Nuclear Deployment

Hello all,

Today we have released a small patch that actually adds the NukeFFA map, as well as changes the spawning algorithms in FFA and TDM Random Spawns to reduce instances of players spawning too close to an enemy.


The Free-For-All version of Nuke has been released. This version of Nuke is set during the night/dawn and comes with a lot of changes from the original Nuke map to better suit the FFA mode.

There are a lot more open doors and wall breaches in the map to allow players to roam it and find enemies more freely. The underground and corridors on both ends has also been closed so the fighting is more concentrated. Finally, the map features over 60 unique player spawnpoints which, combined with the spawn changes below, will ensure that every player gets their own place to spawn.


We have changed the algorithms that decide where a player is spawned in FFA and TDM Random Spawns modes. The new algorithm will do a better job at making sure that players spawn spaced out, since fights are not fun if it only begins with one player spawning right on top of the other.

Technical info: the new algorithm uses a weight system to determine the chance that a player will spawn on a given spawnpoint.
  • If there is an enemy within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the weight decreases linearly based on how close the enemy is to the spawnpoint, until the weight reaches 0 if the enemy is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint.
  • In TDM Random Spawns if there is a friendly within 25 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance will increase linearly by distance. If the friendly is sitting right on top of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance doubles.
  • If no other players are within 60 blocks of the spawnpoint, the spawn chance is halved to increase the frequency of fights in low population lobbys.

N.B. There were also unannounced changes to both of the WWII scenario maps, including moving the Axis spawn back in Normandy to give the Allies a better fighting chance. This was done a few days ago, but still check it out.

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