Appliance for either Tmod

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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Appliance for either Tmod

Post by PakkiJr » 1 year ago

I so far have done 3 of these so sorry about that :[

So, where to start.

My username is PakkiJr

I'm currently 14 but will be 15 in August

My current in-game Lvl is 63

I would like to be a staff member do to what I have seen with a jump in hackers lately and well I am causally on a lot of times which I find would be nice to do instead of back talking the person til they leave or get banned.

The mentioned of me being causally online is often times between the times of basically all of it on the weekends and in the afternoon during weekdays because well, I have school.

For a finishing statement I have to be completely honest and I will have to say I do mind of your choice in what you do and I thank you. -Pakki

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Post by Trexar » 1 year ago

Hey! Nice to see people applying!
Some tips: -Try to add detail
-Follow the format
-And if you are applying for Builder, upload screenshots of your builds
Thats all, thank you!

(And you have my support)
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