon Wave 50
Magic Carpet -> Range Wave 13 (mini-boss)
Lightning Aura -> Lab Wave 20
Flood -> Volcanic Wave 5 (mini-boss)
Arrow Barrage -> Volcanic Wave 6
Fireball Barrage -> Volcanic Wave 25
Mini-bosses that spawn outside of a Boss Wave now show their health bars

Fixed a glitch where players were unable to unequip the Flashbang in PVP mode
Fixed two typos in the messages sent when unlocking a new weapon by leveling
Updated implementation of gun bobbing system (shotgun pump action animation) to prevent internal conflicts
November/12/2019 "Balance Update" by HkyShow
This is a minor balance update that contains some much requested changes to SMGs and shotguns, making them less effective at range and more skillful to use. We have also fixed certain issues regarding mob despawning.

M14: will now have the M14 EBR recoil pattern (nerf), slightly increased spread per shot, greatly increased spray penalty
M14 EBR: will now have the M14 recoil pattern but scaled up a little (minor buff)
Galil AR: increased spread per shot (0.693 -> 0.75)
IMI Galil: slightly increased spread per shot (0.672 -> 0.7)
SCAR-Light: slightly reduced spread per shot (0.8 -> 0.775) (partial revert to previous nerf)
AK-74M: reduced recoil (-10%), reduced spread per shot (0.65 -> 0.6)
M4A4, M4A1S: slightly reduced penalty to spread recovery while moving (30% -> 24%)
FAD: swap speed 1.5s -> 0.75s, reload speed 2.8s -> 1.9s
G36: greatly increased recoil (+20%)
XM8: damage 30.5 -> 30, armor penetration 81.5 -> 82 (small nerf)
G11: auto/semi recoil -10%, burst recoil +10%, increased spread per shot (0.525 -> 0.6), fixed movement speed in ADS being too slow
M16A2: price $2600 -> 2700, reload time 2.7s -> 2.45s
M16A1: price $2600 -> 2800, reload time 2.7s -> 2.35s
SR-25: rate of fire +5%, meme.
RFB: slightly reduced recoil towards the end of the recoil pattern, removed penalty to spread recovery while moving (was 12%)
M1 Garand: sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.9 -> 0.95
SVT-40: sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.9 -> 0.85
Nylon 66: backup ammo 84 -> 168
All SMGs:
Sway jump when firing each bullet (hipfire): 1.6 -> 2.0 (most rifles = 1.8)
Sway jump when firing each bullet (ADS): 0.6 -> 1.2 (most rifles = 0.6)
PPSh-41: increased recoil (+16%), slightly reduced damage dropoff, increased minimum damage (realism)
PPD-40: slightly reduced damage dropoff, increased minimum damage (realism)
PP-Bizon: increased movement speed (94% -> 96% of knife)
UZI: slightly reduced minimum damage (now strict 5 shot kill to unarmored even to the chest)
P90: damage 23.5 -> 23, slightly increased damage dropoff rate
MP7: damage 23 -> 22.5, slightly increased damage dropoff rate
Tavor X95-R: added penalty to spread recovery while moving (0% -> 10%)
SR-3M: damage 25 -> 27
Mac-10: base spread 0.74 -> 0.76 (hip), 0.7 -> 0.75 (ADS), recoil +10%, slightly accelerated beginning of recoil pattern
All Shotguns:
ADS speed reduced (0.325s -> 0.375s)
ADS now tightens pellet grouping by 20%, but not the randomness of each pellet
Most shotguns will have tighter spread when ADS but wider spread in hipfire compared to before. This encourages skillful & tactical use
Damage dropoff increased by roughly 50% for all shotguns
Nova: base pellet spread +10%
Remington 887: base pellet spread +12%
Sawed-Off: base pellet spread +12%
MAG-7: base pellet spread +6%
NS-2000: base pellet spread +6%
XM1014: base pellet spread +11%
M3: base pellet spread +24%
Origin-12: base pellet spread +10%
SPAS-12: base pellet spread +10%
KSG-15: base pellet spread +4%
Ithaca 37: base pellet spread +10%
Honcho: base pellet spread +23%
AA-12: base pellet spread +11%
DP-12: base pellet spread +8%
Double Barrel: base pellet spread +19%
Scout: armor penetration 82.5% -> 77.5%
M24: movement penalty 2.2 -> 1.6
M40A1: movement penalty 3.96 -> 3.0
ZH-29: -10% base vertical recoil
USP-S,P2000,XD: price $200 -> 150
Glock-18: price $200 -> 150, burst rate of fire 150 -> 144 (effective 450 -> 432)
Increased entity-activation-range for animals to prevent wolves and llamas from becoming frozen when far from players.
Increased entity despawn ranges (soft: 64 -> 160, hard: 128 -> 240) to prevent far away enemies from despawning in Mob-Arena
November/24/2019 "Speedy Update" by RijamShow
Hello all!
This is a quick update that includes a new map, a price change to the Flamethrower, and the long awaited new staff.

NEW MAP – Speedball

Speedball is a new, compact map based off of the same map from the new Modern Warfare. It features close quarters combat as well as some medium distance engagements. This map is available for Arms Race and Elimination.

The flamethrower was reworked almost five months ago. This not only changed how the weapon worked, but it also made the Flamethrower a lot better than it previously was. In conjunction with community input, the price of the weapon has been adjusted. This now means you can no longer purchase a helmet and vest at the same time when using the Flamethrower in PVP.
Flamethrower: price $2400 -> $4500

We have promoted five new players to become a part of the GunColony staff.
MontanaMob – Trial Builder
appelpie – Trial Builder
mvdhor – Trial Mod
landerstrobbe – Trial Mod
flamefire4 – Trial Mod
Congratulations to these five individuals! If you applied for staff and didn’t get accepted this time, don’t worry! Just because you didn’t make it this time, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance for the next round of staff hiring.
landerstrobbe and flamefire4, please message me (Rijam) on Discord so I can give your roles. If any of the new staff members have problems accessing anything, don’t be afraid to message me.

Follow-up update 11/26 by Hky
You can now equip two grenades instead of one!
You can’t equip two Flashbangs at once, unlike in Competitive.
Added Frag Grenade for $800
Added Incendiary Grenade for $1000
All pistols have had their price reduced by half – they are now the same price as in Competitive!
You are now able to buy/pick up the Molotov when you already have the Incendiary Grenade, and vice versa
Enabled FAWE’s dynamic view distance feature to reduce lag
After teleporting the server will now send you chunk packets over the period of about a second, instead of sending all chunks at once
This should eliminate almost all lag spikes when players join or teleport
You might still observe lag when an entire lobby teleport to a new location. (for example: you are playing MobArena and a new PVP game begins) I will add a teleport delay feature to PVP later which will fix this issue.
You might observe areas not loading after a teleport. /leave then joining again should fix it.
Fixed a glitch where swapping to a new kill streak item for the first time has no swap delay
The items should also no longer appear enchanted until you swap to them
Players should no longer drop more than 1 grenade on death
Fixed a glitch where picking up more than two flashbangs was possible in PVP mode
Fixed a glitch where 1.14 players could experience sneaking and sprinting at the same time, which counted as ADS but still had the sprint penalty applied making the weapon very inaccurate
Fixed a glitch where grenades on the ground disappear when you can’t pick them up
Fixed a glitch where Shortdust Elimination was not working properly

Hotfix 11/28
Bullets should no longer hit Structure Void
Bullets should no longer hit invisible armor stands
Removed dynamic view distance feature due to several glitches
Fixed another glitch where it was possible to pick up multiple of the same grenade
December/18/2019 "Stealthy Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
We have added a few new stealth features for the server making it easier to go undetectable with your silenced weapons. We have also added support for new Minecraft versions and fixed a few notable bugs.

Bullets below 340 m/s (the speed of sound) will no longer make yellow trails
Bullets between 340 – 500 m/s will make less yellow bullet trails than normal
The above two changes work regardless of whether you have a suppressor or not
Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon will no longer make white bullet tracers
Bullets fired from a suppressed weapon at below 340 m/s will make no tracers at all
USP will make no tracers by default
MP5SD will need the new Subsonic Ammo modification to remove tracers
TMP, Vector, and XD can make no tracers with the regular Heavy Ammo modification
The M4A1-S and M16A1 have very fast velocity, so you can’t remove their bullet tracers
Added new Subsonic Ammo to the MP5SD, a special ammunition that reduces the velocity of the MP5SD below the speed of sound while giving slightly more positive effects than Heavy Ammo
Reduced Vector velocity by 1 m/s to allow its velocity with Heavy Ammo to go below 340 m/s
Suppressed weapons now make some smoke effects to avoid the feeling that you are shooting a nerf gun with the new reduced tracers on screen
Improved Flash Hider modification: the one muzzle flash particle that it still draws is now always centered to the barrel and smaller in size
Light Bolt no longer reduces damage, but reduces damage range more than before
Refined Barrel now reduces Aim Down Sight speed by 5%
Added support for Minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.1
Fixed a glitch where pressing Q to reload would sometimes switch the weapon fire mode instead when using Minecraft 1.15
Upgraded network equipment for more bandwidth and stability
Reinstalled the server on a new hosting software to reduce network overhead, and to prevent staff members from sometimes being put into the StaffBuild server instead of the main server upon joining
Fixed a glitch where the Muzzle Flash is rendered at a slightly lower position than intended
Fixed a glitch where Greased Bolt increased the min damage of snipers instead of decreasing it
Fixed a glitch where holding knife while damaging enemies with explosives and fire grenades counts as a knife hit
Fixed a glitch where holding knife and right clicking prevents damage from explosives and fire grenades
Internal changes to bullet particle trails to allow for dynamic creation of trails instead of it being hard-coded (particle type, render range, etc. can all be changed without a restart)
December/21/2019 "Winter Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,
2019 has been a great year for GunColony- thank you all for playing on the server this year! We have prepared three new maps and many UI/UX improvements in our new Winter Update. Happy Holiday!

This map is inspired by Killhouse in COD4 and COD Mobile. Partake in tight CQB gunplay and practice your grenade throwing skills in this small yet open killing fest. Available in TDM, Arms Race, and Elimination.


An indoors CQB map from CS:GO, Agency is full of tight corners, sneaky bushes and verticality. While moving through any open corridor, always keep an eye on enemies preying on you from above. Available in TDM and Arms Race.


Train has received a complete remaster with more accurate dimensions and improved visuals. Check out this map in TDM and Defusal. A ShortTrain version is also available for Demolition.


This new GUI will allow you to view all weapons in the game, whether or not you have them unlocked. You can filter for weapon category and ammo caliber to find a weapon faster, and currently equipped weapons will be marked with an enchantment glint.

Access this GUI with /gun or /guns, or via the new updated Gun Inventory NPC at spawn.
These new tooltips will show for weapon items in both the new Weapon Inventory and the old Inventory screen.
Added detailed weapon type, such as “Suppressed SMG” or “Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle”
Updated display format of weapon level and XP
Added weapon caliber type, such as “5.56x45mm NATO”
Added new list of Pros and Cons for each weapon so that new players can know at a glimpse what to expect
You can now earn Tokens when leveling up
Save up tokens now to buy cool stuff when we add a Shop soon!
Crates will no longer grant weapons that you have not unlocked
Now they only grant XP to existing weapons
This is a stopgap feature – most type of crates will be removed in a future update in favor of increasing Weapon XP gain rate and direct item rewards after a match. For the holidays, though, enjoy the ability to earn both Crates and Tokens from playing!
The Special Vote Crate still has a 20% chance to ignore unlocks and give any weapon in the game, which has not been changed
Tech Trees have been simplified to only contain closely related weapons
When you level up a weapon in the Tech Tree you now immediately unlock the next weapon instead of having to unlock it in a crate
The [R-Click] tooltip for weapons has been changed to “Modify Weapon” instead of “Upgrade Weapon”
The test server’s restart message is now different from the main server in discord #server-chat to prevent confusion
Internal refactoring to for allow dynamic registration of inventory item filters instead of them being hard-coded
Compound filters are also supported, allowing the filtering of items that meet any or none of a list of criteria
Fixed a typo in the message shown when trying to equip a modification when you already have the max number equipped
January/8/2020 "Bug Fixes & Improvements" by HkyShow
Hello all,

As we begin the new year of 2020, we are rolling out a series of important bug fixes and general improvements to make the game more enjoyable and working as intended. We have also improved several mechanics to be higher quality and simpler to understand.


In Defusal Mode, you now only need to right click once to plant or defuse the bomb
Cancel by left click or by switching to another item
Added a countdown to bomb planting and defusing
In the Sci-Fi scenario, the Lightsaber now gives you jump boost as long as you are holding it
Previously you had to swing it to get a brief jump boost
Equipping items in PVP after you’ve left spawn now gives a new message to clearly inform that you will only get the weapon the next time you respawn
When you die in PVP/Competitive, you will fly much slower at first to prevent sinking into the ground when holding shift.
In Competitive, the fly speed returns to normal after 1.5 seconds, so you can still spectate normally

Buy zone radius in Competitive has been increased from 5 to 8 blocks to prevent players from spawning outside it
Fixed a glitch where cancelling a bomb plant or defuse disables your weapon from firing
Fixed a glitch where picking up a bomb would duplicate it
Fixed a glitch where you could not drop the bomb manually unless you move it to a specific slot in your inventory first
Fixed a glitch where leaving Competitive as the last man standing did not end the round

When you leave the game, you will now drop your weapons (including bomb in Defusal mode)
When you die in PVP via natural damage sources and no enemies recently damaged you, the death no longer counts as a kill for the enemy team
Fixed a glitch where retextured Silverfish Blocks were showing up as normal stone bricks to players in 1.13 and above
Fixed a glitch where damaging enemies with grenades would occasionally switch your current weapon’s fire mode
Fixed a glitch where damaging enemies with a bullet that took a long time to travel to the target would switch your weapon’s fire mode
Fixed a glitch where noise-emitting pressure plates in certain maps could not be actually triggered
January/27/2020 "New Host" by HkyShow
The server has now been transferred to a new host for better stability and lower lag.

The server is now hosted on OVH’s Montreal datacenter
This is close to the old server’s location, but the improved connection should provide around 5-10ms less ping for most players
The new host has DDoS protection to ensure better server uptime
The new host has a slightly slower CPU than the older host but we plan to get around this by setting up multiple servers for different games
January/28/2020 "Rewarding Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

In this jumbo-sized quality of life update, we have added new experience rewards to all gamemodes as well as a new way to display them. Additionally, we have improved the quality of game messages and made all gun sounds much more realistic and audible from further away.


The total EXP earned from all recent actions (damage, kills, etc) is now shown on screen
This applies to all gamemodes including Mob-Arena
The boss bar no longer shows the XP earned by each individual award
The boss bar now shows the precise amount of damage dealt to enemies

XP from points (mob damage) has been reduced to 1 XP per 500 points (from 1 XP per 400 points)
Increased XP from boss minions (now gives 40% of a normal mob’s XP instead of 25%)
Added XP from killing a mob regardless of mob health
This addition is especially noticeable for swarmy mobs with low HP
Doubled weapon XP gain in Mob-Arena from x0.2 to x0.4 of player XP
Halved the percentage of extra weapon XP you gain from the Low Player Bonus
This means that the total amount of XP you gain from the bonus is the same as before

Note: some secret kill awards are intended as a surprise and are not listed below.

PVP + Comp

Headshot (+10XP): kill an enemy by a shot to the head.
Wallbang (+10XP): kill an enemy through a piece of cover or another player.
Revenge (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill the enemy who last killed you.
Knife Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a knife.
Grenade Kill (+20XP): kill an enemy with a grenade.
Savior Kill (+10XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy who has damaged a teammate, but hasn’t killed anyone nor damaged you in the last 3 seconds
Point Blank (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from less than 2m away.
Longshot (+10XP in PVP, +20XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 50-99m away.
Marksman (+15XP in PVP, +30XP in Comp): kill an enemy from 100-199m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.
Sniper (+20XP in PVP, +40XP in Comp): kill an enemy from more than 200m away. The distance will be shown in your boss bar.

Killstreak (+10XP for double kill, 5 more for each additional kill up to 60): kill 2 or more enemies without dying, and each kill must be within 5 seconds of the last kill.
Dominating (+20XP): kill the same enemy five times in a row without them killing you once.
Nemesis Kill (+60XP): kill an enemy dominating you.

Kill awards have been increased to 50XP in Elimination, 60XP in Demolition, and 80XP in Defusal

Killstreak (+20XP for triple kill, 10 more for each additional kill up to 100): kill 3 or more enemies in a single round.
Bomb Planted (+50XP): plant the bomb.
Bomb Defused (+100XP): defuse the bomb.

Sound attenuation has been tweaked to behave more realistically. Instead of volume dropping off linearly over distance, it now drops off close to quadratically (higher dropoff exponent for louder sounds).
This approximates the real life inverse square law much better than before while still allowing the sound to end at a finite distance
Gun and grenade sound effects now respect the speed of sound when at a distance above 34m
This means that you will be hit by a long ranged shot before hearing it
Sound effects can now be heard from much further away
Suppressed weapons are no longer Hollywood quiet and can be heard from up to 60-75m away
Other weapons and explosions can be heard from 250-400m away
The transition between the close range and distant sound effects is now much smoother and no longer has a volume spike
“Stereo” dual sound effects such as the one used by the ZH-29 are now played at a more frontal angle to prevent them from sounding too strange on surround sound setups

The killer notification when you die now shows gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “L. 1 M4A4”
Weapons in the inventory now show gun level in the format of “Lv.1 M4A4” instead of “Level 1 M4A4”
Weapons in the inventory now show their category in the lore (e.g. “Submachine Gun”)
The boss ability message has been simplified to be shorter and not block your screen as much
Removed the useless “hurry up and join the lobby arena” message
When you have no weapon, the map or paper item now shows e.g. “No Primary Weapon” instead of “Primary Weapon”
The name hasn’t been changed in the Mob-Arena pregame lobby to prevent misleading players into thinking that they have no weapon, when in fact they will receive one normally once the game starts
Weapons with unlimited ammo now display the infinity symbol for backup ammo, instead of “Unlimited”

If you die in PVP without a primary weapon, the game will now remind you to buy one in the shop
This only happens a maximum 3 times during one PVP match

Updated BungeeCord and updated upstream on the custom fork of ViaVersion plugin to add 1.15.2 support

EXP required to earn a crate has been increased by 25% to ensure that players earn the same amount of crates after this experience buf
Premium XP boost now shows the percentage of boost in the boss bar after a PVP match

Grenades can now collide with blocks outside arena boundaries, so you can now use walls outside the map to bounce them (thanks Arhippa)
Fixed a bug where picking up grenades when aiming down sights makes them appear as iron tools (thanks Rijam)
Fixed a bug where opening a crate removes your inventory filters, causing you to go to the inventory when opening a crate from the Crates NPC (thanks Rijam)
Fixed killstreak items disappearing when obtaining a new item in Arms Race (thanks pale1)
Fixed molotov and incendiary grenades lacking a distant detonation sound due to a typo
Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S had a different recoil pattern after taking off the suppressor
Fixed a glitch where the M4A4 and M16A1 unsilenced did not have a distant sound
Reflecting a fireball to a ghast now only deals 75 damage instead of thousands (it’s still quite worth doing)
March/28/2020 "Gameplay Tweaks Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We have released a new patch for GunColony that contains a new weapon leveling system as well as various gameplay tweaks.


All-new weapon leveling system!
All weapons go up to Level 100
You unlock all mods at Level 70
Your existing inventory will be automatically converted to the new levels
Gunplay Changes
More intuitive hipfire mechanic
Nerfs to ADS while sprint-jumping
Balance Changes
Snipers are now higher risk & higher reward
DMRs got a massive buff
Battle Rifles price increased
Weapon Mods
Shotgun Chokes were nerfed
Added new Ammo Conversions and Extended Magazines
Sniper scopes added to more weapons
Normal mobs in Mob-Arena are now easier to kill
Longshots in PVP are now easier to obtain
Improved some messages around the server
Performance improvements


Hip fire has been adjusted to lower the learning curve for new players interested in close range fighting.

While hipfiring, 20% of base sway is now converted to spread, and 100% of sway from firing is now converted to spread
This makes bullets more consistently cover the entire spread cone
Weapons now have 70% less recoil while hipfiring to prevent bullets from going too much above where you aim
Aiming down sights has been adjusted to lower the effectiveness of firing before being fully scoped in, making a fast ADS Speed more important.

Most weapons (except shotguns) are now significantly less accurate while hipfiring
While aiming down sights you now gain accuracy slower than before (it is determined by the square of the ADS percentage – halfway into ADS, you have 75% of hipfire spread and 25% of ADS spread)
Movement accuracy has been adjusted to lower the effectiveness of aiming down sights immediately after sprint jumping.

After you stop moving, the accuracy penalty while moving will now always reset in the same amount of time it takes to aim down sights
This was previously the case for LMGs and Snipers, but other weapons had their moving accuracy reset instantly after stopping. Now, all weapons share the same behavior
Weapon mods that affect ADS speed will also affect the move penalty reset speed
Sprinting will still make the penalty take longer than normal to reset
Sprint jumping will now count the player as sprinting until they land
Aiming down sights during sprint jumping will no longer begin to recover movement penalty until you land
Normal jumping is not affected

In General: range & damage dropoff rebalanced – damage dropoff now starts at a significant distance rather than right away, but it happens much quicker than before. In addition, hipfire accuracy has been reduced for most weapon categories as aforementioned.
Battle Rifles (M14, M14 EBR, M1 Garand, SVT-40, SR-25, RFB, FAL, SC-2010): they are now more expensive (by $250-800; SVT-40 has not been changed), but more effective at penetrating blocks, and they have a new advantage in their high range before damage begins to drop off.
SMGs: they are now less advantageous in hip fire accuracy and have faster damage dropoff than before. There is now about 30% more recoil but less sway movement (1.4 -> 1.1) from firing while aiming down sights to allow for more skillful gunplay at medium range, and to encourage the use of more accurate, less powerful SMGs.
LMGs: high caliber LMGs like the M60 can now penetrate thicker walls than before just like battle rifles, but their price has been increased. Also, all heavier MGs now have slightly lower aim down sight speed.
Shotguns: headshot damage in Mob-Arena reduced (1.3x for auto shotguns and 1.5x for pump shotguns)
Bolt Snipers: they are now much more powerful but have much worse handling, slower aim down sights speed, and more sway. Think the call of duty formula instead of battlefield.
Auto Snipers: they are now way more controllable and predictable than before, but also got an increase in sway and aim down sight speed.
Starter Pistols: they now have fairly low range to encourage the use of more expensive pistols.
Pistols: they now aim down sights significantly faster than before (except auto pistols).

Some weapons have been redesigned to have specific strengths and fit specific niches better.

M14 EBR & SR-25: designed to fulfill a long ranged DMR type role – they now have a very long range and slow damage dropoff, but the base damage of the M14 EBR has been reduced.
IMI Galil: now has less hipfire accuracy than the Galil AR, but more range and more accuracy in aimed full-auto fire.
M16A1 & M16A2: both now have pretty terrible hipfire and 10% greater recoil, but increased range.
M4A4 CQBR & M4A1-S: positioned as short 5.56mm carbines – they now have subpar range but great hipfire accuracy.
FAMAS: similarly has a short range and good hipfire. Price increased to $2850
AK-47, AK-103, Groza, RPK: now have higher damage but shorter range – they are now much more viable and act as cheap battle rifle alternatives in CQB.
AK-74M: slightly increased ranged damage to increase odds of getting a 5 hit kill at long range (now needs 2 chest shots instead of 3)
G36: damage 28 -> 30.5 to honor the description “has a higher power than most other 5.56mm assault rifles”, but it has mediocre range and low hipfire accuracy
MP9, TMP: now have an advantage in hipfire accuracy compared to other SMGs. This gives them a nice use instead of being a worse MP5.
The MP5 family: now have the exact same damage values but range varies by weapon.
MP5: now has higher sway and lower hipfire accuracy to counteract the improved damage.
MP5KA4: set up as a gun that shines in the burst-fire mode as much as in auto. The burst mode gives it the best hipfire accuracy among all SMGs.
P90: recoil further increased.
UMP-45: burst mode somewhat buffed; rate of fire reduced to better differentiate with the Thompson (650 -> 620); now has a very high range for a SMG.
Mac-10: range reduced; sway increased in ADS.
Thompson: recoil and damage increased (35 -> 36). It also has a great hipfire accuracy.
PPSh-41: now has significantly better range than the Vector.
Honcho: is now intended as a fast pump shotgun, but watch out for the recoil caused by the increased fire rate. Spread +25%, damage reduced (31 -> 27), fire rate increased (80 ->95)
KSG-15: armor penetration 67 -> 66
M1014: hipfire spread +20%
DP-12: hipfire spread +30%, sway/spread from firing increased by 10%, price 2300 -> 2400
Double Barrel: pellet spread +10%; longer wait after shooting in burst mode before reloading (now it takes identical time as shooting 2 shots in semi mode)
L86 LSW: tweaked the recoil to be a consistent upward climb, positioning the L86 to be a full auto weapon that can be consistently used at all ranges. Now also has a 40m range of rather consistent 4 shot kills. Price increased to $3500.
Stoner 63: slightly reduced sway from shooting. Now should be a legitimate competitor to the M16A1.
SSG 08: damage buffed (allows 1 shot to the chest at very close range), but rate of fire and hipfire accuracy reduced
AWM: is now a very slow-handling weapon and takes a long time to aim down sights, but provides one hit kills from any range.
M24/M40A1: can now get a guaranteed one shot at close range. The M40A1 reload has been slowed down slightly but is still quite fast.
ZH-29: slight price decrease from $4100 to $3900.
USP: slight damage nerf to remove 2 shot headshot to armor. In return it has a slower damage dropoff than other starter pistols.
Five-SeveN: armor penetration reduced to 80
PPK: range is improved relative to other pistols.
Beretta 90two: price increased from $350 to $600 anticipating significant overpoweredness.
Desert Eagle: hipfire accuracy and range (incl. minimum damage) reduced, rate of fire slightly reduced (180 -> 170)
Colt Python: hipfire accuracy reduced
R8 Revolver: min. damage increased, hipfire accuracy unchanged (increased relative to other handguns)
Now uses different internal code for delayed firing – this means that the R8 Revolver now properly respects rate of fire modifications.
Colt SAA: increased damage (especially unarmored).
QSZ-92: reduced damage (32 -> 29), armor penetration (91 -> 85), and rate of fire (400 -> 370)
M1911: increased damage (40 -> 48), reduced armor penetration (82 -> 70) and rate of fire (350 -> 320)
AF-2011: increased damage (35 -> 40), reduced armor penetration (82 -> 70)
MP443: rate of fire reduced (450 -> 300), hipfire accuracy unchanged
Rhino: damage 49 -> 50, hipfire accuracy unchanged
Same fire rate mods fix as R8 Revolver above
Fire Launcher: now fires in bursts, and overall has less backup ammo

Unertl 10X scope has been added to the M14 EBR, M16A1 and M1 Garand at Level 50, as well as the M82 at Level 30
Unertl 10X scope now uses the Sniper K98k reticle
PU scope has been added to the SVD at Level 50
Conversion kits such as .30 Carbine on Thompson now count as ammo modifications
Rebalances to existing shotgun barrel modifications
Modified and Full Choke now reduce weapon damage by 2% and 6%, respectively
Full Choke now reduces movement speed, but has less penalty on moving accuracy
Sawed-Off Barrel now increases damage by 4%, but has less bonus to moving accuracy
Added the Rifled Choke to Shotguns, which makes pellets more consistently follow the spread pattern.
Added the 14.5x114mm ammo to the NTW-20, which massively increases bullet velocity at the cost of fire rate.
Added the .300 Blackout ammo to the M4A1-S, M16A1, M4A4, M16A2, AUG, and Tavor X95R, which increases unarmored damage at the cost of recoil and bullet velocity.
Added the .300 Blackout Subsonic ammo the M4A1-S and M16A1, which increases unarmored damage and removes bullet tracers at the cost of a very slow bullet.
Added the .40 S&W ammo to the UMP-45, which increases bullet velocity and magazine capacity at the cost of unarmored damage.
Added the 10mm Auto ammo to the MP5, which increases damage and range at the cost of fire rate.
Added the 9x18mm Makarov ammo to the Skorpion, which slightly increases damage but also increases recoil.
Added the Alpha Magazine, a 30-round extended mag to the SCAR-20.
Added the STANAG Conversion, a 30-round extended mag to the FAMAS.
Added a 24-round extended magazine to the FAL, G3SG1, and MSG90A2.
Added a 25-round short magazine to the UZI.
Added a 17-round short magazine to the Vector.
Added a 13-round short magazine to the XD.
Added the EMAG Magazine to the L86, which provides a handling and reload speed bonus but reduces backup ammo.
Added extended magazines to the M9A1, Beretta 90, P250, P2000, M1911, and AF2011.

Weapons can now be upgraded to level 100 regardless of rarity
Modifications will stop being unlocked after level 70, similar to COD MW
It takes much less EXP to upgrade a weapon to level 70 in the new system than to max out a weapon in the previous system, meaning that weapon mods are now easier than unlock
Rare weapons take 25% more EXP, epic weapons take 50% more EXP, and legendary weapons take 100% more EXP to gain each level than common weapons
Weapon level will now be divided by 10 in the inventory screen to avoid exceeding the limit of 64 (for instance, a level 25 gun will show a “2” in your inventory)

Damage Absorption has been removed for non-boss mobs in Mob-Arena.
This will especially make the block head mobs much easier to kill.
The ongoing matches viewer has been improved.
A few messages have been changed.
When a map is on the final wave, it will now say “(Final Wave!)” to let players know that they might not be able to spawn in before the game ends
Added a message when players respawn into the arena
Added a message when players spawn into the arena for the first time after joining in progress

The Longshot award now occurs at 30m (from 50m)
The Marksman award now occurs at 60m (from 100m)
The Sniper award now occurs at 100m (from 200m)
Added sound and message for both players when a player dominates or takes revenge on another player

/loadout stats has been improved.
You can now key in weapon level and modifications in the /loadout stats command to view weapon stats with specific mods on them
The damage text now only shows the start and end of the damage dropoff point, as well as the max range of the weapon
Added a third decimal point to weapon inaccuracy to allow showing small numbers like 0.025 degrees accurately
Added display for Armor Penetration percentage, Block Penetration, Entity Penetration, and Aim Down Sights Time
Improved the tooltip for the Epic Vote Crate.
Improved the message when you receive Weapon XP in crates and after a game.
Temporarily turned off ViaVersion connecting blocks fix to improve performance while players teleport
We are currently investigating other issues that cause join or teleportation lag, including the Mob-Arena respawning code and permission groups

Fixed a glitch where certain staff members could get a glitch that gave them access to weapons above the max level
Fixed a glitch where Heavy Spring had more rate of fire reduction and less recoil reduction than intended
Fixed a glitch where Lightened Bolt was not available on the Fire Launcher
Fixed a glitch where Nemesis Kill (taking revenge on a player dominating you) did not work
Removed Cartographer from server dependency completely to reduce memory leak requiring frequent restarts
Fixed a room in Blackgold where players could get stuck
April/4/2020 "New Maps!" by RijamShow
Hello all,

We have released two new maps for GunColony. The new maps are Vostok and a Nuketown remake.
We have also had some changes to our staff team.


Vostok is a map set in Romania. The terrorists are trying to destroy a statue or the entrance to a cathedral.
This map is available for Defusal and TDM Random Spawns.


This is a remake of Nuketown which improves the visuals and makes the map more faithful to the source material. It is set in an American nuclear testing site.
Nuketown is available for Free For All, TDM, and Elimination.

Staff Changes

We have promotions and demotions:

dcx has been promoted to Trial Content Team
SilverFlaming has been demoted due to inactivity
A reminder to all staff who have been demoted from inactivity: you may apply again if you want to become staff again. You will not be a Trial staff member again if you were not a Trial staff member before your demotion.

More content is on its way!
April/20/2020 "4202020 Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Hope you all are staying home and staying safe! We have rolled out a new update with completely revamped scope reticles, new weapon remodels, and purchasing weapons and modifications with tokens. Also in the update is the ability to equip two more attachments on your weapons than before, at the penalty of a higher purchase price.


We have completely changed all sniper scopes in the game. They now have a larger, clearer field of view, and the reticles are much sharper than before and now have semi-accurate mil dot markings. The PM II scope (AWM & SCAR-20) has also received a new realistic reticle.

Additionally, the 10X and 12X scopes now have an especially large field of view to encourage their use.


You can now purchase weapons with tokens to get them early!
The prices range from 1000-2400 Tokens depending on the unlock level of the gun.
Legendary weapons are 2.5x more expensive and can cost up to 6000 Tokens
If you are close to unlocking a gun through leveling up, there will be a discount on its price
Reaching a weapon through the Tech Tree will give a 60% discount on its price!
You can now purchase modifications for your gun with tokens!
The purchase price decreases as you level up the weapon
Purchasing a level 70 modification on a level 1 weapon costs 485 tokens
Legendary weapons have the same modification prices as other weapons

Crates now drop far less frequently, but they are of higher quality and now give some Tokens when you open them.

Crates now drop much less frequently (the intention is that they will not drop every game)
The Wooden Crate has been removed, so when a crate does drop, it is guaranteed to at least be an Iron Crate
All Crates dropped after the update will give a small amount of Tokens
This includes Vote Crates, though they do not give particularly large sums of tokens
Higher tier crates earned at higher player levels will give more Tokens

You can now equip more modifications, but they will increase your weapon’s purchase price!

You can now equip 5 modifications on Primary Weapons, except Special Weapons
The first 3 modifications are free
4th modification slot costs $100 on SMGs/Shotguns, $150 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
5th modification slot costs $150 on SMGs/Shotguns, $200 on Rifles/LMGs/Snipers
You can now equip 4 modifications on Secondary Weapons, except Starter Pistols and Special Weapons
The first 2 modification are free
3rd modification slot costs $50
4th modification slot costs $100

Added the 7.62x51mm NATO to the AWM, turning it into the AWP with less damage but better handling
Added the .375 CheyTac ammo to the CheyTac, reducing damage but improving handling
Added a 20-round short magazine to the SR-3M
Added a 42-round extended magazine to the AUG
Added a 17-round short magazine to the M1915
Added a 40-round short magazine to the RPK
Added the Classic Magazine to the M4A1-S, which increases its rate of fire and handling but decreases ammo capacity to 20/40 rounds

We have fixed the Tech Tree system so it no longer spews out free legendaries like crazy.

The required level for parent weapons is much higher now that weapons have a max level of 100
Leveling up a weapon to its required level will no longer instantly unlock the next weapon down the tree
Instead, its purchase price is reduced by 60%, and it is now possible to find the weapon in crates
We will expand Tech Tree again to cover all weapons in the game very soon. Stay tuned!


Fire Launcher: swap time 1.1s -> 0.8s, Faster Burst attachment now penalizes recoil less than before
G36: scope field of view improved

If a grenade hits the top layer of snow on the side, it will still bounce upwards
If the grenade is already travelling upwards then the grenade will not change directions but will still get slowed down
An additional hitbox has been added for snow just below the top layer, so that grenades will never fall into the snow block due to the above change
The new flamethrower model is now visible to 1.13+ players
Improved weapon models for the Charger 22, Skorpion vz.61, Smoke Grenade, Incendiary Grenade, HE Grenade, and M60

Fixed a glitch where taking the suppressor off of weapons will prevent giving Weapon XP
April/22/2020 "Dead Silence" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This is Part 2 of the 4202020 update containing a bunch of new weapons, balance changes and performance improvements! Defeat enemies silently with three new stealth weapons, or become the loudest and deadliest with our new double-barrel shotgun and anti-tank rifle!



A rare compact SMG unlocked at Level 13. It is cheap and very fast firing, but extremely inaccurate in full auto.

Lahti L-39

A epic semi-automatic anti-tank rifle unlocked at Level 134. Fires an extreme large round that deals massive damage, but is terribly unwieldy to handle and has a very long aim down sights time.

Mossberg Over/Under

A rare double barrel shotgun unlocked at Level 31. It has higher than average range and a tighter spread than the secondary Double Barrel, but slightly inferior handling and a longer reload.

Yeet Cannon 9

A common starter pistol unlocked at Level 52. It has high jumping accuracy for a pistol as well as good stability, but has lackluster magazine capacity compared to alternatives. A 10-round extended magazine is available as a modification.

AS Val

A rare rifle unlocked at Level 109. It has a high rate of fire, as well as an integral silencer and subsonic ammunition for a low sound footprint and no bullet tracers, but below-average performance at range.

Welrod Mk II

An epic pistol unlocked at Level 113. It is slow-firing due to its bolt action but is extremely quiet and makes no visible tracers. It can kill enemies in one headshot (only at close range for helmeted enemies).


A common special weapon unlocked at Level 104. It has an extremely slow bullet velocity but can one-hit kill enemies for a rather cheap price.


New model for:
Fire Launcher
Decoy Grenade


Sterling: backup ammo 128 -> 136
Decoy Grenade: now only plays a sound 1/4 of the time in every tick. Better for your ears.
Double Barrel: burst mode no longer reduces sway
Auto Snipers: randomness of recoil increased 20%
On ZH-29 and M82, the increase was less than 20%
Added a new modification Cheek Pad on Auto Snipers and Auto Shotguns that reduces the random recoil by 20% but reduces ADS Speed by 20%. It unlocks at Level 55 on Auto Snipers and Level 43 on Auto Shotguns
Anti-Material Snipers: aim punch can now be avoided by standing still for 0.5s, down from 1.5s

We have done a lot of performance optimizations to our weapon code. Testing shows that the gun plugin should now run about 2-3x faster overall!

Added a performance profiling system to the gun plugin to try and locate performance issues
Made a few minor optimizations to the projectile flight code
Fixed an exception unintentionally being thrown and silently caught every time a bullet misses a mob, which could have been a major performance drain in Mob-Arena
Heavily optimized the weapon config loading system
Empty modifications are now completely skipped
The result of weapon config computations for heavily modded weapons (3 mods or more) is now cached, removing the need to repeatedly calculate the value every time it is requested
Weapon modifications are no longer permitted to modify each other (this was a performance-heavy feature that was not actually used anywhere in the weapon config)
Other optimizations:

Reduced render distance from 15 to 12 chunks in arena world, and 7 chunks in spawn world
You might notice more terrain pop-in on Alpine Trench, but this change has a major benefit on performance
Heavily optimized the weapon list GUI (/gun) – it will now only construct the items that it needs to draw on the current page, instead of constructing items of all pages in the GUI
In Redis data-write mode (currently only for the test server) the local cache now waits slightly before clearing to make fast consecutive GUI clicks less taxing on the server
Cut down on the length of the group inheritance chain to hopefully reduce lag especially when players join
Fixed a few memory leaks in the GUI system
The main database used to store player data is now properly indexed by UUID, making accessing player inventory and loadouts faster

When you are targeted by the Living Bomb boss skill, you are now sent a message telling you to get into water or explode
New shop appearance for PVP and COMP!
It is now called Equipment Tablet and is a different color depending on your team
Connected blocks has been re-enabled for all blocks
Added the PSO-1 scope from the SVD to a few other weapons as a modification

Micro Sight is available again
Modifications that affect damage range will now also affect the range before damage begins dropping off
Fixed a glitch where the FAMAS STANAG Conversion did not properly override the magazine capacity
Fixed a glitch where the MP5SD ammo type was “9x19mm” instead of “9x19mm Parabellum”
Fixed a glitch where the Heavy Bolt and Sawed Off Barrel were both Level 45 unlocks on shotguns (Heavy Bolt moved to Level 41)
Fixed a glitch where message sent when someone respawns in Mob-Arena always says that the recipient of the message has respawned
Fixed a glitch where movement sway is abnormally high after switching a weapon while sprint jumping
Fixed a glitch where the P2000/P250 extended magazine did not actually give you extra ammo
Fixed a glitch where the message sent when the item price changes as a result of equipping a mod had spacing errors
Fixed a glitch where the M4A1-S was sideways when aiming down sights in Minecraft 1.15
Fixed a glitch where the 4th vote link did not work

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April/27/2020 "Hexa-Delineation" by RijamShow
Hello all,

The past two major updates have included a few new maps that were not mentioned. Here’s a formal announcement for their inclusion on the server along with some other news!


6 new maps have been added to PvP. They are: Carrier, Predicament, Skeld, Highrise, Bayview, and Studio.


Carrier is a compact map situated on top of a giant machine made for traversing the desert. The tops of most rooves are accessible along with a small walkway under the top of the map. It is available for Team Death Match and Arms Race.
This map was made by dxc.


Predicament is a small and enclosed map available for Free For All. It features a lot of vertical height along with many interesting and obscure locations to fight from.
This map was made by dxc.


Skeld is a close quarters map located on a futuristic space ship. This map features: a map! There are a few item frames with the map’s layout along with a red ‘x’ to mark where you currently are. It is available for Team Death Match Random Spawns.
This map was made by MontanaMob.


Highrise is a map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which is located in two buildings and on top of another. There are plenty of sneaky spots to shoot from and there is also a small tunnel system that is under the main playing area. It is available for Team Death Match and Team Death Match Random Spawns.
This map was made by Arhippa.


Bayview is a map from Call of Duty: Ghosts which is located on a bay with an aquarium. There are open outdoor environments and enclosed indoor environments. The bay has many shops which breaks up the outdoor areas. It is available for Team Death Match and Team Death Match Random Spawns.
This map is a community submission created by: N11cK, Sturmspitz, and patrickdemooij9.


Studio is a map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II which takes place on a Hollywood studio backlot. There are numerous scenes including alien attacks on a suburb, medieval castles, western saloons, and a pirate ship battle. The map is mostly close quarters but does feature some further stretches of land. It is available for Team Death Match and Team Death Match Random Spawns.
This map is a community submission created by: patrickdemooij9 and Candycane8.

Misc. Changes

The new Cheek Pad modification now has its own unique icon.
The Crossbow now has a few modifications to choose from. Some are more useful than others.
Improved Reticle
Greased Trigger
Cheek Pad
Laser Sight
Staff Changes

We have had more changes to our staff.

Nafsu has been promoted to Trainee
We’d also like to remind everyone who has applied for staff that we don’t have any sort of schedule for promoting and demoting people. Do not feel discouraged if you are still waiting to hear a response from us, we’ll get around to it eventually, maybe.
May/31/2020 "5th Anniversary Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

GunColony turns five years old today! We have prepared a huge update to celebrate this special occasion with a new spawn, new weapons, loads of new features and improvements, a new newbie PVP lobby, and multiple new Mob-Arena maps!


First and foremost, GunColony has gotten a new spawn in this update!

Not only is the new spawn prettier and more spacious, Mob-Arena is also placed at the foremost importance to celebrate GunColony’s history, having started as a PVE server. Every Mob-Arena map now has its own NPC so it is easier to get into the map you want without commands. However, PVP players are not alienated: simply hop into the glowing lava portal to join the game.

In addition, new players below Level 10 will join into a special Beginner’s Spawn:

Being confined in a smaller space reduces the number of confusing options, allowing newbies to find and join a match more easily. With this dual-spawn system, the main spawn is able to be expanded to a larger size without alienating new players.


ASh-12.7 (Legendary Rifle)

The ASh-12.7 is a Russian selective-fire battle rifle firing a massive .50 subsonic round. It has very high damage and no bullet tracers, but shoots slowly and has very severe recoil.

QBU-88 (Common DMR)

The QBU-88 is a Chinese bullpup DMR. It fires the 5.8x42mm intermediate caliber and thus has a very low recoil. However, it has low damage and a small 10-round magazine.

Maxim-9 (Legendary Pistol)

The Maxim-9 is an integrally suppressed pistol. It uses a 17-round Glock magazine. It has a fast fire rate but high horizontal recoil making it rather difficult to control for a 9mm firearm.

We have also added six World War II scenario weapons into the main game!

Fedorov Avtomat (Rifle)
MP 40 (SMG)
M3 Grease Gun (SMG)
MP 18 (SMG)
M1918A2 BAR (LMG)
Gewehr 98 (Sniper)

We have added new laser sight modifications with visible laser beams!

1mW Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 10%, and projects a laser dot onto blocks that only you can see. You can use the laser dot to aim to a certain extent, but there is still some random spread.
5mW Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 25%, and projects a laser dot and particle line that both you and other players can see.
Tactical Laser: reduces hipfire sway by 28%, and projects a laser dot and particle line that is only visible when you are hipfiring. It reduces the swap and ADS speed of the weapon.

We have completely revamped the unlock levels of all of our weapons. Some hard to use weapons like Nylon 66 and M1915 CSRG were moved up in level, while most weapons were moved down in level. You can now unlock all non-Legendary weapons before Level 100; the last 40 levels will only unlock Legendary weapons periodically.

In addition, the new World War II weapons are unlockable at a low level for new players. They have a low fire rate and controllable recoil to help new players get used to the game mechanics. Additionally, the CheyTac M200 is available at the beginning to allow newbies to one-shot mobs consistently with their sniper. (We have also added the Gewehr 98 as a high level alternative to the CheyTac.)

Gone finally are the times of newbies futilely sniping mobs with SSG 08 and reloading all the time with a M16A1 while accidentally switching their SMGs to single fire and unlocking several pistols and useless weapons in a row.


We have added the Versus (VS) lobby for newer players to battle it out amongst themselves.

All casual gamemodes including PVP, FFA, Arms Race, and Scenario Mode are available.
Experience gain is slightly reduced compared to current PVP.
Veteran players can still use the VS lobby to try out new weapons, but using high level weapons in the VS lobby will result in a penalty.
Over level 30: 50% less weapon XP earned in VS
Over level 50: 75% less weapon XP earned in VS
Over level 70: No weapon XP earned in VS
The VS lobby will be unlocked at level 10
We have tweaked the PVP lobby as well to make it better suited for experienced players.

Removed Arms Race (it is only playable in VS)
Added Demolitions Mode with sprinting enabled
Added Dust II – Defusal scenario
Increased XP earned overall
PVP is now unlocked at level 20
We have tweaked the COMP lobby to make it better suited for organized games.

Added Practice Mode again, with sprinting disabled
The NPC is now rather hidden in spawn to reduce players unintentionally joining it and quitting/ruining 1v1s
Increased XP earned overall
Added XP gain at the end of each round
The XP gain at the end of a match now depends on the match length
COMP is now unlocked at level 30
The addition of the VS lobby and a higher level requirement for all PVP modes are mainly designed to increase player retention by preventing newbies from joining a PVP match against much more skilled and better equipped players. However, it will also help reduce cheating and trolling with alt accounts.

In the future we plan on adding the ability to unlock all PVP modes regardless of level by linking a Discord account, so players who come to the server for the PVP action can join it straight away.


The round timer in Defusal has been reduced from 2 minutes 30 seconds to 1 minute 55 seconds.
You will now gain a weapon every kill in Arms Race, instead of every 2 kills.
The total number of weapons has been increased to 17 (from 12). The number of weapons in each category is the same as CS:GO except there are 2 machine guns instead of 1.
The total number of kills required to win has been reduced from 23 to 17. This should reduce the likelihood of the game ending from running out of time.
This change also means that knifing is less beneficial, since you can gain a level by using a gun just as easily as using a knife now.
We have increased the experience gained from the more elite PVP/COMP lobbies to differentiate them from the VS lobby.

Enemy Killed (respawn modes): 20xp -> 50xp (PVP/Comp), 20xp (VS)
Enemy Killed (Elimination): 50xp -> 80xp
Enemy Killed (Demolition): 80xp -> 100xp
Enemy Killed (Defusal): 100xp -> 100xp
Enemy Damaged Per Heart: 2xp -> 10xp (COMP), 5xp (PVP one life modes), 2xp (respawning modes)
Kill Assist: 10xp -> 20xp
Planting Bomb: 50xp -> 100xp
Defusing Bomb: 100xp -> 200xp
Win Round (one life modes): 0xp -> 60xp
Lose Round (one life modes): 0xp -> 40xp
Win Match: 200xp -> 300xp (PVP), 100 * Rounds Played (Comp), 150xp (VS)
Lose Match: 100xp -> 100xp (PVP & VS), 62.5 * Rounds Played (Comp)
Win Match (FFA): 140xp + 45 * Player Count -> 140xp + 80 * Player Count (PVP), 90xp + 30 * Player Count (VS)
Note that the new EXP gains for kills and damaging enemies will apply to Weapon XP as well.


We have buffed a few modifications that were previously underwhelming to give players more freedom when upgrading their weapons.

AP Ammo: now increases Block Penetration by 25%, rather than 20%
Sniper Ammo: no longer decreases damage, but now slightly increases recoil (reduces ADS speed instead on bolt snipers)
Heavy Ammo: now increases range by 15%, rather than 5%
Subsonic Ammo (MP5SD): now increases range by 15%, rather than 5%
Dart Ammo: now increases Entity Penetration by 100%, rather than 30% (increases damage of collaterals)
Flash Hider: now decreases the length of your bullet tracers making them harder to see. Also, it no longer decreases recoil but rather increases ADS Speed by 5%
Other balance changes:

Muzzle Brake: instead of increasing bullet spread, it now increases the random sway bounce after each shot. (Increases viability on DMRs while making it less strong on ARs, SMGs and LMGs)’
SSG 08: damage 90 -> 89 (will no longer one shot kill against unarmored at long range; armored one shot kill range is reduced significantly)
SC-2010: fixed some stats that were not consistent with other rifles (drag 7% -> 4%, move penalty to recoil recovery -3% -> -23%)
High Voltage Gloves: removed entity penetration (it is still massive DPS but no longer massive Splash DPS in MobArena)

We have added Mob-Arena versions of many existing Infected and PVP maps:

Shoots (level 0 newbie map)

We have improved our Mob-Arena game mode to be closer to the original system in 2015, where you unlock new maps when you level up and can join each map individually rather than through a lobby. Also, you can join maps much faster than before with less waiting time.

Mob-Arena maps now require a certain level to join
The Mob-Arena lobby has been replaced with a Quick Join NPC
You can choose whether to join an existing match in progress or to start a new match
The removal of the lobby cuts the waiting time to start a game from 60 seconds down to 30
You can now join a game in progress faster.
When you join an arena for the first time, the waiting time before respawn is now 30 seconds instead of 120 seconds
If the arena has just started (Wave 0 or 1), then you can spawn in instantly
We have renamed Easy mode to “Normal”, and Hard mode to “Expert” so players don’t confuse the difficulty modes with the map difficulty rating.
Now the only choices when voting for map difficulty are Normal and Expert (corresponding to previous Easy/Hard)
The Hard mode (previous Normal mode) can be accessed by /mavote difficulty hard
When voting for map difficulty, the game now shows a map-specific difficulty rating for the two modes you can select
In a recent update we removed Damage Absorption for non-boss mobs, and this has caused mobs to become very quick to kill especially with headshots. We are happy with this for unarmored mobs, however we felt that armored mobs should be harder to kill if you don’t have the right weapons to defeat them.

Mob armor is now more effective, especially against low Armor Penetration weapons.
If a mob has 10 Minecraft armor points, you will do 90% damage with a 100 AP weapon (down from 95%)
If a mob has 10 Minecraft armor points, you will do 50% damage with a 50 AP weapon (down from 62.5%)
Damage to armor is still on an exponential scale – if a mob has 20 armor, you will do 25% damage with a 50 AP weapon, etc.
We have adjusted/increased the experience gained from Mob-Arena, making EXP gained based more on survival rather than kills. A new player who gets all of their kills stolen by teammates will still earn XP.

Reduced EXP gained from damaging and killing mobs by roughly 50%.
All EXP gained from damaging and killing mobs now give 1x Weapon Experience gain rather than 0.4x.
This means that the overall amount of Weapon XP gained is increased by around 25%
Added EXP gain from clearing waves.
This nets around 500 XP when winning in the Starter arena (depending on difficulty), much more in longer arenas
If a wave is cleared while you are dead, you will not earn EXP to prevent AFK farming
Added EXP gain to all players from killing bosses.

Added “Weapon Specific” tag to the HE ammo mod on the NTW-20 and M82
The recoil recovery speed downside on the M82 HE ammo is now properly communicated
Changed the description of G36
Added the Light Frame modification to Crossbow
Changed the message sent when receiving a new weapon in Arms Race to make it sound less like you are leveling up
Changed the title of MobArena scoreboard to say “Wave x” instead of “LV.x”
Changed the holograms in spawn to display “1 Player” instead of “1 Players”
Changed the PVP holograms in spawn to display “Empty” instead of “Inactive”
The weapons in the MobArena equip GUI are now sorted by weapon rarity/name rather than Mob-Arena class name.
This solves the problem of it being very difficult to find one’s desired weapon in the GUI
Removed message telling you remaining time when joining the Mob-Arena lobby
This cuts the number of messages sent when joining from 3 down to 2
Infected has been disabled
Removed the useless “Weapons in loadout #1 equipped!” message when spawning in in Mob-Arena
Added a message “The sun sets as night looms over the arena…” when starting a game in Expert mode
Nether Map: amount of boss minions significantly reduced/nerfed to fit the role of a Level 0 map

Optimized the grenade code to stop a path trace if the damage drops to zero, reducing unnecessary calculations
Optimized /gun once again by switching to more efficient data structures
Significantly reduced random lag spikes caused by saving player inventories
Removed some older debug code; saving inventory of a player no longer serializes and saves the inventory twice
Optimized the inventory verification process (list comparisons are no longer bruteforce O(n^2) and instead use HashSets)
Indexed the player inventory by item ID to make searching faster; this will slightly speed up spawning in Mob-Arena
Greatly improved the performance of /gun GUI by making the sorting comparison function faster

Fixed a glitch where the FAL could unlock a few modifications earlier than other rifles
Fixed a glitch where the muzzle flash and tracers were misaligned with the first person weapon model when sneaking
Fixed a glitch where the Heavy Bolt reduced range instead of increasing it
Fixed a glitch where some charged creepers in MobArena were unintentionally spawned as regular creepers instead
Fixed a glitch where if a player joins a MobArena after the first boss, the wrong respawn message was displayed
Fixed a glitch where players spawning into MobArena always had 0 levels, instead of the level reflecting the current wave
Fixed a glitch where the player could unequip modifications on a weapon to free up money for other items without updating the modifications on their weapon
Fixed a glitch where friendly fire attempts followed by a suicide could level up the player in Arms Race
Fixed a glitch where players would show up as level 0-4 in /list even when they are not actually low level
This is not fixed immediately, but rather automatically fixed the next time the player levels up
Fixed a glitch where the Refined Barrel ADS speed penalty was not being properly applied
June/9/2020 "MobArena Tactics Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today’s update adds weapon knockback and better throwable items to Mob-Arena to make the mode more complex and replayable. Additionally, we have tweaked some of the new features added in the last update to reduce the amount of unlock grinding for new players.


Street is a Mob-Arena map that unlocks at Level 2. It provides a great zombie survival experience to introduce players to GunColony. It features mini-bosses and several custom mobs to provide something interesting and different to new players while also familiarizing them with our custom game mechanics. It has 20 waves on Easy, and 30 waves on Hard.

Overpass is a map inspired by CS:GO. It features a large layout with plenty of medium-range sightlines and some verticality. It is available in TDM Random Spawns and Defusal.

Crossfire is a map from Black Mesa. It has a lot of vertical height and features the interiors of the buildings and bunker. It is available for Free For All.

Ravine is a compact Free For All map. It takes place in a large cave system with buildings hanging from the ceiling. Don’t fall off the walkways!


We have added a new Knockback mechanic inspired by old versions of GunColony! Shooting at monsters will now knock them back. The amount of knockback depends on the damage you deal. If you want to reliably knock back monsters, a Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, or Grenades are your best bet.

Note that bosses can only be knocked back if you are its target (prevents everyone knocking the boss around in large maps).


We have increased the drop rate of items and added new items to the drop pool in Mob-Arena. We have also rebalanced all grenades dropped within MA, giving them different strengths and making them all viable to use inside the game.

All grenades: Throw distance have been reduced to allow players to throw them more precisely; damage penetration value has been increased allowing mobs to be damaged through walls, but the amount of damage is still reduced depending on the type of cover.
Grenade: Now has lower max damage (480 -> 350) but much larger area of effect. Fuse reduced from 3 to 2 seconds.
Impact Grenade: New addition! Detonates on impact, but has much lower damage and effective radius than the Frag Grenade.
Stick Grenade: New addition! Has the highest explosive radius and penetration, and can be thrown further than other grenades. Slow swap time and medium damage.
Stun Grenade: New addition! Detonates on impact; slows and weakens mobs within a huge radius for 6 seconds. Also deals some damage and knockback.
Gas Grenade: New addition! Very rare drop. Gives slowness and deals relatively low damage for a very long duration of 45 seconds. Hard for players to see through it.
RPG-7: New addition! Very rare drop. Shoots 3 explosive rockets with similar damage profile as the Impact Grenade.
M202 Flash: New addition! Very rare drop. Shoots 4 explosive rockets at a higher fire rate than the RPG-7, but the rockets have less radius.
Bandage: Renamed from Healer. Drops more often than before.
Health Pack: Drops more often than before.
Healer Shot: Regen duration doubled to 20 seconds. Comparatively rarer than other healing items.
Mob-specific drops:

Bouncy Slimeball: Now has higher damage overall and a large knockback.
Explosive Magma Cream: Now has higher damage overall and a large knockback; does not bounce as much off surfaces so it is easier to aim the explosion.
Shulker Bullet: Now shoots 5 bullets instead of 1 to improve its ability to levitate groups of mobs. Levitation now lasts longer. Damage per projectile reduced.
Speed Powder: New! Drops from Blazes. When used, it gives Speed III for 45 seconds.
Lightning Bolt: New! Drops from Powered Creepers. Shoots a laser beam with extremely high damage that kills an entire line of mobs, and then causes a powerful explosion once it hits a block.


We have reduced the damage of most weapon types in Mob-Arena to balance out the knockback and throwable buffs, and to better balance the different weapon categories.

Fully-automatic ARs, SMGs, LMGs: 60% damage; +15% damage when switched to Semi-Auto or Burst
Semi-automatic ARs, Snipers, Shotguns: 70% damage
Pump-action, Double Barrel Shotguns: 80% damage
Handguns: 90% damage
Bolt-action Snipers: 100% damage
Special Weapons:

Flamethrower, High Voltage Gloves: 60% damage
Laser-451, Crossbow, Fire Launcher: 100% damage
Knife: left click damage increased 37.5 -> 50, right click stays the same (97.5)

We have re-enabled our Tech Tree system to help you unlock weapons faster! To unlock a weapon with this system, you have to play with a specific prerequisite weapon in-game and level it up. Then, you will get two benefits that help you unlock the weapon:

The token purchase price of the weapon will be 60% off
You can randomly find and unlock the weapon in crates

We have made improvements to the PVP spawning algorithm to better avoid spawning players near enemies.

If an enemy is within 10m of a spawnpoint, it is now ignored completely while choosing spawns
If an enemy is within 30m, spawn chance is reduced
If an enemy is within 30m and can see the spawnpoint, the spawn is ignored completely
If an enemy is within 50m and has line of sight, spawn chance is reduced
These changes affect TDM Random Spawns and FFA mode. Friendlies still increase the chance of nearby spawnpoints just as before.


Newbies have had a hard time reaching the unlock requirements of Versus and PVP modes after the previous update. We have significantly reduced the level requirement of all game modes to allow new players to access them earlier. Note that these changes may be reverted in the future when we introduce Discord linking to unlock PVP and/or another way for new players to level up faster such as newbie quests.

Versus unlocks and the main spawn is accessible at Level 8, rather than Level 10
PVP unlocks at Level 15, rather than Level 20
The experience required to unlock PVP has almost been cut in half as a result of this change
Competitive unlocks at Level 25, rather than Level 30

You will now respawn in 90 seconds instead of 120 if you die during a boss wave
The MobArena Quick Join menu now shows a red “Requires Level x” text if your level is lower than the required level of a map in progress
The respawn time message after you die now shows the remaining time in “x minutes, x seconds” format.
Decreased the level requirement of several Mob-Arena maps.

Fixed a glitch where grenades were inaccurate if switching to one while moving/sprinting
Fixed a glitch that caused Free For All spawns to be completely random instead of avoiding other players
Fixed a glitch where everyone is put into the beginner spawn after exiting Mob-Arena regardless of their level
June/26/2020 "Signal Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This minor update adds 1.16 client support and new themed content. Use mortar strikes and air support against mobs and defend the signal tower to keep communication with HQ. Enjoy less lag when staff are building on the build server.


Signal Hill is a new MA map with a unique spawning mechanic different from all other maps in the game. Hordes of monsters will spawn far away and slowly climb up the hill to get to the players. It is unlocked at Level 8 as soon as you leave the newbie spawn.


We have added two airstrikes that drop rarely within MobArena.

Mortar Strike: Calls in powerful mortar shells that drop in a medium area. Remember to use it outdoors! There is a significant delay before the shells land.

A-10 Airstrike: Calls in a strafe run that eliminates enemies in a straight line and is able to penetrate soft cover. The direction of the strafe is controlled by the direction you’re facing. The plane is currently not visible but we’re looking into ways to show it in game.

They have currently not been added to PVP but we might consider adding them in the future alongside a more fleshed-out killstreak system.


We have updated ViaVersion to support Minecraft 1.16 and 1.16.1 clients.


Moved server to a new admin control panel
Moved the staff build server to a new host so it no longer shares CPU and RAM resources with the GunColony server

The MobArena Quick Join GUI now has the Quick Join icon prioritized, whereas the Start New Game icon is moved to the top right corner because it is less commonly used
The MobArena Quick Join GUI is modified to accommodate for mixed-case maps like SignalHill
The Low Player Bonus in MobArena now affects player XP as well as weapon XP
The spawn help signs have been simplified and no longer contain duplicate information
Moved map NPCs in the newbie spawn to reduce clutter
Added some banners to prevent the holograms on the main spawn from showing through to players in the newbie spawn

Fixed a glitch where the Join Game sword took you to the MobArena lobby instead of opening the Quick Join GUI
Fixed a glitch where a projectile shot stright up/down could cause a NaN when calculating pitch
Fixed a glitch where the weapon tracers originated from different positions between the first tick and subsequent ticks, making it appear glitchy especially on slower velocity weapons
The knife right click swing animation now works for 1.13 and above clients
July/4/2020 "July 4th Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Celebrate July 4th, 2020 at GunColony and our Discord server! We have added a new Gas Station map, a new weapon, and tons of weapon remodels. Also enjoy much better server performance, new donor perks, and the ability to unlock PVP early by linking your Minecraft account with Discord.


We have adopted a new Discord linking system to link your Minecraft account to Discord. You can do this fully in game!

Method 1: in-game type /discord link. This will give you a code and instructions to link your account in Discord.
Method 2: in Discord, message “GunColony Chat Bot” with !link <MinecraftUsername>, then follow the instructions. The bot should be at the top of the user list in discord.
You will now earn in-game rewards when linking your Discord account.

Instantly unlock Versus (usually level 8)
Instantly unlock PVP (usually level 15)
If you are below level 8 and still in the newbie lobby, you need to use the “Join A Game!” sword to join VS or PVP.
Unlock the exclusive RPK-12
This makes it possible players to get into a PVP match if they really want to, while keeping it difficult enough so that low-skilled newbies and cheaters are less likely to figure out how to join a PVP match.


RPK-12: A prototype AK-12 with a long barrel and bipod for use as a LMG. It has similar stats to the QBB-95; worse firepower and magazine capacity, but better handling and has a special three-round burst mode with a fast fire rate. The RPK-12 is exclusively awarded for linking your Minecraft account with Discord.


We have added new models to 20 existing weapons, six of which are for machine guns! Gunning down hordes of enemies with a LMG has never felt this satisfying.

M1918 BAR
Lewis Gun
M1915 CSRG
Remington 887
Gewehr 98
M3 Grease Gun
Mauser C-96

Gas Station: Help defend the gas station to prevent our oil reserves from being destroyed by the zombies! This map is relatively easy in difficulty and unlocked at Level 4.

Bonus: As a July 4th special, Deserted is available to all players regardless of level for a limited time!


We have added another way to unlock modes early by buying a rank on our donation store.

Recon rank will instantly unlock Versus, PVP, and Competitive
Specialist rank will additionally unlock all Mob-Arena maps

We have done some targeted optimizations to GUIs and data management (particularly around storage access) to reduce lag spikes and speed up general performance.

Switched the two most problematic read-only GUIs (/gun and the PVP Shop) to run async
Inventory saving to MySQL is now run async except for when the server is stopping (serialization is still synchronous)
MobArena class chest contents will now be cached instead of querying the chest (usually in an unloaded chunk) every time the player is spawned
Guns and particles will now properly avoid checking block collisions in unloaded chunks, which should greatly speed up performance in wide open maps where bullets fly outside the map freely
Level 0 players no longer store a permission group to save space on the permission groups database and reduce lag when a player joins for the first time
Tweaked JVM settings to reduce lag spikes from garbage collection
Generally speaking, the only remaining lag problems now are when players join or teleport around (especially on 1.13+), and when there are simply too many players on the server to process at once. We are working on a multi-server network system that will fix these problems in the near future.


Reduced movement speed of the cave spider spawned by the Steed boss skill
Greatly reduced the unlock level of Mob-Arena maps (almost all maps now unlock before Level 40)
New Mob-Arena challenges for high-level players will be coming in the future

Fixed a bug where level 0 players could not rankup
Fixed a bug where the FAMAS had incorrectly low spread when hip firing in burst mode
Some security improvements like disabling the automatic firewall rules module in the new server panel
Edit 7/15/20: fixed donation store link
July/16/2020 "Summer PVP Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We have been focusing on the Mob-Arena for the last few updates, but it’s now time for PVP to get some love as well! Enjoy an all-new experience in PVP with a multitude of gunplay changes and balancing, as well as an improved map vote and team balance system. Don’t despair if you are a Mob-Arena player! We have also added new extended magazines so you can defeat more mobs without having to reload.


Added a rudimentary team balance system to PVP.

About 70% of the players in PVP will still be randomly assigned.
Afterwards, the rest 30% of players go through an algorithm to try to equalize the average player level in both teams
This should greatly reduce the probability of highly unbalanced teams with multiple high level players in one team and none in the other
There is a 49% chance that two players will both be randomly assigned (in large lobbies). Therefore there is a 24.5% chance that you are put into the same team as another player, even if the team balancer wants to put you against each other.

The chance of a map to appear in the map vote now depends on the player count in the VS and PVP lobbies.

Small maps and FFA are more likely with fewer players; large maps are more likely with more players.
Each map will also display a recommended player count.
It is exceedingly unlikely – but not impossible – for a very large map to show up with few players in the lobby, and vice versa.
The COMP and Legacy MA lobbies are unchanged, so you can still get into any map with any player count.

5.56mm ammo conversion (SC-2009) for SC-2010
50-round extended magazine for Sterling
40-round extended magazine for all standard 5.56mm NATO weapons
40-round extended magazine for AK-47, AK-103, and Groza
40-round extended magazine for AK-74M, AKS-74u, and X95R
40-round extended magazine for MP5, MP5K A4, MP5SD, and MP7
50-round extended magazine for Galil AR and IMI Galil
25-round extended magazine for SR-25
24-round extended magazine for RFB (same as the one for FAL)
20-round extended magazine for QSZ-92 (same stats as the one for P250)
10-round extended magazine for WA2000 and ZH-29
17-round short magazine for FMG-9 (same as the one for Vector)
20-round short magazine for Thompson
20-round short magazine for SR3M
25-round short magazine for MP9 and TMP
30-round short magazine for Spectre
20-round short magazine for SIG 556xi and SIG 550
5-round short magazine for Scout, SSG 08, AWM, M82, and CheyTac
97-round drum magazine for Lewis Gun
200-round ammo box for M249

We have overhauled the weapon recoil to be more intuitive and allow further differentiation between weapons.

Weapon recoil no longer completely re-centers after you stop shooting
For most weapons 80% of the recoil will still be reset, but there are exceptions
Weapon recoil now resets more quickly and realistically than before
Recoil pattern now takes more time to reset after you stop shooting
Recoil patterns are now based on a more realistic recoil force system instead of a strict position-based pattern
Recoil patterns have been added to DMRs
Recoil patterns on existing SMGs, Rifles, and LMGs have been redesigned to be easier to learn, which fits the server better since we have a lot of weapons
Similar weapons such as the MP5 family now also have similar recoil patterns

Vertical weapon sway while shooting has been halved across the board to make sway behave more like a horizontal recoil
Returned the older behavior of hip firing where bullets are generally grouped together more, which is less uniform and more realistic
This also makes the laser beam from Laser Sights more useful at guiding your aim

You will now receive flinch while aiming down sights with a sniper
Standing still will reduce the flinch significantly
Armor does not reduce flinch
All weapon modifications that reduce recoil will also reduce flinch; those that increase recoil will increase flinch
There is a limit on how much flinch you can have at once (so shotguns won’t send your aim into the sky)
Snipers have reduced sway
Snipers have improved hipfire accuracy
Snipers have faster aim down sights speed

All weapons will now have different aim down sight speeds
Previously all Rifles, SMGs, Shotguns and Handguns had the same ADS speed as each other
This change allows weapons to be balanced differently based on their ADS speed

Galil AR: rate of fire 666 -> 690, slightly increased recoil
IMI Galil: rate of fire 690 -> 630, damage 27 -> 27.5, bullet velocity increased
SVT-40: improved recoil stabilization
M4A4: muzzle velocity 910 -> 788 m/s; slightly nerfed recoil stabilization
M4A1-S: muzzle velocity 910 -> 810 m/s; nerfed recoil stabilization; buffed Classic Magazine modification
M14 EBR: rate of fire 600 -> 720, damage 34.5 -> 35, recoil in full auto greatly increased to make it more semi-auto oriented
G36: better stability and damage range; slower movement, slower swap and reload (more differentiation from the XM8)
SIG 556xi: now loads special FMJ ammo with higher armor penetration. Reduced damage range and slightly increased recoil and firing sway
RFB: price $3050 -> 2550 since it behaves like a SMG
ASH-12.7: increased recoil, damage 47 -> 45
Fedorov Avtomat: slightly reduced recoil, damage 36 -> 35, ammo 25/90 -> 25/100
UZI: reduced recoil
AS Val: increased recoil
MP5K A4: increased recoil
Vector: damage 26 -> 28, slightly reduced damage range, increased recoil
PPSh-41: armor penetration 72 -> 73, block penetration 1.9 -> 2.2, increased recoil
SR-3M: price $1600 -> 2000, increased recoil
PPD-40: block penetration 1.8 -> 2.2
M3 Grease Gun: reduced recoil
M1919A4: spread recovery improved significantly
MG34: increased block penetration, harder to control
MG3: increased block penetration and damage slightly, harder to control
SVD: reduced recoil
SIG 550: damage 46 -> 44, armor penetration 87 -> 90, slightly reduced recoil
SCAR-20: increased recoil, reduced sway from shooting
G3SG1: reduced recoil, increased sway from shooting
QBU-88: increased recoil
ZH-29, Mosin, G98: increased ADS speed
M9A1: damage 37 -> 36
AF2011: increased recoil
Crossbow: Low Tension String nerfed, High Tension String buffed
1mW Laser: now draws a laser beam for yourself, and improves bullet grouping in hipfire a little bit. No longer reduces hipfire idle sway. It will not help you unless you actually use the laser beam to guide your aim.
5mW Laser: reduced benefit on hipfire idle sway, but now improves bullet grouping in hipfire a little bit. Also, the laser is now more visible than before
Tactical Laser: reworked into Tac Laser which benefits a few ADS statistics similar to COD:MW. Laser is now shown when ADS instead of when hipfiring

We have updated and clarified the server rules. Please have a look at https://guncolony.com/index.php/guncolony-server-rules/

When unlocking a new weapon, the game will no longer notify you that the weapon is now equipped in your PVP loadout if you can’t yet join PVP or VS
Changes to descriptions of various guns when viewed in /loadout stats
Fixed MP5SD subsonic ammo unlocking too early
All ammo conversion modifications now change the ammo type displayed on the weapon item in-game (but not in the inventory to not overcomplicate searching)
All weapon conversion kits now use the Magazine category instead of the Ammo category
Removed sawed-off barrel from guns where it really doesn’t make sense
Snipers now use the same muzzle brake as other weapons since recoil reduction is actually beneficial now
Renamed “Firing Sway Control” to “Recoil Stabilization” to be more intuitive to players
Cheek Pad is now available on bolt action snipers as well since it now has a minor benefit instead of being completely useless

The async GUI system now runs on only one thread to reduce overhead and prevent database connection leak
Fixed two memory leaks by purging player data in related portions of the code when they log off
Added an auto restart system twice a day to ensure memory leaks do not bog down performance
Added a Reconnect system so that players are no longer kicked during a restart

Fixed a glitch where the armor stands in Signal Hill were interactable
Fixed a glitch where burst firing rarely caused the player’s aim and view to glitch out, which made it impossible to hit enemies and would sometimes lead to the player being kicked
Fixed a glitch where a part of the sway system was not working properly, causing burst-firing guns to be more accurate than intended
Fixed some other internal glitches in the sway and recoil code
X95R now properly has the scoped version of the Improved Sights modification
M1915 now has its scope removed to reflect the new model change
Turned vanilla “kicked for flying” feature off since it would occasionally kick players if lagging or stunned by an attack or Root Target
July/25/2020 "Summer PVP Update #2" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We have decided to release small update to address some glaring issues with the game, and try to iron out any early bugs of our new database backend which should further improve performance and future-proof the server for some big ventures in the near future.


Our blue-and-red color branding has been applied to spawn, complete with a pixel art AK-103 in the newbie lobby to point them towards their first match! The newbie lobby also no longer has purpur so the spawn will not look weird before loading the resource pack. Please tell us how you think about the spawn in the comments and Discord.


We have added a brand new database backend to the server, where all data operations are fully async from the server thread. This change should immediately result in eliminating almost all lag spikes (the only remaining ones are from players teleporting). However, most importantly, the new system allows us to open multiple servers and share data between them without any fear of desync.

Player data is now loaded into a cache asynchronously before the player logs in
Player data is now saved asynchronously whenever a change is made, as well as independently updating the internal cache
The database is now the authority, not the server – server now reloads player data from the database periodically, rather than auto-saving to the database
The new code is designed to work concurrently, which improves stability
Since the server updates changes to the database immediately rather than on a timer, server restarts should no longer lead to data loss for changes made right before the restart
The new code is designed to share a database across multiple servers, and even works with significant ping server-to-server
Thanks to Vagnedes for the freely-available MySQL API, and LuckPerms for an example of a MySQL system that runs fully asynchronously.


Fixed a major long-standing glitch where after you level up you might have negative experience, which also caused players to progress slower than intended, especially in the early levels
We might raise the level requirement of PVP lobby again now that this glitch is fixed
Fixed a major glitch where the server might randomly freeze and crash, which was caused by forcing async MySQL onto the old database backend which was not designed with concurrency in mind
Fixed a long-standing glitch where the locked weapons in loadout menus looked like Tactical Awareness Grenades. Now they should have the icon of stone buttons
Fixed a glitch where players could receive aim punch during spawn protection
Rocket launchers in MobArena will now become unbreakable when you swap to them

Just a PSA: in the next few days we will be actively developing and testing a new system which will let us run multiple PVP servers. This will ensure a 100% lag free PVP experience and allows us to have more players on the server at once than ever before! We are going for an automated system to run and update these servers like what a large minigame network would use.

Expect the Competitive lobby to be switched over to a new server first. We will fully switch over all other PVP lobbies to the new system in our next update.

Hotfix 7/27/20

Fixed a glitch with the recently-introduced async GUI system where the PVP shop and gun menu would randomly break for all players until the server is restarted
Fixed a glitch with the new database system where new players’ data was not being saved properly due to an oversight in the MySQL API we use
Made the spawn a lot less saturated with accent colors
Both halves are the spawn are now red
All colored blocks that do not form a horizontal line have been reverted to the original gray blocks, leaving much less red behind than before
The newbie lobby has been fixed up a bit so the join villagers are no longer sitting in 1×1 holes
Fixed a data corruption/reset glitch. Now it will simply kick you if your inventory fails to load, unless you are a new player of course
Fixed a glitch where crates saved to the database did not stack
Fixed a glitch where the PPSh-41 had no name in Stalingrad Scenario
Fixed a glitch where killing someone with the Gold Knife after the round ends would show an erroneous “You have obtained weapon 18!” message in Arms Race
Hotfix 7/28/20

Fixed a glitch where you could reload RPGs in MA to get infinite ammo
Fixed a long-time glitch where you could plant a bomb before completely swapping to it
Fixed a glitch where new players did not gain EXP properly
Increased the delay of the reconnect plugin before attempting to reconnect, so it should now work more reliably given the long startup times of the main server
July/31/2020 "Arcade Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

This is the first time in years where new PVP gamemodes have been added to GunColony!

Five of our new gamemodes go to a brand-new Arcade lobby, which replaces Versus and is great for passing time. Two more modes are available in the Veteran PVP lobby where you can duke it out to see who is the best team.

In addition, Mob-Arena has been improved with a better respawn system and more drops, while experience tokens have been added to make Arcade more rewarding in terms of Weapon XP.

With all the new gamemodes and rewards, there is no better time to be playing GunColony than now! Jump in with some friends and have some fun!


The Versus lobby has been updated into the Arcade PVP lobby!

Experience gained in this lobby is now the same as in Veteran PVP, and the new gamemodes are great fun for both casual and experienced players.

Juggernauts (NEW): One player on each team is the Juggernaut! Destroy the enemy juggernaut to score 5 kills. A new player will become the juggernaut once the last juggernaut dies.
Kill Confirmed (NEW): Players will drop dog tags on death! Pick up an enemy tag to score a point; pick up friendly tags to stop the enemies from getting them. The team with the most points wins!
Hunters (NEW): A random type of mob spawns around the map; it can either be friendly or very dangerous! Kill the most combined mobs and players to win. Available in both team and FFA modes.
Zombie Siege (NEW): The blue team is the Humans and the red team is the Zombies! The humans must survive for 5 minutes and use the money they earned from killing zombies to buy more guns and ammo. When a human dies, they respawn as a wolf to help defend humans. Zombies must kill all humans within 5 minutes to win.
One in the Chamber (NEW): Each player spawns with a golden gun and one bullet. Kill a player to get another bullet! If you run out of ammo, you’ll have to use the knife.
Arms Race
Scenarios: Many more scenarios have been added!

The PVP lobby has been renamed into the Veteran PVP lobby! Here are the six available modes:

Domination (NEW): There are 2-4 objectives around the map. Capture the objectives to start scoring points for your team! Kills also count as a point. First to 300 points wins.
King of the Hill (NEW): Capture the hill at the center of the map to tick down your team’s timer. The first team to hold the hill for a cumulative 4 minutes wins.
Team Deathmatch
TDM Random Spawns
Free For All
Scenarios: Many more scenarios have been added!
The competitive lobby stays the same, but now it will be the only lobby where Demolition is playable. All three lobbies now have completely distinct gamemodes!


Deaths in Mob-Arena now make more “sense”!

When you die, you will drop all items that did not come with your starting kit
This also means that starting kit items no longer stack with other items
When you die, a fast zombie will spawn where you died
Respawning have also been improved so that on average you will respawn faster, but as a team you can still lose if you aren’t careful!

The respawn wait time is now always 100 seconds, and expressed as a percentage
Previously this was 120 seconds in a regular wave (with the opportunity to speed it up) and 90 seconds in boss waves (with no opportunity to speed up)
Killing any mob, including regular mobs and boss minions, will reduce the respawn delay of a random dead player by 1 second
This means that the less dead players there are relative to alive players, the faster they can respawn. Stay alive at all costs to avoid adding to your team’s burden!

Different mobs now drop different items in Mob-Arena! This helps keep the gameplay unique between maps.

Zombies, Llamas, Bats: the basics – molotov, frag grenades, bandages
Skeletons, Wolves, Silverfish, Endermites, Killer Rabbits: all types of healing
Creepers, Vexes: all grenades
Pigmen: grenades and incendiaries
Evokers, Vindicators, Witches: rocket launchers
Ghasts: rocket launchers and regeneration syringes
Powered Creepers, Guardians: launch-able lightning bolt
Spiders, Cave Spiders: stun grenades
Slimes, Magmacubes: lots of throwable slimeballs (also buffed compared to before)
Withers: guaranteed to drop a mini-nuke. The longer you farm withers, the easier valvo plz nerf★ will be
Rare drops from all mobs (drop rates increased):

Mortar Strikes
A-10 Strikes
Gas Grenades

We no longer display Pros and Cons for each weapon since they are sometimes inaccurate. Instead, we now show a few key stats to allow you to see what to expect from a weapon at a glance:

They react to modifications too:


New Experience Tokens are coming to GunColony, where you can play Scenario Mode and Arcade Mode to earn XP for any of your weapons.

Using weapons that you do not own will give you Experience Tokens instead of regular experience
For weapons that have a defined category like Rifles, you will gain 50% of the normal experience. You can choose to redeem it onto any weapon of the same category as the one you used.
For Special Weapons and weapons that do not have a defined category, you will gain 30% of the normal experience, and you are able to redeem it on any weapon in the game.
This works on grenades, knife, gamemode weapons, and ground weapons that you don’t own

We have added brand new weapon models for the M16A2, M16A1, Five-SeveN, M1919A4, MP7, Sterling, and the scenario weapon M1915 Villar Perosa.


Item IDs are now stored as UUID’s instead of integers
This means that we no longer need an internal counter to create unique IDs, meaning that multiple servers can now create new items at the same time with negligible risk of ID collision
Newbies now have Grease Gun and P2000 equipped in their MobArena loadout by default, instead of nothing

Weapons that you do not have in your inventory, such as Knife or a weapon you do not own in Arcade, will no longer have a level
They previously displayed as Level 1
Picked up weapons owned by someone else will of course still have their normal level displayed
In inventory menus, the dark gray “Item ID” tooltip under inventory item is now hidden
Locked items in GUIs are now displayed as a lock icon instead of stone button
The website homepage now has new featured guns
The website homepage now has a link to Discord
Added RPK-12 to Arms Race list of LMGs

Fixed numerous bugs with new player experience gain, experience saving, etc.
Fixed a glitch where if a player joined a Mob-Arena from the very beginning, the first time they die and respawn would show the wrong respawn message
Fixed a glitch where viewing stats in the weapon modification menu does not work
Fixed a glitch where the “[R-Click] Upgrade Weapon” tooltip was grayed out for max level weapons (did not impact functionality)

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August/5/2020 "More Slots, Less Lag" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We are very proud to introduce today’s update to everyone! Finally, GunColony has multiple servers and the ability to hold more players without lag. In addition, we are doing a Double XP weekend for Arcade, which also includes new scenarios and balancing changes to Zombie Siege. Join now and let’s have an Arcade party!

PS: since the largest technical plans for the summer are now complete, for the next 2 months you should expect rapid and radical updates to come to the server and the community. Our target for the coming months is to improve the quality of the server and to nurture a unique FPS experience that you simply can’t find in other games.


We have finally finished our multi-server implementation and rolled out a beta version today!

Arcade, Veteran, and Competitive PVP are now hosted on brand new servers. This is separate from the main server, which still has the spawn and Mob-Arena.

This update means that the server is able to spread the game processing over multiple CPU cores and server instances. As a result, GunColony is now able to hold several times more players before any performance issues arise.

Due to necessity we have temporarily disabled displaying the current gamemode of PVP lobbies, but we’re planning to bring this functionality back in the near future. If you have any problems with the new PVP servers, please submit a bug report ticket on Discord.


To celebrate the Arcade Update, enjoy double XP in Arcade and Mob-Arena between August 6-9th, 2020!


Some of our April Fools scenarios have found a new home inside the Arcade lobby, this time in a more permanent fashion!

Quakecraft Scenario
Overpowered Scenario
Noobtubes Scenario
Gulag Scenario
Meme Scenario
ProSnipe Scenario
These scenarios are combined with a variety of gamemodes such as TDM, Domination, FFA, Zombie Siege, and Kill Confirmed.


Added Domination and King of the Hill random spawns layouts
Added algorithm to spawn players appropriately specific to Domination and King of the Hill gamemodes
Zombies in Zombie Siege now gain a temporary speed effect upon spawning, unless a human is less than 20 blocks away from the zombie spawn (dogs do not count)
Zombies in Zombie Siege now gain a Knockback grenade during the last two minutes of gameplay
Players who join during the last two minutes of Zombie Siege now start as dogs

We have modified the Arcade Mode playlist to get rid of some unbalanced and broken maps.


Improved player level grouping in the Essentials /list command
Removed leave messages in the lobby server to avoid spam when players join PVP from the main server. The join messages are still here for now, but we will open a vote in the future on whether or not to keep them.
Added a web portal for moderators to view past bans/mutes of players
Mob-Arena Low Player Bonus has been removed because server player count is no longer an accurate representation of the total player count
Hotfix 8/7/2020:


Rewrote the loadout/shop system to be more modular, which will allow us to create different shops for grenades and gear in the future (for example for gamemodes and scenarios)
Juggernaut Mode will now announce both team’s juggernaut name when the game starts
Temporarily removed placebo knockback grenades
Temporarily disabled weapon modification caching to fix a rare glitch where the cache would fail

Fixed a glitch where tokens were not being synced properly across servers
Fixed a glitch where the staff bans page would throw an error upon searching a player
Fixed a glitch where the special no molotov loadout in KOTH and Domination was not being applied
Fixed a glitch where in KOTH and Domination some parts of the shop system incorrectly behaved like Elimination mode
Fixed a glitch where zombies, juggernauts, wolves, etc. could buy guns by typing /shop
Fixed a glitch where if a player joins PVP and leaves quickly, they would get spammed by “wait a few seconds before reconnecting” messages
Fixed a glitch where the vanilla death screen would be shown sometimes when dying as a zombie or juggernaut (extra health is now handled by armor rather than the Health Boost effect)
Fixed a glitch where weapon loadout choices would not save properly for weapon items obtained after a certain update
Hotfix #2 8/7/2020:


Zombies and wolves in Zombie Siege now take 5 seconds instead of 2 to respawn if they died within 25 blocks of spawn
Re-enabled knockback grenades
Knockback Grenade now deals more knockback
Added Evade boss skill to Bombbat on Street to allow it to teleport out if stuck inside a building
Mob-Arena is significantly harder: mob spawning, the difficulty of boss skills, etc. now count the number of players who have been alive at some point during the past minute in addition to the number of players currently alive
This should make life much harder for survivors when the majority of your team is dead, to make it more possible to lose despite respawning being significantly faster now
Has no effect on solo play

Re-enabled rank-dependent join and leave messages for the lobby server
Changed the map voting item to a green tablet instead of the empty map to fix it turning into a map when right clicked client-side
Added ViaVersion to staffbuild server
Updated ViaVersion to 3.1.0-rc1 on all servers to ensure a swift update when 1.16.2 releases
In all PVP modes your armor now turns a darker color when you equip Kevlar & Helmet

Fixed NPE arising from the recent PVP loadout rewrite
Fixed a glitch where bans and mutes were not functioning properly
Fixed an oversight which caused players to not gain any starting money in PVP gamemodes
Fixed a long-standing glitch where projectile particles cause an NPE if the player changes world after firing the projectile
Updated anti cheat to fix a “kicked for flying” glitch when teleporting
Might cause some rubberbanding to occur; we are currently investigating this issue
Removed Agency Juggernauts because juggernauts could survive the fall off the map
Fixed a long-standing glitch where if a player finishes Mob-Arena with absorption hearts, then the hearts will stay rendered but not do anything
Fixed a long-standing glitch where if a player respawns in Deserted Mob-Arena while inside the lava in the lobby, they will stay on fire while they respawn
Fixed a glitch where zombies in Zombie Siege would get knockback grenades when they spawn the first time
Hotfix #3 8/8/2020

Fixed a glitch where Defusal Mode had the buy system of normal PVP
Fixed a glitch where you could not unequip items in normal PVP
Switched anti-cheat system to remove server lag issues and rubberbanding in PVP
Donations on the store will now automatically be granted in-game (no longer requires admin to manually grant it)
Fixed a glitch where humans on Zombie Siege had no starting money
Fixed a glitch where if one’s loadout is worth more than $6000 it gets reset on respawn even if the player has enough money to equip the loaduot
Removed non-functional “Office Zombie Siege” scenario in Arcade
Hotfix #4 8/10/2020

The double XP event has ended!
You can now see the current gamemode and status of PVP servers. This was planned to be in the next update but I feel that it made sense to release it early
Fixed a glitch where you could not open the shop until you die when joining PVP mid game
Fixed a glitch where the Lake map had a “human spawn” armor stand that was not properly removed after game end
Updated server MOTD message format, and added a checkmark to the right of player count to assure players that the server is indeed working
Actually fixed “Loadout too expensive” glitch, it was caused by a flipped boolean flag in the code
Fixed a glitch where voting for Domination sometimes does not result in the correct map being played
August/12/2020 "Shooting Range Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Hah, you thought that GunColony is going to get a shooting range? No way! Wait, eh… actually we just added one. It gives you daily XP, too.


We have added a new spawn to the server, with a new style inspired by Eastern European architecture. There are also a few tanks and jeeps around (remember Hostile?) to give it a military aesthetic.


Instead of having one NPC for every map in Mob-Arena, we now have a single NPC that allows you to choose which map to play. Convenient!

Newbies maps before level 8 will still have their own NPC.


The newbie spawn has been replaced with a shooting range! Targets have 300 hitpoints and give a total of 100 XP when cleared. Additionally they also give 100 XP to your weapon. They reset every day at 3:00 AM EST and thus function like a daily login award.

The first shooting range has ten targets and they are fairly close range. They are available to new players who first join the server.

The second shooting range has thirty targets which are up to 100m away. You will need to be Level 3 to enter this range.

Finally, the main spawn is still accessible at level 8 just like previously.


Donors (Recon & Specialist) can now add reactions to posts on Discord

Hotfix #1 8/14/20

Fixed a glitch where players would respawn alive in Competitive
Fixed a glitch where map NPCs would say “Keyword Not Found” right after a restart
Fixed NoobTubes scenario not working properly
Fixed a glitch where Quakecraft scenario produced a lot of chat spam
Attempted a fix on a glitch where killing someone would occasionally count as an assist
August/23/2020 "Endless Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

We have added the long-requested MobArena endless mode, where you can farm XP compete to be the best survivor against huge and unforgiving hordes of mobs. There have also been other improvements particularly to sound effects and the death screen in PVP.


Unlike normal Mob-Arena maps, the new Endless Mode goes on forever or until you lose!

In endless modes, each wave is randomly picked from the roster of waves that could spawn in the normal map. Every 10 waves (for most maps) there will be a boss wave.

This cycle repeats, but after every boss the game will get harder:

The amount of monsters increases by 30% (linearly, i.e. 1.0x -> 1.3x -> 1.6x…) until the mob cap is reached
The difficulty of boss skills increases by 1 half star
Bosses will use skills 10% faster (1.0x -> 1.1x -> 1.2x…)

Only 1 map will be playable in Endless at a time, which changes randomly every week. There is no extra requirement to play Endless besides reaching the normal unlock level of the map (only maps above level 8 will be eligible to not confuse new players).

The endless mode is guaranteed to test the limits of your skill. How far will you survive?


Added new weapon models for the M16A1, MG3, MG34, AA-12, ASh 12.7, and Scenario MG 42.


When you die in PVP, the death screen that displays has now been improved.

The subtitle now shows the number of times you and the enemy killed each other
You can now hover over the killer weapon message to see the weapon’s mods
Suicides will now say Killed in Action instead of Killed by Yourself

We have added new sound effects to the following events:

Boss skills: Spawn Creepers, Spawn Mites, Laser, Bomb Cannon, Slime Cannon, Flood, Creeper Cannon, Speed
Dying in Mob-Arena
Winning and losing in Mob-Arena

Capturing an objective in King of the Hill and Domination will now award +150 EXP.


Changed the skin of the Competitive NPC at spawn
Reduced the volume of the Minigun
Moderators no longer get moved to the main server when leaving PVP. Normal players are not affected
Added an option for moderators to spectate PVP directly
Auto-Restarting has been added to the PVP servers. They restart once a day and will move players into the main server before the restart.
Removed the unnecessary “You have joined the lobby* arena!” message when joining PVP

Fixed a glitch where player loadout was being reset to the starter weapons if they were set to newly obtained weapons
Fixed a glitch where the new player auto-equip system was putting P2000 into the second pistol slot even though it is a starter pistol
Fixed a glitch where new players’ data sometimes did not save due to an error when creating MySQL row
Fixed a long-standing console spam bug having to do with the minigame message system
Fixed a glitch where the M1919A4 model in ADS was sideways in 1.15+
August/27/2020 "Quality of Life Update" by HkyShow
Hello all,

Today we have released a new update that includes improvements to the gunplay and various other aspects of the game. Let’s dig in!


We have improved the semi-automatic fire mode by increasing the predictability of your shots when firing slowly.

In semi-auto mode, the recoil now recovers back to the starting position faster after firing
The random jump of your aim direction when firing is now much lower when not spraying, but slightly higher when spraying
The algorithm used to calculate spraying penalties has been adjusted so that it no longer favors having a high rate of fire
These changes aims to balance the long range meta so that semi-automatic and burst weapons are preferred, while in close range spray-and-pray remains the better option.

Additionally we have done many balance changes to all weapon categories:

Armor penetration and block penetration are now identical between weapons with the same caliber
5.56x45mm weapons now have increased damage at close quarters but sharper damage dropoff to simulate fragmenting rounds
Assault rifles of 5.56mm or similar caliber now have increased backup ammo to ~120 rounds (some magazine modifications might now have inconsistent backup ammo; we will fix them in the next update)
SMGs now have increased damage but reduced block penetration
Many SMGs have increased price
Medium machine guns in general have received a damage buff to match rifles of the same caliber
Battle rifles have increased block penetration to match snipers, but less backup ammo
Many weapon-specific balance changes were made
There are too many to list but notably the MG3 ammo capacity has been reduced to 50 rounds

Added Domination and King of the Hill layouts to many more maps, including Normandy, St. Marc, Shipment, etc.


Zombie Changes:

One zombie is now the Alpha Zombie. The Alpha Zombie has 5 rows of hearts instead of 3, and can use a ranged attack similar to the bouncy slimeball in Mob-Arena.
Zombies now have Speed I
Wolf Changes:

Wolves now use the Dog Bite as their weapon, which is weaker than the knife because it can not backstab
Wolves now have Jump Boost I
Wolves now properly have a small hitbox to weapons
This means that they are harder for zombies to hit, and less likely to block humans’ bullets
Human Changes:

Humans can now buy weapons anywhere
Humans and Wolves now gain regeneration I when near spawn, but the passive regen has been removed otherwise (zombies still have passive regen)
Humans now have access to a different grenade selection that is more useful against zombies
The helmet was previously useless; it has been removed and replaced with Medishot (allows healing outside spawn)
Reward for killing a zombie has been reduced: it now earns you $1,500 for knife, $500 for most weapons, and $250 for LMGs and Shotguns.
Humans now earn $500 for surviving every minute.

Players who are AFK in PVP will now be auto-kicked after 3 minutes.

Moving or turning your view significantly will mark you as active
The anti AFK system is designed in a way where teleporting and being pushed around won’t easily mark the player as active.
Anti AFK methods including mods/scripts are not allowed

We have improved Mob-Arena loot to reduce occurrences of players’ inventory being filled up completely with healing items, alongside other balance changes,

Health Packs are now rarer, but give 2 absorption hearts in addition to the normal healing
Medishots are now much rarer, but give Regeneration II instead of I for a total regen of 10 hearts
SouthSeaForce nuke has been replaced by a mortar strike
You can now get a Nuke when you spawn if you use Nylon 66. Is it really worth it?
Enchanted bows on skeletons are now at most Power II (except randomized ones)
Enchanted bows in Endless now properly have Power I instead of Sharpness I
Spiders and Cave Spiders now drop impact grenades in addition to stuns

In Juggernaut mode, when a player dies by suicide or from the environment, they will no longer be able to become Juggernaut
The PVP spectate command (/ua spectate) can now be used without specifying an arena to spectate the current arena that you’re in
Players spectating an arena will no longer be moved to the lobby automatically
The PVP spectate command is now available to Level 90+ players and all donators, so hackers can be caught without staff online. It is not allowed to abuse this command to ghost for other players.
Removed Muzzle Boost from FMG-9 since it would bring the gun above 1200 RPM which would be useless, similar to the Vector

Fixed a glitch where the knockback code throws an error when damaging an enemy straight up/down
Fixed a glitch where in MA Endless Mode, boss minions do not spawn besides those summoned by a boss skill
Fixed a glitch where in Zombie Siege the game does not end even if an entire team leaves
Fixed a long-standing glitch where at long range, bullet block impact particles weren’t being played consistently
Fixed a glitch where cave spiders in Mob-Arena didn’t have any drops