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A map set at and around a small viaduct.
This is designed for all the main modes: competitive, deathmatch, arms race, demolition (if that's a thing here)

Like my previous map bank it only has one site, unlike bank it could accept more people as it is slightly larger.

Pictures and OLD download are here: ... t-4609803/
OLD Direct download is here: ...
NEW Direct Download is here: ...

Features my 'hologram style' markers. (I've only placed 2 for each team but some more could be added)

You can access the top of the viaduct by using a ladder near T Spawn, it takes time to get up but will surely be worth it for the trickshots!

For a great view run this command: /execute in minecraft:overworld run tp @p -71.61 83.88 -184.02 -3021.83 26.66

Unfortunately, like my bank map, it is functionally complete but not aesthetically complete

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