GunColony Legends - Characters PT1

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GunColony Legends - Characters PT1

Post by Turbo » 4 years ago

Re-written, re-done, redux. Origins is also going to redone at some point during next month after finals. Stay tuned for the 2nd character reveal, which they'll be featured in some of the parts of the first, real Legends story.

H51KM-Y (Hky) - Long during the days of the war, H51KM-Y was originally an military android intended to be used in combat, replacing human soldiers in the Unites States military in order to supply themselves with more soldiers without the risk of human life. H51KM-Y was one of the prototype next-generation models, having human-level AI and enhanced reflexes. He was able to escape the bunker under the Pentagon, the original location where the androids were built, made, and tested. But he was able to do things without the humans that once was the technicians inside the Pentagon. When he escaped, he became a leader of a town he later called GunColony, after saving the entire population from another horde of undead, essentially becoming the president, and turning the town a city, and a country, taking over the once remnants of the United States.

Governor Brett Jenson (Breaks) - Once a corrupt politician, Jenson had a troubled history with the government very many times, often getting his story into the news and was very controversial, from misuse of money to even selling arms to terrorist groups including an notorious Italian mob, making millions of unauthorized and illegal money. There were times where he has done good for the public, such as taxing the rich fairly, removing excessive restrictions that did more harm, and even reorganizing the police structure after a year of police brutality in the United States. Later, he served as the vice president to Hky of GunColony, making his skills in the government useful when arranging law and order. At the same time however, he was always trying to forget whatever he has done in the past even though many of his achievements were recognized before his scandals.

General Kiathro Siago (Kiathro) - The youngest general ever appointed into the United States military, his outstanding leadership outshines many of the past heroes in history, Siago's unusual tactics in war always led a victory in many battles, confusing the United States armory staff whenever he is in charge due to the odd tactics no general has ever seen. Some of his tactics included using snipers against armored vehicles, killing their drivers and whatever occupants they have inside that are seen through the slits. Other tactics included the use of landmines inside of enemy buildings, often blowing up themselves and their own property. No other general in the military has been so crazy like Siago, making him a hard opponent in war, even after he was given the role of the General of the Marines by Hky himself.

Chief Engineer William Mathis (Rijam) - Before the disaster, Mathis was one of the top engineers of America, building some of the advanced technology America has ever made in history, from exosuits, to railguns, his technology was so powerful to the point where other countries attempted to copy his designs but failed miserably and even costed their entire nation. Even after the disaster, he managed to hack into the old factories and restarted their productions, from weapons, to materials, and even vehicles if he was lucky to find machinery that weren't damaged. His contributions to restart the military power was given the title of Chief Engineer in GunColony when president Hky found out he was able to produce weapons, vehicles, and machinery for their benefits.

Captain Taavi Lappinen (Arhippa) - Nicknamed the "Winter Marksman", Taavi Lappinen was one of the best snipers of the Finnish military even after when Finland almost became ice, his strength rely on the cold weathers particularly snow. His ability to snipe through vicious cold weather makes him very difficult to go against in many different situations, especially in the snow. Only so few people ever escaped from the Winter Marksman, often describing him as if the White Death from World War 2 was back from the grave. When he went to GunColony, Finland had to be abandoned when the weather got much ever worse for Taavi to live in. His sniper skills landed him as a spot for Hky's personal Secret Service snipers and giving him a better home to live after numerous months of living in Finland's wrath of ice and snow.

Paul Jenkins III (pale1) - A top biology scientist, Jenkins was one of the Institute's best scientists as he worked with the BioScience branch, working on numerous projects from the latest batch of FEV and special medical care, to the point where the most devastating viruses would be instantly wiped within a drop. During one of the last FEV experiments that was ever recorded after the devastation of the Institute, the machines that were handling the samples were corrupted after one of the synths dropped a sample of the FEV onto the robot, running amok and ended up killing all the remnant scientist except Paul and his pet raccoon, which he named Pale because of his fur color. After the incident, he moved to a city known as GunColony, looking for another place for his services. Hky ended up letting him as one of the doctors after a serious outbreak that almost could have killed off a huge chunk of the population.

David Forge (SilverFlaming) - The last FOX member, Forge was used as an assassin during operations given by Major Zero in times of scandals, successfully assassinating enemy leaders and even some of XOF's commanders. Due to the sensitivity of the missions he performs, he is given a fake identity as John Ferdinand outside of the miltary, only to have very few people to remember his real name. He also has a very IQ of 176, and is able to speak in 10 different language flawlessly, including German, and Korean, when he spoke to both Carter and Wolfgang in certain assassination or covert missions.

Carter [REDACTED] (The_Frumious) - (Description revealed at Febuary 2018 at zero cost!)

Dimitri Blesk (ProBlazeX) - (Description revealed at Febuary 2018 at zero cost!)

Ayami Shimada (SoloEclipze) - (Description revealed at Febuary 2018 at zero cost!)

Iketani Amemiya (Vernonon) - (Description revealed at Febuary 2018 at zero cost!)

Wolfgang Uchtdorf (Trexar) - (Description revealed at Febuary 2018 at zero cost!)

??? (???) - Mystery Person, you will see this person within PT3's reveal

More will be revealed during early 2018~
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