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Hello all,

Today we have brought back an Alpha version of our popular Infected game, plus a change in the damage calculation method in Mob-Arena to make the gamemode more immersive and balanced.


The Infected mode is finally BACK!

This is an alpha test of a reboot of the classic Infected mode launched approximately 2 years ago in GunColony. If you are familiar with the old mode, you will find most mechanics similar to before, but with Infected gadgets like zombie grenades temporarily unavailable (we will bring them back soon).

Most maps are the same as before, and playable under the same criteria. Enjoy the nostalgia playing in these familiar maps.

The classic Dust II map also received a different, more connected layout in Infected mode to give a fresh feeling and extra challenge. Major defensive positions after the revamp can be viewed in this album:


The damage calculation in Mob-Arena has been changed. The old damage calculation involved using the vanilla damage algorithm but with armor penetrating weapons dealing bonus damage to armored mobs to simulate a defense-ignoring effect. This did not play out well, especially with Minecraft 1.9's new damage system.

The new damage calculation algorithm is completely custom and uses exponential decay to calculate the damage absorption of armor. It is calculated as follows:

  • Each armor point and Protection enchantment level will count as 1 point of armor, up to 36 for a perfectly armored mob, but expect around 15-20 for most mobs in Hard difficulty.
  • Every 20 points of armor will cause damage to reduce to 50-65% of normal depending on the weapon (35% damage for 0 armor penetration, towards 65% for 100 armor penetration)
  • The damage reduction is exponential, which means that the higher the mob's armor points, the greater the effect of your weapon's armor penetration.
  • The new Infected mode also uses the same algorithm for damage absorption. Usually raw damage is more important than armor penetration in this mode, but higher AP really benefits when fighting the Tank zombie class.

  • Added Infected Alpha lobby at spawn
  • Added a single block of water at spawn to prevent players from being kicked for flying while logging into the server
  • Fixed a glitch where Strength and Weakness (from witches) effects affected weapon damage unusually much due to the vanilla implementation of +3/-4 damage system (you can still punch for 4 damage while reloading without problem)
  • Fixed a glitch where Communism boss skill only spawned 1 mob
  • Reduced Zombie and Zombie Pigman health in Mob-Arena to 25 back from 30
  • Added a 1.8 PVP plugin which helps preserve the old PVP mechanics for Infected mode, and prevents guns from bobbing when being left-clicked
  • Added an Auto-Reconnect plugin that allows the server to restart without players being kicked out

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