Christmas Update!

Hello all,

Merry Christmas to everyone! We have released three new weapons and a new TDM map for y’all to enjoy the holidays!



Mineshaft is a new TDM map set in an underground mine. It features the new Random Spawns system to make the game pace a bit more dynamic.



Ultimax 100

The Ultimax 100 is a Singaporean LMG firing 5.56mm. It features accurate automatic fire thanks to its “constant recoil” feature.


Ithaca 37

The Ithaca 37 is a 16-gauge shotgun with a tight spread. It replaces the KSG-15 in the unlock tree – the latter weapon is now unlocked after it to be in the right tier for a Legendary weapon.


Sterling SMG

The Sterling is a slow-firing 9x19mm SMG with a cheap price and good automatic accuracy.



GunColony is known for making firsts in the industry and redefining what is possible to be done in Minecraft. This time, we have added a new “smooth recoil recovery” system to the game that works by sending the player 60 view rotation updates per second (independently from the Minecraft server tickrate of 20), matching the refresh rate of most monitors providing a seamless experience. This allows the weapon recoil to have a customizable “force” and “recovery” to them where instead of instantly changing your viewing direction the gun will now kick your view up a bit more gradually like most other games, and the recoil can also partly or completely recover after the shot. It’s all configurable and allows us to create a lot more variety in how our weapons handle.

This new system is currently in testing on the three new weapons that we added to the server, both for stability and to collect feedback, but we do intend to add it to all of our weapons in the future. If you experience any performance issues or bugs when and only when using these weapons, please let us know in the Bug Report section on the forums so we can get them all smoothed out.


Pre-Christmas Update!

Hello all, here’s a small Pre-Christmas update. We have more stuff planned for the actual Christmas update.

We have update the spawn with a Chirstmas tree and snow. Bring a jacket.


There is a new seasonal map: Workshop! This map was made by Hobocat_15 and is set in Santa’s Workshop.

This map is available in Free For All. Just like how Haunted was removed after October, Workshop will be removed after December.


I’ve added two new mods, one for the Fire Launcher and one for the Flamethrower. I added them since they didn’t have any before. This mods will most likely be updated/changed in the future.

The Fire Launcher gets the Faster Burst mod. This mod makes the projectiles move faster but you get more recoil.

The Flamethrower gets the Iron Sights mod. The normal Flamethrower doesn’t have ADS, so this mod adds it. It is more accurate with the Iron Sights mod while aiming down sights than it is just crouching with the normal, unmodded Flamer.
The downside is your movement accurate is reduce, even when not aiming down sights.

Both of these mods are unlocked at level 4.

That’s all for this update, we will have another update for Christmas with some more exciting things.

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Thanksgiving Update!

Hello all,

Happy Thanksgiving! We have prepared a huge update for the holiday – get ready for numerous new weapons, maps and scenarios, as well as QoL improvements that will make your game look and sound a lot better!



Spectre M4

An Italian .45 ACP submachine gun with a very high damage output but high recoil and expensive price. It sports a large, 50-round magazine for sustained fire.



A Soviet 7.62x25mm submachine gun with a 71-round drum magazine that makes it a great alternative to the PP-Bizon, compared to which it has a slower reload but better damage and fire rate.


Skorpion vz.61

A Czech machine pistol with a high 858 RPM rate of fire and 20 rounds in magazine, but low damage and rather high recoil. It occupies the secondary weapon slot similarly to the CZ75-Auto.



A Czech semi-automatic rifle in the Sniper weapon category, although it does not have a scope. It uses a 5 round detachable magazine and is capable of one-shot chest kill to unarmored targets.



We have added a minimap to all gamemodes to display some useful information as well as an overview of the current map.

The minimap currently shows the following information:

  • The location of your teammates
  • In Defusal and Demolition, the locations of bombsites
  • In Defusal and Demolition, the location of dropped/planted bombs are visible for Red Team players
  • In Mob-Arena, the locations of bosses and mini-bosses

P.S.: There is currently an issue where the minimap is physically shown to be held by all players. This will be fixed in the near future.



We have expanded the Scenario Mode with three brand new Scenarios with exclusive weapons!

Archives: Get immersed in the world of Goldeneye. Whether you want to use the Golden Gun or the Klobb, the choice is yours.

Hoth: Slash enemies with lightsabers or shoot through covers with laser blasters in this futuristic, Star Wars-inspired scenario.

DustPCG: Classic Offensive is back! Get a pack of nostalgia with classic Counter-Strike weapons and go spam those Dual Elites!

Additionally, Archives is also available in the normal TDM mode.



We have added new weapon models for some Scenario Mode weapons: FG-42, PPD-38, PPD-40 (shared with the regular loadout weapon), Suomi KP-31, and P38 Parabellum.



We have added some arrows to the Tech Tree menu (e.g. shown above the SCAR-L and AUG in the left image) to better visualize the unlock path of weapons.


We have greatly improved our Map Vote menu.

  • You can now change your vote to a different map after voting
  • The map choices are now sorted by number of votes
  • For maps with the same number of votes, they are now sorted alphabetically by gamemode
  • The menu now shows the current number of votes for each map


We have added new icons for weapon categories in the PVP loadout menu and buy menu in place of the old gold ingots.



  • Added support for “stereo” sounds – two different sound effects can now be played from opposite sides of the player to create a stereo effect for gunshots. This effect is weaker but still existent when hearing the shots of another player. It is currently used by the new ZH-29, which has a completely custom-made sound effect that takes advantage of the stereo audio.
  • Different sounds are now played when bullets impact a block depending on the material of the block that it strikes.



We have tweaked a few existing SMGs to make them more worth it for their price.

  • PP-Bizon: Movement speed increased from 90% to 94%
  • MP7, MP5SD: Damage dropoff decreased by 20%, recoil slightly increased
  • P90: Significantly decreased bullet velocity, movement penalty reduced by 50%, damage increased to 26 (from 23)



  • Umbraticam Defusal has been removed from the regular PVP playlist
  • Slightly reduced speed of baby pigs and baby cows in Mob-Arena
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players would not be able to receive guns nor open the shop

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