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Tip for when you are staff

Post by Turbo » 10 months ago

(If you have made it to this part, please read.)

Hello future staff of GunColony,

This post is for the people who are very close to being accepted or has been already accepted. (excluding Petie and Nik because they've been here long enough for the Code of Conduct.) In order to prevent bad staff members, (i.e. Me, or most staff from popular servers.) this is a guide for any new rookie staff for the server or even in Minecraft servers in general.

1. Know your common sense of Minecraft server rules.
Every Minecraft server is going to have a very similar rules list and they'll always tell you what will be considered a warning, a mute, or even a mute. Most servers are nowadays trying to filter swearing, block spam, and even try to block anything that'll probably bypass the server's filter particularly here. But when you do see these type of incidents, warn them at the first time unless it's very severe. And when it becomes severe, ban or mute them for an appropriate amount of time.

2. Use proper grammar when you can.
Another thing with staff of any Minecraft server especially ours is to use proper grammar whenever you can, it gives the server a good impression and players like it when people talk in near-perfect sentences. Whenever you have time outside of school and here, try practicing some typing skills in order to improve your grammar and organization so in chat, people will see the server in a nicer way.

3. Be fair on punishments.
A big flaw with many staff is when the staff gives punishments to people who have broken a rule that is big enough to land them in a mute/ban is when you harshly punish them. Basically, don't give a ban to a person who broke the chat rules for the first time unless they've repeated broken the rule. But when you have people start spamming and throwing caps while yelling in the mic, that's when you land the banhammer.

4. (Trial Staff Only) You can still report players when you have to.
Even as a staff member, don't be afraid to report players regularly when the superior full Mod or Builder staff aren't on. I've had to ask Rijam or Kiathro many times to get on and kick/mute/ban a player who keeps breaking rules constantly without stopping. Seriously, don't try to hassle the argument yourself when you can ask the other high-ranked staff to take care of it immediately.

5. (Builder Only) Take your time to build.
There's really no rush to build the perfect map you want it to be, unless you're doing some other map that has a due date and such. (which won't happen here for a while.) Maps can take from days to months or even years to build. (Ok, maybe not a year, but sometimes it may take a month or two to finish.) Work hard in silence, and let success and gunshots in the PvP sessions make the noise.

6. Even if you're staff, doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you.
Remember, rules are still in play, meaning that you still don't break the rules here and start cussing through the /me command like what most people did back in last year when we've had players abusing /me to cuss and dump adult content all over the server chat box.

Alright, thanks to anyone who's going to be future staff or is now the new staff who've read this guide is very much appreciated. If you have more tips, leave it in the comments, and if you have questions, please do ask.

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