Thoughts on the new jungle map.

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Thoughts on the new jungle map.

Post by Asrielite » 1 year ago

Let's talk about the complete lack of aerial advantage. In the old jungle map, you could go on treetops and the roofs of houses, not anymore. It was fun sniping unsuspecting players and seeing the chat light up with "omg wtf" or "HACKER". I like how blue spawn and red spawn has some cover now, but I dislike how red spawn has barbed wire deterring further movement upward. Although red spawn is more sheltered, the terrain forces you to move one way to kill people or avoid getting killed. I like the anti-spawn camp set up, but I really want high advantage points. Also, I used to see a bar on the top middle of my screen that displayed what my kill streak is. That was really convenient, I hope it gets added back. Thanks for reading this post, Arselight out
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Post by Turbo » 1 year ago

omg wtf

CART x なな?

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