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[5/30 Updates] 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 2:58 pm
by Hky
Hello all,

You are reading the changelog of our largest update in all time, made possible by the continued work of our staff team over three weeks. In this update, we have added a brand new Hostile gamemode, professionalized our spawn, artwork, and website, and most importantly updated to the latest Minecraft 1.12.2 server version. We have also done some routine changes such as improving the GUI and renaming and rebalancing our weapons.

Unlike other forum posts under Announcements section, this will not be forwarded to our blog. The blog will show simplified descriptions of our changes instead in an effort to make the huge changelog more readable.

  • Updated Minecraft version to Spigot 1.12
  • Updated various plugins to work with new versions
  • A brand new spawn design
  • Much more space for players to roam around
  • Features NPCs that simplify various functions of the server
  • Far less demanding on network bandwidth, effectively reducing lag
A new experimental Kit-PVP server, honoring fast paced, high intensity combat.

Menu & Kit System:
  • A Hostile Menu is locked in the last slot of the player's toolbar. /hostilemenu
  • Players receive a single use kit selector each respawn
  • Players can use the Hostile Menu to get a new kit every 10 minutes
  • Kits contain crate keys which can be used to get a guaranteed, random weapon at spawn
  • Kits also contain armor pieces and healing items
  • Eliminating and looting players using different kits allows you to piece up a full iron suit
  • Using the Diamond kit (15m cooldown) allows you to obtain a random diamond armor piece
  • Elytras are distributed for free
  • All players currently have equal access to equipment; this may change later on
Combat System:
  • There are currently only a few weapons in each category, however this will change soon
  • First shot spread is almost/completely nonexistent with Rifles, Snipers, and some Pistols, meaning perfect accuracy
  • Spread when spraying is much higher than normal
  • All weapons have less armor penetration than normal
  • All weapons except some SMGs and Pistols have less damage per bullet than normal
  • Suppressor and burstfire can not be toggled off for weapons that feature them
  • Weapons can be moved around in the inventory freely
  • Weapons have more generalized, casual names, and a 1 star to 5 star performance rating
  • Nametags are NOT visible at all
  • Weapons cause normal amounts of stun effect and NO knockback
  • Hunger is locked at 9.5 unless you eat food, meaning that eating food initiates the vanilla 1.9 accelerated healing
  • Fall damage is disabled
  • Elytra hit-wall damage is disabled
  • Added a new chat plugin that allows for cross-server chat and chat channels
  • Type /channel <channel> or /ch <channel> to switch channels
  • Global channel: Default channel on join, chat across the entire network and with people on Discord.
  • Server channel: Server channel, chat with others in the server you are on.
  • Map channel: 500 block range, chat with others in the same map as you.
  • Staff channel: Allows all staff members in the network to chat with each other.
Added a skull icon effect (totem of undying animation):
  • Custom textures, displayed below the center of screen
  • Displayed when winning a round in PVP
  • Displayed when defeating a boss in Mob-Arena
Added Advancement notifications:
  • Custom textures, displayed in the top right corner of screen
  • Displayed when the bomb is planted or defused in PVP Defusal
  • Displayed when a new wave starts in Mob-Arena
  • Displayed when a boss or mini-boss spawns in Mob-Arena
  • M4A4: Long display name changed to M4A4 CQBR. The M4A4 is based on real-life Mk18 Mod 0, a version of the M4 equipped with CQBR (Close Quarters Battle Receiver). To preserve the CS:GO name but still improve realism we have made a compromise and decided the new name, "M4A4 CQBR".
  • AUG: Long display name changed to AUG A3
  • SG 553: Short display name changed to SG 556; long display name changed to SG 556 Auto. The CS:GO 553 is modeled after the real life SG 556 which is semi-automatic. However, even though we wish to change the weapon's name, we are keeping the gun full auto, so we are appending "Auto" after the real life name to reflect this.
  • SCAR-L: Description changed
  • G36: Long display name changed to HK G36
  • STG-44: Short display name changed to STG 44 (replacing dash with space); long display name changed to Sturmgewehr 44
  • G11: Short display name changed to G11 (omitting "HK"; keeps same name format as G36)
  • PP-Bizon: Short display name changed to PP-19; long display name changed to PP-19 Bizon
  • Vector: Long display name changed to Vector 9mm to clarify the weapon's ammo caliber
  • Remington 887: Short display name changed to Rmt. 887
  • XM1014: Short & long display name changed to M1014; description changed removing the word "prototype"
  • QBB95: Short display name changed to QBB-95; long display name changed to QBB-95 LSW (adding dash)
  • MG-34: Short display name changed to MG 34 (removing dash)
  • AWP: Short and long display name changed to AWM, description changed. Since the CS:GO version is actually modeled after the AWM rather than the AWP, we're changing the identity of this weapon to improve realism.
  • M40A1: Description changed to match balance changes (see below)
  • K98k: Short display name changed to Kar98k
  • Type 92: Short and long display name changed to QSZ-92, description changed
  • Laser-451: Short and long display name changed to RBB-451
  • L1A1 SLR (Vietnam Event): Short display name changed to SLR (from L1A1)
  • .30-06 Rifles/MGs & SVT/M1915: block penetration 3.3, entity penetration 58%
  • 7.62x51mm Rifles/MGs & Lewis: block penetration 3.1, entity penetration 55%
  • 7.62x39mm & 7.92x33mm & 7.92x57mm Rifles/MGs: block penetration 2.9, entity penetration 53%
  • .357SIG & .357mag & .38mag & .50ae Pistols: block penetration 2.7, entity penetration 53%
  • 5.45x39mm & 5.8x42mm Rifles/MGs: block penetration 2.6, entity penetration 50%
  • 5.56x45mm Rifles/MGs & G11: block penetration 2.5, entity penetration 48%
  • 5.45x39mm & 9x39mm SMGs: block penetration 2.4, entity penetration 47%
  • 4.6x30mm Rifles/SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 2.3, entity penetration 45%
  • 9x19mm & 7.62x25mm SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 1.9, entity penetration 40%
  • 45acp SMGs/Pistols: block penetration 1.8, entity penetration 37%
  • 9x18mm SMGs: block penetration 1.8, entity penetration 36%
  • Galil AR: Spread increase increased by 10%
  • IMI Galil: Spread increase increased by 11%
  • AK-74M: Bullet velocity increased to 680 m/s (from 650), spraying penalty on recoil recovery decreased to 20% (from 25%)
  • G11: Burstfire rate of fire reduced to 165RPM (from 180) - the new effective rate of fire is 495 RPM.
  • P90: First shot spread in ADS reduced by 29%
  • SR-3M: Damage reduced to 25 (from 31), damage dropoff reduced by 50%, first shot spread reduced by 30%, spread increase reduced by 11%, bullet drag reduced by 17%
  • Scout: Price increased to $2,500 (from $2,000)
  • SSG 08: Price increased to $2,200 (from $1,700), zoom level increased to be the same as the Scout
  • M40A1: Price reduced to $3,250 (from $4,750), damage reduced to 106 (from 128), rate of fire increased by 10%, spread recovery increased by 32%, reload time reduced from 0.95s to 0.65s. (Stop complaining about 7.62 dealing more damage than 50cal already...)
  • AWM: Bullet velocity increased to 740 m/s (from 720)
  • All bolt actions except Kar98k: view recoil reduced by 30%-40%
  • M3: Jumping penalty increased by 25%, damage dropoff decreased by 4%
  • Negev: Spread increase decreased by 5%
  • MG3: Spread increase increased by 10%
  • RBB-451 (Laser-451): Now deals 25% extra damage to Illagers (Evokers, etc.) and Witches
  • Added a new bullet impact sound that is played when another player's shots land near you
  • Changed the sound of the G11
  • Added distant sounds to the QBB-95 and MP5K A4
  • Fixed sound delay for the QBB-95 and MP5K A4
  • Changed the low ammo sound effect
  • (N.B.) Minecraft 1.12 added different sound effects for fire and drown damage, so you can now hear them normally even though the normal damage sound is removed.
  • Added a /leave shortcut to the 9th slot in the PVP and Mob-Arena lobbies
  • When a Mob-Arena match ends, all players will automatically leave the match after 10 seconds
  • Changed the text of the Disconnect button to remind players to leave directly to the lobby using /leave (instead of leaving and rejoining the entire server like many players currently do)
  • Some new 1.12 mobs have been added to Graveyard, including Vexes and Llamas
  • Added Evokers to special waves on Blizzard
  • Since Suburb is supposed to spawn animals, replaced skeletons with llamas
  • Made amount of mobs in Mob-Arena much more dependent on game difficulty
  • In Easy mode slightly more mobs will spawn when there are many players in the arena
  • In Hard mode many more mobs will spawn regardless of the number of players in the arena (it is now MUCH harder than before)
  • Fixed a rounding error that caused too few mobs to spawn especially with few players (read 1) in the arena
  • Easy mode is now set during the day (late morning), Hard mode is still set during midnight
  • When a Hard mode match starts there will be an animation of the sky turning dark and the moon rising for the first 30 seconds of the match
  • Changed the particle of the Teleport to Player boss skill to be more noticeable
  • The Teleport to Player boss skill now initiates half a second faster, giving less warning time
  • Added a Low Player Bonus to Weapon EXP earned in Mob-Arena. For every one less than 20 players online, you will earn 10% more Weapon EXP.
  • Added fancy player slot format to prompt players to move the server up in their server list
  • Added new server icon
  • Changed MOTD text (finally!) to reflect the new update
  • Added a new blog icon and made it bigger
  • Made the blog subtitle bigger
  • Made the server IP and online player count bigger
  • Reduced amount of forum posts shown in blog from 8 to 5
  • The server now uses the "Reduced Debug Info" gamerule to help enforce our rules of no F3+B hitboxes. Now F3+B will no longer draw hitboxes even when enabled, and the F3 menu also no longer draws coordinates
  • Added a C4 Finder to T side on Defusal, which when right clicked draws a particle line to the location where the bomb was planted or dropped
  • Removed coordinates display from dropped bomb message
  • The dropped bomb message now displays when a player drops the bomb voluntarily, not only when a player dies
  • Changed display description of the Defusal Kit in the shop menu
  • Removed token system
  • Removed token rewards from crates
  • Tokens are kept in the experience leveling rewards because it would be convenient to just change those to another currency when we add one later
  • Removed "no modifications" text from weapons without modification. This also means that it will no longer show on items such as the Knife and spawn items.
  • Modifications that are not unlocked now show as gunpowder in the modify weapon menu
  • Removed /enderchest to reduce illegal item abuse which caused server instability
  • All servers now have max ram assigned by default. This frees up stress for the garbage collector and significantly decreases stuttering
  • Added a server analytics plugin that allows us to collect basic data on player activity. In case you're wondering, we do not and can not collect data from your game client.
  • Added a new punishments plugin to sync punishments across servers and add a functionality for lower staff members to report players to other staff directly in-game
  • All staff permissions from the previous punishment plugin (Essentials) removed, except /unban and /unmute for Moderators. To use these two commands use /eunban or /eunmute
  • Builders (not TBuilders) now have kick and warning permissions
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed selecting weapons above the money limit in TDM/FFA
  • Fixed a bug where players exiting PVP would occasionally end up in Spectator Mode
  • Fixed a bug where CTs sometimes instantly win the first round in Defusal mode
  • Fixed a bug where when the chorus helmet of chorus mobs break, they turn into cobblestone instead of disappear
  • Fixed a bug where TDM matches as well as AR matches that run out of time end with "Round Draw" instead of the proper win message and sound (FFA will still display "Round Draw")
  • Fixed a bug where the result of Arms Race is always decided by kills, instead of the final Gold Knife kill (one team could get the Gold Knife kill and still lose due to getting less kills than the other team)
  • Fixed a bug where non-potion arrows show a black potion trail
  • Fixed a bug where gaining enough EXP to upgrade a weapon twice does not cause the weapon to upgrade more than once automatically (after this fix you should not ever have to click the upgrade button again)
  • The messages displayed when players win a Mob-Arena match, such as the CONGRATULATIONS message, now have the correct prefix

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 3:17 pm
by TotalyRosssome

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 5:28 pm
by Turbo
rip SR-9M and GameReptile

EDIT: The AWP is still called AWP lmao

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 6:51 pm
by Steve_Happy_321
Was MA normal mode forgotten?

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 8:33 pm
by Hky
Updated post to include new changes as of 8:30PM EST 5/29/18.

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 9:35 pm
by Turbo
Can't wait to see how the weapons do though. This is a very nice balance patch.

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 9:45 pm
by Vernonon
Finally,the ak74m is buffed,me happy :)

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 10:54 pm
by TheVanishedG
Good job on the updates
Can't wait for the anniversary
Tho one of my guns is going to be nerfed

Re: 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 9:38 pm
by Hky
The update is now up - the change log is pretty much final now.

There are 100+ bullets in this changelog - it was hard enough to type alone, not to mention to make. Have fun with the update!

Re: [5/30 Updates] 3rd Anniversary Update

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:59 pm
by Steve_Happy_321
Can the bullet impact sound be reduced? When ur being pounded by multiple shotguns/LMGs, you can barely hear an MG3 go off just 5 blocks away

*upping the volume doesnt do anything, no need to lose hearing over a gun game*