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by Gunlover
9 months ago
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Topic: Best troll songs
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Re: Best troll songs

lol i just noticed this thread
by Gunlover
10 months ago
Forum: Staff Applications
Topic: [ACCEPTED] awesomepetie35 TMod Application
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Re: awesomepetie35 TMod Application

I support petie's application. He always has a lot of chill when I rage and would make an excellent addition to the Guncolony staff.
by Gunlover
10 months ago
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Topic: Exotic Application Format
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Re: Exotic Application Format

IGN: Gunlover2000 Level: 44 Favorite primary: M4A4/ AK47 Favorite secondary: M45A1 Experience: Playing probably around 1000 hours of team-based Minecraft first person shooter. been on server since around November or December 2016. Skill/Strat: Can follow orders and give orders effectively, and can f...