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N4sirC's Ban Appeal Part 2

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 9:39 pm
by N4sirC

Punishment: 24 hour ban

Punished by: Rijam

Why we should accept your appeal: This is less of a ban appeal and more of a suggestion to help the next guy that acts like me. First of all, there is no specific rule against join/leave spamming. I know that there is however a rule against spamming in the chat and that joining/leaving does show up in the chat, but I would still specify that for the next round of people. Secondly, the reason I was joining/leaving so quickly was to get quick and easy free kit selectors in Hostile; if this is not supposed to be a part of the game than that's just a heads up for the next update. Lastly, there was nobody on the server at the time I did this. There are two reasons that spamming is frowned upon, 1. it lags the server, 2. is fills that chat so people can't talk to each other, but in my case, I was hurting nobody. The only people I could possibly be hurting are the people on discord, since the notifications pop up there, but you can just turn off discord notifications for that specific chat area to avoid getting spammed. I hope you consider these things when the next guy gets banned for a stupid reason like this.

Re: N4sirC's Ban Appeal Part 2

Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:44 pm
by Rijam
I didn't ban you, so it must've been Breaks or a mod. You are correct that there is no rule against it. I have notifications for the #server-chat off and believe everyone should too.
I will unban you since there is no explicit rule against it. I suggest not doing it while others are on (which there weren't in your case).