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by Young_Man
2 months ago
Forum: Player Report
Topic: bobson94
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Re: bobson94

We need sufficient evidence or else he can't be reported. Try filming him.
by Young_Man
3 months ago
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: New Gamemodes?
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Re: New Gamemodes?

I do enjoy the idea of CTF. If Hky were to CTF however, I'd suggest he tweak the walking/running speed. I also think that CTF should have their own exclusive maps. These maps will cater towards the CTF play style and hopefully counteract against snipers.

Just some suggestions.
by Young_Man
3 months ago
Forum: Stories
Topic: GunColony Legends - Characters PT2
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Re: Character Reveal PT2

Good job Tachanka! Never knew you were so eloquently spoken!

You've inspired me to always keep my LMG mounted.

(But seriously though, that was a good read).