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Post by appelpie » 1 year ago

Recreation of the bomb defusal map de_cpl_mill from Counter-Strike: Source.

A fairly open and urban/industrial-themed map, planned more about gunplay and team coordination.

I chose this map as a first upload to provide more maps for the Defusal gamemode in GC, and its open nature allows players to freely explore and find positions that allow them to hold useful angles.

The Imgur link provides an overhead view of the map and one from its Minecraft counterpart to compare its scale. Also included are several screenshots of angles and positions around the map to give a general sense of how the map will look on foot. Each position image is tagged with its official "call-out," or nickname, from the real game to simplify the locations of players (reference the real overhead view for map for the call-out names).

Map zip file:

Open to constructive cricism :funny:


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Post by Rijam » 1 year ago

Looks very nice and looks more detailed than I thought it would be (the CSS version's details are minimal because, like appel said, it was designed for gameplay and not looks).
One thing I would suggest is mixing the course dirt in with the grass at A like it is in CSS.
And adding those big industrial pipes in the distance.

Edit: Oh btw this is the map shown at 0:40 in the video that's in my signature.

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