Mob-Arena Lobbies + Much More

Hello all,

Today we have rolled out a MASSIVE update to Mob-Arena, containing a brand new lobby system, new class equipment, and better game balance. Hopefully this update will freshen up the Mob-Arena experience for everyone!


We have opened the new Mob-Arena lobby, which you can use to quickly vote for and join matches. It also allows players to group up more effectively (everyone who joins the lobby ends up on the same map), making games larger and promoting teamwork.

Once inside the lobby you will be greeted with the map vote screen. This new voting system allows you to vote for both the map and the difficulty in one sitting. After 60 seconds you will be sent into the match along with any other players that have joined.

The preparation timer in the lobby is reduced to 30 seconds. You can take advantage of this time to make final changes to your loadout and class before the game starts.


We have made significant changes to the player classes in Mob-Arena.

First off, armor for all classes is reduced. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re weaker – we have also added special enchantments onto your chestplates which vary by class!

We have added new toys to everyone’s arsenal, including lingering potions, a Instant Health III potion, and milk buckets. These tools should help you survive a lot better.


  • The damage multiplier for Rifles, SMGs, LMGs and Snipers have been increased.
    • Rifles: 60% -> 65%
    • SMGs: 60% -> 65%
    • LMGs: 45% -> 50%
    • Semi-Auto Snipers: 80% -> 90%
    • Bolt-Action Snipers: 120% -> 135%
  • The health of some mobs have been tweaked.
    • Adult Zombies now have 30 HP
    • Adult Zombie Pigmen now have 30 HP
    • Spider and Cave spider HP now increases by difficulty
    • This also means that killing them will now grant more XP than before
  • The armor and weapons of mobs have been tweaked
    • Armor and weapon strength no longer depends on wave number. Now it only depends on the difficulty level
    • This makes earlier waves much harder but later waves easier, so the entire playthrough is more interesting and challenging
    • Armor and weapon strength have been tweaked to differ between mob types much more significantly – for example, zombies have higher armor and zombie pigmen have better weapons.
  • The Scoreboard title now shows the map name and the difficulty, so it’s easier to tell which difficulty you are playing on.

  • Player names in the scoreboard now properly grays out when someone leaves (but didn’t die).
  • Infection’s wave 10 zombie boss now casts skills much slower to slow down the zombie summoning, decreasing the difficulty and compensating for the increased zombie HP
  • Fixed Suburb’s round 20 Ghast boss spawning outside the arena
  • You can now sprint normally inside lobbies and when flying as a spectator in PVP
  • Now you immediately receive crates from PVP and no longer have to quit the lobby for them to update
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