stevehappy321 - TMOD Application

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stevehappy321 - TMOD Application

Post by Steve_Happy_321 » 5 months ago

Please note that I am a Canadian player and the language used may be slightly different.

In-game Name: stevehappy321

Age: 14

In-Game Level: 60

Why I want to be staff on this server:

I began playing on GunColony around 3 years ago, and since then, a majority of my time spend playing Minecraft lies within this server.

Throughout my time in this server, I have come across many player-based issues, primarily player toxicity and cheating. As a GunColony veteran player from back in 2015, I would like to take on a leadership responsibility and assist in keeping the server clear of cheats, enforcing the rules, and making the server more welcoming to new players. I would like to be a member of the GunColony team moving forward, to help the server develop. By being a TMOD, I will share the same goal of making the GunColony experience more enjoyable, which will help attract more players to the server.

GunColony's minigames, similar to other games, are very competitive. This means that players will tend to blame their teammates and/or other non-existent issues to blame their loss on, and very often, will use derogatory comments to lower the morale of their competitors. Rather than being a part of this majority, I stay relaxed, regardless of the outcome. When other players start becoming toxic, I will remind them to keep a good "team spirit" and to avoid using insults and other offensive comments, as it often aggravates others who are not involved and leaves a large section of the chat with toxicity. By becoming a TMOD, I will help regulate the server for such issues, should they ever emerge (which they always do). I have never broken any rules or cheated before, and I am clear of any administrative action, so I am trustworthy of being assigned the responsibilities of a TMOD. I can also be regarded to as a helpful staff member. If assistance is requested, I will do anything in my power to help, as small or large the task is.

Additionally, with new players joining us at a consistent rate, I have noticed significant behavioral changes in the server, from both newcomers and veterans. Toxicity is rapidly increasing, and prevent conflicts from becoming serious, I see as part of my responsibility to "moderate" the server when staff members are not present. Even then, I often step in to provide assistance if situations turn sour against our staff. As a cadet, I follow the Chain of Command and assume part or complete responsibility to ensure moderation is in place.

My strengths and how I will use them:

Game Knowledge
This is the skill that I have improved on in every game that I play. With this experience, I can reliably use my judgement to determine if someone is guilty of cheating, simply by asking myself "What do I know, and what would I do in this situation?". This will be the strength that I will use to determine if a player is not playing ethically. As a TMOD, I will investigate any in-game claims of unfair play, as well as any reports filed on the forums. My collective knowledge and experience will allow me to come to a fair conclusion if a player will need knowledge.

A TMOD's responsibilities are to ensure players are acting ethically, ensuring that players use appropriate non-offensive language, and to maintain the "overall quality" of the server while players are online, all the while ensuring that players are enjoying their time on the server, especially for newcomers. As a TMOD, I will act ethically and ensure that others will do so too. Before taking administrative action against a player, I will provide them a few chances to correct themselves. As a person who looks towards a solution first, I am willing to give players the opportunity to take responsibility for their mistake. I look towards kicking or banning a player as the last resort, since doing so can negatively influence that player down to a personal level, as well as the community. I will always be loyal to GunColony as a server, its community, the staff members, and my role as a TMOD.

Server Activity
As mentioned earlier, whenever I log on to Minecraft, I spend a majority of my time enjoying the minigames this server has. Although I have limited time during the school week, I frequently allocate a significant amount of time to this server on the weekends and breaks, when players are most frequently on. I enjoy managing large groups, and helping moderate a server on its most active hours will definitely bring out my peak potential as a staff member. As many have heard, I would be a very effective TMOD as a weekend staff.

Multilingual Proficiency
As a Canadian, I have been learning French since 4th grade, and even up to now, I still study French, but in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. I have a considerable proficiency in French dialect and literacy, and I can easily write and speak comprehensible phrases/sentences.
Additionally, I also have a limited comprehension of Mandarin (Chinese), and although I am not literate, I can well understand Mandarin dialect and deliver comprehensible speech.

Past staff experience:
I do not have past staff experience on Minecraft severs. However, I have much staff experience in real life. Beginning at the age of 14, I began volunteering, and I have gained significant leadership experience. I have assisted in supervising children and keeping the activities running without the aid of an instructor.
Additionally, as a 3rd-year Air Cadet in Canada, the cadet program changes to focus on leadership. I have partaken in many leadership assignments, helped set up and staff training events, and even assumed the role as a teacher and instructed a freestyle routine to an experienced band of over 20 cadets, weekly for 4 months.

Online time each week:
Monday - Friday: 0-1 hours/day
Saturday and Breaks: 4-6 hours/day
Sunday: 2-4 hours

Edit: I will not be present for the entire duration of the summer break, as I will be attending Cadet summer training, lasting 6-7 weeks. Otherwise, I may go on a vacation during the summer, no longer than 3 weeks. Aside from that, the rest of the time between the end of June to the start of September is applicable as a break.

Thank you for looking at my TMOD application, and I look forward to working with GunColony's staff.
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Post by TotalyRosssome » 5 months ago

That was pretty good. I support.
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Post by awesomepetie35 » 5 months ago

I agree with a lot of the points you made as I feel I encourage and promote the behavior you would like to see on the server. I also notice a lot of the strengths you bring onto the server whenever I see you play. I strongly support this application.

EDIT: Also, I’d like to see you join the Guncolony discord server and interact with the players on there. I don’t have the link on me right now but next time I see you online I can send you a link.

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Post by Turbo » 5 months ago

Looks good compared to most applications I've read.

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Post by Asrielite » 5 months ago

This man will get hired no matter what the job is. Great job on that application. It's the finest staff app I have ever seen, and I really hope that you're app will get accepted. Good Luck!
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Post by WoahItzNik » 5 months ago

I support you as much as I can. This is a very good application with a lot of good and well needed details. Like Petie said, It would impact you Application a lot if you join the Server Discord. There, you can report things to the staff, which is helpful as a Tmod, because you don't really have any perms for banning people and muting people yet. This is a great app and once again, I support you. Good luck!

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