New Backend Mob-Arena System

Hello all,

I have put in some work on Mob-Arena's backend code today. There's little actual change gameplay-wise, though, at least for now. We are planning on a huge update some time very soon that will do nothing short of totally revamping the server, and this new Mob-Arena rework will be one part of it, so stay tuned.


  • Added many new mobs that utilize Libs' Disguises plugin.
  • Fixed a display bug on Husks, Strays, Wither Skeletons and Elder Guardians which caused them to display as their normal counterparts.
  • Added an extensive system of over-time spawns and ability to put multiple spawn groups of mobs into a single wave. This allows us to fine-tune exactly when and where the mobs spawn, and even allow us to create bosses with nonstop-spawning minion mobs in the background.

For now we have tweaked the Nether map to incorporate these new features as a proof-of-concept. Feel free to try it out, or wait for our big updates to roll out in a few days. As always, please report feedback and bugs on our forums.

Edit 3/3:

We have tweaked the Starter, Nether, Suburb and Infection maps. They are now much more different than before and takes advantage of the new Mob-Arena features. Be sure to check them out!

  • The number of waves now depends on the map, and they are the same as the original Mob-Arenas from before they all got normalized to 100/50 waves.
  • The time between waves now also depends on the map.
  • Armored mobs are now very rare, and their armor level no longer depends on the difficulty.
  • In return, most mobs now have double health.
  • Mobs in a single wave no longer spawn all at once. Instead, they spawn over a few seconds. This reduces strain on the server's hardware and also makes it more forgiving to be in the open.
  • Boss waves will now spawn minions nonstop (but rather slowly) so long as the boss is still alive. The type of minion depends on the boss.
  • The bosses now delay 10 seconds before spawning to give players time to prepare and allow a few minions to spawn in first.
  • Added many types of new mobs, including disguised mobs which look like animals. One of the bosses is even a pig!
  • Revamped visuals on boss abilities!
  • A new ability: Laser!
  • The rest of the map changes will follow up soon.

The Mob-Arena lobby has also gotten a visual revamp. Now, the lobby shows the icon of each map in the voting menu, the number of waves, and a good estimate of the map's difficulty.

We have also removed Easy mode from the Mob-Arena lobby because it is rarely played, but you can still vote for it if you choose to manually join a match.

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