Wessorange Staff Application

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Wessorange Staff Application

Post by Wessorange » 3 years ago

In-game Name: Wessorange

Age: 14

In-Game Level: 29

Why I want to be staff on this server: I would love to be a part of an important role on a server that I love and enjoy the community, I would take the job seriously and be on as much as I can between school and work at home.

My strengths and how I will use them: I can be quite persuasive given the opportunity and I am very good with younger children and I know from xXTemplarXx that a good portion of your server is comprised up of 8-10 year olds.

Past staff experience: None, but I was a leader at a camp I went to.

Online time each week: Around 3-4 times between 3:00- 5:00pm because of school.
*I would love if you could consider me for a role in your server.*

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