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by Emitter
8 months ago
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Variants and Variety!
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Re: Variants and Variety!

M1911-S sounds like a suppressed M1911 clone and the stats are fictional, e.g M1911 can't have a 8 round mag. Same with G36C that just sounds like less accurate, lighter G36 clone, G36C doesn't have a burst mode irl. M4A1 M203, 2 issues: 1 - another m4a1 variant?? 2 - there's a reason grenade launch...
by Emitter
9 months ago
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Topic: Bruuuuh
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Re: Bruuuuh

they also took:
M9A1/Duel Berettas
by Emitter
9 months ago
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Topic: Emitter's Ban Appeal
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Emitter's Ban Appeal

Punishment: 12 year 6 month ban Punished by: don't know Why we should accept your appeal: When i was banned for xray (which i admit i did do) mid way though the ban i attempted to log on to my alternate account to check if it was also banned, no surprise it was. This account is well known to staff a...