The origin of Hitreg

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The origin of Hitreg

Post by Turbo » 4 years ago

In the far distant lands of Earth in the European Dead Zone, a raging war goes on a Level 60 VIP named "The_Frumious" slaughters an entire Fallen mining group, electrocuting them all with the big Arc Staff, raging with lightning around it. After the battle, his sub-commander hands him a gold-plated Desert Eagle, as he sends him on the way to relay the message the battle has been finished for the day.

Meanwhile in the presidential chambers of the GunColony White House, the leader known as Hky pulls on his hood, walks up to his communicator hologram, and says slowly, "Level 40 player, the time has come. Execute order 66.". The Level 40 player responds, "Yes, my lord." He immediately orders the rest of the players to kill "The_Frumious", as they shot him down with a Laser-451, burning him badly, and he falls to a lake. Not only he was slaughtered by the order, but many others. And not only he gets badly wounded, his source of Light cuts off, as he is unable to damage the soldiers who are firing at him. Not even a single bullet was able to even scratch the surface from the direct hits.

Later, in the inter-dimensional place of the Grateful Symphonia, the bodyguards immediately turn around kill all the personnel, even resorting to use tanks and ultra-heavy gunships against them. Even the Level 60 VIP known as "Aira_Harune" is unable to defend herself as her identity becomes exposed to them as the bullets fired from her gun suddenly is unable to harm their armor, even the M82 being useless against the engine ports of the gunships and tanks. And during the purge, many of the former Prism Stars become ash, only to die so young.

Now, during the fight in Operation Dust II, many of the veterans also tried to fight back as they were slaughtered ruthlessly from the 66th order, even the most powerful veterans like "awesomepetie35" and "Asrielite", making their guns useless and even destroying the monuments of these soldiers who fought for years to reclaim their homeland. Even the knives were useless, only to resort to hide, even then, they were all killed.

But lastly, an unknown assassin sent by Hky himself arrives at the spaceport, bringing his gun and sword out, and prepares to kill all the trainees, as they were not aware of the order to kill all the veterans and their trainees.

TL:DR - Hky pulled an Order 66.
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