[ACCEPTED] Asrielite's Staff Application

Apply for a staff position here. Remember to read the rules and guidelines for applying for staff.
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[ACCEPTED] Asrielite's Staff Application

Post by Asrielite » 1 month ago

In-game Name: Asrielite

Age: 16

In-Game Level: 71

Why I want to be staff on this server:

Minecraft is slowly beginning to become popular again. There are more new players joining GC every week. While this is great for the server, the new player influx overburdens the staff team too much.

Not to throw him under the bus, but Montymarks is not as active as other players, and I would like to join the staff team to relieve this burden.

Furthermore, I noticed that there are an increased need of staff help during peak times, usually 3-5 pm. Staff response to hackers, spammers, etc. Is usually 10+ minutes. I hope by joining the staff team, I can defuse situations before they escalate and harm player experience.

My strengths and how I will use them: My strengths is the large amount of experience playing GC over the years and having relatively high patience when dealing with others. While many people might mute or ban over their own judgement, I would want to know what happened and hear different sides of the issue.

I believe the most challenging thing as a Moderator is trying to be emphatic towards the offender while other players trash talk him. This is the worst way to hand out punishments because it is very likely that the player will not join the server again, which indirectly harms it.

In dealing with these types of situations the best thing is to be discrete and to save face. Many of us can agree that nothing is as embarrassing as getting called out and punished in front of an audience. If too many players are involved, it will only result in drama.

As a Moderator I hope to be efficient and silent about punishments, and I hope I will improve GC's experience for everyone.

Past staff experience: N/A

Online time each week: At least an hour each day 5-6 days of play time.
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Post by Trexar » 1 month ago

Id like to see you on the Staff Team.

Good luck, and hope that you get an answer!
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Post by TheVanishedG » 1 month ago

Very descriptive, very creative. You seem to have a massive amount of confidence. You seem to know your way around rule-breakers. I support, good luck!

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Post by Breaks » 3 weeks ago

Staff application accepted!

The staff team is quite impressed about the quality of your application and your dedication to playing on the server.

Get acquainted with your responsibilities as a trial moderator and feel free to ask our other staff members questions on either the in-game staff chat or the forum and Discord staff sections. Welcome to the team!