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Post by LegoProdigy » 1 year ago

Punishment: Mute

Punished by: Awesomepetie

Why we should accept your appeal:
I would like to apologize for all the crazy stuff ive said in the server. I realize it shouldnt have taken a mute to get me to stop, but it did. I would like to have a second chance to try to to better. I cannot guarantee that I wont slip up sometimes, but I would really be greatful for another chance.
I feel ive probably weirded a good number of people out, and I would like to apologize for that. They asked me to stop and I didnt. I believe I did it because people laughed and I interpreted that as a good thing. I now realize it was horrified, not amused, laughter
I want a second chance because I feel like I should try to mend the trust of the others that Ive violated. I feel I cannot rest until Ive earned back their respect, as I dont like it when people dont like me.

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Post by awesomepetie35 » 1 year ago

After a discussion among the staff team we have decided not to lift your punishment as of right now. You will be muted for the next month on discord voice chat. The staff team acknowledges that your apology was sincere, but this is not the first time you have broken the rules in a similar manner so we are standing by the decision to keep you muted for the next month. We hope you are able to follow the rules after your punishment is lifted. If you are not able to do so we cannot continue to be lenient as a staff team.