Suggestions for Donator Ranks

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Suggestions for Donator Ranks

Post by awesomepetie35 » 9 months ago

Hi guys,

This has been done loads of times before but I didn't wanna necro so I decided to make a new thread with a few quick and easy to add suggestions for donator perks that wouldn't be against EULA.

Flying in Spawn-
Loads of player ask staff members on various minecraft servers the question, "Can I get flying perms?" and this feature would serve as an answer to the question, and an easy donor feature. It wouldn't go against EULA because it doesn't give donators any sort of gameplay advantage. The only thing that would have to be done for this to be an easy add is to make sure the spawn is completely fixed up and that players can't roam all over the place like before (players would get too distracted).

Pistols in Spawn-
People have suggested the old "guns in spawn" donator perk before and that would be something that could be implemented through some sort of command. I'm going to take it a step further and say that it should be pistols only. The reason I say this is because I fear there will be players who will donate just so they can spawn a high capacity LMG into the spawn and spam it which would lower the frames of some players and would be annoying in general. I don't see players being able to be too annoying with a pistols in spawn command.

Donator Lounge-
This one could very easily be implemented. What could happen is someone builds a Donator lounge in the spawn (has to be something cool and unique enough for players to want to buy a rank). The Lounge could have a warp command for donators only, or it could be made so it is only accessible through flying (assuming the flying in spawn donator perk would be added).

Spectator Mode-
Very simple, give donators the permission to spectate matches. All that would need to happen is that donators would have to be given a command (I assume /ua spectate) so they could spectate matches without playing in them.

Like I said, these ideas are easier adds for the most part. Other ideas such as weapon skins and private lobbies are longer processes and have already been heavily suggested.

Feel free to leave your easy add donator perks below.

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Post by Turbo » 9 months ago

Why not have a gun range and let the donators use any gun they haven't unlocked? Nothing gameplay affected, and it's only a lobby thing.

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Post by mr_hidden217 » 9 months ago

- The current spawn was made to be a place where players would not hang out. Hky has already shown that he actively removes all kinds of activities inside the spawn be it from mini-games or walking space. So giving donators /fly or working weapons inside the spawn would defeat the perpous of having a anti-hangout spawn.

- I would say gving in-game perks and special cosmetics like weapon skins and armor would be a better way to resolve the lack of donator perks.

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Post by Asrielite » 9 months ago

Make special skins for each gun and add skin crates to each 20 levels each player has, and make skin crate packs payable
and donators should have like a /kit crate which gives them like a random crate and a skin crate every month
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