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GunColony Heroes - Spetsnaz Special

Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 1:25 am
by Turbo
Dimitri Kalashnikov
Dimitri Kalashnikov. A name that’s been feared by many of the Ukrainians. He was the tower of terror when it came to assaults. His mounted machine guns made them scream to their deaths. As bullet clanked on the floor, it made them fear himself even more.

He was the Spetsnaz heavy weapon specialist, using heavy caliber weapons as his arsenal. From the M82 he bought from an online auction to the classic DP-28 on mounted tripod, he always had large bullets at ready. He first joined the Spetsnaz after enlisting in the Russian military for several years, and his family bloodline was military heavy, serving the Russians for decades, and Dimitri was the latest out of his family to join. But he was unique.
Dimitri kept very many of the antiques that his family kept for years into service instead of putting it off on a shelf like his family traditionally. But he still honored it as he always cleaned it every day, giving it the best care possible. Even chilly days of Russia didn’t affect him at all.

For one night as a Spetsnaz operator, he was ordered to exterminate an unknown threat that has been ravaging a dark and abandoned part of Russia, he and his squad were given very little intel on what they were fighting, they were fighting literally something they didn’t know. Dimitri opens the file intel, only given 3 pictures of what the enemy might have looked like, but the pictures were completely blurred and barely comprehensible. He wonders if these were related to Hangar 21, where the top experiments are often held.

One of the guards’ hand him a wrecked drone, found from one of the sites of the battle, all scarred and scratched. Dimitri inspects the oddly wrecked drone, the drone had some sort of glowing wounds that were caused by the unknown entities. He also sees that some odd-looking shards hit the drone and knocked out the electronics inside. He hands it back to the guard after inspecting, he grabs his DP-28 with a smaller rifle shield specifically made for it out his locker, and sets for a mission. A helicopter on fire flies passing by as Dimitri looks out the window, he quickly runs out of the building and asks the radar operators to see where the helicopter went. “Куда отправился этот вертолет?”, he asks. (Where did that helicopter go?) The radar operator replies, “Там, в пределах 500 футов перед нами.” (Over there, within 500 feet in front of us.) Dimitri puts on the helmet tightly, and packs up his DP-28 with 5 spare drums of ammunition.

The group brandishes their firearms in case of threats, Dimitri leads the squad out to the direction where they crashed. He smells smoke, but other odd substances that he never smelled before. And it was worse than burned flesh. A random figure comes outside of the wreckage, an infected slowly walks out, with bloody hands and odd colored skin, it snarls and growls. Dimitri aims the DP-28 at the weird zombie. The zombie charges at him with speed, but Dimitri already fired and the zombie died. More of the same types of zombies come out of nowhere, but even worse as there were even more than just one to deal with. Dimitri didn’t just hesitate, he fired even more after the first one, and so, did his squad.

Eventually during the fight, the squad scores a win against the new infected. But the battle isn’t completely over. Panicking screams and phrases came out of the radio, indicating something more than just this was the dangerous part. Dimitri and his squad peeks over the base, a crashed and infested APC on fire is at the base. A zombie creeps up silently behind the line, and takes out half of his squad within less than a minute, but Dimitri punches the zombie and beheads it with his machete. With no choice, Dimitri and the remainder of his squad goes over to the nearest air pad, located just near the base, but on an elevated position. He throws a flare to pick him and his squad up, and opens a communications device on to talk to the nearest transport chopper.

He attempts to get a signal, but one of the snipers spot a swarm of zombies coming on the hill. Dimitri immediately pulls out the tripod, DP-28, and his turret shield up, and yells out, “LMG, mounted and loaded!” The DP-28 cuts down the swarm within seconds, but it doesn’t completely stop the rest. A random tank clumsily driven by the infected crashes into a tree and spills out the rest of the zombies. One of the snipers look terrified as Dimitri stopped to reload, looks at the tank through the binoculars. Some tentacles take over the tank and the infested tank starts to turn the turret and fires directly as Dimitri gets to cover behind his DP-28 shield, and now, the tank started to drive itself. A rifleman finds an explosives box behind Dimitri, pointing at it to go the weapon and destroy it.

The tank fires again, but it misses the box and buries it with snow and debris. More zombies come from the bottom of the hill, but a helicopter finally comes by and fires incendiary rounds, and the side minigun filled with explosive rounds destroy of the infested tank. The helicopter that saved his squad is not Russian, but in an unusual color with a white and purple stripe going across the tail and tips of the blades. The side opens and the gunner tells all the soldiers in a German accent, “We need to get out of here, bring your men into the chopper because there aren’t any safe spots in Russia left.”

“Understood.” Dimitri replied, he hand signaled all the troops to get in the chopper. He packed up the DP-28 quickly and got in the chopper first, with the rest of the troops coming later. The side gunner closes the door after the last soldier entered the helicopter, and the chopper took off. Dimitri asks the gunner and the pilot, “Where are you guys taking us and why are you here?” The gunner replies back, “Hours ago, we got a message from the Russian government that they have officially fallen. They also said all the remaining troops were standing their ground, possibly with their flares on. Yours was the only one apparently. So now, we’re taking you to GunColony.”

“What’s that?”

“Your new home, you’ll get used to it.”

The day after the outbreak in Russia, Dimitri wakes up from his sleep, and looks outside the window, they were almost there. He saw a rebuilt city and a capital as the chopper was close to the base. The gunner brings him some food, which was some bratwurst and rice. Dimitri takes a bite out of the bratwurst, relived to eat proper food in a long time since Russia. He also takes a spoonful of the rice, also enjoying the taste. Hours later, the chopper finally lands on the base, and his squad was escorted by another Russian fellow soldier.

“Доброе утро, Dimitri. Glad you're back safe and sound.” The soldier said. Dimitri didn’t recognize him at first because of the uniform he wore now. “I’ll get you your new room and stuff, follow me.” The soldier said as he led the squad into the barracks. Dimitri waved good-bye to the chopper he was dropped off by as the chopper flew to another mission, the familiar soldier led him in the new barracks he was about to live now.

Elias Padukva Ztrovisouky
A chilly winter blew across. The snow flew as the wind blew. As weather worsened, Hangar 21 didn’t budge as its giant doors were shut. Elias walked into the top-secret research and development quarters of the Spetsnaz, from weapons to armor, the place he walked into was the ultimate engineers of the Spetsnaz armory. The whirring sounds of the supercomputers that were used in researching the new genetic modifications for the best special operation troops passed by, as he walked into the hidden elevator only accessible by certain members.

He held out his key card, accessing the most secret lab ever known to Russia, codenamed GRIZZLY BEAR. The bulletproof doors open across, and Elias enters with other elite soldiers. There were the same beds he saw in the medical room, indicating this was something crazy this time. An associate leads him to his bed, telling him to lay down for the time being. Elias lies flat on the bed and the associate pulls a cart with surgery gas and pulls a mask on Elias. A couple of surgeons with other carts come by, filled with gas and odd liquid substances as Elias suddenly falls asleep.

One of the carts have a big crane like arm, with a injector like device they use with vaccines, but now for an military application. The operator turns on the computer and the procedure is ready. The cranes inject the first shots of the substance as it goes through the chest and body, hardening the bones and strengthen the cells. The next shots are filled with a yellow colored substance unlike the clear white one earlier, and it inject into the arms this time, the muscles don’t change the looks but the insides become much more powerful, yet very painful as the procedure is very complex but quick.

The last few shots inject him in the legs and neck, perhaps the most painful one yet, the leg muscles become stronger without changing the outside, and Elias starts to struggle through the pain even though the gas can keep their mouths shut. When the procedure was finished, the operators took the carts away and the associate pulled the bed where Elias was to the choppers to have him go to another location for his new role and equipment.

The day after project GRIZZLY BEAR, Elias was in his new room with his belongings. Elias got off the bed and looked around the new place, all shiny and new. There was boxes of weapons and ammo near him, and a shiny gold case probably with another weapon. He opened the new packages he received, revealing many weapons only the top of the line Spetsnaz soldiers is allowed to use. An SVD with the classic furniture built with cutting edge technology with a new PSO-2X scope that could use infra-red technology found on the most secret fighter jets came out of one of the boxes.

There were other boxes that contained the generic Spetsnaz weapons, but the gold crate was highly unusual, the gold crate wasn’t Russian made. Not only this, but the engravings were very foreign. There were even two purple stripes going across the case. There wasn’t a single word on the case, but a touch scanner on one of the areas. Elias put his hand on the scanner, and the case automatically opened, revealing another rifle inside, it was a Kar98k built from odd parts, from the chassis to the scope, it was unlike anything he has seen.

The K98k’s frame was built with carbon fiber, making it light and sturdy unlike laminated wood, which broke easily from a precise hit to the weakest point of the frame. The barrel and bolt was built from a mixture of metal alloys that Russia has never produced, so odd that the metal shined purple. It was light and sturdy like the frame. And lastly, the scope, it was fitted with the newest tech made for sniping applications, the scope could be used from 2x to 70x, making it an extreme range sniper rifle despite the fact the K98k was an old design, so old a modified AR-15 was able to compete against one at the limits.

He put on the new vest and pads made for the elite, and packed up the K98k, SVD, and two PMMs. He walked to the door and saw through the peep hole, it was very dark and cold. The door opened as he exited, and the hallways were very empty, even the other rooms were empty. He continued to one of the rooms, he saw something odd. The radar room was a mess, papers everywhere, blood on walls, and spent cartridges. The computer screens were cracked, and all there left was a TV screen with the words no signal in Russian. Everything was just gone. Something happened.

An odd shuffling sound came to Elias’ enhanced ears, something was close, he went closer to the source, and an undead soldier suddenly came out of nowhere and attacked him, but Elias was too quick with his new senses and shot the undead with the PMM directly to the head, ending the infector’s life. Elias looked at the dead body and saw odd worms coming out of the body and going somewhere else, he stomped one of the worms, and it exploded into a mess. He looked at his boot, “Ew. What kind of worm is this.” Said Elias as he brushed off the guts.

He kept going to get outside, only to face more of these worms ridden filth. But the infected couldn’t stop Elias at all. The hallways got more darker and darker as he went closer to the exit, despite all the confusing hallways. Eventually he found his way out, and the situations got even worse than inside. Outside, there were disease ridden animals around the base, and vehicles that were destroyed despite all the previous efforts. It looked very recent as a struggling gunner tried to crawl, but failed. He died after Elias investigated the poor gunner’s dead body, it had scratches from animals near this base. But why animals, said Elias.

Elias looks at the broken gate and notices something, a wolf with mixed color fur but mostly white and red glowing eyes was sniffing at a corpse. He takes a shot at the unsuspecting wolf’s head with a SVD, splattering the disgusting bits of the wolf’s brain. As the base started to collapse outside, he takes a SPM-3 armored vehicle to get out of the base, hoping he gets to the airfield before the infected wildlife tries to murder him first.

A long night was passing by as Elias passed the abandoned bridge, where normally guards are stationed with machine guns and snipers. It only had the corpses of the guards and blood puddles around the bridge. Suddenly, his vehicle flips over as he heard a sound and a big hit to the driver’s side door. He brings the SVD once more, and looks outside the landscape. He sees a big creature in front of him within a hundred meters.

The creature was once a bear, but now completely infected, growing spikes and horns outside of its skin, and its mass was considerably bigger than the average bear in Russia. It even had the same red glowing eyes the wolves at the base. The bear charges at him as Elias fired 10 shots flawless at the bear’s head, but it makes the bear angrier as it charges even faster. Elias avoids the hit and the bear clumsily hits the crashed armored vehicle, stunning the bear.

Elias pulls out a hatchet from the armored vehicle, and slashes the bear on the leg and body so it barely would be able to move. The bear screams in pain and rage, and it rams Elias at the torso with full force so hard that he flew across the land and almost fell off the high cliffs, only to be so close to death. The SVD he had was a few feet away from him, but he was too late, the rocks start to collapse and the SVD was gone forever. All he had now was to climb up quickly and get his K98k, but the bear is closing in.

The bear started to mutate as it closed on Elias, it grew more spikes, but it was red hot, gushing blood as it grew more. It became even bigger at the same time, so big that the ribcage and organs were exposed, and it was the perfect chance to kill it. Elias took the hatchet he used on the bear, taped it with an explosive, and stuck on the exposed organs, causing massive pain to the mutated bear. He immediately gets up from the cliff and runs to the crashed car, grabbing his K98k.

An explosion was nearby, but it wasn’t the bear. The bear took off the explosive before it blew. Elias zoomed through the scope of the carbon-fiber K98k, targeting the weak spot, and fired. The bullet flawlessly burst through the organs once more, making the bear gush orange blood all over. The bear was now struggling to scream or even get up, as Elias threw a grenade near it.

The grenade explodes, killing the bear completely, there were blood stains and guts everywhere, so gross that Elias had to get out of there before it would infect him. A VDV buggy was the last thing he had left as he went to the dark outpost as there was nothing but the vehicle. He takes the last one and escapes. Numerous infected wolves chase him down as he runs over them, and later, the infected humans pursue him across.

Elias sees a jet plane across the distance, as now the plane was the only way he could escape from the murderous region of Russia, now full of parasites that infect everything. The plane was intact and was probably fueled up before the original crew back over there got murdered and beaten to death. While getting closer to the airfield, another infected bear attacks his buggy, but Elias gets out of the vehicle before bear rammed it. He immediately punches the bear in the gut with genetically enhanced bone and flesh of the fist, knocking out the bear.

The bear doesn’t give up yet, it bites Elias’ arm, but it barely does any pain. His wound regenerates almost right away, patching up the bite wound without getting any diseases or viruses. The bear gets kicked in the jaw and gets the head chopped off with his machete he found in the buggy’s passenger seat. Now Elias attempts to escape the base by the An-124, but it explodes as it was hit by a rocket to the engines. Several Russian pirates previously wanted by the government emerge, giving Elias no choice but to shoot them one by one with his K98k.

Before the pirates are even able to get into their firing range, an amass of missiles kill the mass group of pirates. Elias looks up, 3 ex-Chinese Z-9 Haituns close in his position. He waits for them to land, and notices an odd sight. The ex-Chinese helicopters have purple and white markings. A soldier from the unknown nation takes him in the chopper, almost feels like they knew Elias before they even have met him. He looks out the window of the chopper, and sleeps in later.
Vladimir Senaviev
Vlad was one of the last remaining family members of the Senaviev family, hailing from an extensive line of famous and infamous soldiers of Russia, whose family is known for the military service and ranks. Vlad was one of the expert leaders in the Russian Ground Forces, more specifically leading squads himself in the real fights.

He had many choices of weapons that he liked bringing to fights particularly Kalashnikov pattern rifles like many names of legend, he particularly brought the 7.62 variants especially, ranging from RPKs to AKMS rifles. However, unlike many of the people who made it to GunColony and became names of legend, he didn’t fight very many infected, instead, he often fought bandits, pirates, and terrorists. His squad were some of the most accurate shooters, only using a clip every mission. Sometimes more depending how heavy and long were the missions.

His worst loss was when the infected struck, he lost the entire unit all but himself during the day. Everything crashed down on him, no vehicle to drive, no squad to lead, and particularly no food to eat. All he had left was his guns and himself, and a flare. When he arrived at the base back next day all beaten and dirty, he received even worse news, his hometown got attacked and the military couldn’t defend it even if he was able to come. He later got depressed and wondered if he was even part of the family anymore.

The sad news always kept coming for a while, bases were being lost and destroyed entirely, vehicles being stolen, and even Moscow had fallen before the US fell. He kept himself inside the base with his other soldiers for some time, waiting till the day when the apocalypse is over. Every day he waited for a bandit or an infected to come near the base, and shot them dead until they were all dead. There weren’t enough supplies to keep them long enough for a helicopter to pick all of them up. Vlad was running out of ammo soon.

To make it worse? Each day he stayed in the base, it got quieter and emptier, the base got very awkward the week later. There wasn’t anyone in the base but him. Not even a word was flying around. Instead, silent sounds of death were getting very close. All what Vlad had now was a knife, and three rations. There wasn’t any more ammo left in the base. An odd sound of something crawling around the ceiling came to Vlad’s hearing. The ceiling panel broke and a zombie tried to attack Vlad, but failed. Vlad cut the head off immediately as it broke through.

He ran out of the base fast as he can, shoving and stabbing any zombie that came close to his knife stab range. He eventually finds a Gsh-18 with half of its rounds left, shooting zombies once more. He looks outside a window and sees something; a horde of zombies were coming to his position. This was a great chance for him to escape Russia, he finds an abandoned bike and takes it for his escape. But a mob of zombies are in front of him, he dodges the attack by swerving side to side without losing grip on his tires, and even pulling a pistol out while driving.

Eventually the tires give up, tipping over his vehicle, Vlad gets out of the vehicle with relatively minor injuries. A group of bandits point their weapons at him, and he drops his pistol. The bandits try to get their hands on them, but Vlad takes out a knife and stabs the first bandit. The other bandit brings out an log cutting axe, but he misses entirely and gets counter-attacked by another stab from Vlad’s knife to his chest.

Vlad takes one of the rifles, an AKM. It appears the bandits may have survived the apocalypse. He also takes some of their armor as well, but only arm guards and leg pads. All he had now was seventy rounds of rifle ammunition and 9 rounds for the PMM, which is a gun he doesn’t have but the bandits got their hands on the ammo. He continues to walk for the next few days, going through a daily cycle of resting, walking, eating, shooting, and sleeping. The enemies just keep coming non-stop, and eventually he ran out of ammo once again.

Finally, around the 5th day of walking, he finally comes to the airport, all starved and depleted out of ammunition after he ditched the AKM because it jammed on the third day. He also picked up a PMM to use his rounds. The airport is very quiet and cold like the base, was there a plane? He walked in slowly, tip toeing so he doesn’t disturb anything. He looks towards a room that’s been boarded with wood onto the door, he removes the panels one by one until he sees something inside.

Couple cans of food, a near fresh AKS-74u with 2 magazines, and a PMM with a silencer lied around the room, with a stain of blood on the chair and desk. He walks inside the room quickly, taking everything whatever it was useful to him. He opens one of the food cans and eats the contents, and loads up the silenced PMM. A group of bandits are near a Cessna 172 test plane used for pilots who are in training, but this one was completely unmarked and some bandits are trying to attach machine guns on the plane, but fails. One of the bandits walk outside to go watch out for anything that might come by, and so does Vlad.

The bandit being unaware, he gets shot in the head as Vlad approached slowly with his PMM. He takes the corpse and hides it near a corner. He looks through the peep hole of the door, the plane is still intact. He waits on the door for the next few hours, preferring to wait until they’ve walked off. Later, the bandits go take a break and walk out for a bit. Vlad opens the door quietly to see if anyone is left, and peeks around. He slowly creeps in, wondering if explosives are attached to doors.

Unknown to Vladimir, a large bandit sneaks upon him with a metal pole and whacks him on the back, launching Vlad a bit. Vlad feels much pain on the back, and tries to take out his PMM. But the bandit brute chucks it away. The bandit attempts to smash him, but the stomp was too slow as he rolled away. He grabs the 74u and shoots him in the legs, trying to stop the bandit getting any closer as he stepped quickly into the plane.

The plane’s engine starts as soon as he hotwired the systems, the bandit brute gets angry and tries to pull Vlad out, but the windows are shut tight. Vlad rams the brute off by opening the door at him at full power, and knocks him out.

Lastly, he takes the Cessna to the runway before the bandit technical trucks tried to shoot him, only to take minor damage to the body and wings. He successfully takes off for the night, making the bandits very angry.
The week after the incident, he lands in GunColony, a new nation formed by the remnants of the United States. He enlists in the military and becomes an officer of the Purple Squad after several years of training and getting used to the new home.

He was one of the few wielders of the AK-103, and one day, he disappeared during a mission in South America. He left an audio log, but it was all corrupted. There were only parts of the AK-103, his P2000, and a shoe. Legend has it to this day, he has not been found.

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 6:24 am
by ryanmoneyman
Welp now we know that there isn’t a character limit on the forums.

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2018 10:01 am
by Rijam
ecks dee wrote:
8 months ago
Welp now we know that there isn’t a character limit on the forums.
There is, it's 60,000.

How come Demitri Kalashnikov doesn't use the AK? XD

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by _VenoMs
Very nicely made, I love it, it's so well made, one of the most thrilling ones yet, you should totally be a storymaker and make books.

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by Trexar
Mmmm... Bratwurst :winkdelicious:

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Rijam wrote:
8 months ago
How come Demitri Kalashnikov doesn't use the AK? XD
He'll have an RPK sometime later. Don't worry lol

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by Anakin2187
A truly impressive piece of work.
Keep up the good work!