[DENIED] DEV Application

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[DENIED] DEV Application

Post by CoopNCode » 1 year ago

In-game Name: CoopNCode

Age: 12

In-Game Level: 45

Why I want to be staff on this server: So I want to be a dev because, well I have a really good strength on developing. I remember I was with Hky and I suggested a "Mythical Rarity" It would be 140% lower percentage rarity than a legendary. And my next reason is, I loved this server, I had this glitch once where I couldn't get the resource pack but now I got a new computer and I absolutely loved the updates that your server had. I just love the server. And the third reason is, I haven't ever gotten staff ever. I just wanna be the right rank at the right time!

My strengths and how I will use them: First, I have some smooth naming skills. In a game, I was planning to make. An upgrade was: Compacters, 3.5B candies, And the flavor text "Well, I wouldn't be scared of them. They might Compact your mind!" Second, I have Grammarly, I can have some great grammar skills! Third, I just like to be a role model! I would really help and suggest things to people in need. Not only i'm a Dev I would be a helper as well! I have some really good strengths. I have some cool minor strengths but that would be a long list here.

Past staff experience: I've never been staff

Online time each week: I'm not online Tuesdays and Thursday's cause taekwondo classes