[2/28 Updates] Infected Alpha Improvements

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[2/28 Updates] Infected Alpha Improvements

Post by Hky » 1 year ago

Hello all,

Today's update builds off of yesterday's addition of the Infected mode, aiming to make the Infected experience more balanced and diverse.



We have tweaked two Infected maps, Deserted and Oasis, to provide a more balanced and even experience. Images of the new maps can be found here:


We have made many balance changes to Infected and implemented more features. Note that the mode is still in Alpha and imbalances/bugs may still exist, so do not hesitate to report them in the forums.
  • Implemented Zombie Healer and Zombie Grenades. The healer is much faster than before, but requires a 3 second swap time before the zombie can begin healing. The grenade, on the other hand, works pretty much the same. Both gadgets require reaching a certain Infected level to unlock.
  • In matches of at least 4 players, one of the starting zombies will start at Level 3, meaning that it will have a speed boost, chainmail helmet, and the healer. Any other starting zombies will only start at Level 1 with a gold helmet.
  • Rebalanced zombie kits, and reduced the speed of all zombies.
  • The Heavy zombie kit now disguises as a Husk, and the Vampiric kit now disguises as a Wither Skeleton, so all Infected players now show their armor and therefore their level
  • Headshot multiplier in Infected reduced to 2X
  • Bolt-action snipers now deal 1.5X damage in Infected (NTW-20 only does 1.2X)
  • Weapons now start with less ammo, but when other human players are infected, you gain extra ammo up to a maximum cap
  • The stun effect is greatly reduced when fired upon rapidly or by multiple players compared to before (affects both Infected and PVP)

We have also decided to tweak the balance of weapons to make them behave more realistic.
  • Gravity of all guns reduced by 75%. This makes the bullet trajectory in the server far more realistic (in fact, the new bullet drop is still higher than real life values, even when not considering zeroing) and also easier for new players to pick up.
  • Tavor X95-R damage dropoff increased by 20% to make it behave more in line with other SMGs.

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Post by Turbo » 1 year ago

At least I'm gonna use the Tavor now...

(while no one else does)
CART x なな?

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