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Punishment: X-ray/Tracers

Punished by: Asrielite

Why we should accept your appeal: I opted to test staff's abilities to discern between hacker/skilled players by using an alt account, Zurnar. According to server chat, i was accused of x-ray because I shot through the floors (though the specific location wasn't let out thus i'll simply explain two kills where I could see someone mistaking me for using xray)however i argue that I had adequate information to their locations. I recall exactly two incidents where I could be mistaken for using a hack. One spot i was accused was a player hanging in the treehouse spot (near blue spawn) I was on the top floor of the infirmary (the building directly left of blue spawn, to help paint the picture) and shot at him because i spotted him going up the ladder as his arm was sticking out, and continued firing as I was using a full auto and felt it was worth to keep spraying. I call this out because I have watched videos released by other staff speccing a player for x-ray, which turns players completely white. It could have easily been missed that their arm was sticking out in this case and ultimately it can look very much like i tracked them going up the ladder if Asrielite did not see the player's arm sticking out due to the whiteout of the character.
The second kill (and I wouldn't be surprised if this is why Asrielite suspected most), was inside the infirmary. I was behind the wall opposite of the room with ladder (imagine right before you hit the cave) and i heard a player climbing the ladder. I also noted that their gun (I believe it was a FAL) was sticking through the wall due to it's length and simply wallbanged the player for 14 damage. If Asrielite was doing a classic player spectate which eliminates volume, then the ladder sound cue would not register, even though it was very clear the player was on the ladder. If the other player's gun was not clearly visible to Asrielite (ex. if a staff's x-ray pack whited it out) then that cue would also be easily missed. While it is arguable that the sound cue would not let a person know where the player is, with the additional information of the gun sticking through the wall i had a good idea of where I could shoot and hit a player.
If there are questions not addressed by this, then I would like to review it over with staff and point out (if there is a video of my "crime") why I would choose to take the actions in the video that were suspect and how I knew the player was there

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