TMOD Application for generaldefence

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TMOD Application for generaldefence

Post by generaldefence » 3 years ago

In-game Name: generaldefence

Age: 16

In-Game Level: 21 (Was 17 at writing this application)

Why I want to be staff on this server: This server is so fun and different to play on compared to the other servers on Minecraft. Factions and Skywars are fun, but I get over them quickly. I used to find solace in the GTA servers, but those servers have since become pay to win, and I have stopped playing on them. The guns on this server are unlike what you can get on other big name minecraft servers, specifically those that rhyme with rindplex and lipyxel, and have a really unique and entertaining feel. This server has not been gaining as much of a playerbase that I would like to see (at least at the hours I am on) and I feel like helping out this server in any way to expand its playerbase

My strengths and how I will use them:
- Logical Thinker
- I can deduce a problem and solution through very specific and unbiased steps to achieve the best possible outcome
- Technically Oriented (aka Techy)
- I am familiar with Spigot and other minecraft server related dependencies code-wise, and I feel that I can use this if a plugin is acting up unexpectedly
- Charismatic
- I am a good person to depend on, whether it be issues in game or aside from it. If someone has negative feedback, I can easily respond and get that feedback to where it needs to go

Past staff experience:
- Currently am one of the moderators of the Steam game Shotgun Farmers

Online time each week:
- Summer Vacation: ~4-5
- During School: <1

I realize the last part may be a deal breaker, but if I could join your administration team I feel that I can be a of a great benefit to this wonderful server

Thank you for your consideration
- General

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