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by appelpie
1 week ago
Forum: Player Report
Topic: Player "Shockraid" for x-ray and possible aim assist
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Player "Shockraid" for x-ray and possible aim assist

Summary: After he begins to shoot me out in the open, he continues tracing me through the wall.

by appelpie
2 weeks ago
Forum: GunColony News & Announcements
Topic: [5/6 Updates] 4/30-5/6 Devblog
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Re: [5/6 Updates] 4/30-5/6 Devblog

Great map, had a good playthrough on its first version. I suggest pushing the spawnpoints of mobs on the roof of the lab closer to the center to avoid AI tracking getting mobs stuck on top of the players.
by appelpie
1 month ago
Forum: Map Submissions
Topic: de_cpl_mill
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Recreation of the bomb defusal map de_cpl_mill from Counter-Strike: Source. A fairly open and urban/industrial-themed map, planned more about gunplay and team coordination. I chose this map as a first upload to provide more maps for the Defusal gamemode in GC, and its open nature allows players to f...