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Post by Zek_ought » 2 years ago

punishment:3 WEEEK Chat ban
Punished BY: Asrielite
I dont think i should be banned because i have seen other players spam 100 times a minute and get punished for 5 MIN!
I was banned for 3 frikin weeks. Unitl Asrielite got salty everyone was fine with it. I was also not warned or told by any admin i was being banned. I would have stopped, I also only said the Spammed word Sooooooobwaaaay once every match not every minute. It was a joke and not a spam. And other players defended my stance on the subject. Honestly if i was to be banned At least shorten it to 5 min because thats what other players got for more harm.

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Post by Breaks » 2 years ago

1. I moved your post to the correct section because you're so lazy enough to just put it in the first place you see.
2. Asrielite isn't a moderator
3. You could have reported those players that "spam 100 times a minute and get punished for 5 minutes", though you don't seem to care til you get muted yourself
4. You were warned when people were telling me to mute you, and still you went ahead and kept saying "Sooooooobwaaaay"
5. Enjoy your mute. It's really just a mute. Doesn't affect your gameplay at all. You can still have fun just without spamming a stupid phrase.