[9/15 Updates] Mob-Arena Follow-Up Update

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[9/15 Updates] Mob-Arena Follow-Up Update

Post by Hky » 1 year ago

Hello all,
Since I wasn't too content with the results of yesterday's Mob-Arena rework, I am replacing it with a different one. This new rework aims to establish a better balance between the weapon categories in Mob-Arena, while making the game yet one step closer to mimicking the old days.

Yesterday's update doubled the health of all mobs except those spawned by bosses. First of all, having different health for normal mobs and boss minions seemed like a strange choice. Second, the double health stacking made the Ice/Stone headed mobs too overpowered in contrast to the rest of the monster army. It forced the use of high-DPS weapons, which is
contradictory to our recent goals of weapon balance. Thus, we are introducing a new, different rework for the Mob-Arena game today.

1. HP of all mobs reverted to original levels.
2. Damage of most weapons reduced in Mob-Arena. However, damage of Bolt-Action rifles actually increased.
Rifles: 60% of normal damage
SMGs: 60% of normal damage
Shotguns: 80% of normal damage
Machine Guns: 45% of normal damage
Semi-Auto Snipers: 80% of normal damage
Bolt-Action Snipers: 120% of normal damage
Pistols: 80% of normal damage
Laser-451: Back to 17 base damage (from 22).
Other specials: 100% of normal damage
3. Headshot multiplier of all weapons changed to 1.5x.
Since we are now using base damage to balance the weapon types, the headshot multiplier is now the same for all weapons.
4. Boss HP reduced.
Since guns deal less damage than before, boss HP is reduced so they are easy to kill. You still gain similar amounts of XP from them, though.
5. Boss spawning skills nerfed.
Bosses now spawn less minions in general, because guns are less powerful than before.
6. Stone-head and ice-head monster HP reduced to 100 (from 150), bricks head monster HP reduced to 150 (from 250)
Since guns deal less damage, those mini-bosses are way too hard to kill now, so their health has been reduced.

Enjoy Sniping in Mob-Arena again!

  • Fixed a glitch with the Compensator Sights modification that caused it to be more effective than intended
  • Reduced Range Wave 16 stone-mob ambush difficulty.
  • Reduced Range Wave 20 ghast boss Frost Summon skill frequency.
HOTFIX 9/16-9/17
  • Modified weapon sounds system. It is now easier to code additional sound triggers for weapons. (Such as low-ammo sounds, and R8 charging/C4 planting/defuse sounds) No actual in-game sounds have been changed yet, but they'll be there soon. Note that the algorithm for distant gun firing sounds have been changed a bit, but not much.
  • Updated backend plugin for inventory saving/loading. Fixes a glitch where players may lose changes to their inventory if they disconnect and reconnect too fast after they receive items.
  • Added support for 1.12.2 clients
  • Fixed bug where mobs like husks and strays display incorrectly on 1.11+ versions.

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